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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: RT Life - Brandon Stuck in the Rain

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Miles: It's pretty wet.

Brandon: Can we cut this?

Brandon: Yeah, 'cause you get your shoes wet, and your socks.

MIles: It is five steps to the fucking bathroom.

Brandon: No, well, Caleb warned me and said

We- he's like completely drenched.

I need- does someone have- Miles: Nobody help him.

Brandon: Does anyone have scissors? Miles: No.

He has to learn!

Brandon: Oh god, I have to pee so bad.

I would just go barefoot and dry my feet but...

Brandon: [small noises as he leaves]

Miles: So this is a game we call... "Brandon's Not Allowed To Come Back In".

Josh, I'm gonna need your muscle!

Miles: We're not good people.


[Louder laughter]

Brandon: I swear to god- oh- ah-

Josh: Run Miles! Miles: [faintly] It's not my fault!

Cameraman: Where'd they go?

Miles: Oh god! Oh god!

Brandon: [unintelligble]

Brandon: Alright, let's go see what's so funny now, Miles.

While we kick his ass, make sure you subscribe.

[quietly] And watch all our videos.

Miles: Oh fuck! Why? I'm at work you jackass!

See that? That's a- that's a safety hazard. I'm gonna go talk to Matt.

Brandon: Oh it's fine.

You're not really gonna talk to Matt, are you?

Miles: [unitelligble] Brandon: Aw shit.

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