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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Escape Room

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[ music ]

[ elevator dings ]

- Yo yo yiggity yo! - Yo!

- Yo! - Yiggity!

- Hey Charlotte, you don't look busy.

Can you help me with my ho ho higgity homework?

- I would love to but I have to sharpen

Ray's giant sci sci sciggidity...

his scissors, his giant scissors,

I'm sorry I couldn't keep going.

- Oooooh, you got another grand opening today?

You love those. - Sure do.

Love all the fanfare, love that new store smell...

- You love making every grand opening about yourself...

- Shhhhh...

[ elevator dings ]

- Yo yo yiggity yo!

- That was my line, big dog.

- What? - Jasper already used

that entrance line. - Oh. Uh...

howdy... doody...

my little... cuties?

- Please stop talking. - No. That's horrible.

- Don't do that again. - Noooo!

It's the grand opening scissors! - That's right.

- We have another grand opening?!

- You bet your butt we do.

- I hate grand openings! I hate the fanfare,

I hate that weird new store smell,

I hate Ray making it all about himself...

- Right?

- Let's go. Swellview's newest Escape Room

isn't going to grandly open itself.

- What is an heh-scaaaaaype rhooom?

- Oh come on, you know how to say the word "room."

- An escape room is where they pretend

to lock you and your friends inside...

- And the only way to get out is to solve a series of clues

and riddles and things.

- If you solve enough clues in time, you "escape."

- Ohhhh that's how you heh-scaaaaaype from the...


- Bubble up, buttercup.

Your sister's gonna meet us there.

- Why does Piper get to go to grand openings with you guys,

but we never do?

- 'Cuz she's the President of the Man Fans, right?

- Yeah it makes sense that she would be there.

Kid Danger and I can't show up to an official event

with Jasper Dunlop and Charlotte...uh...

- Do you not know my last name?

- Uh... No. It's uh...

- I've worked with you for five years!

- Yeah, I know, I know. It's... Swebb.

- You think my name is Charlotte Swebb?!

- Is it not?

[ music ]

- Let's get this over with.

- My last name is--

- And I've already stopped listening.

Play us out, Schwoz!

[ jazz music ]

[ in unison ] ♪ Up the tuuuuuuuuube... ♪

- Dad, I'm taking cash from your wallet

and going to the grand opening of an escape room!

If it's okay for me to stay out until midnight, say nothing!

'Kay thanks love you byeee...


- We meet again, baby girl.

- Okay, if this is about anything other than the money

I literally just stole from my dad, I am innocent.

- It's not about the money.

- Are you sure? 'Cuz...

you could take this money and maybe forget about

whatever I did wrong.

- I don't take bribe money.

- Maybe your kids do...

- Money is a trap the weak use to control the strong.

- Also, bribery's illegal.

- And they're not my kids.

I don't like children.

- Well you three seem really fun...

but I gotta go to the grand opening

of the new escape room downtown, so.

- Not so fast, blondie.

We have to talk about my niece, Mika...

she's the smart one. - Hey!

- And my nephew, Miles... he's the funny one.

- Hey!

- Where are you going? - Wherever my path takes me.

- Ohh! I think I see your path...

and it goes right outta my house.

- Not today it doesn't -- you're babysitting, baby girl.

- No, no, no, no, no...

- Oh yes, yes, yes, yes, yes...

- But my grand opening! There's gonna be pictures.

I got a new haircut!

- And I love it.

It makes your eyes... pop!

But you still haven't completed your community service.

- What?! - I left you to pick up

trash on Stank Street,

but when I came back... you were gone!

- I left a bag full of trash like you said!

Tippy-top and everything!

- Anybody or anything could have filled that bag.

Now... my sister and I are having a staycation.

We're gonna eat our weight in ice cream

and binge watch season two of Will & Grace.

- That's a good season.

[ Officer Walnut, Miles and Mika in unison ] - That's a great season!

- I'll see you tomorrow. - What?

You guys like escape rooms?

- I refuse to be trapped. By anyone or anything.

- Can't. Gotta study.

There's this girl in my class, Becky,

who thinks she's smarter than me, but she's not,

and I can't stand that she--

- Captain Man and Kid Danger will be there.

- Trap me, baby. - Who cares about Becky?!

[ music ]

CAPTAIN MAN: Anyone here?

KID DANGER: Knock, knock, it's us!

- Helll-ooo?

- Hellllo-ha?

- Superhero and a sidekick!

Looking to murder a grand opening ribbon.

- Maybe it's the wrong escape room...

[ gasps ]

- Is this a surprise party for me?!

- No, Ray, don't do this again--

- It's a surprise party, isn't it?!

- No. It wasn't a surprise party at that empty gas station,

it wasn't a surprise party at the bathroom store,

and it certainly wasn't a surprise party

at my grandmother's funeral.

- Yeah, that was the saddest surprise party ever.

- That's 'cuz it wasn't a surprise party!

PIPER: Hello?

- Ooooh. First guest! I won't tell them you told me.

- What are you... what are you not getting?

- Surprise! - What?

- Oh my god is this a surprise party?!

- Yes! - No!

- For you? - YES!

- NO!

- This is Gammy's funeral all over again.

- I know, right.

- We didn't bring you anything but give me five minutes

and I'll bring you a better present

than Becky could ever even think of!

- Who's Becky? - Exactly.


And welcome to Swellview's newest escape room!

Please put all your phones and weapons in the box labeled,

"Phones and Weapons." - Weapons?

I don't think we should-- - EVERYBODY DO IT!


I said all phones and weapons.

- You got me... - Okay...

- Okay.

CHIPPER VOICE: That's better.

Now move the box outside the escape room...

- This doesn't seem right.

MILES: Yeah, I don't have a good feeling about--

- Shut up it's for my surprise party!

[ a cell phone rings ]

- [ gasps ] One of my many phones!

- Uh, can you--can you let that girl back in?


- Okay. - Don't worry, Kid.

I'll open the door. I've got a key!


- That's not how escape rooms work.

- Yeah. You have to solve a bunch of riddles to open the door.

CHIPPER VOICE: That's right!

And the theme of this escape room is...


And that is a boomsday device.

- Dude, this thing looks real. Like really real.

CHIPPER VOICE: That's because it is really real!

Boomsday devices go boom! And you go bye-bye.

- If that were real, my new boom-detecting boots would be glowing.

- Are those your new boom-detecting boots?

- Yeah. - Because they're glowing.

- Hm? Oh, look at that...

- I think this escape room is real...

- Me, too. - Yeah.

- Also, who are you?

- I'm the smart one.

[ Miles gasps ]

- Awkward.

- It all just kinda happened.

I wanted an after-school job.

But then, an indestructible superhero

hired me to be his sidekick. - Ah!

- Now we blow bubbles... and fight crime.

Feels good.

[ theme music ]

- Call it. - Up the tube!

- Aw, my boot! - Ha!

- Heeeyyyaaah!

- Heeeeeeyyaaah!

- so our aunt dropped us off at that loud girl

and she brought us here.

- Dude, dude, dude... - Yeah?

- How 'bout one more kick and then you're done?

- Two more. - One.

- Heeeyyyaaah. - Thank you.

- Done. - Okay...

- Anyway, I'm Mika. This is Miles.

- And I'm not dying today. Just so you know.

CHIPPER VOICE: Oh yes you are!

- Okay. Who are you?!

CHIPPER VOICE: Why don't I just show you?!

[ Captain Man and Kid Danger in Unison ] - Oh. My. God.

- Sorry, no idea who you are.

- Yeah, you're not lookin' real familiar...

- I'm Jack Frittleman!

- Does not... - ring a bell.

- You blew up my factory!

- Gonna need ya to be a liiiiitle more specific.

- Yeah. We've blown up a couple factories.

- The Frittle Chip factory!

- Ohhh yeahhhhh... - Ohhh yeahhhhh...

- Wait -- didn't that happen a few seasons ago?

- Yes! It was Fall.

And on that crisp Autumnal morning,

there was a contest to find your favorite Frittle.

My beautiful factory was making Frittles and money

at an astronomical rate...

- Okay. Say hello to my frittle friend!

- Attention, this is Jack Frittleman.


[ screaming ]

[ glass shattering ]

[ cries ]

- You blew up this guy's factory?

- Two of them, actually. - That's riiiight...

- You were the ones that blew up the second factory too?!

- Uhhhh... - Uhhhh...

- I think it's gonna blow!!!

- Oh, not again!

[ laughs ]

- Oh that's it. I'm definitely blowing both of you up now.

- Come on. - Wait, wait, wait, wait,

hang on a second, if you do that

won't you blow yourself up too?

- Sorry, losers. This is a boom-proof box.

While you go boom, ol' Jacky Frittles is gonna be just fine!

- So what, we just wait around here

'til the boomsday device goes off?

- Oh no! I'm willing to give you a chance.

- Thank you!

- But I want to see you squirm. - No thank you.

- Follow the clues and you'll find the exit.

But you only have twenty minutes.

After that, I press this button and you go boom!

- Alright. So what's the first clue?

- Well, the first clue's a real humdinger!

But you won't find it--

- It's this kazoo with a bell on it!

Hum... ding... pretty easy.

- Well the next clue is-- - It's inside this!

[ plays kazoo ]

- Okay well you got lucky on that one.

But the clues just get harder.

- It's time for you to see the dentist.


- Dentist. I never have to see the dentist

'cuz me teeth are perfect. Riddle solved,

let's get outta here! - No no no no no more kicking.

No more kicking, please. Kicking time is over.

- The answer is two-thirty.

- Because it's time to see the dentist

when your tooth hurty.

- [ laughs ] Good one.

- I know the theme to this escape room -- dad jokes.

- We got this, Jack.

- Yeah! Especially since he forgot to start the clock.

- Oh! Thanks for reminding me.

- Yeah. - Thanks for reminding him.

- Good job.

- You know my last name though, right?

- We've got to hurry!

Henry, Ray, and Piper are in trouble!

- Yeah I'm hurrying. I'd just like you to answer my question.

- There's no time!

- See there was time right there.

You could've answered.

Even now, you could be answering--

- Yo! You guys, "Dog Judge: The Musical" just started!

We gotta watch it right now!

- Oh, we can't! - We got a booty call

about twenty minutes ago. - What?

- Ray's new boom-detecting booties went off.

They automatically send a signal back here

telling us that he's in danger!

- So I'm getting Schwoz into the bearproof suit

and then we're gonna go save them.

- Okay. So we'll record "Dog Judge: The Musical"

and then play it once we get back.

But we're watching all the commercials.

- Duh? - What else would we do?

- Very important.

And you're ready to go. Let's roll.

- Let's do it.

- Wait! - What?!

- I have to tinkle. Help me take the suit off.

- I asked you if you had to tinkle

before we started putting it on.

- I didn't have to then!

[ sighs ]

- Well if he's gonna pee, I'm gonna pee.

- Great now I have to pee.

- Also kind of hungry. - Me too.

- Yeah I'm glad you guys said that 'cuz I'm starving.

- Okay, okay. Suit off.

Bathroom. Snacks.

Suit back on while we watch "Dog Judge: The Musical"

through the first commercial, which we will watch.

- Yes.

- And then go save Ray, Henry, and Piper.

- Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. - Fa show fa show fa show.

- Come on. JACK: No, no fly.

Fly away, fly like this!

- Here we go. - Quack! Quack!

Fly like daddy. Like...


- Okay, we got all our ducks in a row.

- No! Fly away, pretty ducks!

- Pfft! Ducks can't fly.

This guy's an idiot.

- It said 1701!

This could be the code that opens the door!

- We did it!

- Yes, but in a more accurate way, Mika did it.

- We did it!

[ door clanks open ]

- Hey man! What up with the brick wall?

- Wow, well I didn't expect you to solve all the clues.

But just in case you did...

I planned ahead and had my weapons guy, Dimitri,

build a second wall out of bricks!

[ evil laugh ]

- Well that's not fair!

- Well neither is having your Frittle Factory blown up!

- It was actually two factories. - Not helping.

- Sorry, boys... and the two innocent children

that got caught in my evil plan.

Time to say goodbye!

- I don't take orders. - No, no, no, no.

- Noooooooooo...

- ...oooooo...

[ in unison ] - What?

- Gosh darnit to heck!

I told Dimitri I didn't want a timer.

Hello, Dimitri?

Yeah I'm calling about the boomsday device.

I never asked for a--

I'm sorry. How are you, Dimitri?

How's Michigan?

Yeah I'm calling about the

No, I don't want to talk to the dog,

I'm in the middle of a revenge plot--

Hiiii, Nibbles... yeah, I miss you, too.

- Heeeyyyaaah!



- So when the timer reaches zero it'll blow up?

Okay, well have a great time in Michigan, Dimitri.

I love you, too, boo.

JACK: Good news, bad news.

The good news is Nibbles is loving his vacation.

The bad news is they won't be back

from Michigan until Tuesday.

Unfortunately you won't be around to meet them.

- Wrong, Frittleman! I'm indestructible.

And I can't wait to meet Nibbles.

- What about us?!

- Well I'm sure you can meet Nibbles, too.

He sounds like a good doggie-- - What are you talking about?

I'm talking about how we're not indestructible too!

Okay, these kids are really freaking out.

- I'm good.

- Yeah, why aren't you freaking out?

- Because I'm on the path to greatness.

- What? - Yeah what?

- He read it in a cookie.

- A fortune cookie.

It said, "You are destined for greatness."

So that's my destiny.

- So? I once had a fortune cookie that said,

"Your hair will fall out," I mean.

- And that's your destiny. - You wanna step outside, buddy?

- Hey, hey, hey, man. It's not worth it.

- I know I'm on the path to greatness.

Just like I know that if I fall, someone will catch me.

- What? What? You're falling right now.

- See? I don't worry about anything. Ever.

Uh...Still on my path.

- So what are we gonna do about this boomsday device?

- Nothing! Ha-ha!

- Somebody'll figure something out.

Probably Mika.

- Guys! I think I just figured something out!

- My goodness, what a surprise!

- Everyone come over here. Huddle up.

- No huddling up!

And no whispering!

Oh, if you guys start agreeing with each other...

- Okay. - Yeah yeah yeah!


- Yeah yeah yeah. - Stop! Stop!

Stop right now!

- Yeah. JACK: Well okay.

- Ahhhh! - Ahhhh!

Okay. So we hydrated, we peed, we snacked,

we watched the opening number of "Dog Judge: The Musical"--

There's a musical curse over Dog Judge. ♪

Woof. ♪

- --we said grace, took out the trash,

and Jasper put on sunscreen.

Are we ready to go save Ray, Henry, and Piper?!

- So ready! - Born ready!

- Amen, let's go! - Whoo!

[ elevator dings ]

- Piper?! - 'Sup, snitches?

- I thought you were in the escape room!

- Oh my phone went off, so I got stuck outside.

- It was a trap!

- Good thing I got outta there.

- We gotta go save Ray and Henry! Let's move.

- Fine, I'll come with you...

- Sure, sure just get in here!

- Yeah sure just lemme pee real quick.

- No! - There's no time!

- Pee is for losers.

- Well if she's gonna pee, I'm gonna pee again too.

- Can you believe this?

- I actually gotta pee again too.

- I do too but I'm not taking this off again.

- We need something to cut this gold wire...

- Just pull it out. - No! It's electrified. You'll get--

- Nothin' the ol' Man Mouth can't fix.

Fire in mah hole!

I'm okay!

- Oh my geez it worked!!! - Oh yes!

- Noooo! How did this happen?!

Wait a minute.

You didn't disarm it.

You just cut the wire into the timer display.

Ha! You idiots did nothing.

This device is still live!

- Yeah we know.

- But now we're in the boom-proof box.

- And you're out there with the boomsday device.

- We'll see you again, Frittleman -- when ducks fly!

[ all laugh at Frittleman ]

- Oh. Frittles.

- we peed again, we watched the second number

of "Dog Judge: The Musical"--

Dog! Judge! ♪

You'll never believe what happened. Woof! ♪

- --looked up pictures of trees on the Internet,

decided Piper should be in the suit, peed again,

and fed Chonk the hamster.

Are we ready to go save Ray and Henry?!

- Yeah! - Save them!

- This suit smells weird.

- Oh wait! I just remembered I have homework to do!

- NOOOOO! - Do it later!

- This is why you get paid the least.

- Wait -- what?!

- Hey good news. The hospital just texted me.

They were able to reattach Jack Frittleman's face.

- Yeah! Quick thinking on your part to put that face on ice.

- That was actually Miles and Mika's idea.

- Who?

- The kids who helped us escape from Frittleman's trap?

- Frittle who? - Are you serious?

Are you serious right now? You know what, whatever.

Your brain's broke but I gotta wazz.

- Yeah, me too. - Welllll I'm gonna go first.

- Welllll I'm in charge here. - Well think I'm gonna--

- Don't tug me I'm holding a duck!

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