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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: How Communication affects Leadership

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do you see yourself as a leader now if

you don't then I think you should and in

this lesson I want to help you kind of

start seeing yourself in more leadership

responsibilities or in a leadership role

okay so let's get started all right so

let's talk about kind of the qualities

of a leader so you know when you think

about qualities of leader and it's just

here's just a few few of those qualities

a leader needs to be creative okay a

really good leader honest or maybe some

qualities of a good leader they need to

have vision for what can happen for the

group they need to be confident they

need to inspire those around them

they need to be determined in what their

their goals are they need to be an

example or teach by example okay we

could probably go on and on that you

know ability to delegate or the ability

to listen okay all of these areas are

all these are qualities of a leader now

another quality of a leader is excellent

excellent communication skills okay

whenever you look into kind of qualities

the leader needs and things you will

always find communication excellent

communication skills as one of those

those qualities and the way I see it is

that that communication is really those

communication skills are really the

Gateway to be able to have these other

leadership qualities shine okay so it

kind of is that as you as you have those

communication skills then all of these

other skills will be realized or will be

you will be able to see some of these

other qualities okay and under

communication skills we have listening

and we have body language and we have

negotiation and have all these other

things that we'll be talking about in

another lesson

and kind of diving into a little bit

deeper in those communication skills but

as you have been

how as you've been strengthening your

communication skills and your ability to

speak clearly and with more confident

then I I'm sure some of these other

qualities these leadership qualities

that you have will be able to be

magnified you'll be able to you know

others will be able to see more of these

leadership qualities that you have

alright okay so I want to talk about a

couple of examples of students that I've

worked with who have kind of unlocked

that gate that was holding them back in

their leadership roles and that unlocked

that gate of communication and allowed

them to be the leader that they they

have always been but we're just

struggling with because their

communication skills weren't quite ready

yet okay the first is Elise hey Louise

was is a was a very you know at a very

high level and is in his company worked

for a very very large company and he his

supervisor came to me and said okay so

Lewis very very capable we we love him

he's he has all these wonderful

leadership qualities but nobody can

understand and we're having a really

hard time understanding him his accent

is getting in the way of what he could

really accomplish we want to be able to

promote him but this this communication

his communication skills are a real

challenge okay so what we did as I

started working with Lewis and we work

together through the program and

continue to work together beyond that

and it did take him a good year to

really get his skills his communication

skills to the point where he he got that

promotion he was able to be promoted to

vice president of the company and when

we when I when I he told me that he got

that promotion we were both just I was

just absolutely thrilled for him because

the qualities that Lewis had were that

of very determined very knowledgeable in

his in his industry a very disciplined

he ran several marathons during the time

that we were working together I'm just a

lot of these wonderful leadership

qualities that were able to be unlocked

because of improving that communication

his communication skills and improving

that accent to the point where others

what can could very easily understand


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