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that's a real English with real teachers

today we are live I am a live from the

Basque Country of Spain Wow

I'm in the Basque Country and Charlie is

over in Australia and today we're

talking about holidays because I'm on a

holiday I'm having a bloody a bloody

lovely holiday and Charlie's life is

basically just one long holiday he's

always moving from place to place so we

thought we would give you some tips

about traveling and within those tips

we're going to give you some some some

idioms some expressions and phrases that

we use in British English and we're just

gonna converse about this topic so if

you watch us live we want to see you

participating writing in your questions

writing in your responses and you know

participating to the max so I'm gonna

give it over to my my good old friend

Charlie now from life from Australia

Charlie how are ya hello yeah I'm good

I'm good down under um when you were

talking about going on holiday I

appreciate that you you think my my life

is one big holiday I don't necessarily

think that I feel like I do do some work

but I do love it I do love my my work

and my life but we went to Sydney

recently we went on the holiday to

Sydney and as soon as I got there I felt

like it was chock-a-block it was it was

really shocked a block so um yeah yeah

it was very different to where my sister

lives which is on the Gold Coast so it's

a little bit more calm and and everybody

has their space but yeah it really felt

like it was a chock-a-block law okay so

if a place is chock-a-block straight

away that means that it's really really

really busy could be talking about city

Sydney's chock-a-block London is

chock-a-block Bangkok that is

chock-a-block and that rhymes

chock-a-block Bangkok could be a good

way to remember it Hong Kong is it

so chock-a-block my god yeah have you

seen about the airport in Hong Kong

what's happening at the moment I have

yes that's terrible that is really

really bad so if the flights have been

canceled I imagine the terminal is

chock-a-block yeah absolutely

yeah it looks it looks like a hard time

if you are a follower from Hong Kong we

wish you all the best we hope this

protesting settles down and the police

stop hitting people in such a violent

way and here we have an example so the

market is chock-a-block on weekends the

market is chock-a-block on weekends and

charlie you you said a really good word

well you say it made me laugh he said I

do do some work I do do I thought that's

funny how he said doodoo right because

I'm like why the hell did he say do two

times but you know that's very it's very

typical to say that kind of thing isn't

it it is yeah yeah and it almost sounds

like the American American word for poop

a Doody a doodoo I think yeah I did I

did a doodoo yeah yeah yeah so if you

want to emphasize something if someone

says like Oh Charlie you never work

you're always on holiday then you can

add do before the verb to emphasize and

what the other person said is incorrect

so if you disagree with it no I do do

work oh I do work I do what yeah I do

work back off yeah or I do do some work

yeah you did you do some work today I

did do some work today yes you do any

work today I didn't know I didn't

actually I've wait it's only 10:45 and

I'm telling a holiday I mean I was is

young yeah but they all the day is young

the day is young honey

aim yeah you're on it you're on it the

day is young it means the morning or

you've got a lot left in the day so you

could use this phrase if if you're

trying to calm somebody

down about having not done enough okay


days young we've got time and you can

say the night is young is well cut you

you could yeah you could say why are we

still in this pub I want to dance okay


the night is young there's still time to

dance do you know yeah I want to be in a

chock-a-block nightclub it's all right

calm down the night is young

okay so without further ado let's bring

on the lovely sponsor of the video so

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like to do in English if I go on a

holiday on my own and I want to talk I'm

talking in English I like to start

conversation with people and I wanted to

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enjoy that and let's get back to some

travel phrases as Harry said he is in

the Basque Country in Spain and yeah I

wanted to know if if he's feeling like

places that you go to are affordable

are they affordable Harry mm-hmm

yeah I mean for for me as an English

person the pound goes along what they

hear the pound

goes a long way meaning with the pound

with a pound I can buy quite a lot well

probably not a pound maybe like three


I could buy quite a lot so the pound

goes a long way like if I last night I

had a huge sandwich and some I thought

that's a promise for my dinner and a

beer and it came to 10 10 euros 10 euro

though which is amazing but in in

England that would firstly it wouldn't

be a very nice sandwich the peppers

Morales would be rubbish and the beer

would would be massive and probably not

as cold and it would have cost me 3

times as much so yes it's very

affordable here it's very affordable

here and don't we have an expression for

that surely we certainly do yeah if it's

really affordable like I remember you

said you went to Thailand and you found

that it was dirt cheap

everywhere you went so the food was dirt

cheap the drink was dirt cheap any other

activities you did was cheap yeah I hope

you're not implying that I participated

in any no no but to be fair the massages

are cheap as well and

obviously didn't have any dirty

mythologies whatever dirty mythologies I

wouldn't know but there you go so the

food is dirt cheap in Thailand the food

is dirt cheap in Thailand maybe you guys

in the comments tell us what is dirt

cheap in your country what things had

achieved the food the travel buses I

took a bus yesterday it was it was dirt

cheap charlie I went to when to the

coast cost me eight to two euros senior

oats fan bloody tastic that is dirt

cheap yeah that's really nice and I saw

her post on Instagram so it looked like

it was quite a peaceful place meaning

that it wasn't very busy certainly

didn't look chock-a-block and maybe it

was off the beaten track oh very good

very good yes it was it was off the

beaten track off the beaten track so

this is something that we that we say

when we talk about places that are not

frequently visited places that people

they're not very touristic or touristy

places so it was yeah it was a bit off

the beaten trail wasn't just full of

tourists it certainly wasn't full of

English people it's not the kind of

place that English people find out about

it was touristy in that Spaniards go

there on holiday to visit there but no

you don't find like lots of Chinese

people with their selfie sticks or

English people with their selfie sticks

you know the real big travellers like

like us and the Chinese you didn't see

many of us there after my I was there

obviously okay okay and would you say

that most people want to find somewhere

that is off the beaten track when they

go travelling a lot of people yeah a lot

of people do if you want a more

authentic experience of the place I I

tried to but then my friend Chris for

example he never does he will go to a

resort in Spain and just go kind of


he won't he said to me the last time

I've met with him are but full English

breakfast a terrible in Spain what are

you doing with your life

okay so Harry's not a fan of taking

culture your own culture to another

country if you're there to experience

the other country yes what do you think

about that would you would you go to

Spain a full English breakfast no I

wouldn't I wouldn't no I I probably have

in the past when I was going on holiday

with my parents but it was more of a

resort holiday and I didn't really know

what I wanted in life now I do I

probably wouldn't order a full English

breakfast don't you worry hey so you'd

probably say you'd probably say

something like this wouldn't you let's

find somewhere off the beaten track

Oh where shall we eat where should we

eat today Charlie I don't know but not

let's not go to a chain let's not be too

obvious let's find somewhere off the

beaten track there you go very good so

the way we can use it in a sentence

quite typical like this find somewhere

off the beaten track and like an

adjective it's an off the beaten track

restaurant find somewhere off the beaten

track and but then we could use it with

the verb go let's this we went off the

beaten track right and wait the beaten

track to find an interesting restaurant

yeah and I've been asking do you like to

go off the beaten track yes yeah no and

and we can use it with the verb to be as

well it was off the beaten track this

place was off the beaten track not

really nice what about you Charlie do

you go off the beaten track nowadays

when you when you go on your holidays

yeah I do I like a bit of comfort now I

think I went through a phase when I came

out of university I really wanted to go

off the beaten track and I went on a

really adventurous trip I took a bike

down the whole coast the the west coast

of France with my friend and we just had

a tent on our back and not on our back


the back of the bike and get very sweaty

yeah so we were literally just parking

up and finding anywhere that we could

and we were incredibly off the beaten

track but I think nowadays when we when

I travel with Stacy we want a bit more

comfort so it's it's a little bit

between the boat between both of them

they're balanced okay so you have the

best of both worlds

oh very good it's going in the phrase

box to have the best of both worlds

fairly self-explanatory isn't it yeah

yes so Charlie has a bit of this a bit

of the touristy stuff bit of off the

beaten track authentic stuff so he has

the best of both worlds mmm yeah very

good and we had some good examples in

Charlie and so Lorenzo has said and had

a lovely lovely suit by the way Lorenzo

at sea lovely suit you've got a nice red

tie having a coffee in Italy is dirt

cheap yes is it's also pretty pretty

cheap or I wouldn't say it's dirt cheap

in Sydney a coffee is really cheap and

Sydney's very expensive so it's quite a


no yeah so I think Australians are

very good with their coffee just just

putting out there

oh just putting it out there so just

make your suggestion just making it

something out there hmm

that's that's a good one put something

out there but thank you Lorenzo and then

we've got from hacia also over for you

how dare you tease me out there yeah I'm

just gonna put this out there oh my god

Donna is dirt cheap with an a CH e a P

in Turkey which is which is our

traditional food or which is their

traditional food yeah yeah we had some

we had some I'm thinking of Greece

actually we had some tzatziki in Greece

that was dirt cheap so yeah we did have

to see he which is totally different

thing in the falafel the rap yeah I know

as I are knows that tzatziki those cheap

yeah we had we had some beer there was

dirt cheap yeah okay to see a doctor it

is dirt cheap in Taiwan that's

interesting so does that mean that

there's a lot of medical tourism in


I'd like to know maybe we could come

there maybe my hair implants okay I was

gonna say some breast implants but yeah

any implants will be fine any yeah well

let's do I think next time we last last


trip you see the acronym reflected a

arse of points the trip we went to type

2 2 2 2 Russia and and it wasn't a

medical holiday maybe the next one could

be a medical home later Taiwan oh there

we go

yes thank you very much so Harry you're

abroad right now do you have your wits

about you do you have your wings about

you it's always very important when you

travel to have your wits about you and

yeah I absolutely do so when I walk you

around in busy places especially bilbao

bilbao is a busy city it's the capital

of the bat country of Spain the Basque

region in north and it's important to

have your wits about you and when you

are on the metro for example gets very

busy and you need to be aware of your

surroundings be aware of your

surroundings and your possessions so

that means to have your wits about you

be aware of your surroundings or you

need to have your wits about you when

you're on the underground yeah when

you're on the Metro

okay yeah yeah when do you so is good

advice isn't it good advice

Oh have you eat someone oh yeah yeah you

metros good yeah yeah yes very cheap but

have you wits about you have you wing

like serious yeah yeah yeah when you go

to the festival have a good time but

have your wits about you it's kind of

like a dad phrase isn't it it's not

really a mum phrase it's more of like

your dad is giving you good solid advice

as a father very true yeah your mum

would would be more protective she'd say

don't go I'm getting go yes don't do


yes all right if you're gonna do your

drugs have your wits about you well I

probably won't but yeah yeah that's the

problem when you do drugs you normally

don't have your wits about you and

that's when you end up losing you

yep yep yep yep mummy's keys keys to

your 10 I can't get in my turn you all


I don't go off the bean track I've

actually got a hotel yeah yeah yes thank

you the ten is a little bit off the

beaten track yeah cheap it is easy to

stay in a ten yeah yeah you're glamping

unless you're glamping which is

glamorous camping camping and staying in

caravans and things like that but you

can get quite extravagant tents can't

you you can get really big tents and

they are not dirt cheap you know no no

you can you can go yeah you can you can

really splash out pay a lot and yeah

yeah spend a lot of money if you're if

you're glamping I think also glamping is

is like caravans as well or static homes

sometimes yeah yeah absolutely yeah I

stay here little Hut which is a little

like little tiny house and I'll tell you

what Charlie yeah

are we really splashed out on that Hut

because it costs about 160 pounds for

two nights and this is a glamping trip

so we were glad

and we splashed out on a little Hut it

had a sink didn't have a toilet but it

had a very nice double bed good good huh

I don't know I don't believe that they

would call it a hut as the marketing

team come and stay in our heart it's big

and haughty yeah I know a hut normally

implies that it's well very basic very

very small in a rural place like a

little one yeah I would say if I was the

team I would say log cabin or a villa or

it wasn't it wasn't it was a tiny little

huts that's I'm sacked I'm saying yes

you need to remember join not everyone

is a successful at marketing as we are


now that's the best joke he's made all

day right okay so um comments is lovely

comment I'm gonna read this nothing

chock-a-block doodoo day night is young

all right just all of them thank you

very much you know yeah there we go

nicely summarized there thank you very

much ego well someone said parsley

parsley used to be cheap in Poland but

nowadays it costs a fortune

right sorry to hear that parsley I tell

you what parsley is dirt cheap then what

I do how I gaze Charlie I don't just buy

like a packet parsley I'll buy a pot so

I grow I grow it I have it on my my

window sill so you know just where the

window is genius so yeah if you feel

like you haven't got anything from this

video yet now you have you know got go

get yourself a pot of parsley and pick

it up and poke it in your pan pop it in

your pan and don't poo in it they don't

hurt and it's part of each other I want

that's a good way to be thrifty so to

not spend too much money which is also

good vocabulary on holiday you want to

be thrifty you know don't spend too much

money be sensible with your money yeah

very true very true yeah and you can be

thrifty in a in a place that is

relatively dirt cheap I suppose yeah

yeah yeah you can't you can Harry yeah I

remember you were telling me that before

booking this this holiday cuz it was red

it was fairly spontaneous your trip you

like I just need to get away I just need

to get away exactly yes I need to get

away can we just can we just check

someone the blink on is that he can only

see us you only hear us but can't see us

can other people watching can you

confirm can you see us during this

broadcast I'm pretty sure you can but

blink army can't I just want to check

that quickly okay so to get away yes so

to get away is it's quite simple really

but it's a very common phrasal verb that

we need to speakers use so it means you

need a break you need a holiday a break

from your usual routine thank you guys

for confirming either break from your

usual routine so I hadn't had a holiday

I hadn't had a holiday for a while and

so I'd said to Charlie May I need to get

away I'm having too many glasses I'm

getting a bit burnt out a little bit

stressed I need to get away okay and if

you if you feel like you need to get

away because you don't like your current

situation you could say I need to get

away from it all can't you I need you I

need to just get away from it all like

maybe in your you're in a bad

relationship or it's just ended and you

want to escape it's a bit of escapism

isn't it to get away from it all

that's good that's a good way of putting

it yeah it's escaping whereas when you

get but you need to get away doesn't

necessarily mean to escape you seem to

go somewhere else for a little while but

if you guessing what you're getting away

from it all

it's probably your bit stressed and

there's a something yeah exactly

okay so a getaway is quite casual and

you might even hear it in the

hairdresser's I had a lovely getaway

last weekend

oh yeah how would you get away I was

very nice and have you had any getaways

recently joy because you have you have a

glamping vehicle you've got a kind of

Hut on wheels and so the word ah I don't

know I really don't know you started it

have you had any getaways recently not

in the last couple of weeks but on

Friday I will have a getaway I'm going

up to a an island called Koran Cove and

I'm getting on a ferry being taken over

to this resort island and we're having

two nights in this little cabin cabin

that's a better word than Hut cabin put

it in Charlie that's a really good one


cabin makes you sound basic but not as

basic as a heart a hearts like you can

imagine there's nothing in it it's just

like a hot just paints a picture of a

Desert Inn in a very hot country with no

water supply and just a bare-bones

shelter yeah thing is cabin also doesn't

scream luxury does it have it it reminds

me of a horror film like cabin fever

okay we could see - cabin fever - have

cabin fever

what would you say that means you you

you like claustrophobic yeah you want to

get out because you've been kept in for

too long you've been in a cabin

for too long and you feel sick because

of it hmm so what you could say if you

if you work from home like us could you

say oh I've got I've got cabin fever I

need to yeah I get the way I need to get

awake mill exactly and that is a great

reason to get a dog Harry if you work

from home to have the reason to get out

it's a great strategy so getting a dog

avoids getting cabin fever getting could

you say getting cabin fever yeah yeah

avoids having boys you having cabin

fever yeah so and is that are you gonna

get a dog do you think when you when you

move out of your sister's place where

you're living now do you think you'll

get dog we'd really like to really

nicely yeah I want to but it might be

tricky to get permission to live in a

rental because they don't like dogs Oh

landlords their dog if dog well that

would be you're allowed a poodle but

you're not allowed a bulldog

that would be dog it wouldn't it would

never you racist I thought that's what

you were meaning racist within dogs but

doggish isn't dog East well doggies I

don't know is actually a word

yeah and we're both playing here yeah

we're not teaching in huts teaching real

English this is this is fake English how

are you look Charlie's English it's not

sure but if I was to say dog East uh it

sounds like you'd have a problem with

dogs in general by people that love cats

people love cats and hate dogs you could

say they'd August okay you get Google's

googles and Confirmation of my pregnant

maybe but it's a short documentary

apparently fantastic about people that

hate dogs yeah oh god don't hit them

don't hit them so from has said at

Kimmage i don't know how to pronounce oh

sorry lovely photo as well

it is imp

possible being thrifty in England for me

our currency is so low one pound costs

six Turkish leader well okay yeah yeah

that's hard nice use of thrifty let's

say it's impossible to be thrifty in

England well that sounds fine it's it's

impossible being thrifty in England

that's good well said I think yeah yeah

it's nice

alright Harry I think we've come to the

end of the phrases that we wanted to

teach shall we review them we've been

reviewing them throughout quite a lot

but we could give some comments yeah

that's a comment

yeah let's read comments dance which

read out some comments yeah absolutely

Joe hello Julie so I'm gonna take the

lead I said I got cabin fever after

taking a 16-hour flight yeah a 16-hour

like I guess the article a means you

don't use the S a 16-hour flight cabin

fever can you get cabin fever on a plane

I guess you can yeah it's me

anywhere that's small and and tight yeah

yeah yeah so I wouldn't say Oh cabin

fever though I'd say I got cabin fever

I got cabin fever taking a 16-hour

flight but yeah really nice example and

Maria I said I was exhausted at work

it's time to get away from it nice so

there I'd say I was exhausted at work

and so it was time to get away from it

all it was time to get away from it all

or you could just say it was time to get

away it was time to get away yeah I was

exhausted at work or I was exhausted at

work and needed so I needed a getaway I

needed a getaway

yeah yeah nice and then do yen Quyen foo

I always splash out on cosmetics when I

get my

Valerie okay so you like to buy makeup

fair enough

Harry do you splash out on cosmetics

when you when you get a paycheck when a

sponsor pays you yeah yeah I guess

you're saying like you've noticed I'm

wearing new I makeup is that wise oh I

thought it was blusher as well but maybe

you've just got rosy cheeks maybe you're

embarrassed because you're wearing eye

makeup I am I am a bit embarrassed yeah

I wish I didn't mention it we shouldn't

oceans mentioned it wish I hadn't

mentioned it someone said so so Julia

said what is a cottage then oh yeah well

yes what is a cottage Julia a wonderful

wonderful question Julia so a cottage is

like a little house where as a cab and

it would be normally made of brick

wouldn't it it would be made of brick

probably in a village in a rural area

yeah so this small house small house

like my auntie has a cottage on the

coast where I go sometimes and it has

like one room on every floor it's got

three floors maybe even four and just

one room on each and so it's little it's

like a compact house yeah night nice

place if you come to England I'd

recommend staying in a cottage not in my

answers give me a taste guys my auntie

my auntie's number is and just give her

a text and she'll be welcoming you with

open arms

Julia wonderful she's a dog person

brilliant I'm a dog person yeah glad you

said person at the end otherwise I adore

person that could also it makes me think

of someone who's half dog half person

now that's normally Lena hello Tina

a student whenever I need to get away I

always go to my hometown

where everything is dead cheap dirt

cheap dead cheap well you could say that

dead cheap or that was yeah but that

it's a bit northern isn't it's a bit

northern England and be they used dead

as a kind of intensified and say oh that

was dead good or what that was dead good

that food or that was dead cheap our

dead Shiva oh you're dead cheap yeah and

in Australia they've got dead cheap

carpets in Port Macquarie so come down

and get yourself a cheap carpet

fantastic amazing that's good to know

or it'd be good to know some dead cheap

carpets and then we've got one from

Evelyn do you throw a place off the

beaten track so nice example it's hard

to say I need an auxilary there do you

need did you prefer to go to a place off

the beaten track would you say no yeah

yeah yeah well do prefer places off the

beaten track do you prefer to go to to

somewhere off the beaten track as you're

not being specific I've maybe just say

somewhere do you prefer to go somewhere

off the beaten track yeah yes but yeah

that's yeah that's good good and Julia

she's got a great one lodge can we say a

lodge instead of a cabin yes a lodge a

log cabin a cabin but not a heart I'm

joking you can say huh because they come

yeah just don't say too much yeah I

think that's that's really good loads of

good examples

someone said dead expensive you could

say you could say that absolutely

oh oh I wouldn't go there it's dead

expensive yeah I walked a bit it's a bit

pricey but it's quite basic yes and

someone's bit pricey let's give it a bit

pricey Francesca's also awfully

expensive as good as well isn't it

awfully nice yeah oh that's awfully


yeah yeah very good and then lolly lolly

is back I stayed home all the weekend

I might remove the I stayed home all

weekend and I started getting cabin

fever yeah you need to go out you need

to go out in the weekend it's important

isn't it Harry

it is you need to go out the weekend and

then one last coin which I'm going to

bring up because maybe people aren't

aware that you can play these lessons


sohe wanna and said hi teacher judged I

just joined the lesson please revise

today's phrases so that I can learn them

to thank you for that Alma wanna so

these live lessons they're not just live

and then they disappear into thin air

you can watch this all again and you can

learn them so please if you haven't

watched all of this go back to the start

you can go back Atlas at the bottom of

the video you can drag it back or you

could wait until we finish there and

it's published and you could just

watched it from the start if we you know

40 minutes of real English lesson where

you can learn this vocabulary and see

lots of examples throughout so we're not

going to review everything again because

we've been covering it a lot throughout

this lesson so go back watch it again

enjoy and then catch us again for the

next life and participate in the moment

definitely yeah and tell us what you

think of this in the comments below use

some of the phrases we always love it

when we see the phrases being used in it

in a clever way in a humorous or witty

way that will always grab our attention

and yeah follow us on our social z'

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them are real English with real teachers

because that is our name and we've also

acronymed it over how do I do it over

there over there

Oh e wrt over by Harry yeah yeah alright

and as it says down down there oh my god

we're live every Wednesday so come and

join us for a live class

Wednesday around about 9:30 a.m. UK time

so we will see you next time but thank

you very much and thank you Harry Thank

You charlie yes the next Wednesday we'll

see you then guys actually we're going

live on Monday as well aren't we

we're going live on Monday Monday yeah

we've got it we've got a special one as

well so see you on Monday and Wednesday

fantastic like the video thanks very

much we love yous be a long goodbyes so

bye it has been yeah have you said

goodbye yet yeah bye bye I

The Description of Talking about Holidays - Real English With Real Teachers