Practice English Speaking&Listening with: The underpass at Bilthoven station (Netherlands)

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This railway underpass in Bilthoven was openedin 2015.

It makes it possible to safely cross the railway line.

As such it unites the two parts of the town.

Where the former railway crossing divided the community.

That level crossing was oneof the most dangerous in the country.

It was closed almost 45 minutes per hour,

Which made people oftencross the railway when it was not safe to do so.

To improve safety the whole station area wasreconstructed.

Two underpasses were built.

This one for walking and cycling...

with the accessto the platforms integrated in the design.

While the other one for motor traffic was builta bit out of the way.

Between 2012 and 2015 the previously straight road was reconstructed.

Car drivers now have to take a detour.

They take a left at this new roundabout,

on a newroad towards their tunnel,

that was opened in 2013.

On the other side of the tracks they then take a new road alongside the railway line.

Connecting to yet another roundabout,

- naturally with priority for cycling -

to finally get back to the original road.

The original route straight-on now only leads to a parking lot.

For people takingthe train or those who want to go shopping.

The new parking here made a square in the towncentre car free.

Naturally, there's also ample bicycle parking at this station.

Outdoors, butalso indoors in an unmanned automated facility.

The area around the station has been designed with a lot of green.

Some people dislike the designer stairs.

Becausethey are at an angle they find the steps unsafe.

Fortunately, some stairs are traditionally straight and thereare also lifts.

When the plans were unfolded...

people also worried that the incline would be too steep.

But with a grade of 5%, at most, it is just within the Dutch recommendations.

People of all ages and abilities can be seen usingthis route.

They don't seem to have problems with the slope.

For an investment of 13.3 million euros,

both tunnels and the redesign of the station area

have significantly improved the quality of this urban space.

The Description of The underpass at Bilthoven station (Netherlands)