Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Steak TENDERIZING EXPERIMENT 3 Tested! Apple, Sour Cream, Lemon, Blue Berry & Vinegar!

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This is the tenderizing experiment #3.

My goal is to test the acid on these items to see if they can tenderize the steaks.

We have apple with malic acid, sour cream with lactic acid, vinegar with acetic acid,

and lemon and blueberry with citric acid.

Now let me show you how I prepared all of them. Check it out.

Now that we have all of our contestants ready it is time for the meat.

For today's cook I am using a whole export rib which I got it from Harry's Ranch.

As you can see this is USDA Choice.

And the first thing I like to do is cut them into nice beautiful steaks and turn them into cowboy steaks.

Let me show it to you. Check it out.

And there you have it, this is a 2 inch cowboy steak.

Now that everything is ready it is time to marinate them.

I'm gonna be marinating all of them for one hour to see how well each one tenderizes the steaks.

To really ensure that I am getting a coating all the way through with the marinade, I am going to

put it in a vacuum bag and vacuum seal it.

This will ensure that the marinade will penetrate as much as possible into the meat.

Now that I have all the steaks ready, I letting them sit on my refrigerator for one hour.

After one hour has elapsed I removed them quickly from the bags. And t his is what they look like.

Now we don't want to have any funky taste on our steaks, so I'm washing everything off.

Once everything has been washed off you can really see the difference between a fresh steak

which is the one on the bottom right and the other ones. There's a huge difference on oxidation.

And this one is the sour cream. This one feels so tender in my hand that is completely falling apart.

As you can see cap is just disintegrating.

This looks extremely promising. Just like the pineapple experiment. So I'm looking forward to this one.

The blueberry to my surprise had almost similar effect. It does also feel extremely tender on my hand.

The lemon to my surprise didn't do nothing. It is not tender whatsoever, it actually feels a little bit tougher.

As you can see everything is still together just like a regular steak.

If it did anything it made it actually worst.

The apple steak had similar results as well. Almost nothing happened to it.

It doesn't feel as tough as the lemon, but by no means does it feel anymore tender.

This one here is the vinegar. And it felt like all the fibers got together and din't wanna let go.

It is the toughest steak there is today. And it feels the most tough in my hand. Quite surprising for me.

And this is the fresh steak. The coloration is completely different and when touching it I can really tell

that the vinegar is really tough.

But now that we have all these steaks ready, to ensure that I cook them to the exact temperature

I am using my wireless thermometer.

This will ensure that every steak is cooked to the exact temperature I want.

To keep the steak as simple as possible, I am only seasoning them with only salt and pepper. Nothing else.

But now that we have these beautiful steaks ready it is time to cook them.

I'm gonna be reverse searing these beautiful steaks and then searing them off.

But I say it is enough talking. So let's do it!

Alright everybody, we have all of our steaks here. Wow that's a lot of steaks man.

Yeap. By the way this is Chris. You guys never met him before, you already know Miss Keyla

and you know my nephew here. I say enough talking cuz we got a lot of steaks to try.

Whatever piece you grab from, like your grabbing from, like your grabbing from this piece,

make sure you grab from that piece from all of them. Same thing

So if you're gonna go for the middle Keyla, there you go. You always grab the middle every single time.

Definitely tender. Yea. That was tender.

Super tender. I don't know if it's the meat or whatever you did but that one was really, really tender.

I don't taste anything odd from the steak. No. Or different is just a nice tender steak. Yea.

Yea, it doesn't have a weird flavor or anything crazy. Yea. It's consistent.

What about you Keyla, what do you think? I thought it was really tender also and it tasted like, normal.

Like a nice steak right? No off-putting flavor whatsoever.

Is there gonna be off-putting flavor? I hope not. I don't know.

Oh my God there's gonna be an off-putting flavor!

There's an experiment, you can expect something right? There's a lot of steaks.

Ok. Alright, let's go for the next one. Grab from the same spot.

Is not a hard steak. It's still tender, it does have a little bit different flavor than the last one.

Flavor is a little bit different, but its not bad.

It's not that much difference between the tenderness of this one and and this one, it's kind of similar.

It's very similar yea. What do you think Keyla. Keyla is thinking is different.

Compared to the first one I had I think this one is a little harder.

A little harder OK. Not like I can't chew it. A little harder, Ok this one is way more tender

For me, for me it was almost there. Almost, similar to each other? I agree with you, I agree with you.

Ok, very good. Let's go for the next one.

Oh, umm

This one tastes different. Ha, ha.

I'm flabbergasted. And this one is tough for me, how about for you?

You said you're flabbergasted. In a good way or a bad way? in a great way!

At first I was like this is weird, and then I bit into it and I was like ohhh.

It's lemon! It's lemon. This is lemon. Yea you can tell that there's some lemon in that.

You can taste the lemon a little bit. I agree. I think this one was good though.

I thought it was tough for me. What about you? Yea the outside part is a little tougher than the other two.

This one definitely has a tougher taste than the other two compared. Yeah.

How about you Keyla what do you think? The most tender like...

So its going down the tenderness level for you? Yeah that makes sense yea.

But the taste is good. The taste is great. So far number 1 on taste level. Yeah I agree it has a nice lemony taste.

For me, the number one taste is probably this one.

Really, you like this one? Is that this one when I first bit into it, it tasted weird like I was like what is this.

Like, what the heck is that? Yeah. Very good. Let's go for the next one guys

Next? Yeap let's go for it.

It's tender.

Very tender, I'm surprised how tender it is.

Tastes kind of weird

Tastes weird for you?

It doesn't taste like, it tastes meaty but it tastes like uh. It doesn't taste as good as the other three. Yeah

Really? How about you Chris? That has like a sweet after taste. Sweet after taste? Yea. Ok

How about you Angel? I think it's pretty normal.

Alright, let's go for the last one. On the other end huh? Yea.

You gotta reach over there Chris. I gotta reach for this one.

Go for it. Oh your gonna get double! I got double. Chris don't play! I got a double header.

Alright let's go. Go for it huh.

Oh this tastes weird.

Yea, no! Oh no I don't like this one.

I don't like this one, oh this one is bad!

You are so dramatic is not spitting out type bad but.

No this one is not spitting out like Angel but this one is not good.


I feel weird, I actually like it.

Actually hold on a second, that was bad.

I actually like it. You like it? Yea I don't know what the fuss is about.

Oh the after taste is so bad.

Hold on we need to get some water.

Oh my god. Here Keyla.

This is good! You liked it Chris? Yea. Eww. Chris liked it. I think it tastes great.

Oh my god here Angel. You want some water?

That's water? No we are gonna get some water.

Guys, gives us a second this one is bad. Chris that's all yours.

Flavor wise is the best one. No, no!

I don't know what the fuss is about.

Chris the after taste is bad. I think is great.

Really? Initially it taste good for me but then like as I chewed it I was like...

Yea there is something there that is like uh uh.

Initially I was like no and then right after I was like heck no.

Ok. Last one everybody. You ready? All right let's go.

Uh I got a double header again.

Yes. Yes Keyla what are you saying Keyla?

This is just flushing away all of the horribleness from the previous one.

Oh yes! That one is good!

Give me five Keyla. You like that one better bro? You like that one better Chris?

Ahh a little bit. Don't tell me you like that one!

That's my sleeper that's the one I like. That's the one I like.

You like that one better than that one? Yea.

That one tasted great. That one is amazing everybody and my favorite one.

How about you Keyla

That's not my favorite but it's the best one, I mean not the best one sorry.

Alright we have to pick a vote, which one is the most tender? Point at it, one two go!

I agree this is the most tender steak today. Right here.

Regards to the worst flavor of all of them, which one is the worst?

All right. We coming at you man! You like that one Chris.

So you can take that home

Yea you can take it home.

All right so you guys ready to find out what it is?

So this is our tenderizing experiment number three.

So we are testing tenderizing with weird stuff. Yea?

What happened Keyla? No? Keyla you just tried that one again? That one is not for you?

Is not that bad.

Drink some water Kayla.

All right, here's what we got everybody.

The first one here we did it with Sour Cream.

This is sour cream, so we let it marinate with sour cream.

The second one was with blueberry.

That's why I like it. That's why you like it with blueberry.

This one you all said it already, its with lemon.

Had to be lemon. You can really taste it. It's obvious.

Even if you wash it out everybody you can really taste the lemon on this one right here. Yea.

This one right here was with apple. Oh nice.

You can't really taste that. Yea, you can really tell when you take the apple out, nothing.

And then, this one here, your favorite Chris, vinegar.

Apple cider vinegar!

You like vinegar brother.

I like it now!

And the last one has nothing only salt and pepper on it. Which is our control. That makes sense, of course.

Very good. I had a feeling. I hear you.

All right so these are the results, so our winners. Winner for you Keyla?

Blueberry. Blueberry. Winner for you Angel?

On tenderness, what was it? Sour cream? Yea, sour cream. Sour cream.

So you prefer sour cream out of all of the other ones. Tenderness.

No I am talking about overall steak. Overall steak pick a winner.

Blueberry. All right, blueberry for Keyla, blueberry for Angel.

Overall steak the blueberry.

What about vinegar? Taste wise is good, tenderness and taste, blueberry.

Ah because of tenderness.

Yea, yea. But if it was just taste? Vinegar. Vinegar

Oh my god, Chris, what is wrong with you?

I guess I'm built different.

You built different!

Guys these are the results we tried all these steaks, we experimented with it and we got a few results

so the blueberry is the champion today.

Oh dude which one is your favorite? All around I think the blueberry is the most tender together with this one

as well but the blueberry has a little bit better flavor, like different.

So I enjoy this one, and I enjoy this one, but most of all, I do enjoy the control better.

I think the sour cream is too tender, for me. Too tender? It's like too much.

It's funny you said that Keyla because when I was wiping out the sour cream from the steak

It was just literally like disintegrating. Yea.

If I didn't have the butcher's twine and everything, I think it would completely fall apart.

I like the blueberry is like a good mix of like taste and tenderness.

Perfect there you go. Blueberry is the winner.

This concludes the results for our number three tenderizing experiment everybody.

If you want the champions of all of them together, to battle against each other

Let me know on the comments down below and we are gonna make that happen.

I could eat another pineapple steak. Pineapple still I think my win everything

out of all of them. You haven't tried that one. No I haven't.

We did that one with worst steaks than this one. Yea. Next one I think this, instead of trying it with

nice, beautiful cowboy ribeyes

I'm just gonna try with the worst piece of meat I can find. Ah no, no, no.

You can't do that either. Maybe we just try with wagyu then?

No you can't do that either. You gotta do it with like, choice or prime.

Choice. Prime? Oh my god. This is choice right here brother.

Choice or prime, one or the other.

We are gonna find out. You guys are gonna be the judge.

Which one did you get?

The vinegar. The vinegar

Oh my god.

Guys this is it, I hope you enjoyed this video. If you do enjoy it make sure you give it a thumbs up.

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Thank you so much for watching and we'll see you guys on the next one.

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put it one the comments we might make another one happen before the finals.

Maybe we'll have four videos and then you can have semifinals.

No that's not happening. And then they can have a final.

I know why you are saying that you just want to eat more steaks. Noooo.

Guys, we see you on the next one. We out! Bye!

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