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Alright, you're staring at the mean grill of the Acer Aspire Predator,

and i'm sure you've seen this before, the video was never done

and we just got it in and this thing is pretty nasty,

i've got to give it to them, they've got a pretty slick case design,

it's pretty mean looking, and this is the GT7700 version of it,

there's a bunch of different versions to make sure that you're looking at the right one,

if you're considering buying this product, this thing is pretty sweet, i'll tell you what,

it's got a Q9550, which is a Core 2 Quad, that is a 2.83 gigahert,

12-megabyte of L2 cache, 1333-megahertz front-side bus,

45nm Intel processor, it is a Quad Core, it's very fast,

great for gaming, great for multitasking, and it is very overclockable with no problem.

Now, you're also not going to have a problem overclocking this because this whole thing

is liquid-cooled. It's actually running right now, right next to me, and for having the amount

of hardware that this thing has in it, you...don't really hear it too much.

You probably hear a little hum, do you hear a hum? Yeah? A little bit?

That's about right, it sounds pretty good, and that's, again, because it's liquid-cooled,

because it's only got one 120-millimeter fan in the back, the rest of the fans

are going through the radiator which are very small,

and it's pretty much just one radiator off the back, and man, i'll tell you what,

it's pretty nice. Take a look at the case, you're obviously going to notice it's very orange,

that's kind of it's calling-card, it's bright orange, it's got some blue lights down here,

which again, if you lift this up, you reveal that you do have the grill down here,

now i'll actually start the tour from up here at the top, i'm going to show you

the input/output. Now, first of all you're going to have your input

and your output for your headsets and your microphones,

and then you have four USB 2.0s on the front, which is kind of interesting that they went

with that instead of having eSATAs and Firewires, but hey that's what they did

and that's what they got, those are going to be located further below, now obviously

right here you're going to see your power button and pretty much you've got some options,

these are some lights over here for your network and your hardware activity light

and then this is your power button, it's just one big button,

and zoom out a little so I can show them how this case opens.

It has really cool arms on the sides, on both sides,

and it pretty much automatically opens as well as shifts it perfectly to the top,

which is really cool, alright now when you get up here

you've got a couple options, you're going to see that the DVD drives

open very uniquely, they've got a really cool mechanism to help open them up,

the buttons are right here and right here, this is your DVD-ROM and then this

is your DVD writer with LabelFlash which does every single media

you could possibly want, and i'll go ahead and open these up for you

so you can see how they open, very neat opening, looks very futuristic,

kind of sci-borgish, these are the computers that are going to come and kill the human race,

eventually. Coming down here you do have your Firewire port, your iLink, your USB 2.0,

and then you have all your media card slots so you have CompactFlash, XD, SD,

MultimediaStick Pro and all of your Sony sticks are done there...

now, down here at the bottom you're going to notice this very cool, lit-up section,

it's all blue, it looks like there would be a fan behind there, but there's not

because there's something much better, check this out, this is sweet.

Look at all your hard drive caddies right there, just loaded, and you can pretty much

put any hard drive you want right in there, and it's all hot-swappable,

you don't have to plug in the power or the SATA cable, it's literally built in back here,

and it's amazing, they even mark the one with the operating system right there.

OS installed right there, which is awesome. Now i'll tell you what, this thing has

1.9 terabytes of storage. That's a lot of storage, and it comes from three 640-gigabyte hard drives,

those are in RAID 0, so you're going to get a combination of 1.9 terabytes of storage,

but you're getting the speed of having three hard drives running at the same time,

which is awesome. As far as graphics go on this thing, it does have the 9800 GTX videocard

in there, so it's got a very fast Quad Core, and if you want to add more video cards

they give you a ton of SLI bridges-- NVidia's going to stab me for that one....

CrossFire bridges, and I don't know why they gave you two of the double ones,

but there you go. You have a bunch of SLI bridges, if you want to add more 9800 GTX's

you have no problems. Now let's talk about memory, this thing is insane as far as the memory goes,

you get 8 gigabytes of memory. So that's pretty much setting you up for

future-proofness, you're going to be set for all the new programs

that are going to be coming out in the future, with 64-bit operating systems coming out

and becoming more prevalent nowadays you're going to see programs are written

to take advantage of large amounts of very fast memory usage.

So that's going to be very popular, and that's going to make sure that you're

futureproof for those things. Now, on top of that, you get all of the regular stuff

that you would think on a computer of this size, you get dual gigabit LAN,

and what else have you got back here? 7-channel audio, HD audio with Azalia,

you get some eSATA ports and some Firewire-- i'm going to turn it around

and show it to you in a second, but before that i'm going to show what you get

on top of it with this stuff, this is pretty cool, because this is not just your regular

keyboard, speakers and mouse, this is a nice setup here,

this is the G11 setup from Logitech, Acer went ahead and gave you that

because they know that you're going to be gaming on this thing,

so why not give you a gaming keyboard, giving you a regular keyboard

would just be inappropriate and I would be upset, you also get the G5 gaming mouse,

which is one of the most proven, long-term mice,

it's been around for a really long time, it's really comfortable,

it's really easy to use and has programmable buttons,

on the fly DPI switching, scroll wheel, it's got a lot of great stuff

and it is weighted, so if you want to insert weights there, you can, no problem,

so that's really nice, they also give you these two little speakers, 2.1 channel Acer speakers

which do have your power, you have a headphone jack over here,

and then you have volume control on the other side so you can turn them on and off

and increase and decrease the volume... Alright, now, taking a look at the back

of this case, i'm going to start off with the top up here, reason being because i'm going

to talk about the power supply, because it's a 750-watt.

So that's more than ready for an extra 9800 GTX or three 9800 GTX's,

you can also upgrade to get more hard drives in there, you can do pretty much

whatever you want with a big power supply like this, right here this is the outlet

for your fan, and pretty much right behind here there's a radiator and it's just

pretty much a liquid-cooling system keeping everything nice and cool in there,

and besides that you don't really need much else because it's liquid-cooled,

you have two PS/2 ports up here, this is your Firewire, this is the S/PDIF

for the onboard optical audio that can come out of this thing, you get two eSATAs

built in right there which is really nice, four USB 2.0s are right there

as well as the four that are in the front, that gives you a total of ten--

i'm sorry, eight, and you can add two more I believe with this board via headers,

you get dual gigabit LAN right there which is extremely good for gaming,

and you also have 7.1 channel HD audio, this is your 9800 GTX which has two dual-link DVIs,

these do do 2560 x 1600 and you can definitely add more down here if you wanted to,

you can keep expanding, now all of this is tooless,

so if you want to add anything you're not going to need a screwdriver,

it's going to be all tooless, and next let's go to the inside.

Now, here we have the predator pretty much open, it's in the nude, you get to see everything

in here, first you're going to notice this is the radiator, it's a 1 x 120mm radiator

which will keep your QX98550 very cool, you can remove this plate via this little panel,

take a good look at the inside, you're going to notice that it does have

active cooling on the northbridge and the southbridge is passively cooled,

all copper heatpipes in there as well as this very nice liquid cooling system,

you're going to notice that all four DIMMs are populated, and those are all

populated with two-gig sticks to give you that overall eight-gigabyte capacity,

your power supply obviously is up here, they did a great job wiring it,

and then this front part up here takes pretty much the entire hard drive

caddy section, that hot-swappable cage that's in the front,

it's all built into here, you could remove it and service it if you want to,

and let's see if I can take this off... yeah, pretty much there you'll see

they have that board right there, that's where they plug in their SATA cables

and their SATA connectors and you can get to pretty much see

how they wired it all up, which is really cool, I would love to get one of these on a custom-built

PC, but they did it for your here, very cool, and again, everything up here

for your floppy drives, and all of your opticals are tooless, if you want to swap them out

for a Bluray or something, it's not going to be a problem, and you don't need to get a special--

you don't need to get a special CD-ROM or anything, pretty much it will take

any regular, old CD-ROM, and the case will, you know, still function properly

in the front with those arm thingies. Those are still going to work no problem,

and then obviously I almost missed the 9800 GTX, which is right there,

very nice as well. So that's the inside of this thing. Alright, so you saw

the GT7700 Acer Aspire Predator, it's got a liquid-cooled Quad Core,

9800 GTX+, comes with the G11 gaming keyboard and the G5 gaming mouse,

if you guys have never used a gaming keyboard or mouse, they're awesome,

this one right here has a little button right here, you flip that right there

and guess what, it disables your windows key, so you're not going to kill your game

in the middle of a huge fragmatch where you're like killing each other

and having a great time, never going to ruin your fun,

coimes with all this great stuff, great power supply that lets you

upgrade everything, dual gigabit LAN, you've got eight-gigabytes of memory,

three 640-gigabyte hard drive in RAID 0, it's got an awesome looking case

obviously, and it's actually pretty affordable, and check it out if you're lazy and you don't

want to hold it, no hands, ma. Bam! Very cool. The Acer Aspire GT7700 Predator,

if you have any questions on it e-mail me and i'll see you guys next time.

The Acer Aspire Predator gaming desktop is available from the retailers listed here,

or for more information you can type in A180-7700 into any major search engine.

For ComputerTV, i'm Albert.

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