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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: ASL: Child Tax Credit and Credit for Other Dependents (Captions & Audio)

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hi I'm Maria and I work for the IRS many parents claim the child tax credit to

help with the cost of raising children

the credit can be $2,000 per qualifying child this credit applies if the child

is younger than 17 at the end of the tax year you claim the child as a dependent

and the child lived with you for more than half the year be sure to have an

eligible social security number for each qualifying child before you file your

tax return you could get up to fourteen hundred dollars as a refund for each

qualifying child even if you don't hold any tax if you can't claim your

dependent for this credit you may qualify for the credit for other

dependents for this credit you may be able to claim qualifying children who do

not have the required social security number or a qualifying relative such as

a child 17 or older or parents or other relatives that you support you could

reduce your tax bill up to $500 for qualifying person

to find out more and to see if you're eligible for these tax credits

check out publication 972 which you can find at

p ub 972 or use the IRS Interactive tax assistant at

I team eight

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