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Dear viewers, welcome to another episode of

Anouar and today we are going to unclog the drain in the kitchen.

The people here when they turn on the washing machine and the washing machine starts

to pump out the water, you can start mopping right away in the kitchen.

This often means that a drain is clogged or it is

narrowed or the drains are not properly laid, the latter I don't

think because it is an existing situation so probably just the drain is clogged.

So what are we going to do? In any case, we are going to renew the connection of the kitchen because it

looks bad. It seems as if someone has been drunk who has connected that,

so we are going to adjust that and we are going to place an unclogging tee in between and

that is of course very handy as you have seen before in my previous videos

and then flushing the unclogging and that is just super handy!

So we're just going to have a good start and we'll see where we get, let's get started.

Nice and busy dude.

Well look this is the siphon that looks of course not!

Guys I put a lot of videos on how to make things, but this is not how it should be.

Where you have to pay attention, this is a plastic siphon

(Polypropylene) it is not made of PC, which means that it cannot be glued.

So if you want to connect to your sewer, always use

a rubber cuff for this, you have to end with that.

Well then we will first replace the siphon.

Sam we first take this off, you

see he is nicely hidden, we will first suck him empty with water.

Here you have a special key that is included with it. That looks good guys.

So that is loose. The PVC has discolored a little.

It is the intention with very old PVC that you tear and degrease very slightly,

normally only degreasing is sufficient, but because

it is now an old PVC, we will also sand it very lightly.

After a look guys I can almost comb my hair in so beautiful it shines.

Then we will glue the T-piece

and, if you use PVC glue, apply glue to both surfaces.

Is a bit tight here.

Can you see it? Yes you can see it. So.

I will mark it first, then we will know how to glue.

Give that degreaser. Oh here's cloth with degreaser.

Then we will first degrease the PVC.

Then we start gluing and we have lines so we know where to put them.

Look, it's perfect this way.

Glue both surfaces, hey, where's the mark? Oh there here.

The degreaser almost cut my mark.

We remove excess glue

Connect the siphon to the T-piece,

look guys it's not that difficult guys as long as you know it.

Then it is now time to unclog the drain.

It is a PVC drain of 40 mm and it goes with 40 mm to the large drain,

I do not dare to unclog with the 16mm spring , there are probably

too many right-angled bends and I don't want my spring to get stuck immediately.

What I do is a handy trick I will clean the drain with a 10 mm spring and what

do I do I bend my spring at the end a little bit and what is the advantage of this?

When it turns, that big circle turns and cleans your drain completely.

If you leave it straight, the spring can make a small hole in it and

let the rest stick naturally to the sides of the drain.

And that is of course not so convenient, we naturally want the entire drain to be cleaned.

So bend a little bit and the spring will do the job.

Then we are now going to put in the spring.

We are also going to flush at the same time and we are going to fear.

Watch out that the water does not come out because the drain is of course clogged.

If you are unclogging then you have to make sure that

you do not make the bend of the spring too big otherwise it kinks.

If you want to know exactly how you can

watch my previous videos, I will explain it extensively.

At the moment I feel resistance which I do so I am not going to push the spring hard

or with a lot of force and force try to get through that hide.

I can therefore break my drain or break my spring.

What I do I just let the spring do the work and I gently rotate it through.

It could be a blockage or a

plug, but it could also just be a right-angle bend that it can't get through.

So feather carefully.

I can't get it through what I'm going to do now is I'm going to rotate

the machine the other way, maybe it will go through.

That does do some work! You see I made the spring turn the other

way and I got it through.

Probably that was just a right-angle bend and not a narrowing or a blockage.

Often it is the case if you let the spring turn the other way

, it will go with the bend and the spring will go through the bend.

The spring is in it and we are already in the down pipe (large sewer), which means

that we have cleaned the connecting pipe up to the large down pipe.

I am now going to get the spring back again and I also do that rotating so that

on the way back I also clean the drain and keep rinsing during the springs.

The drain is unclogged and we will now test the drain to see if it is running properly.

We fill the sink with water and rinse with a high pressure so we know for sure that everything

is going well and we will also test for leaks, you never know, so let's do that.

Before we start rinsing, we will first give a handy tip.

Boys today the bag of tricks is completely opened wide.

This is a gutter cupboard, gutter cupboards are made of wood and large plug, they are made of wood

and they are of course covered with plastic .... eh I just lost my name grumbling .. man .. learning .. no.

laminated. Thanks I lost that eeh .. well

what happens the seams are always of course not watertight in any case the corners.

And once you have a leak in your sink, the water goes between the seams / corners,

your wood will expand and you have a 4 centimeter bottom shelf at once, which

can be handy but not at all handy in such situations.

So what are we going to do, we are going to seal it so that it is waterproof and

when water comes down it will only end up on your floor.

Then now is the big moment, is the drain running away or not I think so guys.

Let's test, we're going to put the plug in, we're aiming to open the water

and we're going to see what's going to happen.

I fill the sink up to the overflow because I want to know whether

it is leaking because it is of course important that it is also waterproof.

Then it is now time to take out the plug.

It will run away! hey.

Madam, you can turn on the washing machine because then we have checked that too.

Guys the drain is nice and well again there is no more clogging, madam can now just

go soaking in the kitchen and clean everything without worries, that is great!

Guys do you like this video then give it a big thumbs up and if

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tuned for now thanks for watching and see you next time.


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