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The first really fast car I ever drove

was a WRX STI

that's where my love for the performance car

really started

that's about 5 years ago

and that was more or less

the motivation to start AutoTopNL

we're driving the latest version today

they abandoned the hatchback shape

the previous one was a hatchback

which was hard to swallow for the fans

but it's back now, as saloon

we're not supposed to call it an Impreza anymore

but just WRX STI

And the way it is now, as saloon

with that huge rear spoiler

and in blue

that's something every car lover knows

that's a WRX STI

The recipe has been the same for 10 years

a 2.5L boxer engine with turbo

4-wheel-drive obviously

and an enormous wing on the back

the distinctive feature of this icon

it used to have golden wheels

which were also fitted on the car

Colin McRae won his races in

that's not available anymore unfortunately (in the Netherlands)

but they're available at a good retailer

but these black ones look fantastic as well

the boxer engine delivers 300 HP

and it'll go 255 km/h

it's a beautiful engine

it's a 4-cylinder

and you might think

"same recipe as a Golf R"

but it's nothing like that

this car is so amazing

with different noises at different rpm

one moment it whizzes

and the next moment it growls, fantastic

the only thing missing

is one of those huge intakes on it

that would amplify those noises

there are a lot of tuners who offer that

but it really is great to drive

a real "drivers car" again

because they're becoming more rare

make no mistake

this is a serious driving machine

turn in and hard on the throttle

doesn't matter when you floor it

you can do it before the apex

and this car will still guide you through

really extraordinary

normally, AWD cars tend to understeer

because of the weight

but, with this, you turn in

and the steering becomes a little lighter (Torque Vectoring)

and you can achieve corner speeds

which are impossible with other cars

even with a Golf R or Leon Cupra

they won't reach these kinds of speeds

when you drive on dirt roads

the grip is unbelievable

this thing will go incredibly fast on sandy roads

it's ridiculous

but it's so cool that you can

the biggest drawback of this car

I have to mention it

is the price

this thing costs nearly 80.000,-

due to the tax system in NL

which is linked to the CO2 emissions

it's a shame that icons like this

which stay true to their roots

and don't go for super advanced technique

no DSG or cylinder deactivation

they don't want to do that

they want to stick to their proven recipe

it's a joy to drive

the steering feel is fantastically heavy

no electronic power steering

this is what i've been missing in cars

and Subaru makes it

but you really have to pay for it

in the Netherlands

the cool thing about

these rally derived cars

is that you can adjust a lot of stuff

in the past, they sometimes went overboard

which mean people didn't understand

what they were adjusting

which led to diff-locks

which led to cars in bushes

it's quite simple this time

you can adjust the diff

auto or manual

and then you can chose

if you want more power to the front or back

and there is a button

for the throttle response

it's now in #sport Sharp

which means i have the sharpest throttle response

It works great

as does this manual gearbox

it needs some getting used to

it has very short strokes

but when you do, it's really lovely

this car really moves me

when I've driven it and I come home

the first thing i do

is look for 2nd hand WRX STI's

rationally, it's not the wisest thing

to buy one new

but it's the only car under 100.000,-

which makes me so enthusiastic

which... how can I put this..

...grabs me by my car heart

this is what cars are all about

this car sums it all up

it's an icon and it always will be

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