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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 21.- Camino & Maite [SUB. DE-ENG-PL-TUR-IT-THA] **LA DECLARACIÓN DE MAITE A CAMINO**

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Have you gone mad?


Completely mad.

Mad about you.

Ever since the day you first came into the restaurant

and turned my life upside down.

No, don't say that.

Why? It's the truth.

I think of you in every moment.

I can't eat, I can't sleep

I can't concentrate on anything else, you occupy all my thoughts

Camino, be quiet, please.

I don't want to be quiet.

Why should I stay quiet about what I feel? It's so clear to me.

Don't you feel the same way about me?

What does it matter what I feel?

Or what you feel.

We can't love each other, Camino.

Two women can't love each other.

That's not what you told me.

That's not what you taught me.

You made me see that love is always beautiful.

In all its forms.

You are very young.

And inexperienced.

You don't know what you're saying.

Yes, I do know.

I've never known so clearly.

Do you know the huge mess we could get ourselves into?

I don't care.

But we would suffer greatly, Camino.

Love between women is forbidden.

Remember the painting I showed you?

Two women loving each other.

I can never display it.

This society punishes that kind of love.

I can only show it to someone like you.

In complete confidence.

Do you know what would happen if someone else saw it?


would ever buy my paintings again.

The church would ex-communicate me, they could even take me prisoner.


what do we do?

Ignore it?

How can I get rid of the love I feel for you?

How do I tear it out of myself?

Do you not love me?

Don't you feel the same for me?

I love you so much

that I wake up every day thinking of you crossing that door,

and my heart starts beating.

I love you so much that each time you look at me


or come close to me

I tremble.

You light up my world, Camino.

And when you're not there, it goes dark.

That's why I have to protect you.

I can't put you in danger.

You're not the one who decides that.

Remember the love story I told you?

Well, that was also with a woman.

It ended so badly that

I swore to myself

I would never make the same mistakes again.

Loving each other

is not a mistake.

But it is dangerous.

I'm deciding to put myself in danger.

Nothing else matters to me, Maite.

Not social conventions, or the Church, or prison.

I love you.

No, Camino, no, it can't be.

Leave, please.

Here you go, the honey and the saffron.

Perfect, daughter.

By the way, Camino, you have to cancel your painting classes today.

Why? There's been a last minute reservation and we have eleven diners coming.

I need you to help me.

But I can't cancel the class today. Why not?

We agreed that your painting classes wouldn't interfere

with your duties in the restaurant.

I know, I know. But it's just that I can't today.

Camino, what's going on with you?

Are you nervous?


No, I'm the same as always.

You're not the same as always.

What's wrong?

It's just that...

I had been thinking of showing my work in a painting contest

and I wanted these few days to practise.

A competition?

Yes, for amateurs. That's why I can't cancel my class today.

Mother, I can stay to help.

That way, Camino won't have to miss her painting class.

It would be a shame if she couldn't enter the competition

with the talent that she has.

Okay then.

But this will be the last time you stand me up.

You can go.

Thank you, mother.

They're for your mother, she asked me to order them for her. What is it?

Cheeses from my hometown. Let's hope they hold and don't wiggle.

How much do I owe you? There it is.


Here you go. Thank you.

You know, last night I met a lady in black and I thought of Ursula.

Oh, what could be worse.

It's been a few days since I've seen her here

Hopefully it stays that way. It seems like whenever that woman gets close, nothing but misfortune befalls us.

Ay, let's hope she's far away and doesn't dare to come back.

-Hello. -Hello. And goodbye! -Bye.

Camino, I thought you'd be at your painting class. What are you doing here?

What happened to you?

I've just come from Maite's studio

And the door was closed.

She'll have gone out for a moment.

I found the porter and she told me she saw her leave with a suitcase.

And that she mentioned she was going on a trip.

And she didn't say anything to you?

It's very strange that she didn't let me know.

Some unforseen emergency will have arisen.

She'll tell you when she gets back.

Camino, it's not that serious. Why such a sad face?


because of the painting competition.

Without Maite's help, I won't be able to prepare the painting.

And if she takes a long time to return, I won't have time to enter.

That's if she returns.

And why wouldn't she return?

There's no reason for her to want to leave Acacias like that overnight.

Come on

She seemed very comfortable here.

But if it worries you so much, why don't you go talk to don Liberto?

It's possible that he as the landlord knows what happened.

or how long it will take for your teacher to return.

But now, since you're here

you'd better get to work or mother will be angry!

Don't worry so much. There's no reason to take it so badly.

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