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in this video today I'm going to give you my full honest review of the brand new adidas

zg21 golf shoes now these are the latest spiked golf shoes from adidas that currently retail in

the UK for 150 pounds there are a few different versions of this shoe available and as you can

see here that I've got the laces version there's also a version that has a boa fastening system and

there's a wide fit version as well I've used these shoes out in the course several times now so I'm

gonna be able to tell you how they fit how they feel and how they actually perform now if you do

like the look of these shoes and you want to get a pair of these for yourself then i have included

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smash that like button and let's jump straight in kind of feel like i need a pina colada with

this shirt you know i feel like i'm on holiday now this is easily the most lightweight spiked

golf shoe that adidas i think have ever made a lot of the midsole foam used is adidas light

strap which you can see at the back of the shoe here and according to adidas that's around 40

lighter than regular eva foams now interestingly Adidas have also said that this shoe is 20 lighter

than their previously released spikes golf shoes i can only think that they're talking about the

adidas tour 360 xt now first of all i've got to apologize for the state of these shoes i've been

using these golf shoes for around two years now as my winter hack shoes however i thought it'd

be interesting to actually see if adidas's claim is right because both of these shoes are in a uk

size nine so i stuck the zg21 on the scale and as you can see here it come in at 382 grams now

when i stuck the tour 360xt on the scales it come in at 490 grams so actually adidas were true to

their claim these are actually 22 percent lighter compared to my version of the tour 360 xt's so

this is a seriously lightweight golf show but it's not the most lightweight golf shoe that i've ever

tested that accolade goes to the mizuno next light pro and as you can see here when you put these on

the scale they actually come in at 323 grams so remember these were 382 and these were 323. now i

appreciate these are the boa version and i haven't got my hands on the boa version of the zg21 there

are a lot of similarities between the way these two shoes have been made so if you are interested

in lightweight golf shoes then definitely check out my full review of the mizunos so

lightweight i think they're just gonna float away back to the zg21 and the other thing i just wanted

to mention up front in this video is actually how these shoes fit and i gotta say that it's quite

a snug feeling personally i think these shoes fit true to size i'm a uk nine and these fit me

absolutely great they don't feel like they're pinching my toes at all or anything like that

and they give me a really good locked in fit what i would say is that it is a snug fit right across

the foot there so if you have got a wider foot then i definitely recommend you checking out the

wide fit versions instead of these shoes in terms of the style and you've got a range of

different color options to choose from i've got here a special limited edition version

that were released for the tokyo olympic games adidas have also very recently released a no

dire color pack so the upper and the tpu plastic materials just come in their natural colors which

saves a lot of energy in the production of the shoes and is a really good sustainable message

taking a closer look at the upper and you can see adidas are using their sprint skin material here

which is a synthetic material and it's got this kind of textured bobbled pattern on it you can see

there which goes right the way around the show is on all the upper materials it does feel a little

bit rubbery it's quite a quite a tactile feeling show but it is nice and comfortable on the upper

it has started to just ever so slightly crease you can see there where i've used this for several

rounds but nothing really to be concerned about it does mean that it is actually really really

nice and easy to get these cleaned just in terms of giving them a quick wipe over with a wet wax

you can see that you've got the three stripes both on the lateral and on the medial side and

they've got this kind of stripy pattern within the three stripes and then you've also got this

quite significant tpu heel counter there at the rear as well as the adidas logo on that and if

you take a real close look at the heel counter along with this tpu fin on the side of the shoe

then it's got this kind of iridescent pattern it's got ever so slight little kind of shimmer to it i

guess from a distance i'm not entirely sure about the look of the shoes because i think maybe that

this material looks a little bit kind of almost dull and washed out but up close when you see that

shimmer it then looks quite cool overall i'd say that the shoe is quite adidas looking and by that

i mean it's very very sporty looking quite functional however you know it's not necessarily

the most outrageous design that you're gonna see let's talk about the comfort of this shoe

because that is a really really important factor and overall i've gotta say this is a really

comfortable shoe it's a really nice place to be in i used it straight out of the box and it didn't

give me any blisters whatsoever so i didn't really need to worry about breaking these shoes in what

i would say is that if you are a regular user of adidas boost golf shoes although there is boost in

the heel of this shoe the majority of the midsole foam is actually using light stripe material and

although that is lightweight as the name suggests and it is very responsive as well it's not really

got that cloud-like feeling that you get from boost so you do get a nice soft kind of feeling in

the heel of your shoe but it certainly feels quite a bit firmer certainly compared to sorry about the

state of these again but the adidas tour 360 xt which has got full length boost shoes as well as

the adidas co chaos again that's got full length boost that being said it is plenty

comfortable enough still to walk 18 holes out on the golf course the upper has got a one year

waterproof guarantee and of course i did my full golf guy reviews waterproof test so i poured 300

milliliters of water not only over the upper but across the tongue and the laces as well and as you

can see here they did let in a little bit of water through the lace eyelets there generally i think

you're gonna be absolutely fine with these shoes out in the rain on a wet course so how did these

perform out on the golf course well i've got to say that i was really impressed with these again

and i really really like the zg21s they're nice and comfortable as i've already talked about

the waterproofness held up really well i actually used these in some pretty wet conditions one at a

time i used them and my feet stayed nice and dry and i didn't really have any issues with

breathability on this shoe as well i was also really impressed with the grip and traction that

i got with these spiked golf shoes as well so as you can see on the bottom here you have got these

six spiked cleats on the bottom there and you've also got these additional raised points from the

tpu outsole as well to give you a little bit of extra traction the actual outsole itself is

extremely thin on the bottom of this shoe to keep the weight of it down and again it feels really

lightweight out on the course now i did have some initial concerns about the stability of this shoe

because they were trying to save so much weight and reduce the amount of materials being used

but adidas have actually done a really good job with that as well so first of all while it is

very thin it is a fully kind of integrated tpu outsole there and what adidas have done

is that they've put this thin tpu fin to help give you some additional stability and your foot isn't

kind of compressing the foam too much and coming over the side of the shoe during your golf swing

in terms of negatives of the shoe and i've not really got any i think it's going to come down

to whether you actually like the look of the shoe or not and perhaps if you really want to be nitty

picky about it then this kind of area here of the shoe might be a little bit tricky to keep clean

it's just starting to mark up at the back it is a different feeling compared to a full-length boost

midsole it's not quite as soft but it still is plenty comfortable using these after having the

adidas tour 360 xt for a couple of years these do feel nice and lightweight and i've got to admit i

was really impressed with these and i was really impressed with the mizuno next light pros as well

so i do really quite like this trend of going for more lightweight golf shoes especially for

golfers like me who want the course and don't use a buggy i hope you enjoyed this review and

found it helpful so make sure you smash that like button if you did don't forget i've included my

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shoes then here's my link to my full review of the brand new mizuno next light pro golf shoes

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