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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: [Chinese TV]两名国军美女伪装成戏子混进日军占领的城市协助共产党共同抗日

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Let us go

Noisy, I stripped you of your clothes

Save us a few, you hurry up

Why arrest us?

Your grandma is a bear, toasting and not eating, eating and drinking





Which team are you

Taizhou Wujiaban

Dressed like this, where is this going?

Go to Liu Fu, singing hall

Liu Fu

Liu Fu should walk along the river

How did you get here

Why are you here?

It's them

The special agent who led the Lightning Squad

Bi Xuehua

Aren't we sending them across the river?

Definitely killed back

What shall we do

be ready

If they catch someone

Let's get started


You forgot

This is a short way

Turn right from the front

It's almost two miles from Yanhe Road

I am a frequent visitor to Liu's family

Why don't i know his house

Today's singing party

This may be the whim of Father Liu

Our Wu family, there is an afternoon show today

This ticket is sold out

This Liu Man sent

Life or death, let's go to his house

Otherwise, boss

You, do nt let us go

He came to us

I'm better off

Let's go back quickly

Afternoon guests are having trouble with the theater crew.


Mr. Liu, when Liu Fu came to us

You have to testify to us

Alright, go, go

Let's go ahead and wait for them




I'll be right there


Taijun, you are here

Chang Lai Sun, your conscience is bad

What happened to me

Why do you catch us

Woman of the Great Japanese Empire


I do not have it

They are here

Do you still say no, are you talking nonsense with your eyes open?


Listen to me explain

I never want to hear you again




No, no, no

Don't shoot, don't shoot

Gun down

Captain Your Excellency

What exactly is going on

Chang Lai Shun led his men

The woman who wanted to arrest my Great Japanese Empire

Naked and provocative, I fight the authority of the Japanese Empire

Why did he arrest the women of the Japanese Empire

Did you ask why?

I don't want to listen to his nonsense anymore

Zhaoping, this is your fault

Mine wrong

Your loyalty to the Japanese Empire

Used in the wrong place

Go and invite the commander in


Chang Lai Shun

Captain Longping lets you go

See clearly, it's me

Mr. Song

How do you two wear this dress

Messing around in the street

Hurry up with me



You are deaf, I call you, have you not heard

Why are you here for so long?

Do what i love

What happened to you

Who provoked you

No one provoked me

Is your kid full?

come here

I have something to discuss with you

Just tell me something here

Sun Tzu's Art of War says that soldiers are expensive

How can we let you guys, Binggui fast?

I thought about it for a few days

Figured it out?

Figured it out

Talk about

Take Japanese soldiers, Toyo Ma, over.

For us

Grab a horse



Zhaoping, you live up to my expectations

team leader

I am willing to accept, all punishment

I won't punish you

But you have to punish yourself

As a Samurai

Slapped yourself

Is a very shameful thing

I hope this is your lesson

I hope this is your lesson

Until now

Complete the great empire entrusted to you

The captain taught me to remember

Zhao Ping swears by samurai

These two Chinese women

Grab two kimonos and mix them into the city

What are they doing

Mr. Song

Please sit

Why did you kill me so quickly?

Or to blow up the Japanese arms and weight

Conspiracy to crush the Japanese army crossing the Yellow River


You brought back a lightning team

We just want to go forward

Never stop without reaching the goal

it is good

Why didn't I see you last time?

We all have a division of labor, I did nt go last time

You are the leader here

No head

Are revolutionary comrades

I really admire people like you

Admire me

Bold but cautious

Trouble around the Japanese

Stealing enemy information is like snooping

That is a novel

Do our job

All deal with death

Eat live food, do dead things

Nice to meet you

me too

What is your name

My name is Xue Guangfu, how about you

My name is Xia Hua

Brother, do you think

How can we grab this horse?

These horses are Japanese soldiers

From Japan, native

Do they treat this as a baby

So I will definitely send someone to guard

Let's hit him

We are not without guns

Just you can

If you hit it hard

It's only us who suffer

And the odds are not big

What to do

Get smart


You can find the Japanese

Is the exact location of the weapon hidden?

Our informant, came the secret report

I can share this information with you


It's a festival for your Communists

touched me

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