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so all of a sudden with Workday we're going to have a system that allows it to

be mobile it's going to be in the cloud it's not only just green computer screen

you can use it on your smartphones and we're going to have a super modern

system for payroll and HR

that the A&M System is implementing a market-leading

HCM solution that has been proven in both the commercial and educational space.

I'm most excited about the new functionality that it brings that

changing our legacy system so that it really does provide better product

better service for our employees

I believe the system will be better prepared for the future

and really ready to turn over the execution and

administration of many of the things that happen at A&M to a new generation of employees

Workday will be able to accomplish most human resources and

payroll tasks within a single application if you look across our

system members today and individuals that utilize applications Workday will

replace up to seven of those applications with a single application

Workday is here and change is good Workday helps us leapfrogs us into a

different century a different way of doing business so this is where we want

to be because we all want to be competitive and we should as a system of

schools and agencies be competitive but more importantly if you're looking for

Workday don't worry it's under your single sign-on menu

enjoy the ride I think when you first log into Workday you will not be able to

see all the features of Workday until you actually get in and play with

it a little bit learn how to navigate through the different worklets and

see what each worklet will provide as far as the powerful intensity of the system

it's been 35 years since we've upgraded our HR solution for our

employees and so there's just so many good things that come along with newer

technology and that think that our employees are really going to enjoy

so my best advice is when Workday goes live log in on look at

your own information and make sure that everything is correct

just to log in experiment look around we learn when we play and we experiment so upload your

photo encourage your employees to upload their photos to see how it works say

hello to a brighter Workday say hello say hello say hello say hello say hello

say hello say hello to a brighter Workday

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