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KRISTIE: Today is Bella's birthday.

Oh, my God.

(whooping, laughing)

Ricky called, and you have a photo shoot tonight.

They're gonna miss my birthday?

(crying): It's hard being a big sister

that can't do anything with a little sister.




How are you?

I'm well.

How are you?


What's up, man? All right.

Big Papa.

I'm good, I'm good.

Welcome to rehearsal, Big Shawn.

I've been saying I was gonna get involved

and be available and participate

in Asia's career, and now it's time

for me to actually do that.

I know that Kristie's a little bit overbearing,

so I want to make sure she's not stepping on Anthony's toes.

He's the professional. I need to make sure

he's allowed to do his job.

She normally stretches before she starts?

Yeah, you should warm up while I talk to your...

Let me talk to you real quick outside.


Before we get started.

KRISTIE: Yeah, you need to stretch.

Arm in front, Asia.

Shawn goes to rehearsal with us

today, and

now Shawn wants to carry on

a conversation with Anthony.

This is not the time or place for this much conversation.

Asia needs to rehearse.

So, what you doing here, man, huh?

Well, I just figured, you know what?

I'm watching Kristie just kind of grind herself out.


Get your head away from that leg.

What are you doing? What are you doing

when I'm trying to hold it?

What are you doing? Well, don't do that

when I'm trying to stretch you.

If you don't know how to stretch,

then we can leave.

Kristie's overprotective.

She's a worry bot. She's always constantly,

"Wh-Wh-What is this? What is this? What is this?"

You know, and it's... it gets

a little cumbersome.

Rotate, rotate, rotate. See how

you're not rotating? No, that's not right.

Yeah, it's sloppy.

ANTHONY: That energy

bounces off of her, and it gets onto Asia.

So, do you think maybe

keeping Kristie out of the room would be more beneficial,

at least sometimes?

I just think

she gots to relax and let people do their gigs,

you know? Let you be the dad, too,

and, like, have your part in this.

Let Billy does his job as

a vocal coach, and, you know,

I don't know what he... "the manager."

I think Kristie and Shawn are making a huge mistake

making Billy manager.

Billy is trying to train Asia

to be a kid star.

My objective is to raise Asia to be a megastar.

I know exactly what it takes

for her to get to the next level of stardom.

I've worked with some of the best

and helped some of the best stars

reach their pivotal levels.

You don't have an ordinary kid in her.

I get it.

And you got this person

that's creating these Casio keyboard songs.

Have you heard that song?

I've heard several.

That music is not amazing.

You're paying a lot of money

for this music that sucks, Shawn.

When Anthony came in, he was just a choreographer.

And that's what I hired him for-- but now he's

talking about music, and I don't like that.

He needs to stay in his lane.

If he keeps testing me, he may not be here for very long.

At the end of the day, the buck stops with me.

All right...

I want my wife happy, and right now,

she's happy, so let's not try

to rock the boat.

KRISTIE: Come on, go.

Thank you.

ASIA: This week's awesome.

My dad and my mom got to go to my rehearsals.

Also, I can't wait

for Bella's birthday, because it's at a roller rink,

and I don't think

I've been to a roller rink before.

And, also,

I get to eat cake.

Rotate, rotate. See how you're not rotating?


KRISTIE: Rotate. Rotate more.

You're going to that side.

How's she doing?

Fine. She just...

What you doing?

No. Now you're playing.

That's over-rotating.

I keep telling her corrections, and she's not listening.

SHAWN: Well, that's what I want to talk

to you about, so... Hey, Anthony,

can we give her a break just to catch some water,

so we can have a talk real quick?

I'm not sure if Kristie's

gonna take my presence,

being around more, offensively,

but certainly, she's gonna learn that I'm an asset.

I'm coming in here to make things smoother.

The reason I pay Anthony to choreograph and work with Asia

is so that she can learn from the best,

'cause you-you come in here, and you get a little frazzled.


KRISTIE: Okay, so you know, 'cause I've been

doing this for several years now...

I know.

I just don't want to get Asia frazzled.

That's what I don't want. I don't want you in here.

But I don't want to be in here.


Good. We're gonna take you out.

SHAWN: Let's get Asia in here, get her practicing.

Good seeing you, man. Thanks for coming, man.

I hope to see you more in here.

You will see... Definitely.

Yeah. Well, now he'll be in here,

since I don't have to be in here.

ANTHONY: Kristie may act like

she's not having a hard time with this,

but I definitely sense there's some, uh, tension going on

with her not being in the studio.


Daddy's taking over, so I can do something.

If you want to be the only parent in here, I have

tons of things that I can do.

I'll go plan Bella's birthday.

Mark my time, make an arm.

Watch my arms.

And foom!

Billy has set up a concert for Asia

at Universal.

All of this practice and rehearsal

is supposed to lead up to that.

I know she can be the next Beyoncé.

Bop, head roll, bop, bop, bop-bop-bop.

Clean arms.

Four. Bop.

Bop. Head, head, head.

Take... your... time.

Ooh. Ow. Ow. Ow.

Lift your pant up, Asia.

Are you okay? Let me see that. Where's it hurt at?

Right here? In the middle?

ASIA: Right there.

On your shin, or on your knee?

Right here.

SHAWN: I show up and put my foot

down, send Mom out of the room.

Bam. Asia hurts her knee.

She just hit her knee on the ground.

KRISTIE: You know about her landing

on her knees.

Yeah, I know.

She landed kind of hard, but

she came through it the last time.

Yeah, well, now you don't get to go to the skate party. (laughs)

ASIA: What do you mean,

I'm not going to skate?

It's my sister's birthday.

SHAWN: You know that skating's

not something that's gonna

help you be a better dancer, right?

Look at me.

(Kristie laughs)

Do you want to roller-skate?


I want to be with her!

If you want to skate, I'm not gonna spend money

on Anthony in here putting you through this.

We don't have this kind of time. 'Cause I'm not gonna let you

go out there and hurt yourself.

You know how

long I've been waiting just to have time

with my little sister?

Come here. Come here.

KRISTIE: Shawn's very strong-natured, assertive and, I think,

not overly emotional,

and he gets

frustrated because he's just like me.

Either you're gonna be a dancer,

or you're gonna be a roller skater.

It only takes one time.

You want to go and risk it all

on a pair of skates?

My job is to protect Asia.

Having one spill on a roller rink could end her career.

She ultimately wants to be a world-class performer.

She's gonna have to learn these lessons the hard way.

You don't get it!

You're a bodybuilder, Dad.

Then it's...

You're not a dancer.

I'm so glad you thought of Asia for this project.

We're gonna have to leave Bella's



Either you're gonna be a dancer,

or you're gonna be a roller skater.

It only takes one time.

You want to go and risk it all on a pair of skates?

You don't get it!

Come here.

You're a bodybuilder, Dad.

You're not a dancer!

SHAWN: As a dad, it's tough sometimes

to tell your daughter what they can't do.

I have to remind her that playing little games

and doing silly things can be fun,

but they can also be very costly.

She gets hurt one time, all these dreams go away.

But right now, her career's most important,

and it's my job to make sure that she's healthy.

There's gonna be many days that you cry because you

can't do certain things that other little kids do.

I just... One day, I want to, just, have a time.

Like, just have a time.


You tell me when you're ready to have that time

and we'll stop the rehearsals, we'll stop the performance

and we'll go and do what you want to do.

But today is not that day.

ASIA: I really wanted to go to Bella's skating rink.

I work really hard and I don't get to always be with her.

So I kind of got disappointed.

It's hard being a big sister

that can't do anything with a little sister.

I know.

It's hard doing that.

And you know that.

That's why

I'm trying to prepare you right now, Asia. There's gonna be

a lot of things that you're not

gonna be able to do that your sister can.

Your sister doesn't want to be the next Beyoncé.

It's not a punishment. I love you.

But you got to understand,

you are a world-class performer,

trying to become somebody special.

And I'm gonna make sure that you get there.

'Cause that's what you want, right?


She's upset and she's sad.

So to see those tears coming from her eyes

breaks my heart, but at the end of the day,

I love my Asia.

I love you.

Boom, boom. And hit it.

Ga, ga, boom, boom.

Like, go, boom, ga.

It's Bella's birthday week, and I have no performances.

But in a couple of months, I'll be debuting

my first concert at Universal CityWalk.

I have to work, work, work to make it perfect.

I want to make sure you over cross, hitting those hips.

Give shoulders, give eyeballs.


ANTHONY: It's a huge deal to go from a dancer to a singer

or a dancer to an actor.

All eyes are gonna be on her. And they're ready to judge

and tear that little girl apart.

Pop, cool,

pop. Yeah.

But maybe-maybe put the hand all the way down

so that it's... Yeah.

Birthday day. (whoops)

Where is the birthday girl at?

So excited...

Oh, they're playing right now.

Today is Bella's birthday,

and she's finally turning six.

I have tons of things planned for her. First,

Nana's gonna make her breakfast.

I want to make it a Bella Blu day.

I want to make sure it's all about Bella.

We are going to get in a

amazing pink limo.

We're gonna go get manis and pedis

and go roller-skating with the family.

She's gonna be over-the-top happy.

Are you ready? (gasps)

Oh, you look so cute.

Do I have enough lipstick on?

Baby, let me talk to you.


Your silver heels...

they don't match the gold bow.

Can we change it?

It's my special day.

I get to pick what I want.

Okay, what do you want?

I want to wear these.

Huh, you want to wear silver?




You know how old you are today?


What's it mean when you're six?

I can drive right now?

No, you can't drive.

How about when I'm 20?

20 is a perfect age to drive.

Yeah? You can drive when you're 20-- is that a deal?


20 it is.

I wanted a truck for my birthday.


I'm excited.

I know, me, too. I have... I haven't...


Hey, good morning.


Look at you.

Good morning.

How are you?


You look all bright and chipper.

Nana made you your strawberry and eggs.

You gonna go eat?

Yeah, you better eat.

ASIA: She's coming.

She's coming. Okay. Start eating. Start eating.


Look at her!


birthday girl.

Look it...

KRISTIE: I said it's her day, so she can wear the silver shoes.

VICKY: Oh, look at that dre...

Aren't you the top model?

After you finish your breakfast,

we're gonna go and get mani and pedis.

Yeah, except Asia.

You don't want Asia to go?


I can stay with the bird.

It's okay.

It's your sister.

You got to...

It's you sister.

I'll just go inside the cage.

That's all I have to do.


ASIA: Most of the time, when it's

her birthday, I'm not so jealous.

But this birthday?

Oh, I'm jealous.

Sometimes I just want to be a normal kid like Bella.

She's the tiny one, she's the little cute one.

She gets anything she wants.

Bella, are you excited for your birthday?

Because I'll definitely take place of it.


(Vicky chuckles)


VICKY: She's all excited.

I love it, I love it, I love it.


Didn't tell you, but, uh, Ricky called,

and you have a photo shoot tonight.


We're gonna have to leave, uh,

early from Bella's party.

Sometimes you have to say no.

You can't say yes to everything. Even me.

(phone rings)




Hey, Ricky.

I missed you.

What's going on?

Ricky Palomino is an awesome choreographer.

He has a wonderful contemporary piece

called "Daylight Come,"

and he wants Asia to be the star.

Not only that-- he's setting up a photo shoot

for Asia to be the face

for all his ad work and posters.

I'm so glad you thought of Asia

for this project, 'cause I'm...

She's been wanting to work with you.

It's gonna be so perfect.

We're gonna have to leave Bella's birthday

a little early to make it to you.

I'm so conflicted on telling Bella and Shawn that Asia and I

have to leave early for this photo shoot.

I don't think Shawn understands

the degree of sacrifices

and commitment helping a child

like Asia.

All these appearances and performances

are just gonna make her more prepared for this

big concert in two months.

RICKY: All right, let's do it.


I'm gonna get this photo studio really quick.

I'll call you back soon.

Okay, thanks, Ricky. Bye.

Thank you. Bye-bye.

GINA: Oh, my gosh.


It's Bella's birthday, and we're

gonna start with our nails being done.

We're having such a great time, Bella's enjoying herself,

and all I can think about is:

I have this photo shoot to take Asia to,

and I'm gonna hate to leave this party early.

I'm in a dilemma.

VICKY: She's all excited.

It's my birthday, and I'm riding in

a limousine.


Pink, it's pink, it's pink.

Asia, it's mine.

Mama, is it mine?

It's your birthday car.

You like your pink limo?

I love it. I love it.

I love it, I love it, I love it.

KRISTIE: Okay, since it's your birthday,

you can pick colors for everyone.

How about that?


Yay. Yeah.

So think about what everyone

looks good in, and then pick their color.

Be nice.

Be nice.

Nana, uh...


What's Nana getting?


Okay, silver for me.

Asia, okay, okay. You can have...

Can I have silver, too, Bella?

little dots and one...

one diamond.


That's the decision.

Now, snap out of it.


Bella gets to slap me for her birthday?

I think all the extra attention

is going to her little head.


KRISTIE: How are you?


♪ ♪

Party all night.

That's right.

(both laugh)

KRISTIE: So far, Bella's having

a great time. I hate to ruin it,

but I need to tell everyone what's going on.


Didn't tell you, but, uh, Ricky called,

and you have a photo shoot tonight.

ASIA: Okay.

We're gonna have to leave,

uh, early from Bella's party.




Okay? Huh?

They're gonna miss my birthday?


Tell Mommy she needs to be there to have cake, huh?

You have to be there

to have cake, Mama.

Say, "It's my day."

We need to open my presents.

KRISTIE: This photo shoot is

a great opportunity for Asia,

and we have to find the time

to get this done.

I thought this was supposed to be For Bella Day.

I know. She never listens.

♪ ♪

VICKY: Bella? Bella, wait.

Birthday girl.

We're home.



Okay, you ready?

VICKY: All right, let's go.


MAN: What is that?


SHAWN: What is it, Bella? Look at me. (laughs)

(Kristie whoops)

SHAWN: Very cool.



KRISTIE: I'm really

caught in the middle.

I don't want to leave Bella's birthday early.

I'm dreading having to tell Shawn, but...

this is gonna be important for Asia.

Asia had a photo shoot call today

with Ricky Palomino. He's picked her

to be a principal role

in this program,

so he needed her to have a photo shoot for their poster.

Sometimes we say no.

I-I made sure

I was home. (chuckles)

Come hell or high water, no matter

what's going on business-wise or otherwise,

when we have the birthdays, they come first.

He didn't know it was Bella's birthday.

We got to say no.

Asia wants to go,

and he said this was the only day

that she can do it.

SHAWN: Really, Kristie? I mean,

are you kidding me?

You're not gonna be here for the birthday?

Sometimes you have to say no.

You can't say yes to everything, even me.

ASIA: I'm upset that I can't skate.


KRISTIE: Billy has an event for Asia

in Las Vegas.

Fierce, fierce. Ice queen.

Who's this ice queen?

That's huge.

♪ ♪

SHAWN: Hello. Glad you could make it. Thank you for coming.

Hey, baby girl.


KRISTIE: We are at the skating rink today

for Bella's birthday party, and it's gonna be so much fun.

Asia and I have to leave early for this photo shoot,

and I know Bella's gonna be sad that we're not there.

But Ricky Palomino

is a big deal.

We need to be able

to fit in every opportunity

that she gets invited to.

This is the price for fame.

Right? Get your skates on. The pizza's on the way.

KRISTIE: Get out there. Get out there, Gina.

Let's go. Let's go! (whoops)

♪ ♪

When I was in rehearsal, I banged down

really hard on my knees.

Lift your pant up, Asia.

Oh, yeah. That's rough.

SHAWN: You're gonna have to choose between playing

and performing.

You're a bodybuilder, Dad!

Then it's...

You're not a dancer!

ASIA: So I can't

skate, but...

I'm having a lot of fun. But I understand

what my mom and dad were saying.

I have a lot of other things

that are more exciting and more important than this.


SHAWN: Where's Bella?

There you are.



My dad's a good skater, but he knocked me on my booty.


You have a good birthday party?

You ready to open some presents?


(Shawn whoops)

ASIA: Close your eyes, close your eyes,

close your eyes. Here, I'll help you.

Eyes closed. Okay?

Leave your eyes closed.

Okay, follow... Asia.

You can't... I see you open.

Ready? Okay, let's...

I'll tell you when. One,

two, three.

Two, three!

(whooping, cheering)


KRISTIE: Hey, this is the only car

you'll get till you're 30.


Press the pedal!

Now you can drive it.

(whoops) Drive that way! Hurry.

Come on. Faster! Press on it!

Okay, stop. (laughs)

(Shawn laughs)

Go through there! Go through there! Go through!

(Bella and Asia squealing)

BELLA: I feel like I'm

a superhero and I... the car can fly.

KRISTIE: I thought about it, and I'm so excited to have

family and everyone together for Bella's birthday.

You know, I'm gonna make the executive decision.

This photo shoot is gonna have to wait.

One, two, three!

(cheering and applause)

SHAWN: Bella Blu!

All right, Bella!

♪ ♪

KRISTIE: Asia's manager Billy, he has an event for Asia in a few weeks

in Las Vegas at the Planet Hollywood.



What's up, superstars?

That's huge.

So right now we need

to meet Anthony at rehearsal to get this routine done.

So think ice queen, yeah?

Ice queen. Okay.

I got this idea

that it's like a cube, a four-by-four clear cube.


She's standing on top of the cube.

We're going to have Asia enter from the ceiling in a cube.

From the cube, Asia's gonna have her dancers

come on and escort her from the cube

and go into this amazing hip-hop routine

that goes to her-her new song.

Asia, you ready?

Got to... Fierce, fierce. Ice queen.

Who's this ice queen?

♪ ♪

Me and Anthony are gonna knock it out of the park.

♪ ♪

Take those socks off.

♪ ♪

Wait, I want to do that again.

KRISTIE: I'm really looking forward

to the Planet Hollywood performance.

Every opportunity

right now is just another step

towards Universal. But...

we have so much to do.

Next on Raising Asia:

KRISTIE: I'm battling in the house,

when this should be where I don't battle.

You know your routine. Do it right and correct your mistakes.

We have some communication issues. I'm at a breaking point.

I'm not quite sure I want my eight-year-old

performing here.

Is that gum?

This is disgusting.

We have to be selective where we put her out there.

If he's acting manager right now,

he should've handled this deal.

This is what you guys need to do.

Don't be defensive, please.

I'm not.

Otherwise, you can leave, and me and Anthony can talk,

and I can handle it from here.

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