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If youre human, chances are, you love to eat.

But just like your hair, personality and fashion sense, you like to do things your own way.

Tell us, which of these 15 kinds of eaters are you?

The Instagrammer.

Eating lunch with your bestie is always great.

Especially when its at that new delicious spot youve been dying to try.

Hey! Dont eat that yet, I havent even gotten a good shot yet!

What, are we supposed to eat all this food without telling the world about it first?

For some people, taking pictures of their food is almost as enjoyable as it is to actually eat it.

Seriously? This is so embarrassing! People are starting to stare!

Just one more minute, Olivia, Im about to get the perfect shot, I can feel it!

Uh, Emily? Im really hungry!

Yes! I got it! Okay, we can dig in now!

Ill be sure to tag you in these, dont worry.

Just face it Olivia, the mind of an artist simply cant be questioned. Trust the process.

Junk Food Lover

Consider yourself to be a snacker?

If youre anything like Olivia here, you know better than to ever pass up a good nosh.

Whether its chips, popcorn or peanuts, your main goal is to get as many pieces into your mouth as you can, and fast.

It doesnt even matter if youre hungry.

Your mouth just always needs something to munch on.

Woah! Careful there girl, you still gotta breathe!

The Ketchup Addict

Then there are some of us who love every dip, drizzle and sauce around.

Woah! Popcorn, Olivia? Seriously?

Sure, people may judge you when you pull out that ketchup bottle at every meal and snack session.

But hey, you like what you like!

The only thing about putting that tomato-y goo on everything is that it gets really messy.

Woah! Soup? Salad? And we thought the popcorn-ketchup combo was weird!

Mmm! This soup would be so bland without ketchup! Why wouldnt I use it?

And instead of burying my salad in tomatoes, I can get the perfect flavor with my favorite condiment.

Am I a genius chef, or what?

Ooh! A cookie! Youre not gonna put ketchup on that are you?

Yep, shes doing it.

Shes actually putting ketchup on a cookie, people.

The Emotional Eater

Whether youre watching The Notebook for the ninth time or getting over a nasty breakup,

youd better hope you have a full tub of ice cream chilling in your freezer, ready to go.

Bottoms Up

Hey, Emily, watcha eatinthere?

Ooh, those potato chips are so good!

If youre anything like Emily, you never let any good food go to waste.

Even if that means funneling every last bit straight into your pie hole.

The Picky Eater

Round 1

Going out to new restaurants and trying new dishes is super fun.

Unless, of course, youre a picky eater.

Uh oh, what the heck is this?

Okay, Ill take a small bit, maybe it wont be that bad.

What looks like a regular potato to some people, is a nasty, oil-drenched mess to picky eaters like Emily.

Nope! Definitely cant eat this.

Its fine, Ill send it back and order something else.

Round 2

Okay, maybe this dish will be better.

Oh no, is that dill? I didnt know it was gonna have dill!

Ooh, yeah, thats definitely dill.

Um, excuse me, can you take this back please? Sorry.

Round 3

Okay, third times a charm, right?

Oh no, what now, Emily?!

Well, I just thought itd be angel hair pasta, not full on spaghetti noodles.

What do they think I am, an animal?

Nope, send it back, I just cant do it! I cant!

Chill, girl, hand it over to me, ill give it a whirl.

The only good thing about having a picky eater as a friend is that youre often left with double the grub.

Enjoy yourself, Olivia!

Messy Eater

Sometimes when youre home alone, nothing feels better than eating like a little kid again.

Why trouble with a fork when youve got two perfectly good hands to shovel food into your mouth with?

Woah, I hope you have a fresh napkin on deck, Olivia.

If you tend to eat without abandon, its probably not a bad idea to invest in a bib.

All this chowing down has made thirsty!

Woah! Slow down there, girl! Youre dribbling soda all down your chin!

Whoops! Well, better out than in, am I right?

Sharing Couple

Aw, look at this happy couple enjoying a romantic date!

Here, have some of my risotto!

Aw, youre so cute!

Alright guys, we get it, youre in love!

Geez, hit us over the head with it, why dont you.

Dietary Restrictions

Usually, going out to eat is easy, as long as you dont have any food allergies or sensitivities.

Wow, Olivia, there are sure a lot of things you cant eat!

Aw, no eggs?!

Sorry, she just needs another minute

Oh yeah, cant forget about my shellfish allergy


Alrighty, hand this off to the chef! Thanks so much!

The Plate Licker

Wow, I think that was the fastest Ive ever eaten dinner, I was so hungry!

Hey, if no ones watching, you may as well lick that whole plate clean, you know you want to.

Open-Mouth Eater

Woah! Emily! Hasnt anyone ever told you not to talk with your mouth full?

But some people just cant help themselves!

Should I tell her to chew with her mouth closed?

Nah, Ill just wait it out.

The Cat Feeder

Aw! Look at all these adorable kitties!

You guys sure look hungry!

Here have some of my steak!

Eats Everything With Chopsticks

Love eating Chinese food and using chopsticks even more?

Hey, youre pretty good at using these things, Emily.

Mmm, this lunch is fantastic.

But even if youre eating a Greek salad, chopsticks can come in handy.

Cookies? You may be the only one in the world who uses chopsticks to eat cookies.

While most people wouldnt dream of using chopsticks to eat an apple,

youve taken on the challenge head on.

The One Who Plays With Food

Remember when you were a kid and your mom told you not to play with your food?

Well, youre a big girl now and you can play with your food if you darn well please!

Careful, there!

The One Who Loves Hot Sauce

Like your food with a little bit of a kick?

Okay, a lot of a kick?

Then youre probably the kind of eater who can never have enough spice.

Seriously, if your food doesnt taste like its on fire, youre not interested.

And it wouldnt be surprising if Tabasco sauce was running through your veins by now.

Well, go on, give it a taste!

So, what do you think?

Oh yeah, just the right amount of spice.

Feeling hungry yet?

Well, hold on just a little bit longer and enjoy these hilarious bloopers!

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