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Imma let you finish, Christian, Carlito and Seth Rollins, but Jillian Hall coming back

just had one of the best Royal Rumble returns of all time.

Oh yeah, and Edge entered at number one and won the whole thing.

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Asuka and Charlotte Flair had an interview backstage before their tag team title match

where they said theyre best friends.

Im pretty sure thats the first time weve seen them onscreen together since

they won the belts.

Despite having that oh you know Im turning heel on you expression, Charlotte in fact

didnt fall out with Asuka.

Instead, it took Ric Flair and Lacey Evans three different distraction spots to cost

Charlotte the win.

Evans punched her with the brass knucks - which is a good weapon for her Womens Right finisher

- letting Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler win back the tag titles.


Everything on the main card, however, ranged from very good, to oh my god its Christian.

Many fans feared the Royal Rumble would begin the darkest WWE timeline.

Brock Lesnar returning, Charlotte winning back-to-back Rumbles, and, the worst case

scenario weve lived through twice already: Goldberg winning a top championship.

WWE expertly used the last two as part of their booking though.

Drew McIntyre vs Goldberg was a great idea - if Drew won.

And thats exactly what happened.

In a classic Paul Heyman layout, Drew and Goldberg hit big moves before the bell for

two minutes, then hit big moves during the actual match for three.

It was under five minutes of action in total, brilliantly protecting Goldbergs limitations,

while keeping us all on the edges of our seats because WWE booking Bill to win remained very

real, very scary possibility throughout.

It was incredibly dramatic, making you buy into every near fall, but Drew won with a


This was the simple outcome, and the correct one.

WWE often overbook or overthink their match finishes.

We were scared of a Miz cash-ins.

But they had Drew win clean and confidently, being endorsed by Goldberg afterwards.

Following a pre-show promo where Carmella told Reginald her glass of wine tastes like

gooooooold, she had another very good match with Sasha Banks.

There was Reginald interference, some great submission reversals and a scary dive from

Carmella, but Banks made her tap in the end.

Sasha retaining is the right result - but, ultimately, what did this accomplish?

They had a much better match last month at TLC, and now Carmellas just lost again

with her new gimmick.

Xavier, Big E and a still-not-medically cleared Kofi Kingston reunited backstage, revealing

their Brodie Lee tribute gear.

Bad Bunny played a rap song while dancing around Booker T. This was not for me.

And the Womens Rumble match began with Bayley and a returning Naomi!

This wasnt just the best Womens Rumble WWE have done.

Its one of the best laid out Rumbles theyve ever booked period.

The ring quickly filled up with Bayley, a returning Naomi, Bianca BelAir for the iron

maiden spot at number three, Billie Kay doing comedy, prompting Shayna Baszler to punch

her in the photograph, which Billie sold - hey, I thought WWE banned unprotected headshots

- Jillian Hall came out singing in a nostalgia joke return, freaking Victoria was in there

for about 15 minutes.

Toni Storm, Ruby Riott, Peyton Royce for a brief IIconics reunion - all of them with

only one elimination in the first half of the match.

It was a visible testament to how well WWE have grown their womens division, that

they had such a deep and varied roster of characters they could play off.

The match turned hard when Rhea Ripley entered at number 14.

Because she was there to actually hurt people.

Doing a number of stiff elimination spots that, if Nia Jax did them, wed all be calling

for her to be fired.

After Ripley came Charlotte Flair at Number 15 - setting up a brawl between last years

WrestleMania opponents, until the real story happened: Ric Flair coming out with Lacey

Evans to continue tussle with Charlotte and then just weirdly stop fighting each other

for the rest of the match.

Some didnt like Alicia Foxs entry involving R-Truth and the 24/7 title because WWE cant

seem to book a womens Rumble without in some way involving men.

But I didnt mind it because it gave Fox a 24/7 title win.

Truth would quickly win it back, and then drop it to Pete Rosenberg in this sexiest

of pinning combinations later on.

The match did become overbooked at times.

Carmella and Reginald appeared to do their spots in slow motion, and Naomi laying on

her back with her feet up in the air came across as goofy.

Thankfully, though, all the women threw out Alexa Bliss before she could transform into

Lady Fiend - saving us from another speculated spot: the dreaded mid-Rumble cinematic match.

Lana threw out Nia Jax in a neat bit of revenge for a storyline picked up from two months


And we eventually came down to a final three of BelAir, Ripley and, using the same genius

scare tactic of their own history of bad booking - just like how they saved John Cena or Roman

Reigns until the final few to keep you worried theyd win - Charlotte Flair.

Bianca and Ripley ganged up to eliminate her, and then had a great back-and-forth, which

was just won by BelAir - who cut an emotional in-ring promo afterwards, promising to put

EST in WrestleMania.

I dont wanna be a party pooper, because you look super emotional Bianca, but theres

already an E, S and a T in WrestleMania.

Sandwiched between two Rumble matches - which are almost entirely within the ring - Roman

Reigns and Kevin Owens wisely put on a Last Man Standing bout almost entirely everywhere


The stipulation lent itself perfectly to the Paul Heyman-style: big move, both guys down

for a count, big spot, referee checks on one of them, big spot, Roman starts trashtalking

- repeat.

And those big spots were mighty big.

Kevin Owens was thrown off the top ThunderDome stands through a bunch of tables.

KO hit a Frog Splash through a seemingly invincible announcers desk.

He hit a Swanton Bomb off a Forklift.

Roman decapitated a referee.

And, best of all, Roman ran down Owens in a golf buggy.


AEW Golf Buggy to WWE confirmed.

First KO inherited the Stunner, now hes getting run over by a Samoan driving a car.

Youre taking this Stone Cold thing too far, Kev.

It was an awesome and hilarious move in equal measure.

It was most sports entertaining.

My only gripe - I can feel the inner Cornette coming through - is that they didnt really

have any psychological impact.

Owens was brutally run down by a vehicle, which led to him being on top a minute


The finish was unfortunately botched, too.

Going full Ciampa and Gargano, Roman found himself handcuffed to the trussing - but Heyman

legit couldnt get him out.

The momentum stalled, and Reigns eventually choked out KO in the Guillotine.

The main card of the pay-per-view had exceeded all expectations, but there was still plenty

of unease in the air.

Its all how you leave them, folks.

And the mens Rumble main event was still to come.

And it started off a bit naff.

We already knew Randy Orton and Edge would be out first, which took away the surprise,

and Orton was helped to the back after their brawl in the logic-pushing hes still not

eliminated from the Rumble despite being removed for medical reasons for the entire match.

It picked up with Carlitos surprise return at number 8, turning up just a little late

for his Raw Legends night booking, and then a cool Big E and Woods team up for 9 and 10.

The 2nd act fell victim to the midcard treadmill that WWEs Rumbles often do - with filler

entrants of Elias, Ricochet, Miz and John Morrison - but was helped by a strong showing

from Damian Priest and some fun celebrity involvement when Bad Bunny hit a half-splash,

half-fall off the top rope on Miz and Morrison.

Bobby Lashley came in and freaking dominated, Hurricane Helms got a comedy cameo, and Daniel

Bryan and Kane had a Team Hell No reunion in a very decent run of spots.

But the best moment of this very good match, and arguably the pay-per-view as a whole,

was the genuinely huge surprise of Christian making his in-ring return.

You know, that Christian.

One More Match, Christian.

Captain Charisma Christian.

Edge and Christian - with his tag partner waiting for him in the ring for a sweet embrace.

Then we just got great spot after great spot, as though Blampied really did fantasy book


Cesaro and Sheamus bump into each other for a Bar reunion.

Seth Rollins made his shock return at No. 29.

Bryan and Riddle just straight up had a match of trying to kick the actual crap out of each

other - which was heelishly ended when Seth threw Bryan out, surely setting up their Mania


The only annoyance from this point, really, was the booking of Omos and AJ Styles - where

the Big Guy not only saved AJ multiple times, but fully eliminated Big E and Rey Mysterio.

If thats legal, then why doesnt Ali bring all of Retribution with him?

Edge seemed to have it won after he threw out Seth, but then - you guessed it - from

outta nowhere struck Orton with an RKO.

It was an incredible bit of booking, making us scared the Darkest Timeline was happening,

for Edge to reverse Ortons throw and win the Rumble from the No. 1 spot.

What did you think of the Royal Rumble pay-per-view?

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This not only had two fantastic Rumble matches, its one of the best Royal Rumble pay-per-views

WWE have ever put on.

Surprises, great matches, returns, winners youre happy with - absolutely everything

you could hope for from WWEs best format of the year.

Royal Rumble 2021 is four out of four.

It also all went down in our Royal Royal live reactions too.

Randy Datson and Adam Blampied won the Jamble matches, setting them up for title shots at


And I lost, no, I was screwed, out of my Jampionship by the Inside Man.

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And thats not the only thing thats happening at WrestleTalk.

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Now heres a WrestleTalk service announcement from me!

Now, this is a shoot as they call it in the wrestling biz.

Weve got a few things happening on WrestleTalk - all good, dont panic - that I thought

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