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What's the point of me wearing these jeans here, but the holes are this big girl just put on shorts. Hey guys

What's up?

Welcome to my channel today's video is going to be

Me going to ulta beauty and digging through the clearance section now. This is kind of a series on my channel

It's not kind of girl

it is a series on my channel where I went to Walmart and dug through the clearance section, and then I went to

Target..... I had a brain fart dug through their clearance section

And I created a full face of makeup out of the clearance makeup. Um not to say like clearance makeup is horrible bad

It's just like a challenge like can you find the full face of makeup for clearance cuz sometimes they ain't got the right shade of foundation...

okay and sometimes it's really hard, okay?

I'm gonna do a giveaway on this video hello

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You are stupid.

Oh, for me?

*sounds of make up opening and closing*


Alright, this is what I got from Ulta! I love twerking. Have you guys noticed that? I'm not the best twerker in the world

But it doesn't mean I don't like to do it. We did the other day

I was like um

Do any of you guys just randomly start twerking because I do that all the time and so many people were like actually yeah, I do.

The great thing was it was, it was "21 days of beauty". I think it still is going on with Ulta the "21 days

of beauty". There's tons of really awesome beauty sales. This video is not sponsored by ULTA

I just went in there at that time so their clearance section was like bugging out with a ton of stuff

I got a bun-... I just hit myself in the face

I got a ton of like ULTA Beauty products that I really haven't tapped into and released right out my channel

so I'm excited to see like the Ulta brand stuff this whole palette was $9.99 and so I just

Wanna test it out I mean the eyeshadows look a little

I'm weary. I also got like these little sample bags. They were on the clearance bin

Says it was $88. Oh my god. Is that real were these really $88. There's no way I got them for $12 like 12 bucks

Let me show you

Look at all this makeup, it's like the Ulta Beauty brand so for $12 like that's a hell of a deal I got a lot on clearance

This one might be a win the other one we had a finagle a lot of products to make it work

I've talked enough. I think it's time. We're just gonna jump right into this video start glamming hunty hunty

Smart water, because Im a smart girl. Alright, let's jump right in the first thing for foundation

I found these at L'Oreal visible live serum as-- absolute foundations. They were originally $14.99

I got for $7.49 so they were half off

I bought two shades the shade looks about 10 shades to light

The shade looks a little bit dark so I bought both of them in hopes of mixing them together so we would have a concoction

That would work the only thing I didn't buy was a facial primer

You know what? I'm just now realizing that this got pumped out

I don't know how I missed that happens to me every single time

So I'm only gonna do two pumps of the lighter shade and about three to four pumps of the darker shade this one's brand new

Just gonna blend this out, and I think look at that color yes, we like concocted our shade

And it looks pretty good like it's a medium coverage foundation, but it looks pretty on my skin, and I do like it so far


Girls so far so good. We're in luck. We're doing good next for concealer

I picked up this Rimmel um hide the blemish concealer and soft, honey. I

Don't it's not used. There's no markings on it, but I don't see the price

But I know I got it on clearance they had so much stuff

It was weird how like when I saw that clearance area so full

I was like really excited. This concealer, it feels super lightweight so far

So I'm just gonna add like half the tube on my face

So I'm gonna take this brush I created with Morphe and I'm just gonna blend this out

Wow, this stick concealer is blending out like nicely

Thank heavens. I mean I will say like

It is a little crease-y

So I'm not like living for it, but as far as for the challenge honey. We're getting the job done

Can someone please tell me how every time I do a challenge video of any sort, I don't have a setting powder

How did I not get that?

I couldve sworn I got a whole face and makeup, and I was looking at these and girl

There's not like a setting powder, so I'm kind of screaming on the inside right now, so she's gonna be very

Crease-y today alright moving right along I got this little blush and bronzer palette

Which is really cute

And it came in the little goodie bag sample bag thing take my R14 brush a lot comes off

Which makes me nervous because I don't have setting powder on so I feel like it's gonna

Oh honey. It's gliding wow. It's pretty nice. Okay. Can I just say that

lately Khalid's

Album like I listened to it non-stop. I love it

Don't like like the slower smooth music. That's just normally not my type, but oh my god his voice

It's so nice like in a perfect world, I would have Khalid playing in the background as I do my make up right now

We could all just jam out together, but girl the world ain't perfect

Im gonna take my E4 angled brush and just tap into the blush shade

It's pretty. For highlighter in this kit, there's a little highlighter shade that I feel like oh, I'm pulling my hair

I feel like I must try out it does look a little bit light, but

Girl it's just what we got so that's what we're gonna do today

Why is that so pretty sometimes when I'm so tired, and I just feel like poop and I'm doing my makeup

I feel like I'm literally polishing a turd this highlighter is way too light for me

I'm just gonna say it because when you look at me straight on you see the ashyness right here

It's just cuz it's too light

But in general the highlighter is very

Pretty and I actually didn't even put on it that much it's just very pigmented which is nice

For eyebrows I picked up this Mabel- Mabeline Maybelline precise brow pencil this one is in the shade

deep brown for $7.99

I don't know what it was it doesn't say the 'was' price

But I'm pretty sure these are more in general than $7.99. So I'm gonna say I got a deal

I got this little tinted eyeshadow primer

It does have a bit of color to it

But I do need some eyeshadow primer down so I got this little palette out of the set

She's good. I also got this little Maybelline palette for

$4.97 and I have this little kitten caboodle right here

I take my M573 in this neutral cream shade

And I normally start all my looks with a cream shade like this to kind of soften up whatever primer

I have down, and it really helps the other eyeshadows to blend out

By the way I like the brow pencil, but I don't know if you guys can tell it's super waxy

So I find that my eyebrows do look super drawn on if that makes sense they look a little bit harsh

I think that's just because there was so much wax in the product and I didnt hate it but

It wouldn't be like a go-to brow pencil for me just because of that

Next I'm gonna grab in at butterfly wings which is this pink mauve-y shade on the same brush

Next up I'm gonna take an R39 and try out a little bit of this purple shade and hope that it's not a hot mess

I feel like deep down this putting this purple shade on right now is a bad idea but I'm gonna do it anyways

Oddly enough this purple shade is literally turning into a black blue

I have no idea how that happened so just a warning like this Maybelline palette is very deceiving in color

It looks like I tapped into that dark blue color in the palette

But I did not I swear. I'm just using that purple shade and it just honey. It's blue like this

The top layer was purple, but underneath was dark blue, then we have dark blue here. I don't know what's going on

I'm gonna take this light pink shade it kind of looks white on screen, but it's actually light pink

Im gonna take it on a M421 brush then I'm going to start pressing this onto my eyelid

I'm gonna take on this little pencil brush a highlight shade

Just pop it on that brow bone and inner corner

Got this brow pencil out of the kit, and this is not a brow pencil. This is an eyeliner. I swear to god

I know how to do make up. I'm gonna line up here with it next up

I got this mascara out of the baggy kit I

Literally had to pause doing my makeup cuz I had to do a really quick meeting like at my house

Life is just crazy

Wait so for my under eye, I'm gonna take a little bit of this bronzer color and just honey, I'm just gonna buff it

Inner to outer

I'm also gonna go in with some of the purple shade and just buff it really close to the lower lash line

And then I got this purple eyeliner

From maybelline and I got it from $5.99 to $1.47 that is a deal, and I'm gonna pop it into my waterline

Oh, did I not mention that I put on lashes you guys know I do it every time. You know I cant help myself

You know I have to add the lashes and me adding that

eyeliner to my waterline did absolutely nothing like literally nothing it just made my eyes super watery so I

Tell me why I got this um face and body glitter from Ulta for three dollars and 19 cents


I don't know why I just want to add a little bit to my eyes like I just feel like

Do you ever want to do something really bad, but you know you shouldn't well that's kind of how Im feeling going right now

But I want to so I'm going to have some on this dampen brush and honestly I just want some sparkle. They go I just

Oh, I added way too much sparkle

But it's pretty like I just want to do something different I wanna add glitter, I wanna have fun

I want to live my life. I mean I liked it before for sure I'm just

No enhancing. We just went from

Sexy dinner date makeup to Coachella got this ULTA Beauty pink chocolate lipstick in the little gift set

It literally almost just looks like the color of my lips, and this is the final look

What do you guys think? I like the way it turned out

I just need a setting powder because this is creasing and it feels so sticky and it's not gonna last long

but if I had a setting powder

um to add too I feel like the look would be super complete and just goes to show you again

you get a full face of makeup with clearance makeup

Hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did and give it a thumbs up if you did give it a thumbs down

I'm just kidding go give it a thumbs up


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