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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Can Han Solo's Blaster blow up a DEATH STAR!?

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that's no moon!

Hey guys on the last episode of make it real I challenged myself to a one-day

build to make Han Solo's DL-44 blaster and I think it turned out pretty good

plus it works too! Now a lot of people asked why I didn't just start with a

Mauser broomstick pistol which is what the original prop was actually based off of

Well, there were a few reasons the first one is it wouldn't be much of a

make it real project if I just used a pistol and made it look like a blaster

besides where's the fun in that and secondly those are actually pretty

valuable antiques it would have taken a while to even find one kind of makes it hard

to do a one-day build when you have to order all the parts you need

and finally I'm Canadian, handguns are actually restricted weapons here so I'd

literally be breaking the law just to do the project and you know I kind of like

making videos and not being in jail but anyway enough talking about it it's time

to see what this can do against some of our shield projects oh and the Death Star!

that's no moon before we get to that I'd like to tell you guys about our

new website we made on Wix. Wix is a free platform that allows you to build highly

customizable and professional websites without needing to be an expert web

developer, with hundreds of free templates we had the creative freedom to

make something truly unique to our brand our website needed a complete overhaul

to make it more friendly accessible and awesome and one of our big focuses in

making a new site was a way to give you guys more information about our projects

with more details and resources on them in case you want to try making them

yourself for example here's our blaster project page as you can see we have more

details on how it was built a gallery of photos links to parts we use and even

the 3D CAD files for you to download pretty sweet huh?

now we haven't uploaded all of our projects yet but check out our site for

now and don't forget to sign up for an email newsletter to stay up to date and

if you guys want to make an awesome website for your business portfolio or

hobby too click my link in the description below and get started on

your website today now let's see what this thing can do

Okay we're shooting the flare gun

That's forceful wow those are really force steel again do it again

That cracked the glass even more dude!

should have seen that coming

*From background* You shoot like a stormtrooper!

James: What are you talking about? I hit him!

oh this one's empty

so glad you're proud of your ward

That's no moon it's a space station let's do this valve

Let's film this

can't actually stick it in that far you can

Alright everyone, cameras get the cameras going

this station is now the ultimate power in the universe

that's no moon

yes right through the laser hole! and then watch nothing happening nothing but

ready ready Christ I'm in ready that's no moon

That's no moon!

I am successful

well we hope you guys enjoyed that video we had a lot of fun

with it and was a really cool one day build we want to do more so let us know

some suggestions in the comments below about other projects that you'd like us

to try and accomplish in just one day also if you guys haven't seen it yet

check out our lightsaber video it's pretty awesome

They're still coming through

now sometimes we have really bad ideas at the shop and sometimes we just roll

with them so without further ado check out our parody of This is America

Captain Lando Calreesian

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