Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Sexuality & Love

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The person who loves more is happier, the person who loves less is less happy.

And in that great adventure of learning to love,

for most of us, there's a moment when it becomes manifest

in the love of one person.

The most profound thing you can say about sexuality

is probably the only thing that we don't hear today.

And that's that sexuality is a medium for loving better.

Sexuality is like a medium for awareness, growth

to mature, and to make fertile

the love between a man and a woman,

exactly as a woman and a man.

The idea is that sexuality at the service of love.

So, life, all the ability to love

is channeled through a person.

Reducing that to a contract, I think, is impoverishing it.

Its a way of being. Im for her and shes for me.

The Description of Sexuality & Love