Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 华农兄弟:摘点摄影小哥家的板栗,顺便挑两个南瓜回去

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Hi everyone! Today we'll get some chestnuts from Mr. Cameraman's home.

It's just over there.

Here we are. See? The chestnuts.

They're very big now.

I'll chop a bamboo,

chop a bamboo to knock the tree. See if I can knock off the chestnuts.

Get rid of the branches

and then use it to knock the chestnuts.


I should have more than a dozen now.

Enough! Enough!

We'll come again with a basket next time. We can't take too many today

as we don't have a basket.

I'll place the stick here to let it dry.

It's just too heavy!

There is one.

Let me try,

and see if it tastes good.

Um! Not bad!

See? The "panpu" (pumpkin) planted by Mr. Cameraman's grandma.

It's at least 20kg.

I'll come next time with my car to carry the pumpkin for her.

There is no way Mr. Cameraman can hold it. Only I can.

Hey! This one is for you.

This one is not mature enough, this one. Still not the time.

We came too early.

Wa! These two...

are so pretty!

Wa! I can't take anymore! The pockets are full. See?

Don't drop them.

Put them here first, here.

Don't drop them.

There are still so many inside, I can see.

Never mind

See? The wild melon. It will be ready next month.

It just so happens that Mr. Cameraman has a pen.

Let me write,

write my name on it.


Exclusive enjoyment. How do you spell "enjoyment"?

Teach me!

"For the exclusive enjoyment of Liu Suliang"

Alright! No more!

All are here.

These are from, from the trees of mister, Mr. Cameraman's home.

He'll keep them.

He'll have the green one. This is mine, this is black.

I picked the black and old ones by, by my own effort.

They are picked under the tree of the neighbour, the brother next door.

Put them into the pockets.

There is one more rotten.

No, it's not rotten.

Mr. Cameraman likes younger ones.

These younger ones are all for him.

Ah! Keep them.

They are very young.

Wa! There are too many chestnuts.

I'll drop them.

Eh? How about...

making a knot to secure it?

Well, I am already here.

Why not, why not take one Mr. Cameraman's "panpu"? He has so many!

He can't finish them.

Ah! Take this small and young one.

Wa! This one is even larger than this one!

I'll get it.

It's difficult to take one on the back. Carrying two on a yoke is easier.

Get a faa...flat yoke first.

It looks large only,

but it is not.

This is called a "victory return".

Ho ho ho, ha ha ha ha ha

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