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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Filinta Season 1 - Episode 38 (English subtitles)

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At last we have achieved our goals, Boris Efendi.

We will establish the bank.

I wonder why you decided to take this path, Esat Pasha.

What path?

You actually are smart enough.

You are a bit talented.

You could have stayed on the right path if you wanted.

You would have had a poor life but at least it would have been peaceful.

What are you trying to say, Boris Efendi?

I am telling you that you understand nothing, Esat Pasha.

Cadi Giyaseddin is waiting for me to make a move.

Do you think he could finish the investigation in my name this fast?

He was the one who arranged the spectacle today.

Explain how you found the fund of 12 million.

It belongs to the Ottomans.

He is paving my way

so that he can make me fall into his trap.

Cadi is a smart man.

But smart men try to hide their intelligence.

Then what are we going to do?

We are going to go to such lengths that Cadi will not be able to reach us.

He just barely started working.

Try to think of other things it'll make the pain feel less, Riza.

I think I...

We have fallen from grace brother.

What's wrong my pashas, my brothers?

I thought you were really smart, really clever.

Your men have decreased, Bekri.

These lads were enough to catch you, brothers.

What do you want, Bekri?

I don't want a lot, Riza.

First of all what I want

is for you to tell me where the money we made is.

Okay, stop.

This is not needed.

The money is at my house.

It is hidden in the fake bottom of the chair.

But when you do it like this you take out all the fun.

I'm going to ask you're not going to answer.

I'm going to ask and you're going to sing

like a canary.

Where the heck are the others?

They are outside sir, prowling.

They'll be here in a minute. -Fine.


Here it is. Wonderful.


Two years ago at a Medical Congress in Vienna.

A doctor from The University of Vienna.

Now he is quite successful.

It says, he puts his patients to deep sleep with hypnotism.

Then he makes them do whatever he wants.

I know the man in the photograph.

I know where I need to go.

Kill Mustafa. You will kill Mustafa.

Kill Mustafa.

Kill Mustafa.

Did you forget how to throw a knife, lad?

I won't pull my gun on you, Ali.

Filinta needs to die.


My Ali.

Man, stop hitting already. I'm telling you what you want.

A person who is used to it is worse than being ferocious.

You wait right here, I'll be coming back to you.

You are good at ambushing, Bekri.

No one can hold a candle to you.

Perish that thought.

Who is behind all this, Cemil?

You are wondering who is the power behind the throne.

Yes, I want to talk and have a conversation with him.

Why didn't you say so, brother?

His name is Boris Zaharyas.

Boris Zaharyas.

The father of the girl I kidnapped.

Kill Mustafa.


Ali really is alive, Mustafa.

Good morning, Abdullah.

Finally you came to your senses.

I have.

God, I say look at the luck.

Where can I find this Boris Zaharyas?

He travels around a lot. Sometimes here, sometimes there.

I asked you a question, Cemil.

Where can I find this Boris Zaharyas?

I don't know.

Who knows where Boris Zaharyas is.

Where have you been, lad? I'm talking to you.

Where have you been?

Go now!

Please let me say this, Bekri. Your abilities are really blinding.

You kidnapped my daughter. You scattered her about in Istanbul.

You did everything that you were commanded to do Bekri.

Yes, up until Cemil tried to waste me.

He is under my command as well.

Boris Efendi, too much noise will make you lose your love.

As you can see only a person

who lives close to death can have this characteristic.

They don't value life.

Because, they know that one day they will fall from this road they have taken.

I am going to do so many things to you that it will be written in history books.

Tell me what happened?

When I went back out Ali had vanished into thin air.

Abdullah, you are saying that Ali is dormant?

That is right, Cadi Efendi.

He isn't aware of anything he is doing.

He is under the influence of the person who hypnotized him.

Good God!

And he thinks this person is Padishah's doctor. Dr. Schultz.

He has done research on this subject.

You understand what's going on, right son?

If we find Ali, then we will find who set the trap on you.

And I will be free of this knot around my neck.

Gather everyone from the police station.

Did you forget how to throw a knife, lad?

Do as I say.

Mustafa is your enemy.


Do you know how we found you?

It was Weasel's idea.

He said, "What would a man who likes to set traps do?"

"He will set a trap."

The rest was easy.

My men were already following you.

What is this?

Bring all your men from the mountains to Istanbul.

I want you to turn the streets of Istanbul upside down.

I want you to create trouble every day. Every day.

That way, Cadi Giyaseddin and Mustafa

will be too busy to lift their heads to mess with me.

Plus, didn't you want to take over Istanbul?

Are you playing with me dear, sir?

Sir, sir.

Either Boris Efendi or Mr. Zaharyas.

I can't use my men for this job.

It would be a disaster for me if they got caught.

You already proved yourself. You are coldhearted

and in your own way you are kind of smart.

What if I get caught? Then give your name? What will happen then?

What are you going to say?

The man whose daughter I kidnapped and almost killed,

hired me to do banditry.

Is that what you are going to say?

Who would believe you?

Mr. Zaharyas.

Mr. Boris, you would make the Devil put his shoes on backwards.

Don't worry, all the orders you have given will be done.

Just relax.



One more thing.

The one we are looking for is our ex-Field Marshal Blade Ali.

-How is that possible? -Is it for real?

-Wasn't he dead? -It's hard to believe. He died!


We know that Ali is not dead. He is dormant.

He doesn't know what he is doing.

We are all going to look for him together.

For the ones who don't know Ali, Abdullah made copies of his photographs.

Take a good look.

Ali is my brother and one of us.

If you see Ali,

the last thing you want to do is mess with him.

Come and let me know immediately.


Under no circumstances will you clash with him.

Blade Ali will enter this Police Station alive.

We are going to search for my brother Ali all together and we will find him.

If I ever see you near my daughter or me,

I will make you suffer from so much pain

that you would beg to die.

Do you understand?

Wait to hear news from me!

Okay, lad?



Zeyrek, man.

Walk man, walk.

Not that way, man.

Zeyrek, did Blade Ali come back from the dead?


Good God, cat.

Man, stop with the cat and stuff.

Zeyrek, how are we going to find this man?

I don't know how but I'm really scared.

Ceyrek, don't make sudden moves like that. Don't move like that, please.

I hear voices, man.

What was that?

I don't know, what was it?

God! God!

We couldn't deal with the live ones, now we have a dead one.

You are right. How are we going to find this man?

Zeyrek. Walk, walk, walk.

Walk, walk, walk.

Zeyrek, I can still hear the voices.

Don't be scared.

-I'm not scared. Why would I be scared? -Ceyrek.

Look over there.

-No, I can't. -Walk.

-I can't look. -Come on, walk.

Brother, brother. Recite the kalima shahadat.

It definitely has to be him.

-Give your blessing my brother. -What?

I give you my blessing. I do brother.

What gives?

There is no one on this side, Ceyrek.

All is well on this side too.

-Do you want to search together? -Yes.

Search together. Yes. Yes. Let's search together.

Come one then, let's search together.

God bless you, Chief.

God bless you. God bless you.

The master of power and strength...

...Boris Zaharyas.


Did you finish it this time?


Were you expecting someone?

How much...

You have changed so much.


You blossomed.

How did you get in?

I still have a key.

You haven't changed the lock.

I was thinking, who would have the guts to break into Boris Zaharyas' house.

I was wrong.

I guess I'm getting old.

Time, Boris Zaharyas.

Time is so cruel and brutal

that it slowly increase the hate inside people.

Maybe this is the reason behind my tremendous change.

Hate doesn't suit a woman like you.

But you may be right.

Who knows?

Maybe you are at the end of your transformation.

Just like her.

Don't! Don't you dare mention her name!

I always told you,

I always tried to explain it to you.

Whatever you think you saw that night, you are wrong Sureyya.


Don't make me your enemy after all these years.

If I were you, I wouldn't do anything crazy.

Even your power could not clean up what I would be leaving behind me.

Is who dead doctor?

I was expecting some news from my patient. I thought you were my assistant.

The big Doctor Schultz

waits for his assistant at a place like this.

What was your assistant's name?


You have no right to be here.

If the subject of the matter is Ali, then I have every right.

Move away.

Why are you here, Sureyya?

I came to see Lara.

As in your weakest point.

My wife.

My dear wife.

Died exactly at this place.

Do you remember, Sureyya? We had found her together.

At a young age,

she died of a heart attack.

But I always told her,

I kept pushing her to take a vacation. She never listened to me.

Sometimes I think,

if only people would just listen to me

they would live happier and longer.

For example, you.

Leave Istanbul

and don't ever come back.

I will not go anywhere until I dig your grave, Boris.

Then welcome, Sureyya.

I guess I still have some days of sorrow to live.

What is this?

Nothing you would understand.

I didn't ask you.

As you know it's a nice invention that works with electricity.

Is this what you used on him?

Would this be very painful, Abdullah?

A good bit.

You have no right to do anything to me. I'm Padishah's personal doctor.


Don't interfere, Abdullah.

This scoundrel is either going to talk or he is going to talk.

So we meet again, Boris.

She told me everything.

I know who you are.

Bala Hatun, it is almost time to get everyone's revenge.

I will be the ruin of Boris.

Let's go.

Tell me.

Ali is missing.

He didn't go back to Dr. Schultz.

It really is a tiresome day.

Get my coach ready.

And have all the locks in the house changed.

All of them.

Dr. Schultz.

Do you know anything about hypnosis?

Suit yourself.

Yes, yes.

Okay then. What would a patient

that went through a severe trauma and was hypnotised remember?

The last place they were at before the trauma occurred.

Mustafa, run!

Let's go, Mustafa.

I saved him. If it wasn't for me he would not have lived.

You know this.

We came across each other at the hospital.

-I know who hired you. -Mustafa, let's go.

This does not end here.

Don't move.

Behave yourself till I get back.

Dr. Schultz.

What happened here?

Mustafa found me.

What did you tell him?

He asked about where he would be and where he would go.

Boris Efendi, I had warned you. I told you he wasn't ready yet.

Where is he?

Most probably at the last place that he remembers.

Cemil, Ali is at the warehouse. Go and finish him.

Are you okay?

What did you talk about with Mustafa?

He doesn't know about our relationship.

I will return to Vienna tonight, immediately.

That is a very good idea. Very good.

But first...

Doctor, today really was a very exhausting day.



Lara, I need to tell you something really important.

What happened?

You are going to finish him with one shot.

I won't pull my gun on you, Ali.

Filinta Mustafa. Mustafa.

Do as I say. Kill him.


Don't come closer!

Throw it, brother.

If I am going to die, I would rather die by your hands,

not those scumbags.

Ali, let the knife go!

Don't come closer!

Wait, wait, wait.

My Ali.

If you are going to torture each other,

take my life first.

Take it, so these eyes won't see a brother, torture a brother.

Don't you remember, Ali?

The Islamic Monastery, this man who raised us.

Don't you remember, Ali?

I don't remember.

Ali, kill Mustafa.



Mustafa is the reason you are like this.

My bullet cannot wound you,

and your knife can not cut me, Ali.

Can you kill me, man?

Are you going to be able to kill me, man?

Come back, Ali.

Don't come closer.

My Ali.

I brought you up, son.

You are the strongest person I know in this mortal world.

Come on, make an effort.

You can be strong.

Don't do it.

Don't worry my children, I am here.

God's mercy is reigning upon us. -Don't do it.

Don't be afraid.

Don't you remember?

-Are you scared? -I'm scared as well.

If you are going to torture each other, take my life first.

Take it so these eyes won't see a brother, torture a brother.

Don't you remember?

The Islamic Monastery, this man who raised us.

Don't you remember, Ali?

You can be strong.

Hold my hand.

You told me to find you.

I found you.

Come on.

Go ahead.

Come on, brother.

My Ali.

Come on.



My brother!

Thank God.

-Giyaseddin Father. -My Ali.

My Ali.

My Ali.


Come on Ali, move.

All ye all ye outs in free.

Kill Mustafa. Filinta Mustafa has to die.

It's okay son. It's okay.

Kill Mustafa.

All the outs in free Ali.

-Ali! -Ali!

-My Ali! -Ali!




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