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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: This EYELINER STAMP is a GAME CHANGER! + A GIVEAWAY

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hey everyone it's Sara from The Style Blog welcome back I'm so happy you've

tuned in today this video is going to be a review slash tutorial of these

eyeliners stamps plus there's also a giveaway so stay tuned to the end for

the rules they're also in the description below so I was searching online and I

discovered these eyeliners stamps which is so cool but I thought there's no way

this is going to work so I ordered it from Amazon it was less than 15 bucks and it

actually does work and it's really cool so there are a couple of different

options I just went with the mid-priced one that had the best reviews and this

one is called the flick stick and I just got a 10 millimeter classic size and it

comes with these two eyeliner pens so they're a stamp and a pen in one which

is really cool when I first opened it I thought why are there two in here that's

cool with like a two in... two for the price of one not the case exactly so

turns out that you need a different stamp for each side of your face

duh Sara so I hope you can see on these they say right wing and left wing the

tip just looks like a little wing stamp the other end is just like a regular

felt tip liner so it makes total sense now that they need to be separate stamps

for your different eyes so you'll notice I don't have I makeup on so I can show

you exactly how these work so come on in here really closely so you can take a

look ok so I'm going to do the right side first so I'm just gonna obviously

pick up the pen that says right wing on it and I'm going to do the wing portion

first before I do the liner so you kind of want to make it at an angle toward

your brow and I'm just going to start at the outer corner of my eye here and make

sure the wing is pointed up toward your brow and then just press in

tada that is a good sharp line it's very black there's a lot of ink in this which

is awesome I kind of just let my eye stay open for just a few seconds here to

let it dry down enough and then each of these pens has a felt liner at the other

end ok so what I like to do is sort of pat right next to my lash line all the

way or over and meet this wing ok so you'll notice how the bottom part is

lined up so I'm just gonna go up and grab next to this top part and just

bring it down guys that looks so good and how long did that take me like 30

seconds it was no time at all especially compared to when I normally like have to

draw it on amazing guys look at that wing hello it's sharp and beautiful and

pretty much perfect amazing I'm so in love with the stamp it's so cool the

only tricky part I feel like is now I have to sort of match the exact angle of

this liner over here to this side but I feel like it's much easier with the

stamp than it is just drawing it on by hand ok so let's do the left wing this

time here's our trusty little stamp and I'm just going to try to match it up to

match the angle on this one not bad ok I'm just gonna go to the

other end of this tool and do the exact same thing that I did on the other side

guys whoa looks so good ah that's amazing can you believe I did

my eyeliner that quickly and it looks so sharp and perfect and even yes

ok let's zoom out so you can see the full picture look at my liner it's

perfect it's even it's just the perfect length of wing the perfect width of wing

I kind of love this these are my new favorite beauty product I'm so happy I

ordered these as you can tell it was super simple so I will say that the first two

times I used them my wings were kind of wonky and they weren't quite in the right

place but like the third time and on I used this they were perfect so I think

you just need to experiment just a little bit with kind of the placement

and the angle but I just try to line it up with the very edge of my eye

and then point the tip toward the end of my brow I think that's kind of helped me

also let's talk longevity of wear on these

puppies um amazing it lasts all day it doesn't fade it doesn't run so in the

shower I sort of like rubbing water over my eyes just kind of... I kind of like to

loosen my makeup just gently before I go in with my cleanser so these did not

move didn't move with water didn't move with me rubbing them at all but the

second I put my CeraVe cleanser on them they just melted off my face like is

there a better liner than that there's not I wish every product would do that

just stay on until you want it to come off and then you touch it with cleanser

and it just melts off your face like that is the perfect wear for me I will

say that these are super pigmented super black like this is black black liner the

point is nice and sharp it doesn't bleed everywhere all over your skin and it

does seem like it has tons of product in it I can't speak to how long these will

last also it is just a smidge on the expensive side at around I don't know

it's like between 13 and 15 bucks but I think that it's worth it because you're

getting this winged stamp it's not just a regular liner it's so versatile and if

you don't want the wing you can definitely just use this other end too

as just your normal eyeliner I'm so excited

about these this is like my best purchase in a while I'm so happy I found

these and also PS giveaway details right now coming at you I'm giving away a set

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watching guys bye