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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: LIVE English Lesson - 31st December 2017 - NEW YEAR'S EVE - Goodbye 2017! - Mr Duncan - Live Chat

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It's time to see in another new year, so raise your glasses and give a big hearty cheer,

the people gather round what a lovely scene, as they get ready to welcome 2018, a new year

with promise and hope to survive, so now we will wait for that moment to arrive, because

it's 2 p.m. here in the UK, and this is English live [Music] the DB DB DB BP new yes it's

New Years Eve everyone the final day of 2017 for us here in the UK we still have a few

hours to wait but for some people it is now 2018 so there are some people watching at

the moment who are celebrating the new year already so can I just say Happy New Year to

all those who are now now standing up to their knees in 2018 so hello to you all hi there

hi everybody this is mr. Duncan in England how are you today are you okay I hope so are

you Super Duper happy are you excited for the new year I really really hope so here

we go again it's the 31st of December it's the final day of 2017 how was the year for

you was 2017 a good year or was it a pile of pants so how was it you will have a chance

to let me know later already we have lots of people on the live chat already now to

be honest with you I was a little bit worried because I wasn't sure how many people would

be here today because I know that many people will be celebrating the new year and of course

because lots of people are in different time zones they will be celebrating the arrival

of the new year at different times so I do realise that I understand that some people

will be seeing the new year in at different times some people may be in an hour from now

I know that at 3 o'clock Japan and also South Korea and also I think parts of Indonesia

will also be seeing in the new year but sadly for us we have to wait for quite a few hours

hello from Taiwan hello Meaghan hello Marie hello Pedro hello Danielle and hello Kien

thank you very much for joining me today lots of people already on the live chat mr. Steve

is clearing his throat thanks Steve we can actually hear you when you're clearing your

throat but it's only live Marie about it he's not on yet me mr. Steve is feeling very excited

today because he can't wait to go out at midnight to see in the New Year and mr. Steve has a

very strange thing that he does so as the bells strike midnight and the New Year arrives

mr. Steve takes all his clothes off and he runs around the garden completely naked now

can I just apologize to all of the neighbours especially my new neighbours you will see

mr. Steve running around the garden naked at midnight just as 2018 is arriving everyone

can hear mr. Steve coughing they're all saying we can hear mr. Steve I keep explaining to

Steve that once we start once we start this the microphone is live but maybe one day it

will sink in here he is then here is the guy who is a star in his own right oh by the way

if you can see the countdown in the corner of the screen you can see there it's 9 hours

and 51 minutes so we have 9 hours and 51 minutes before 2018 arrives here fortunately I won't

be here for 10 hours so don't worry about that I'm not going to be here for 10 hours

Julie gee thank you very much for that encroachment youlet as I have been following you for eight

years mr. Duncan also ROH sir is here thanks a lot here's its mr. impatient it is the guy

who likes to get naked during the first few moments of the new year it's mr. Steve here

he is mr. stick hello get naked what are you talking about mr. Duncan like that's not my

style it looks like it looks like you're getting naked now what's going on with your shirt

close your shirt mister what's the matter she closed your shirt you asked me to spice

things up a bit for the new year and I thought I'd just you know I'm tearing the throat yes

we noticed we've already heard you doing that I'm Olga me I'm Olga me I must say the first

two or three minutes of today's livestream consisted of me talking and mr. Steve coughing

I don't know what it is it's the dry air it's all it's all gummy on my throat look cover

yourself up do those the better but do them up Oh are you jealous mr. Duncan I'm a bit

jealous but also I don't want people getting too excited he said to me he said to me do

something that this the show needs a bit of a bit of sexiness he said sir I thought I'll

just you know is that better mr. Duncan it's funny Steve because when I think of sexy the

last thing the last thing that pops in my head is yourself thank you very much so there

is mr. Steve he was taking his clothes off there he can't wait because at midnight he

strips his clothes off and runs around the garden completely naked this is totally false

this is a false accusation mr. Duncan it is not and I do not I have never appeared naked

and never will do okay I will film it tonight and I will show it next Sunday okay because

we will be with you next Sunday yes even though it's 2018 in a few days we will still be here

I might not be if I've been arrested well you did it and got away with it in fact we

got quite a crowd watching no it's not true into complete lie okay then mr. Steve is such

a spoilsport sometimes so here we go the name of the game today is talking in English lots

of English coming your way loads of things coming today I suppose we can't start the

live stream without showing you the view this morning what was the view like outside the

window let's have a look shall we there it is it was a little bit murky a little bit

dark this morning a little dull as you can see there are lots of black clouds over the

horizon and it's actually now raining outside it is chucking it down it is raining cats

and dogs at the moment Steve I know I just went out there because I thought I haven't

been outside today yet we've been so busy preparing for today's show that I thought

I haven't even been outside I haven't got any natural light on me yet so I poked my

head outside the door and it was rained upon so I came back in the did it rain on you all

that's not very nice yes it hasn't rained on our parade poor mr. Steve so we have 9

hours and 47 minutes before 2018 arrives apparently a lot of people want to see the video footage

of you running around the garden naked I don't think we'll be doing that I would like to

keep my audience please III don't want to scare anyone away it doesn't happen so there

will be no video lots of people have already started celebrating the new year can you believe

it they have who started celebrating so far then mr. Duncan so if you are now watching

in 2018 can you please let me know so if it is already New Year where you are because

we have to wait for another nine hours and 46 four to six minutes rather so if it is

2018 already where you are please let me know seen done says I will get into 2018 with you

two in the next two hours so Sindone won't be seeing it until four o'clock so it three

o'clock today we will be celebrating the New Year for Japan and also South Korea and I

believe parts of Indonesia so Australia for example has already seen in the new year also

I think New Zealand already they are in 2018 anybody in Australia and New Zealand watching

now watching right now let us know please can you tell us what 2018 is like because

you know yet it's still 2017 here so it's still last year we want to know is it any

better so far in 2017 how it's the last 15 minutes but the first 15 minutes of 2018 how

have they been have they been good they're looking good or is it looking is it up or

is it good or is it we want to know what to expect in eight hours time Edward is watching

hello Edward watching in Peru let's get the live chat up on the screen just to prove it

so you can see there Mustafa is here we are five hours away from 2018 the French Leo some

countries have more than one happy new year like Russia yes Russia does not see in the

new year in one go so actually parts of Russia see the new year in at different times because

such a big country Russia is very big hello from Saudi Arabia hello to NIM ko hello hey

Joe and also Kangaroo hello kangaroo that Australia I thought they would be watching

in Australia but I don't think they actually are hello from Afghanistan Tala telecon and

Shira blade mr. Duncan it's me Peter from Brazil I wish you sincerely Happy New Year

and also to mr. Steve as thank you yes mr. Steve is very great happy New Year to you

too cold in here just me there he is mr. Steve we always like to show that clip from Halloween

I'm looking a bit better today bit more presentable did you see what happened then I was pressing

all the wrong buttons then I got very excited I always get very excited around this time

of year because it's a very busy time during the week leading up to the new year because

of course we have Christmas as well don't we Steve Christmas and then lots of family

visits to get in as well there's always seems to be a lot to do the time seems to run away

very quickly and of course one thing I love to do I don't know what it is every year I

have to clean the house from top to bottom I cannot start the new year with a dirty untidy

house so I have to clean everywhere tidy up papers every surface has to be clean all the

floors everything so that I start 2018 or any new year with a completely clean house

because I think you know if it's cleaning the house you have mines clean and tidy and

you can focus more on the next year I don't know if anybody else does that it's a bit

like in China you see before the Chinese New Year arrives they always clean their house

they make sure everything is clean yes lots of people also have a haircut they have their

haircut I've had that myself your haircut looks very nice to you thank you very lovely

I've gone for the extra shortcut for 2018 they've almost scalped you I can almost see

your brain they've taken so much off so what did you have for Christmas did you have something

nice mr. Steve shall we have a look at we had for Christmas so mr. Steve is going to

show us something that you had well I had a few things I mean they don't amount to much

but let me show you one thing here how about this it's it's a time it's a clock it's a

piece of time at a time it's a time high-seas it's for beside the bed it's an alarm clock

and because the other one had broken yeah and I was getting up at all sorts of times

I didn't know what time I was getting it was late for work late for mr. Duncan's live it

was late for everything because there wasn't working so somebody I won't say who bought

me a new clock for Christmas it was me must have been all of five pounds we were just

talking about China by the way do you know in China that it is considered bad luck to

give someone the clock as a present did you know that so if if if there's a birthday or

or during the Chinese New Year you never give anyone a clock as a gift because in China

they believe that it will bring bad look for not product plating here even though I am

showing the make of the clock this one is radio controlled so its precise its precise

to one second in ten billion years ten billion something like that I think it might be ten

million but whether that whether the radio a mast will still be operating hit in a million

is tough I just I think humanity will be here by then or even ten highly unlikely that that

clock will still be accurate no well there's an interesting and slightly depressing thought

what a lovely miserable way to start off I don't it would be around it even a million

years time I know ten million okay maybe we've evolved into higher beings just heads heads

in boxes yeah I think I think we still have a long way to go to be honest see people who

who lose their hair there's sort of people from the future I think are they where highly-evolved

we don't need hair anymore so you're a sort of hair so you are saying that in the future

human beings will all be bald well if you ever see any any science fiction films with

people from the future they've always there virtually hairless aren't they because we

don't eat hair in the future although hair is a sign of battle now under development

I think if you've got less hair you're more evolved as a species so I'm setting the trend

you might also be quite deluded that's what I think anyway it's the clock that's do you

notice out its match I'm black the chair is black I'll rather I'm wearing a black shirt

and the clocks black I bet I bet you can't see any of them if I do that I wondered what

you were going to reveal then you're black goodness I'm sure it is black okay then that's

great yeah I think that would have definitely been a news story for the first day of 2018

thank you Steve for showing us something I'm going to show something now that I live I

had for Christmas if you can resist if you can resist talking over me so there we go

some aftershave and it's very posh very posh aftershave look at that a little bit of Paco

Rabanne oh well that means you won't have to wash you can just spray that on in the

morning and no one will know so so nothing new there nothing new there when did you last

have a shower mr. Duncan about 2008 the bear ride there we go so thank you very much mr.

Steve for buying this and let's let's just have a little squirt shall we would you like

to watch me have a little squirt here let's have a little squirt go warm it might make

me cough and sneeze or a de clima throat again hmm oh it's very strong but it smells lovely

I have a horrible feeling that I'm going to start coughing and sneezing there because

of that and of course during Christmas we always eat a lot of things don't wait we do

and we had a lovely Christmas lunch there it is there is the Christmas lunch that we

had on Christmas Day can you see everything is there there are carrots and sprouts and

of course parsnips I cooked it I cooked all of it mr. Steve cooked the Christmas dinner

you did cut the carrots I did I did help and the brussel sprout I cut the carrots and also

I also prepared the sprouts as well and of course there is turkey on the plate as well

I apologise to all those who are you know vegetarian vegetarians vegans yes vegans I

always think vegans sounds like someone from outer space yes hello I come to earth in peace

I come from the planet vegan I want to go vegetarian in 2018 oh ok then well well save

that for later because we are going to talk about the things that we are planning for

2018 the new year lots of people tend to make resolutions they make plans for the following

year I've got some I'd like you to make really I don't think it works like that I tell each

other what what we should be doing for 2018 I don't think resolutions work like that Steve

I don't think you go around telling other people what they should do in the new year

that's we should change it it's a great idea so so yes we could change it so so instead

of telling yourself what to do you go around bossing and bullying people into doing what

you want them to do in the new year for 2018 I think you should do the following yes give

yourself people you just go around at night and push push the lists through the letter

boxes of your neighbours that'll be interesting wouldn't it so what reactions what are your

plans for 2000 and 18 do you have any other gifts mr. Steve I do I've got another gift

down here too I'm gonna start it up and give you a clue what do you think this is can you

hear that it's buzzing away down here IIIi think it might be well the thing I think it

is yes I don't I don't think I can say can you hear that it's making it buzzing and it's

vibrating it's quite long and yes it is and you stick it into things and you stick yes

it's a trimmer oh I see for trimming what somebody thinks that I need hairs trimming

that of my nose and my ear so they bought me guess who bought me this okay can you guess

does it do anywhere else I haven't tried yet are there any other places that you can actually

trim I wouldn't like to say I thought it did your eyebrows I think it does yes am i chopping

my head with it like that it would take a long time yes it does do your eyebrows apparently

I'm not gonna do it so I haven't got a mirror but yes this is quite a posh trimming machine

I would say yes it's quite expensive looking so thank you mr. Duncan because he obviously

thinks that I don't look presentable for the live show so he said right use this before

you come on because we don't want any nose hairs showing up on my live lesson well this

is high definition you see high definition shows everything up so if you have any any

nose hair creeping out people will see it and they will complain in fact I'm pretty

sure it is now banned on YouTube you can't have any nasal hair on YouTube that's how

strict they've become it's very good I've got to say it so it's a lovely device it sort

of feels nice in your hand I've got something else here this is something mr. Steve bought

for me for Christmas oh look mr. Steve bought me some some lovely vests can you see the

vests they're a lovely vest and and the the thing I'm very proud of is that the size of

the vest is can you see that just to prove it it's small small the stuff that when you've

slimmed down in the new year we only get into them mr. Duncan I can wear them now how dare

you what are you saying I know that over Christmas I've put a little bit of weight on I've got

a little fatter because I've been eating too much chocolate but here it is this is the

last piece of chocolate now from Christmas 2017 so I might eat this later but we have

eaten we have eaten quite a lot of food haven't we Steve you have eaten let's say one of your

favourite snacks ah cheesy what are they called cheese cheesy snacks what do you call those

if I you're telling me Steve but what do they call those cheesy biscuits that you like to

eat they're like cheesy nibbles cheesy nibbles they're round like that they come in tubs

like that about that size big tubs big tubs of cheesy nibbles and he's had four of them

for over Christmas in fact I'm going to reveal something here mister mr. Duncan look I know

what you're going to say if you say that I'm going to come over there and slap you I'm

gonna slap you so hard they don't come at all very you naughty I will knock you very

naughty I will knock you into next year he tried to cover up the fact that he'd eaten

one of them but I found out didn't I mr. Duncan I did I Steve bought a large container with

these cheesy snacks inside and secretly I at them I at them all yet them all but how

did I find out am i telling the story but what I did I went to the shops and I bought

another one and I replaced it but the problem was try and fool me I left a trail of Blues

of clues on the floor in the kitchen so some people are very careful but unfortunately

I was very careless so I dropped some of the snacks on the floor and mr. Steve spotted

them so he knew straight away that that that container in the cupboard wasn't the same

container I had eaten the first one and replaced it so mmm I would make a terrible murderer

I really would be awful and then it smelt when I came in here mr. Duncan was working

away at his computer screen like it's snow these cheesy snacks because I know what they

smell like and the guilt on his face was just it was just written all over his face yeah

the guilt on my face would be on my face yeah that's normally where that's normally where

guilt on your face is but then I made that I made the situation worse because then you'd

brought this other one and then when we ordered the Christmas food I ordered you another one

online and the food was delivered I didn't tell mr. Duncan I was bought this other one

I'd hidden it away in the cupboard and I forgot about it and then when we went out shopping

he said ah I think we'll need some more cheesy snacks we ended up I don't know I'm sure I

bought you one and hidden it in the cupboard he said well let's just get one just to be

on the safe side end up with for as much as I'm enjoying this story of how I tried to

deceive you we ended up with four containers of these cheesy snacks and I ate most of them

I am very ashamed to say so perhaps one of my new year resolutions will be one of my

plans for 2018 will be to lose weight perhaps and also I suppose eat less junk I think that's

one of the things I do a lot isn't it Steve you do like your junk food I do even though

I'm very slim I'm very slim in lovely thank you very much for the live donations we have

full NGO orful NCO thank you very much for your lovely donation thank you and also from

doc 89 as well another live donation on the super Chow isn't that lovely thank you very

much guys and also don't forget you can do live donations or should I say direct donations

on PayPal as well and there it is there is the address of the direct donation address

there it is the actual address over there just over my shoulder isn't that lovely so

we've had a very busy year mr. Steve lots of things going on oh I was exhausted I needed

this week off it's been well I was all about the year I know I needed this week off between

Christmas and the new year to recover recover from 2017 the stress of appearing on your

live lessons I thought you enjoyed it I do I mean I'm only joking that's nice so we're

gonna have a look now it's some things that we did during the year oh now some people

are going to accuse me of being lazy but I think it's nice to look back over the year

so we're going to first of all take a look at one of our live streams that we did earlier

in the year and and do you remember mr. Steve when we went up to the top of the mountain

oh yes do you remember that I do remember when we were in that disused or sort of derelict

building it was an old mine old mine yes we're going to go there now so here is a short clip

featuring some excerpts from our livestream that we did on top of the brown Clee Hills

well hello there good afternoon welcome its mr. Duncan live on YouTube in a very unusual

place I am now at the moment 1,700 feet up in the air on top of a place called the brown

Clee Hills in Shropshire there is mr. Steve can you see him mr. Steve come over here and

say hello come over here and say hello hi hello it's very cold up here I'm here with

mr. Duncan walking as we just have done to the top of the Klee Hills the brown clay and

it's very windy and quite cold despite it being a summer day and there it is there is

the view across Shropshire in the distance you can see the Rican so the Rican Hill is

in the distance in the distance over there you can see well you can't actually see where

I live but over there somewhere is where I live hello mr. sheep how are you today are

you ok I hope so are you happy I hope so oh isn't that cute okay well we are let you carry

on with your sleep don't worry so there are some some sleeping sheep having a little sleep

are you hungry I'm very hungry too all this walking and those sheep and making me hungry

because I'm just thinking of a roast lamb and mint sauce apparently Steve said watching

watching these sheep has made him feel hungry he wants to eat some some roast lamb with

mint sauce oh yes it's New Years Eve the New Year hasn't arrived yet here in the UK we

still have 9 hours and 23 minutes left before 2018 arrives here but mr. Steve and myself

we are here because other people will be celebrating the new year so in a roundabout let's say

around about 24 minutes time people in Japan and also I think also parts of Indonesia and

South Korea will be celebrating the new year so we will take a break to see in the new

year for Japan and also South Korea and I believe parts of Indonesia and I think also

maybe parts of Australia is Wella I'm not sure I might be wrong there but I think also

part of Australia are still waiting to see in the new year because Australia is such

a big place and I say mr. Duncan yeah did she sprayed that aftershave around in here

hmm it's very strong it smells like I'm in a department store yes it's literally just

stinking the whole room up I'm not sure whether I prefer your body odour or the Paco Rabanne

thank you Steve very strong thank you very much I must admit I am regretting spraying

the aftershave okay because it's going right at my nose and I think I might start coughing

in a moment it's an enclosed space is this to do and that scent has got nowhere to go

right there just hold on mr. Steve because sorry about that I think I think we just had

a slight problem there that for some reason I don't know why I have no no reason why it

happened but we just lost the livestream very briefly there I do apologize are we back we

seem to be back Thank You YouTube for that so we are now back on thank you very much

we had a slight break in the livestream then so I do apologize about that lots of dramatic

things happening today so yes that was that was a great moment wasn't it when we did the

live stream from the top of the hill because we hadn't planned anything had we no you hadn't

it was unexpected and we had to think on the spot and be creative well you did I was just

sort of there for the ride really but it was good fun and we had it we had an exhausting

walk going up there and there's been a lot of nice things happen this year I think so

it's been it hasn't been a bad year for us really because we've been working quite hard

you you of course joined in with the live streams as well so that started in a roundabout

June of this year and and it would appear that you are you are quite popular now hi

I like to please you know and if I can help out mr. Duncan with his live English lessons

and I'm only happy to do so okay then I do enjoy it actually secretly secretly I actually

quite enjoyed but yes we're here to educate and inform are we not mr. don't I think so

I think that's what we're here to do apparently people are saying that that there is no sound

now and no oh no sound I don't know why oh okay then I hope you can hear is alright it

would appear that that YouTube once again is is living up to its amazing heights of

Technology so it would appear that we can be heard again thank you very much I don't

know why I'm sorry about that I do apologize but it's not our fault it's YouTube once again

there is sound yes thank goodness for that we'll have to start doing sign language in

fact I know I know a friend of mine in Malaysia who may well be watching now who's deaf so

everyone have to do Sandt sign language so what's happy new year with sign language I

have no idea I used to know but I've totally forgotten because I haven't been there about

eight years oh that would have been a lovely moment of time by the way it would have been

yes that would have been lovely had you remembered I don't know yes hawk no idea I used to know

sign language quite well but I've forgotten it all now moving on moving on very swiftly

well of course we have been busy this year I think we will have a quick look at another

one of our live streams do you remember mr. Steve when we made some tea cakes no do you

remember well no made tea cake I don't remember making TK we toasted them in the kitchen don't

you remember no okay then bit of a blur I think it's time to jog mr. Steve's memory

Oh welcome to the kitchen it's mr. Duncan and I mr. Steve come over here there so here

we are in the kitchen what are we going to do we are going to make some tea cakes but

we're not actually making them we're going to do we're going to put them in the toaster

we're going to toast them toast of the tea cakes that we have previously purchased from

a local bakery and here they are here are the tea cakes look at that are they gorgeous

too fresh tea cakes now so people think that tea cakes and hot cross buns are the same

thing but in fact in fact they are not they are not the same thing tea cakes are normally

larger and also they don't have the cross on the front also they are not as flavoursome

they don't have as much spice or lemon zest inside them so normally lemon zest lemon zest

I love the lemon zest it's just a sweet bread with some currentl raisins added so the name

perhaps such a strong flavour as hot cross bun but they are still delicious they are

delicious so mr. Steve what do we need to do first we need to well these are frozen

and Weaver Weaver Weaver defrosted them we need to take them out of this patty dummy

we can't put them in the toaster while they're inside that plastic bag know that I know for

sure that would be very silly you keep it so don't forget don't toast them in the back

because the plastic will melt and they will taste terrible so they freeze very well for

once we brought the fresh bread we go to many and if we froze some of them and absolutely

delicious as defrosted red freezes very well as we all know and there they all look lovely

look at those lovely tea cakes so now mr. Steven iceberg mr. Steve is going to cut them

right in half careful I've got an I'm armed with a sharp knife I'm not sure if we should

trust mr. Steve with a sharp knife so here we go I'm going to cut these in preparation

for putting in the toaster there we go that one that will strengthen in the toaster and

I'll meanwhile cut the other one in half so that we're ready because having better them

we want to make sure the right heart okay with the right ones and this one thing I've

noticed with mr. Steve when he's doing something he likes to bang things around and clang which

is great for real life but unfortunately on camera when you are listening in home it sounds

dreadful so try to do everything quietly if you can do it silently silently including

them but the voice can be big fine well they're going to take about two minutes to toast in

there so meanwhile should I get rid of with in here the butter yes we're going to put

some lovely butter now you have to have butter on your tea cakes there is some other kind

of notice because the word better can actually be used in other ways as well is that true

mr. Steve that's very true yes butter is normally for spring on bread and things like that but

it can be using other way so here we go butter the word butter can be used in more than one

way for example it can be used as a verb in the phrase at butter up if you want to win

someone's favour or if you want to get someone on your side you might try to charm them by

doing something nice you butter them up you try to butter them by being nice to them so

the phrase butter up means flatter a person or suck up to them for example I need my friend

to drive me into town tomorrow and I will have to butter him up by treating him to dinner

to butter up a person means to flatter or charm someone so does it get on that good

side you ingratiate them butter or butter up now I can butter up to mr. Duncan couldn't

I yeah I could tell mr. Duncan oh I'll go do that later I will show an example no I'll

do it now oh don't go to butter up to mr. Duncan now mrs. doe how do you watch how do

you look so slim have you ever lost weight oh thank you I think mr. Steve is trying to

butter me up I think mr. Steve wants something so butter up means to flatter someone or to

ingratiate yourself to to creep around someone normally for a favour okay any chance that

I can you know appear on your show on Sunday no your office doesn't show yeah you're on

it now slim you're so good-looking mrs. M okay do you remember it now Steve I do I'm

hungry now I could eat a tea cake right now so there we were in I think this was in November

I'm sure it was or maybe late September and we were doing a live stream and we decided

to go into the kitchen to to toast some tea cakes and that of course is available on my

YouTube channel and of course all of my live lessons are also available on my youtube channel

as well so we're looking back over 2017 we're going to have a look at some of the clips

from our live streams and also our lessons as well and today after three o'clock mr.

Steve is going to talk about words connected with New Year's resolutions or the plans for

the new year so you have quite a few quite a few words in store for us I do and a little

quiz as well a quiz those ways a quiz words related to sort of new start new beginnings

and a little quiz as well with words and phrases around that so hopefully that'll be interesting

in the second half of the program today satury know says 2017 sadly was an awful year for

me it's to use a youthful a euphemism you might say it was a crappy year crap not very

good someone asked by the way what spoil sport means so what if someone is a spoil sport

they are a person that doesn't want to join in with any fun or they like to spoil other

people's enjoyment or fun of some things so they are a miserable person maybe they aren't

they are unhappy and they like to make other people unhappy they like to be miserable and

spoil other people's enjoyment of something they are a spoil sport Lou literally spoiling

the sport yes I think that's where it comes from actually yeah he's just you're just ruining

people's enjoyment of anything funds so lots of things to talk about after 3 o'clock of

course at 3 we will be seeing in the new year it will be 2018 in Japan also South Korea

and I think parts of Indonesia as well also analytic brain has mentioned Auckland Canberra

Melbourne and Adelaide so so are they are they celebrating already or will they be celebrating

later so please let me know I think they are already celebrating because Melbourne is on

that side of Australia on that side you see so I think they get the year so the East gets

the new year first I think and then the west of Australia gets the new year later if I

am wrong about that please correct me but I think I'm right some people pronounce Australia

Australia yes don't they those too much too much emphasis I've got friends there I think

if they're a bit posh yeah instead of saying Australia they say I went to Australia and

I don't know if anyone in Australia pronounces their own country as Australia but we'd like

to know can you have Australia and Australia or is it just the one we say Australia obviously

were common have you got anybody that does that apparently Steve Bella says in mell born

it is now 10:00 to 2:00 in the morning so wow so Mel board obviously has already seen

in 2018 so now it is the New Year in parts of Australia but I think on the west coast

they have the new year later just to show how big Australia really really is hmm also

PN is here thank you and Giuseppe ojas epi says I must go now Oh Murray says that 2017

was really short I felt as if it was just half a year that means you must have been

very busy in Malaysia it is now 10 minutes away from 11 o'clock ah so they will not be

celebrating at 3:00 they will be seeing in the New Year at 4 o'clock just when we're

finishing so as we end Malaysia we'll be seeing in the New Year so in fact I think many many

countries across Asia will be seeing in 2018 as we finish the livestream today so I think

so thanks a lot for that it's a very busy one today isn't it Steve it is it feels like

there's a lot going on particularly with people celebrating the new year apparently you look

very handsome in black thank you thank you so much although I was a little worried at

the start because mr. Steve had his shirt wide open like this he was showing his body

like that you jealous mister I'm so white it's upsetting all the all the colour balance

yes I can't get the I can't get the contrast down enough I feel as though I should have

a box of chocolates with me you remember that advert mr. Duncan that advertisement on the

television in the 1970s and 80s where there was this dashingly handsome man would ski

he would jump out of airplanes in order to deliver this box of I think it was it was

it dairy milk something like that and that there was there was a line at the end of the

advert 'all because the lady loves milk tray' he'd do anything and he was always wearing

a black shirt Milk Tray milk tray and he was he was skiing down mountains he was he was

dab sailing down the side of rock faces just to deliver these chocolates to this beautiful

woman just to just to give some chocolate to someone in fact they have just started

that advertising campaign again like yes this year they started it again is it the same

man it is not the same man I think the same man is about a hundred and six now so that

would be funny if they use the same man and now he's probably about four thirty or forty

years older still trying to do just he's just going around in an electric wheelchair giving

chocolates to elderly ladies it was like a James Bond character wasn't he he was I think

those chocolates must have been good well that was captivating well it was all the relevant

point was I mean black just five minutes to go before Japan and also South Korea and parts

are of Indonesia see 2018 arrived but what are your plans for the new year what are your

plans for 2018 do you have any resolutions I think this might be a good time to ask Steve

Steve do you have any resolutions well the thing with resolutions is new year resolutions

is it's quite common for people to make lots of these say they're going to do this that

and the other lose weight give up smoking stop drinking get a new job and but how many

of them actually happen but I have got some okay that was a shoe I had gone can you share

them now because we only have four minutes I've written them down because if you write

them down they become more real so what I want to do is decorate this is something I've

been putting off for two years now yep decorate the hall okay so I mean it's not a big thing

but I'm putting it down as a resolution because it's something that needs doing little little

faster okay I want to start having music lessons again okay when you say music lessons you

mean singing lessons yes because I used to have singing lessons but sadly that singing

teacher died in fact that's - singing teach now have a bit of diet I don't know whether

there's any relevance in that I'm joking why are you laughing I'm not laughing oh they're

probably laughing if here Ruby now but yes because the thing is if you stopped if it's

something you love doing you want to keep on advancing and getting better and better

at it and you can't do that by yourself you need you need a bit of help sometimes so yes

I'm going to find myself a new teacher and maybe take some take some exams and try and

move things forward in that part of my life so and there's a couple things let's just

hope that the the new music teacher lives a little longer than the last two I'll make

sure they young enough how about you mr. Duncan and we've got time to slip in a few resolutions

of your own yes here are my new year's resolutions I think they're better than yours what are

you resolved to do in 2018 as I mentioned earlier I would like to lose a little bit

of weight again because I've got a little fat over Christmas eating too much food also

I would like to do even more live streams I would like to create more live streams more

live English lessons and maybe do them in lots of different places lots of locations

and maybe if you want to join in mr. Steve you are more than welcome you might like the

that I like the sound of going to different and exciting locations to do live streams

yes I think so you did put in much Wenlock the other day didn't you I was with you on

Boxing Day on Boxing Day on Boxing Day we were live in the centre of much Wenlock and

it is available on my youtube channel the playlists are underneath this video it's true

so we were out and about a lot of people want to hear mr. Steve sing maybe another time

not today though I'm very shy about singing like that yes just off the cuff and we've

got to be careful as we mentioned before that we don't sing anything that's copyrighted

because otherwise we'll be blocked okay then and my final excuse my final new year resolution

be more tolerant of dogs there now I I aim to be more tolerant of dogs definitely because

because sometimes I'm a little nasty to dogs I'm not a big fan of dogs I used to love dogs

I used to have a lovely dog in China but sadly it was stolen and so I felt very upset so

maybe that has something to do with it so I'm hoping that in 2018 I will become more

tolerant more friendly towards I'd have thought mr. Duncan that you'd have become more friendly

towards other human beings before you were more friendly to dogs what are you saying

that I was friendly to human beings you've got a certain reputation in the local community

of maybe you know not being as friendly as you could be well start with the dogs why

not work up to the owners the dog owners I'm gonna work up the evolutionary scale you see

so I'm starting off with four-legged animals okay we are coming up to midnight in Japan

and also South Korea we are going to see in the new year and we're going to count down

as well isn't this exciting so just another 20 seconds to go somebody if somebody's watching

in Korea South Korea in Japan and right now they're not they're not bother banding us

who's gonna tell about some you've got Steve shut up we want to know ten nine eight seven

six five four three two one happy new year everyone watching in Japan and also South

Korea and parts of Indonesia happy New Year to everyone in that particular time zone look

at that we have we have fireworks fireworks exploding now expense spent mr. Duncan no

expense here no expense whatsoever it's always cheap and cheerful is anyone watching from

any of those countries right now or are they just you know because Brady if they were I'd

probably feel a bit sorry for them well they should be celebrating the new year but they

are they celebrating New Year by watching you mr. Duncan that's what we want to know

anyone in Japan watching now yes I'm trying to tell you now Tetsuo Tatsuya Tetsuo and

also mika ODE both watching in japan wow i goodness Happy New Year yeah happy new year

that's an absolutely fantastic you've chosen to spend your New Year with us yes more fireworks

we have lots of fireworks now going off are you drinking any sake sorry sake I think that's

isn't that a Japanese drink it is I thought you made sarcastic no Zaki are you drinking

sake in Japan right now that's a well-known Japanese alcoholic drink so yes satury no

is saying oh my New Year's hope is to find a new job because my society has shut down

I don't know what that means memory faux New Horizons Marie pho I'm in Japan now yes happiness

Happy New Year Japan yes even more fireworks I've actually got a lorry parked outside full

of fireworks so we have plenty of fireworks to go round don't worry also Lucy says Happy

New Year mr. Duncan well we still have to wait unfortunately we still have to wait for

a little while the live countdown is underway there it is 8 hours and 57 minutes so we still

have whoo we still have a long time to wait before 2018 arrives where are you going Steve

I'm going to raise my glass to the people in Japan South Korea and anyone else in that

particular timezone who has just crossed over into the New Year and I'm gonna drink this

water in celebration I have a bottle of water here so also may I say Happy New Year to everyone

who has just seen the New Year arrives so congratulations and I hope that 2018 where

you are is a good one Cheers we raise our glasses in celebration you know if there was

something alcoholic in here mr. Duncan but as usual I have just have to put up with plain

old war don't worry about it apparently it's one o'clock in the afternoon in Brazil. So

in in Brazil they still have a very long time to wait yes or is there over the other side

of the world they are over the owner who's the last I want to do the last people are

to celebrate Christmas I think it's in South America I think a lot of these South America

South American countries celebrate the new year much later so I think it's over that

way towards I want to say sort of Argentina or South America I might be wrong yes but

they have a few hours to wait we only have 8 hours and 56 minutes we can work it out

on your globe over here your big globe on the table we could probably work out who is

last I might go and have a look later well when we have a little break there might be

a little island that the absolutely the last people to celebrate New Year according to

Marie Alaska Alaska is the last place or one of the last places right yep that would make

sense that makes sense and of course over the other side the first people to have the

New Year are over towards New Zealand and also there's a very tiny island as well which

is always mentioned every year as being the first place to see the new year in but I can't

remember the name of it never looked on your big globe do you want to see something funny

yes here is something funny now we have some funny bits featuring the guy sitting right

over there right now funny bits featuring mr. Steve week everyone and I'll see you next

week mr. Duncan I will see you next week mr. Steve what can I take with me I want to take

something with me yes this looks expensive oh it is I'm going to take this with me it's

mine bye bye mr. Steve oh what a busy hour oh no I just sick so tired

it's time to relax yourself mr. Steve just like I can relieve your stress and strain

mr. Steve you've had a busy day so to ease those aches away relax and take a rest mr.

Steve it's time to have a dream mr. Steve after such a busy life stream so lie back

and the client everything will be just fine because you've had a busy day mr. Steve yes

you've had a busy day now it's time to float away yes you've had a busy day mr. Steve sweet

dreams mr. Steve sweet dreams mr. Steve our isn't that lovely so there it was another

look back over the year and that was mr. Steve relaxing because he likes to relax and recline

on the sofa I'm just writing at another New Year's resolution okay and that is make sure

that I don't talk until microphone is turned down in mr. Duncan's live lessons yeah there

we go I wish there was a way I've got to find a new way next year I think actually I'm going

to make it one of my resolutions is to do something that will allow mr. Steve to know

when his microphone is working because normally in a studio normally a red light will come

on I've got nothing nothing at least I've got a chair now yes you seem to love banging

on it yes it would be nice to know when I'm actually live I'm just gonna assume it's always

live yes that will that's it you see that's the thing always assume that you are live

if you are in any doubt just assume that the microphone is on or mr. Duncan is going to

berate me rocki rocki AK or HC AK asks mr. Steve are you the man from the Crystal Maze

ah oh I could be yes I know what you mean yeah I know who they mean they because they

think that you look like Richard O'Brien Richard O'Brien yes should O'Brien a famous actor

and he also presented the Crystal Maze also he appeared and also wrote the Rocky Horror

Show as well so a very famous man but yes you do look a little bit like him but not

not very similar a younger version obviously yeah obviously obviously a younger person

maybe 20 years younger okay Steve New Year's resolutions we've talked about those we've

talked about Christmas something I want to very quickly if I can find it of course there

is so much today in this show that I'm having difficulty finding some of the things that

are on your sea so that's that's the thing you see there's so much stuff here you know

I have a feeling Steve we're not actually we're not going to have a chance to show everything

we're gonna try and squeeze everything in so what what I just want to show is is the

Christmas cards hanging on the wall and what I want you to do is to guess which one is

my favourite so this is for people watching at home so here they are all of the Christmas

cards but which Christmas card out of all these is my favourite which one do we care

mr. Duncan do do do I care of course I care so which one just a couple more which one

is my favourite see if you can guess the answer coming later on so Steve you have some words

now these are no ordinary words they are special for a reason why because we're celebrating

the new year and at this time of the year people think about making New Year's resolution

so these are words phrases idioms connected with new beginnings and you start a new year

that sort of that's a sort of a theme that we've got going with the with the words that

I've written down on pieces of paper and we've got a little quiz as well so would you like

me to show the first one yes please right so at this time of the year we're thinking

about what's happened last year thinking about what to do next year so we here's a phrase

you can use to take stock of can you see that there take stock of yep for example take stock

of for example your life think about the what this means is thinking about the good and

the bad of what's happened you're taking stock for example is the new year so I'm going to

take stock of my life and decide where I want to go in 2018 the taking stock is just like

if you've got a shop and you don't know what what goods you've got in your shop so you

do a stocktake you check what you've got what you haven't got you look at it you take stock

of your life you could probably describe it as a sort of overview yes like an overview

an overview so you look back and you you you you have a look at the things you've achieved

the things you've done maybe the things you need to do in the future so you take stock

I like that one that's the first 8:1 stock take stock of take stock of your life you

decide the things that are important in your life and the things that may may be not so

important you take some time out to do that you might take a couple of days some people

might go off for a year somewhere for example if they have been studying and they might

take a year out to take stock of their lives and decide what they want to do as a career

in their life lots of young people do that after they finish their studying now they

take a year out so that's that one so you might you might decide that you want to turn

over a new leaf or like that one for example so this means to stop doing something bad

and start behaving better really means to behave more responsibly to turn over a new

leaf for example I'm always getting drunk and coming home late this is affecting my

job so I'm going to turn over a new leaf in 2018 That's not me I'm not talking about myself

that's just an example but turn over a new leaf stop doing something bad and start doing

something start behaving better more responsibly so that's what turning over a new leaf means

and you might do that and you might decide you've you've been bad all year and you're

gonna turn over a new leaf and start behaving more responsibly that's good Tomic that has

just asked Tomic asks could ice could I take stock of my job or career yes you can see

where you are what you want to do with your career so you can look at the things you've

done in the past from a career point of view down then take stock of the situations take

stock of the experience you've gained in the past from your job and then you can decide

what you want to do next sometimes you just particularly in a job in the career that you're

in you just carry on doing it year after year one task leads to another one month leads

to another one year leads to another and then suddenly one day you think do I want to do

this anymore so you take some time out and take stock and that time between Christmas

in the new year or the early part of the new year is the ideal time to start doing that

kind of thing and everybody tends to do that so that's that and we're turning over a new

leaf of course you might decide that you want to kick a habit a habit my line is simply

to stop doing it for example smoking I'm smoking for example yes to kick a habit here's another

example I'm sick of chewing my nails I'm going to kick the habit in 2018 mm-hmm I like that

one so you could kick the habit so maybe something you are addicted to something you can't stop

doing you want to try and break the habit break the habit or kick the habit mmm I like

that one so that is a very good resolution quite often people as I mentioned earlier

a lot of people tend to eat too much food and then they want to kick the habit of overeating

well you yes I think maybe I think I might have that problem I think it's I think it's

just something it's more it's not really about well it could be eating I suppose but I would

say it's more to do with things like smoking yeah and sort of a regular habit something

I've always tended to do I'm going to I'm going to admit something here I'm a bit of

a nail-biting person what your own yes oh yeah people the people you don't go to go

up to other people in the street and start a bit of a nail-biter so I want to kick well

I did kick the habit last year it's a horrible filthy habit and I've stopped doing it so

I that was one of my new New Year's resolutions last year there are many ways of stopping

yourself you can put you can get this stuff now I think you put it on your fingernails

and it tastes my father used revolting it has a very bad taste so when you go to put

your your fingernails into your mouth to chew them that you get this horrible taste yes

it's a it's a filthy horrible habit I've been doing it since as far as I can remember my

father used to used to actually paint this this stuff on my nails not nail but it's because

are you saying that it was this horrible bitter solution you could get from the chemists so

that whenever you put your fingers in your mouth it didn't work with cork so I just washed

it off but anyway I've kicked that habit of course if you have got habits or something

you want to do a resolution sometimes you've got a big let's face it resolutions are really

like goals if it was work you would say that these were goals wouldn't you apparently apparently

Mika owed on the live chats as my resolution for this year is to be fluent in English what

better resolution can you get on what a fabulous example to set to everybody else who's watching

at the moment and of course you are in the right place because this is where we teach

English and of course don't forget I've been doing this on YouTube I will be going into

my 12th year 2018 will be my 12th year on YouTube fantastic mr. Duncan and I've only

been doing for six months and we do want to hear more of other people's resolutions new

year resolutions we want to hear what they are and we're going to write your name down

with the resolution bite and then in six months time we're gonna say have you done it yet

but but it's very hard I mean sometimes resolutions can be very difficult to keep yes because

you set yourself very high goals a big goal so Oh mr. Duncan you didn't know what this

is just segue so neatly into my next example okay so you've got a big goal that you're

gonna set for 2018 it's a massive goal but the thing is what you should do is you should

take it one day at a time ah don't focus too much on the big goal because sometimes you

set yourself a big goal and it's too daunting too big a task so break it down into little

chunks and just take it one day at a time so that means just don't focus too much on

the big goal for example how can I ever hope to run a marathon and then somebody says to

you well just keep focusing on your training and take it one day at a time so all these

big goals or resolutions can be broken down into small little chunks and you can say what

can I do today just to take it one step further towards my goal or my my resolution then take

it one day at a time and I think that is a mistake a lot of people make they try to do

too much at once and I always say this about learning as well so for example learning English

some people give themselves too much to do in one go yes so I always think learning is

a very steady process you earn over a period of time lots of people try to rush they they

become too worried about their progress when in fact progress or learning happens over

a period of time gradually so I always think that a lot of people try to set their goals

too highly they have high goals or high expectations and then of course what happens is when they

become disappointed by them when they feel let down by themselves they stop doing it

they stop doing the thing they are trying to achieve which is quite sad so yeah learning

takes time it takes patience learning a musical instrument as well it's the same thing yeah

you can't just learn it overnight you can't say for example I want to learn to play Rachmaninoff's

piano concerto number two by the end of 2018 if you've never played the piano before that

would be unrealistic goal a task so you give it up too easily but doing simple things like

if you're sick of your job you might want to apply for a new job well it's you set yourself

the goal of not necessarily getting a new job but at least starting to apply for new

jobs or getting your CV together getting on to LinkedIn that sort of thing when you're

at work this is something we do a lot because I'm in sales we're always talking about goals

hmm and what do you want to achieve this month this week or even today and we tend to we

tend to have what's called smart objectives have you heard of that mr. Duncan smart objectives

I like smart SMA RT objectives and that mean and the the first letter that the letters

stand for forwards so you could use this technique in your new year's resolution so it's like

an an acronym yes what yes it is really it so the essence stands for specific so yeah

it all has to be specific are we going through all of this over specific measurable achievable

relevant and time-bound so you have to have if you're going to set yourself a goal or

a resolution it's got to be realistic you've got to set yourself a time to do it it's got

to be achievable so you've got to be able to do it and the other important thing I was

fine that works really well is write it down don't just have it in your head write it down

say what you want to do write it three times on a piece of paper so if you write something

down it makes it more real is that what you're saying it makes it more real the British somehow

in the brain it makes it the make that makes the brain focus on it more okay that's good

okay we're looking at the live chat very briefly lots of people are giving us their resolution

Oh Tala Khan my resolution my resolution is to be band 9 in IELTS that is very high up

so if you have band 9 if you if you get that higher grade Wow that means you are very good

at English Tomic says the thing that people are pressed by is the time they tend to set

many unrealistic goals yes I think you're right Tomic satury know says my new year resolution

is to kick the habit to to give too much faith to other people oh I see so I think Saturina

is saying that sometimes they rely too much on other people I think so sergej or sergio

really kicking a habit one of my resolutions is to study my masters in Europe I hope England

Oh Sergio I hope you get a chance to to come here I'm writing I'm writing that down now

Sergio says he's coming to the UK to learn English I'm writing all these down so Sergio

mr. Steve is writing it down this time next year you can let us know whether or not you

managed to achieve your your goal I've written all I've written them all down and I shall

ask these people in six months time that they should know I'm not this I'm not a guru but

there is a permanent record on this livestream true this will be here forever this livestream

you can watch this again later on just in case you miss it and of course of course if

you're deciding to if you you tell people you're going to to set yourself this New Year's

resolution they may say to you okay then you say you're going to do this but why don't

you put your money where your mouth is right have you heard of that one mister don't go

put your money where your mouth is I have right so that literally means pay money to

show you are serious about doing something ie you're not all talk you're actually going

to do it it's not all about your mouth and what's what you're saying you're not all talking

now action you're going to do something for example oh you say mr. Duncan you're going

to lose weight so why don't you join a gym and put your money where your mouth is I can

I can reply to that I can't join a gym quite a few years ago I joined a local gym before

we moved here but I stopped going after a few months I found it very boring and also

a little bit intimidating so the reason why I stopped going to the gym was because many

of the people there were really really big and strong and they were running and pulling

up things and lifting heavy weights and I felt very inadequate yeah doing it to be honest

so it put me off so instead I like to go walking I like to take exercise outside I like to

get lots of fresh air Marcus Marcus leet says it's my first time here hello Marcus hello

thank you very much for joining us today thank you for joining us on New Year's Eve just

another eight and 32 minutes here in the UK before 2018 arrives thank you very much there

are some very strange things going on at the moment on the live chat now it would appear

that someone is offering to marry so other people or another person can actually live

in their country ah I think it's I think it's it's wrecked wretch wretch yak or wretch Rach

it's on the screen or it was just who do they want to marry I don't know I think it said

he won I would imagine that there might be some money involved I think so is that illegal

I'm sure that's illegal sure but from Istanbul thank you much I'm up for it of the money's

high I think so Anna is here what oh I think mr. Steve is offering to marry someone as

well yes a million pounds I'll marry anubian live here I think I think you would have to

pay them a million to marry you Thank You mr. Duncan wishing you a happy 2018 may your

resolutions come true thank you Anna so nice marry such a funny suggestion yes I think

so although in real life it does actually happen some people do accept money for for

marrying someone so the the other person live or can live in their country it happens a

lot in the United States and also it happens a lot you can't do it I think there's a period

of time that has to elapse but you certainly can marry somebody and give some money to

them and yeah I know people have done it really yes I do I see do you want to do what to spill

the beans no well I'd I'd can't identities ago but I do know that did marry somebody

from abroad and they were offered a large sum of money so that they could come over

to this country and I think I think a couple of years has to elapse before you can actually

then register it as legal but yeah I do know somebody that's done that ah there is a word

as well there is a word that you can use to describe that type of marriage it is a sham

marriage or a marriage of convenience yes a sham marriage or a marriage of convenience

so if something is a sham it is unreal it is not completely truthful a sham marriage

I didn't think we'd be talking about that today Steve I didn't there we go put your

money where your mouth is that's the last one yes okay did you say you had a contest

or a quiz yes do you want to do that do it right okay right so we've done this I've done

this a similar thing before so I've got a sentence with a gap in the middle and you

have to decide which of of several suggestions are the one that goes in there so here we

go you have to fill in the money to get a bit closer for this one fill in the blank

fill in the blank can you see that is that on the screen yes I'll read it out in 2018

I've decided to walk so I'm going to do more exercise and get fit so is it one kick the

habit to turn over a new leaf three blow away the cobwebs or four go back to square one

in 2018 I've decided to which of those four fits in the space hmm can you see that is

that clear so the sentence is in 2018 I've decided to is it kick the habit so I'm going

to do more exercise and get fit in 2018 I've decided to turn over a new leaf so I'm going

to do more exercise and get fit is it in 2018 you get the story you get the picture yes

which one fits in which is the most relevant phrase that fits in into that one there got

it that's that's pretty good yes have it I think I've got it have we got any suggestions

yet anybody yes please send in your answers and we will pick a winner well what I love

there is is you what you're actually making all of them fit into the sentence I know but

only one of them is relevant really okay there so only only one is the right answer even

though Steve may doubt that more than one was the right answer what which of those four

best fits that sentence that's it so you have to put either one two three or four one of

them is the the most suitable thing to put on now lots of people are saying seller says

one kick the habit jenji Julie and term and Marcus and Husein they all say to turn over

a new leaf new leaf turn over a new leaf mmm-hmm my arms aching so what what do you think Steve

what so which one is the correct answer it is number two turn over a new leaf both sided

yes because what it means is that you you're saying that you're not very fit. So you want

to turn over a new leaf you wouldn't kick the habit because you you haven't got a habit

to kick so the answer is in 2018 I've decided to turn over a new leaf so I'm going to do

more exercise and get fit there we go bring over a new leaf which was stop doing something

bad and start behaving better there we go so you're unfit you're not very fit in danger

of getting a heart attack are you gonna do some more exercise so that's that one now

there's two there we haven't talked about yet one is blow away the cobwebs so blow away

the cobwebs cop way what does that mean that means refresh yourself from a state of sluggishness

sluggishness nugget if you're yeah you're tired you have you've been doing nothing for

years just in the same old thing you're gonna blow away the cobwebs because they've been

doing so little the spiders have got they've got cobwebs all over you so your spine going

to get rid of your your malaise that's the analogy that you've been doing so little that

spiders have put cobwebs all over you so you're gonna blow them all away and get on with your

life we've got that I thought I think we got that the first time the other new one on there

is go back to square one behind and that one before go back to square one that means acknowledge

or admit that an idea has not worked so we need a new one but do you know where it comes

from go back to square one it's well the other equivalent would be go back to the drawing

board okay that's another one but go back to square one actually refers to the days

when football matches used to be commented on on the radio before television and people

at home would have a box they had they'd have a piece of paper with lots of boxes on and

they would all be numbered and apparently the back to square one relates to the person

on the field going back to a certain position so I guess it would be school one that the

place that they started from so apparently that's what it what it comes from us both

yes the equivalent phrase would be go back to the drawing board so you've been doing

something for a while it hasn't worked pro you start again you go back go back to the

drawing board go back to basics and and decide how to do something a different way yes but

that wouldn't apply to this example here but so that's it so the best fit the most relevant

phrase to put in there is turn over a new leaf start a fresh start a fresh turn over

a new leaf do you want another one yes why I only got one more we'll have one more yes

and then got time we have some funny things to show right okay here's another one then

with more suggestion to put in he's decided to apply for that new job even though he doesn't

think he will get it I guess one is it one turn over a new leaf, is it two Rome wasn't

built in a day is it three nothing ventured nothing gained or is it four start with a

clean slate he's decided to apply for that new job even though he doesn't think he will

get it I guess or I suppose you could put in there I suppose and which is the phrase

that best fits that sentence can you see that is that clear yeah you can see you just keep

it very steady so how I'm shaking I'll read it again he's decided to apply for that new

job even though he doesn't think he will get it I guess is that I turn over a new leaf

Rome wasn't built in a day nothing ventured nothing gained we'll start with a clean slate

we are getting some replies Megan says Megan says three Husein says three also Julie says

three one love says two and also teller Karn says three as well I have a feeling mr. Steve

that that three might be the answer it is indeed number three and I'm leaning forward

which I know you know is you but yes the best fit to that one is is nothing ventured nothing

gained which means if you don't take a risk you won't achieve anything if you don't try

you never find out don't try yes it means you need to take a bit of a risk if you're

going to achieve anything in life and the best fit there is he decided to apply for

that new job even though he doesn't think he will get it I guess nothing ventured nothing

gained so if you don't try something then you won't gain anything that's it so we've

had turned over a new leaf we know what that means we've got a new one in there number

two Rome wasn't built in a day that means just take things a bit at a time you can't

achieve your big goal in fact that's very similar to what I had before wasn't it take

it one day at a time would be similar to that mm-hmm you've got a big goal you've got to

achieve it but Rome wasn't built in a day yes sometimes things take a very long time

longer time to do to achieve all right and the other one is start with a clean slate

mm-hmm that just means that that you're starting si you've been arguing with somebody you don't

get on with somebody very well at work you're always having arguments you can't resolve

any of these arguments so you just say let's forget the past start over let's start with

a clean slate that's it draw a line under the sand so sometimes you can't resolve problems

or issues in order to move forward with something so the phrase you use then is oh let's just

start with a clean slate so just put all those problems away and start again I think another

good one is to draw a line and to something draw a line or draw a line under the sand

in the sand yes right now draw a line under something yeah yes well no draw a line in

the sand is correct actually what draw draw a line in the sand is more about not crossing

over a certain that's it point but but you brought that up not me yes I know it's not

draw a line under this no but but but it is an expression that start with a clean slate

is equivalent to draw a line under the past let's just let bygones be bygones that's it

if you let bygones be bygones it means you forget all about the past disagreements and

all about all about the the past problems that you've had with someone yeah let's start

from scratch let's start anew because you can't sometimes those things you're never

going to resolve them so unless you just decide to put them in the past and forget about them

you will never move forward so start with a clean slate and obviously that the relevance

there is that a slate you can write things on a slate so there are lots of things on

there you just rub them all out start again that's it you erase you erase them and then

something piece of paper of course or a or or a screen computer screen these days there

we go so that's my examples of expressions and idioms related to starting a new starting

afresh using forward making plans and also creating those resolutions planning ahead

for the new year so what are your plans yes for 2018 mr. Steve wants to stop chewing or

are his fingernails I want to be kinder to dogs now I did the chewing bit and I stopped

that last year yes but you started again it's only a it's so it's only successful look at

those unbeaten fingers they can't see them you have to move no you have to move across

across that's it no duis again let's have a look at your big hands look at those hands

they're like they're like a bunch of bananas and murderers hand me somebody said to me

what you got hands like a murderer yeah lovely yes I'll bear that in mind yes unbidden think

actually don't don't look at the thumbs yes well I think you'd you tend to chew your thumbs

I'm picking them now look I'm doing that my mother does that as well anyway I've gotta

stop doing it completely I started with the fault with the fingers it's the thumb that's

gonna get it's gonna get knocked on the head that's all let's have a look at something

funny show where here's another funny bit featuring mr. Stephen I think I think actually

I think this is actually quite a nice me again yes do you remember Steve when you tried to

do a bit on what was it what on what are the live-streamed we recorded something you were

you were actually expressing or explaining a phrase and you kept getting it wrong and

the more you got it wrong the more you kept laughing and laughing you you you you couldn't

control your laughter so here it is here is mr. Steve having difficulty controlling himself

nothing new there you let your hair go let your head go ah my eyes are watering let your

hair down oh hey Ron we get the tears away to be honest to be honest I could do without

any how it takes to be honest yes sir that was let your hair down as an English phrase

the phrase let your hair down is an expert Oh God some things you let your hair go that's

up got some kind of disease let your hair down let your head Oh try it again let your

hair down let your hair down is an English phrase the phrase let your hair down is an

expression so it's a fad to dictators okay hold it up again okay and you just read just

read the last just read the last to rejoice party let yourself go okay then I'm sorry

hair I'm just gonna have to let you go to rejoice party oh it's two bloody lines! to

rejoice party let yourself go paint the town red you and let your hair down I love the

thing at the end that you do your yeah hat

mr. Steve mr. Steve you're not exactly you're not exactly playing the piano there are you

but this is how you practice you don't practice with the keys you practice with the lid down

I don't think that's true yes it's true yes you see with the lid up well

dip dip dip dip dip oh look at that just 12 minutes left 12 minutes to go before we finish

and 12 minutes to go before China, the Philippines, Malaysia, Russia, Mongolia, Taiwan, Hong Kong,

and Singapore they all will see in the new year 2018 will arrive in those countries that

were the old in with the new out with the old and in with the new there are some traditions

that used to take place a lot during the the new year as it arrived some people would go

out and run around with some coal in their hand some hot coal apparently it's some sort

of superstition it's supposed to bring good luck for the following year are they naked

at the time they are not naked not like new mr. Steve tonight mr. Steve will be outside

in the garden he he will take all of his clothes off as the clock dawn strikes midnight and

he will be completely naked for approximately 5 minutes you're a liar Mr Duncan... until

everything shrivels up and it doesn't take very long I won't be doing that oh I won't

so I hope we have a super-duper time lots of people around the world we have to wait

for another eight hours in ten minutes before we get to celebrate the New Year we have to

wait for a very long time of course every year people like to see in the new year with

celebrations quite often fireworks will take place lots of fireworks will normally explode

as the New Year arrives in London lots of people will gather and listen to the bells

of Big Ben Scotland they they very much like to celebrate the New Year don't they yes will

we'll talk about that a little bit later on actually because I have a lovely clip to end

with today we are going to go very soon can you believe it we are about to leave you but

we will be leaving you with a lovely video talking about New Year's celebrations and

of course wishing you all the best for the new year that coming very shortly but we are

about to leave you can you believe it but first of all what was my favourite Christmas

card this is something we asked earlier so we showed you the Christmas cards that we

received but can you guess which one was my favourite car it must have been the one from

me mr. Duncan it was it wasn't the one from you what No definitely how disappointing but

look very carefully can you see which card I would love the most now I know we've had

lots this year so please don't take offence if I choose just one it's nothing personal

so here it is here is my most favourite Christmas card of the year and there it is isn't that

lovely I don't know why I love this Christmas card so much this came from one of our neighbours

but it's such a lovely card it's a polar bear with a robin sitting on its nose with a little

piece of mistletoe I think that's a lovely card so that is my favourite Christmas card

of the year I love that I don't know why it always makes me smile when I see it that's

another example of an animal that is never seen with a polar bear yes you never see you

definitely never see Robins and polar bears together never ever just as you don't see

polar bears with that other animal that I got mixed up with earlier on this year hmm

penguins penguins yes mr. Steve was was corrected but but don't worry we all learned we I knew

anyway we are all here to learn that's what I say so it's time to go oh my god I can't

believe it we're going and we're going to leave you with a lovely segment all about

the new year the resolution and all of the things that take place so okay I wish you

were super duper new year we have to wait for another eight hours just over eight hours

before we celebrate here so mr. Steve have you enjoyed it today I've got my drink ready

here my well I'd like to say it was vodka but it's just war plain old water but yes

I've enjoyed it I've enjoyed working with you over the last six months and hope to do

a lot more live lessons with you in 2018 yes we are back next week so we will be back next

Sunday from 2 p.m. UK time and every Sunday I will be here and so will mr. Steve so now

we'll be back we will be back in 2018 which is just next Sunday so can I wish you a Happy

New Year if you haven't celebrated it yet if you have the same thing applies happy New

Year to you all Happy New Year thank you very much for joining us today and happy 2018 and

of course you know what's coming next what's coming next mr. Steve are we going to do it

in perfect synchrony we are going to try and do it together ok here we go 1 2 3 ta ta for

now. Well hello there this is mr. Duncan in England on the very last day of 2017 once

again just like last year there have been many dramatic world events taking place we

saw political upheaval in many countries including here in the UK with a bitterly fought general

election and the ongoing saga of Brexit dominating the headlines here there were scandals in

both the world of sport and entertainment and once again the year saw many well-known

and well-loved people leavers on a lighter note how was your festive holiday did you

celebrate Christmas did Santa Claus bring you everything you asked for I hope so

so another year is coming to an end how was 2017 for you did everything go as planned

or were there some unexpected hurdles along the way to get across the end of another year

brings with it many things we often end up reflecting over the past 12 months we look

back over the year and tried to work out if it was a good one or not did I accomplish

everything I set out to do did I do enough to make my life better will I look back and

remember this year fondly or view it with regret perhaps she will come to the conclusion

that despite all the negativity during the past 12 months for you it was not a bad year

it could have been better but then again it could have been so much worse

as the year comes to a close we normally begin making plans for the new one we lay down some

ideas for the following year perhaps there is a part of your life with which you are

unhappy you might feel as if some changes have to be made a change of career perhaps

maybe there is some place you have always wanted to travel to perhaps next year will

be the time to go there we call these changes resolutions these are the things we resolve

to do you might just have a couple of resolutions or maybe a great long list of things you wish

to change these new year resolutions are a great way of kick starting the new year in

an upbeat and positive way with each passing year we all become a little older there is

nothing we can do to stop this from happening it is inevitable unavoidable unstoppable it

is to be expected if there is one thing I have noticed about life it's that the older

you get the faster time seems to pass you by when I was a young boy time seemed to go

by so slowly the hours seemed like days the days seemed like weeks and the months seemed

like years and the years seemed like forever youth makes fools of us all it feels as if

we will live forever time seems endless eternity is our playground of course this is not true

once you pass a certain age time begins to speed up the years seem like months the months

seem like weeks the weeks seem like days you find yourself asking again and again what

happened this week where did the year go is it really December again

of course it's not all doom and gloom there is a bright side to all this age need not

be a hindrance or barrier time could also be its own reward with age comes knowledge

and wisdom you are able to cope with things much better those little surprises that life

tends to throw at you become more bearable perhaps it is more about your own attitude

to the passing of time rather than the occurrence itself there are many things that exist in

this world that can be described as a cliché some might say that life is one big cliché

we all know the story already we know how it starts and we certainly know how it ends

but it is up to you to make the big chunk in the middle the way you want it to be after

all life is what you make it

the period of time between Christmas and the new year is a strange one it feels as if everything

is on hold some people take this time off while a few go back to work some do it by

choice while others do not the day after Christmas Day is called Boxing Day this was traditionally

the day when servants and tradesmen were given presents for their hard work during the year

the gifts were known as Christmas boxes so the day became known as Boxing Day the day

when the Christmas boxes were given out the phrase itself is still used today it normally

relates to money given at Christmas as a bonus it is often given before the festive season

arrives these days Boxing Day is observed in the UK as a public holiday

so have you made any New Year's Eve plans how will you see in the new year some people

get together and have a party so they can see in the new year together in Scotland the

new year is seen as an important festival it is called hog money this is the name the

Scots give to the final day of the year the traditional hub many celebrations begin on

New Year's Eve and go on right through the night until the next morning it is common

for firework displays to be held as the New Year arrives as the clock strikes 12:00 the

fireworks will begin most major cities around the world have firework displays to coincide

with the arrival of the new year the most famous ones are Sydney Hong Kong New York

and London

so this is the end of 2017 what a rollercoaster ride it has been but how was it for you was

it a good one let us all hope that 2018 will be a prosperous one and however idealistic

it might sound for most of us a peaceful one I will see you all again next year which is

just around the corner this is mr. Duncan in England saying thanks for joining me during

2017 and may I take this opportunity to wish each and every one of you a joyous happy fun-filled

new year and of course for the last time in 2017... ta ta for now. 8-)

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