Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Benson and Stabler Confront the Harsh World of Gymnastics - Law & Order: SVU

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-How long am I gonna be here

I got to go train.

Coach is gonna cut me if I don't make weight.

-Just a few more questions

-Okay, now, you said that Kyle Hubert

gave Kristy a charm bracelet


-Yeah, he gave her a lot of nice things.

-Lori, how did you know about the bracelet

when you didn't see Kristy the night she died?

-You want me to be sorry she's dead.

I'm not.

I didn't have some rich boyfriend, okay?

I didn't have some pretty little face.

Nobody ever cared about me

-So Kristy got all the attention.

-She got everything so easy.

I do it all on my own.

My parents don't love me.

The only one who does is Coach, and...

he lied to me.

-How'd he lie to you?

-He promised me I could have her spot if I told him.

Kristy was waiting for me.

She had broken up with Kyle,

and Coach said he'd keep her on the team.

That left no place for me.

-And you couldn't let her take that away from you,

could you, Lori?

-[ Voice breaking ] We started to argue.

[ Sniffles ]

She got everything so easy

She started to run away, so I followed her.

[ Sniffles ]

The brick just flew out of my hand.

I didn't --

I didn't mean for it to hit her.

[ Sobs, sniffles ]

She made me do it.


Tummies in.

Coming to stir up more trouble

-Lori confessed to killing Kristy.

-Lori's an imbecile.

Strong arms!


-She wants to see you.

-Soon -- after Nationals.

Very nice, my little pumpkins.

Very nice.

Up again.

Show Korska what you can do.

Legs together.

Tummy in.

Good. That's my girls.

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