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Hello!! Im Mohammed Abu alrub Im from Palestine

I work as UI/UX designer and front end developer

I started in this area four years ago

Many online services have been provided to enterprises, companies and individuals

From my work as a freelancer

I started with a new idea.

The idea is that we create a payment system

We're calling itMobile Payment Solution System

I brought some friends to develop the idea, and in fact the system was programmed

Enjoy this animated video to understand more about the system

Mobile Payment Solution System

Special technological system

You can make payments and receive money

Without having a Visa card or bank account

Through the balance available in your mobile phone

So it depends on the phone number as a basic definition

Which was programmed by palHub company

IPay has been created to support the Arab world and the poor and marginalized areas

Because we believe that real wealth is mind and time

And to give the Arab minds the possibilities of achieving their projects

Ipay is designed with high-quality in mind, ease of access, speed in operations and security system of the first class

Ipay features many options that suit all areas and all business

Personnel Services

Services for organizations and Companies

Services for Small Business and e-commerce

Personnel Services: Individuals can make purchases easily by placing the price of the product/service, and it will be paid for through mobile credit

Companies can get their money by putting our services on their websites and converting them to their accounts easily

Services of Small Business and e-commerce, We designed a special interface to receive payments on an easy system

I hope that the idea impressed you

To achieve this dream

we hope for your support

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