Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Anna and Wiet 1 december eng subs part 2

Difficulty: 0



I have the solution for your nerves

fresh and nice just like you

And what are you

red wine

Fiery and passionate

Yes I think let just begin so you have no time to be nervous

Yes but then you bring the wine for nothing


hey at bit nerves is alright

its cute

If you only really want to

Yes I want to


where are doing your way

should we first have chat or something

Thats what you get when you talk a lot at work. than you have nothing to say in the evening to each other

or do you want to talk about football

There you can always talk about

I know nothing of football

Me neither

except Which one are hot

There is nothing to be afraid of

have you never see a video of 2 women



I do not believe that

which is quite different that how it really goes

the principle is the same

well I have never done that sort of thing before

but with a guy you have done it


You know what you like

But what if I like all different things than you

stop thinking about it

Thats a order

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