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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: We Have A New Toy Scientist Assistant

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(marker scratching)

- [Child] Tic Tac Toy!

(water bubbles) (upbeat music)

(Miss Padoodle screaming)

- Oops, are you okay, Miss Padoodle?

- Oh, yeah, I'm good.

Maybe just a few scrapes and bruises,

maybe a couple broken ribs, but I'll be okay.

- You'll do great today, Miss Padoodle.

- I sure hope so.

When I saw the ad for the Toy Scientist Assistant,

I knew I wanted the job.

- Yeah, it's an amazing place, for sure.

- You get to use solutions and use technology

and create toys all day.

- Yeah, sounds perfect!

Look here, it says here she is looking for someone

who is intelligent, organized and responsible.

Sounds just like me, right?

- Uh...

- Maybe just try not to say anything while you're in there.

- Good idea!

Come on, guys.

- What do you mean by that?


(water bubbles) (upbeat music)

- Oh, kids are going to love this.

- Wow, Toy Scientist, what is that?

- It's my latest toy invention, it's called Brainy Putty.

- Wow, can we touch it?

- Sure!

- Whoa!

- Yeah, I created seven different varieties

and just finished this last one,

which I'm calling gold burst.

- This one is so glittery and metallic.

- Look how much mine stretches.

- Yes, they stretch, snap, melt and even bounce.

- No way!

- Sure do!

Check it out!

(ball thuds)

- Let me try!

(ball thuds)

- My turn!

(ball thuds)

- Super cool!

Let me try!

(ball bouncing)



- Who is she?

- Oh, she's Miss Padoodle, she's a toy school teacher.

- Was a toy school teacher.

- Hmm...

- Oh, hi Toy Scientist!

So nice to meet you!

I'm Miss Padoodle!

- Pa what?

- Padoodle!

Rhymes with skadoodle.

- Okay, how can I help you?

- Well, I saw an ad in the newspaper

for a Toy Science Assistant and the girls just keep going

on and on and on about how much they love to come here.

- Uh-huh.

- So I thought why not?

It sounds like a perfect job for me.

- Now, did I hear you're teaching at toy school, though?

- Well, now...

- You don't want to ask.

- Yeah, not a pretty story.

- Well, she sounds promising.

- Well, we do love Miss Padoodle.

- Okay, well tell you what then,

why don't you spend a day with us

so you can help us out in the lab and we'll go from there.

- Woo hoo!

Woo hoo!

I'm a Toy Scientist!

- Oh, okay, hold on.

Nothing's been promised yet.

One day, we'll see how things go.

- Okay, but can I get one of those lab coats

and some of those snazzy glasses?

I wanna look legit.

- Maybe later.

You know what, girls?

Why don't you follow me to the lab storage facility?

I wanna show you another project

that I'm dying to get started on.

- Oh, sounds exciting!

(upbeat music)

- I think I'll stay here.

Storage rooms kinda creep me out.

- Okay.

Tell ya what, why don't you keep an eye on my brainy putty.

I don't want Mad Scientist Jason

to try to steal my latest toy invention.

- That won't happen on my watch.

(water bubbles)

- Okay, girls, as you can see

I have been collecting bins and bins of already opened toys.

I have bins over here and bins over there

and even bins over there.

- Wow!

What're we going to do with all these toys?

- Well, I'd like to recycle them into some giant new toy.

Like maybe some ultra mega surprise toy.

- Like a giant pinata?

That would be super cool.

- Oh, I like what you're thinking.

That would be really cool.

- Yeah and when you pop it,

tons and tons of toys are gonna come out.

(water bubbles)

- Snap!



Oh, glow green!

This one glows in the dark?

I wonder if there's a light switch in here somewhere

so I can test it out.

- Psst, is the Toy Scientist here?

- Oh, hi!

She's working in the toy storage facility.

Do you want me to go get her?

- Oh, that's okay.

Is this one of her latest toy inventions?


- Oh yeah, brain putty, it's super cool!

- Oh yes, I can see that.


Why don't you come help me take this back to my lab?

- Another lab?


Wait, you're not this Mad Scientist Jason

they're all talking about, are you?

- Oh, of course not.

I'm scientist Victor.

Yes, that's right, scientist Victor.

I work closely with the Toy Scientist.

- Well, nice to meet you, Toy Scientist Victor.

- My pleasure.

- Why are we taking these to another lab, though?

- Well, the Toy Scientist wanted me to conduct some tests

on these new toys she created.

Yes, that's right, yep, mm-hm.

- Sounds super exciting!

Hey, should I grab that key that's on the door over there?

- A key on the door?

Yes, why don't you go ahead and grab that?

This is so easy.

(water bubbles)

- Well, when can we get started, Toy Scientist?

- Oh, great question.

I have a few more prototypes to complete

but I'm hoping we can get started next month.

- Sorry guys to interrupt but where's Miss Padoodle?

- And more importantly, where's my latest toy invention?

- Uh-oh, this is not good!

- Miss Padoodle?

Miss Padoodle? - Miss Padoodle?

- Where are you?

I knew she couldn't be trusted.

She stole my latest toy invention.

- Miss Padoodle would never do that!

I promise.

- Yeah, she might be a little scatter brained at times.

- A little?

- Okay, maybe a lot but she's a good person.

She wouldn't steal anything.

- Well, then what happened to Miss Padoodle

and my brain putty?

- Well, there's only one possibility.

- [All] Mad Scientist Jason!

(water bubbles)

- So tell me exactly how the Toy Scientist made this

slimey, glittery, absolutely magnificent brainy putty.

- Oh, I have no idea.

I do know it's super cool, though.

Which one's your favorite?

I think it's a close call

between the galaxy and the gold burst.

I tend to like the glittery, metallic ones.

- What do you mean we have no idea how she made those?

- Yeah, you know, I wasn't there when she made them.

But oh, this aquatic one is such a vibrant color,

it's a close third.

It really brings out my eyes, don't you think?

- You weren't there when she made these?

Aren't you her new assistant?

- Oh, apparently I don't have the job yet.

But I think I'm gonna get it.

- Oh, this is unbelievable!

(water bubbles)

- Does Mad Scientist Jason still work

in that spooky lab in the woods?

- I think so.

There's not a toy science institute in town

that would let him step foot in their science lab.

- Then we'll have to go out in the spooky woods

to go find Miss Padoodle.

- And my invention.

- Let's go then!

- Alright, come on girls.

(bright orchestral music)

Come on girls.

What's going on?

- Why is the door locked, Toy Scientist?

- Mad Scientist Jason must have locked us in

and looks like my spare key is missing too!

- How are we gonna get out?

- I'm not sure.

I seem to remember there being an extra key

somewhere in the storage facility

but I haven't seen it in years.

- I guess it's time to start hunting for it.

(water bubbles) (upbeat music)

(toys rattling)

- No key in the Magic Tracks.

(toys rattling)

- No key with the Doorables.

- Nothing with the Chubby Puppies either.

(toys rattling)

- I don't think we're gonna find the key anywhere,

Toy Scientist.

There's too many bins.

- She's right.

Isn't there another way?

- Well, let me think like a Toy Scientist for a little bit.





I think I've got it.

- Great!

What do we do?

- I have a Snap Circuits Skill Builder here

somewhere on my shelves.

And I think we can use that to build an electronic circuit.

- Sounds very scientific.

- Maybe we can configure just the right one,

that will have the power to pop our lock,

and we can get out!

- It's worth a shot.

Let's try and find it.

(upbeat music)

- Okay.

(toys rattling)

Oh, I think I found it.

Snap Circuits Skill Builder.

Let's hope this works, girls.

(water bubbles)

- This concoction won't work either.

Why won't mine bounce or snap?

- This place is quite a bit smaller than the other lab.

Why do you work here anyways?

And it's so dusty.

You don't vacuum often, do you?

I can tell.

- And I don't see any glitter.

I need to start all over now.

- Well geez, if you really wanna make some brainy putty,

why don't we just go back to the Toy Scientist

and ask how she did it?

- No, she can't know I have these.

We'll do that later maybe.

Please just let me concentrate.

- Okie-dokie, will do.

I think I hear some birds out here.

Or maybe they're squirrels.

Oh, I hope they're not skunks.

Oh, that would be so stinky

and we don't want stinky brainy putty, hm-mm.

- Why don't we play the quiet game?

Who can stay quiet the longest.

- Oh, okay when do we start?

- Now!

(water bubbles) - Okay girls,

just a couple more connections we need to make.

- This goes right here.

- I know where this one goes.

- Yep, right there, Mia.

One final piece.

(upbeat music)

Okay, let's give it a go, girls.

(toy blaring)

It sounds like it's working!

- And the light lit up.

- So, do you think it unlocked the door?

- There's only one way to find out, let's go try it!

Okay guys, here goes nothing.

- It worked!

Let's go rescue Miss Padoodle.

- Yeah, and my toy invention, let's not forget that.

Come on!

(water bubbles) (upbeat music)

Okay girls, here's the plan.

I'm going to fire at Mad Scientist Jason

with my toilet paper blaster.

When he's distracted,

you girls run up and grab my brainy putty.

Got it?

- But what about Miss Padoodle?

- You girls can get her after my brainy putty.

She's the reason we're in this mess after all.

Come on.

(water bubbles) (soft guitar music)

- Ah!

Okay, you win!

I couldn't stay quiet any longer.

- Just wonderful.

- I don't know why but I'm never ever very good

at that game.

I always seem to lose

and everybody always wants to play it with me.

- Can't imagine why.

- Wanna play another game?

Oh, I know, let's see who can make the best siren noises,

here's mine.

(imitating siren)

- Ugh!

That's enough!

Quiet, I think I hear something.

- Yeah that was my siren noise.

Do you think it sounds more like a police or an ambulance?

- I think I see somebody approaching my lab.

They must want my brainy putty.

Quick, take a slime blaster.

- Oh, this will be fun.

(dramatic music)

- There they are!


(upbeat music)


- I'm gonna get you.

- Ah, that's slime.

- I got ya!

- Oh, I'm gonna get you.

Take this!

Toilet paper wads.

- Oh, this is fun.


- Miss Padoodle, what are you doing

with Mad Scientist Jason?

- Yes, come on, get out of here.

- What?

This is Mad Scientist Jason?

- Don't listen to them!

- I'm coming but not without the brainy putty!

I can't believe you tricked me, Mad Scientist Jason.

Take that!

Take that, Mad Scientist Jason!

- Unbelievable!

- Quick guys, let's go! - Take that!

Take that!

(all scream)

(water bubbles)

- I'm so glad we got back your brainy putty, Toy Scientist.

- Oh, me too, Mia.

- Yeah, I sure saved the day, didn't I?

I grabbed that bucket of brain putty and flew out of there.

And blasted that Mad Scientist Jason with slime.

- I don't think that's quite how it happened.


- Yeah.

- So what do you think?

Do I have the job?

Do we get to work together every single day?

- You know, I think I have something even better for you.

- Wonderful, what is it?

- Well, once a month I hold a giant play date

in the toy lab, I have all my new toys out

and the kids get to play with all my cool toy inventions.

- Oh, I'd love to help with that!

- Well, I was actually thinking I'd just invite you.

No need to help with anything.

- Oh, you'll love it, Miss Padoodle.

- Yeah, I think that might be a better fit for you anyways.

- Well, it does sound like fun.

I'm down.

Oh, what's this thing?

- Oh, don't touch that!

- Miss Padoodle! - Sorry, my bad!

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