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Hello everybody and welcome to a new comparison here on Assetto corsa.

You thought that Group B was the start of the crazy #HRSPR race?


You're wrong.

And big time.

It all started with Group 5 cars, that had very little in common with the production models.

Big bodykits,

Big power figures,

Big turbos

And most important, in a period where the 1973 oil crisis had just plagued the auto industry,

Big fuel consumption.

We are here at the Infineon Raceway, or Sonoma Raceway, call it how you want;

And we will start with the track recognition, using a tiny but fun to drive BMW 2002 Turbo.

[bangs the rev limiter in Lederhosen]

Now, Sonoma, is a track...

...full of elevation changes

It might be difficult to find the right setup.


Now we come in the final part of the track, where...

...there's a part that can be seriously misleading

Because we will not have to turn at the first right hairpin but at the second.

And, in regards of the location...

Originally, we were supposed to go at Riverside.

Then, i realized that the track wasn't fully suitable for the challenge.

It had to be Mid-Ohio but there were major stuttering issues.

I was about to go at Homestead-Miami and then i realized:

If i wanted to be period-correct, i should go at Sonoma because some Camel GT races were held there.

And,for this reason, in terms of class division,

We will base ourselves on DRM regulations.

One of the two major championships (along with the aforementioned Camel GT) that supported Group 5.

With a division in UNDER category and OVER category.

Under 2L, Over 2L.

Rather than the format; because we want to find which Group 5 car is the fastest on paper.

So, Let's go with the first car.

The first car of this comparison is a 2002 Turbo like the one used in the recognition.



Tuned by Schnitzer, it has an engine displacement of 1428 cc (87 cui)

Which, multiplied for the FIA coefficient for turbo engines,

Climbs to 1999 cc (121 cui)

And it makes it ALMOST suitable for division 2 but, if they enlarged the original displacement a tiny bit, it was possible

But... they didn't.

The livery is the one of Harald Ertl, one of the drivers who saved Niki Lauda in its nearly fatal crash at the Nurburgring in 1976.


It's surely very colorful!

The mod creators claim that this car can go around a track (surely not the Nordschleife)

At 100% of the boost and STILL without making damage to the engine.

For this reason, we are forced to actuate a technical Balance of Performance (BoP) to this car

Which consists in going from 100% of the boost, to 90%.

In order to put her in line against her competitors in class.

Let's get going.

I almost pinned this car on the wall; BIG OOF.


There was a little bit of stuttering with this car

But, for that matter, it had to be expected

I have a PC that starts to show its years but.. i can still run AC on it.

All in all, a good effort from the 2002 Turbo

And now, on with the next car.

The second car of division 1 is the Ford Escort RS Turbo MK2

This car has been prepared by Zakspeed

And it kinda acted as a laboratory car for the Capri, in division 2, which came later.

Its engine displacement is 1427 cc (87 cui)

But, multiplied for the coefficient, goes to 1997,8 (122 cui).


This car is also on the division border

Let's go.

And i sBun it.

Rather, Half-sBun it even before starting the lap.

This car is also...

...very tail-happy; in fact, it drift from side to side.


We struggled to put the power down on this car

Even because, car goes side to side


It's surely a bit unmanageable

Stutter continues (but it'll carry on for all the comparison)

And so, on with the last car of division 1.

The last car of division 1

Is the Lancia Beta Montecarlo Turbo

The car that started the partnership between the alcohol brand Martini and the Turin automaker.

460 #HRSPRS (maybe even more)

1425 cc (87 cui) that ramp up to 1995 (121 cui)

And also, the first mid-engined car in the comparison

So, even more, we might struggle to put the power down.

Freaking gear that doesn't want to engage...


It literally opened 2002 Turbo's ass!

We couldn't expect otherwise from the car that dominated DRM's division 1

Even in the hands of Hans Heyer who won the DRM title in 1980 with this car although not factory-backed.


That is going to be it for part one of this comparison.

In part 2,

We will test the limit

Of the cars of division 2

2 Porsches,

The Ford Capri,


The BMW M1,

The BMW 320 Turbo,

And a Toyota Celica that sounds GODLIKE.

I just have to give you an appointment with the second part of the comparison.

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See you with PART TWO.

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