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Argentina is considered an excellent destination for those who wish to stay on the continent

American, at least it is clear from the World Bank figures, pointing to Argentina

as the country has reduced unemployment youth in recent times. opportunities

labor in Argentina are mainly oriented to careers that have to do with technology,

food and health, if you are from Argentina, these about to enter college and do not know

to study today we bring you the 10 races better paid in your country if you want to know

which are I invite you to stay to see The following video .. Are you ready? Let's start!

10-.right The law student is a professional

with broad domain of argumentative language and legal interpretation. He specializes

in designing and implementing strategies for law enforcement and prevention

and dispute settlement. It's a race great history and has a lot of security

in employment and independent work, professionals who exercise this profession

you manage to get an average monthly salary 21, ooo.

9-.Ing. In control and automation The professional in this race manages to design,

implement and operate automation projects in different industries, in order to make

more efficient and innovate in processes equipment changes, update

device, maintenance and administration instruments and industrial control which

It makes them earn an average monthly salary 23,000 pesos. The race lasts

average of 8 semesters, and the best university to study this race is at the University

from Buenos Aires

8. Ing, electricity An engineer can design Electricity

projects, manage resources, maintain and managing industrial projects and their

Once he is responsible for the transmission and distribution power. In addition also it has

a field of work in other industries such as mining, telecommunications, consulting

and information technologies, in short this word throughout the race, making

these professionals earn on average 28,000 pesos.

7.-Ing. Civil Civil Engineering in Civil Works is a

career professionals who develop infrastructure projects across the country,

and regionally. In Argentina They are designed, planned and managed large

civilians all the time, works as projects road, port, airport infrastructure

and water treatment systems, allowing these professionals earn an average monthly

31,000. And, etter school to study this career in Argentina is the Technical University

Federico Santa María

6.-Ing. industrial An Industrial Engineer can perform

in different industrial areas. Can do design and production management and

operations and management of the organization economic and financial. It focuses on solving

problems with a sustainable approach, innovation and focused on resource optimization

and materials. It has a wide application area in different areas, from industrial,

manufacturing and commercial allowing win these profeisonistas an average salary

33,000 monthly.

5. Electromechanical Engineering This professional can develop in

power and energy industries, in production processes and management

Projects. It has areas of development in networks electrical, electrical machines and systems

electric power, to participate in all kinds of development projects and management

electrical systems in any industry or service that makes them win these professionals

an average monthly salary of 35,000.

4. Mining Engineering and Metallurgy Engineering in Mining and Metallurgy is the

profession that studies the exploitation and extraction Mineral resources of the earth's crust,

so it is necessary to study and analyze everything that belongs to it. It promotes

technological innovation in metallurgical processes which requires a large investment.

It has an average length between 8 and 10 semesters. A career rather long so

these professionals earn on average 37,000

3. Medicine Medicine is one of the oldest races

and you fought race by students professionals. It is dedicated to the study of

life, health, disease and death human; exercising their knowledge

to maintain and restore health. This oriented diagnose, treat and prevent

diseases of any kind. There are many specializations can be studied later

this race. It has an average duration 6 years, one of the best universities

for etsudiar medicine in Argentina it is in the University of Buenos Aires and profession

You get a salary average monthly 38 thousand pesos.

2.-Ing. civil metal The Civil Metallurgical Engineering professionals

are those engaged in studying the transformation mineral materials for use in life

daily. For example, they focus on creating of construction steel, alloys

or materials for aeronautical industries of high technology. They are a key profession

in technological and scientific development Overall Argentina so these professionals

monthly earn on average only offer and nothing less than 51,000.

1.-Geology This is the science that studies the structure,

evolution, dynamics and conservation resources of the planet. It focuses on discovering

and exploit minerals that promote development of society in different areas. are resolved

problems such as soil erosion, construction civil works and roads and pollution

environmental. It provides and promotes conservation environmental and mineral resources issues

paramount in the last 30 years, so people who decide to enter

this profession come to collect on average 58,000 pesos monthly

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