Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Surigao "Pamataw Fishing" Catch "Balu" or NeedleFish [Catch & Cook] Sugba, Tola, kilaw

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Good day AniMalupet viewers!

Our vlog for today

show how to catch a needle fish

This way of catching is called here in our place as

We are already here in the area

where we're going to drop our "Pataw'' (Fishing device)

We will use the smaller boat for catching needle-fish this time around.

We'll just leave the bigger boat for the meantime.

This is what we will use as a bait

We called it here as "Sibuon" (kind of anchovy fish)

It is usually used aside from "Dilis" (Anchovy fish)

We will put the hook from the fish's head

down to its body fit perfectly.

Ah.. The hook must be visible from outside.

We use 10 "Pataw" (Fishing device)

The fishing line length is 15ft.

After we dropped the bait,

there are fishes that bite the 4 bait all of a sudden.

We will see first the nearest one.

There it is! It is so big!

It is so big!

We call this fish as "Balu" here in our place.

It's good that it comes nearer!

The other bait is already far

the fish really brought that far.

This fish is really dangerous

because of its sharp beak

and it suddenly jump out of the water

when there is a motorized boat encounter this fish.

There are some accident cases already happened

here in our place because of this fish.

We already have caught 4 fishes for this round.

Look the other needlefish is not fit in our box

because of its length and size.

This will be our second round to dropped the bait.

earlier we have caught 4 needlefish.

and the other bait was eaten but it doesn't catch one.

But i think it is not a needlefish

Sometimes there are some creatures

like squid who eats up all the bait without being caught.

This is our 5th catch

It really swallowed the hook.

This one is also big.

There! a fish is jumping out of the water

These are all we had caught 7 in all.

Now, we're heading home because its near 12 noon,

heading for lunch!

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