Practice English Speaking&Listening with: What does 'serial returner' mean?

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Feifei: Hello and welcome to The English

We Speak with me, Feifei

Neil: …and me, Neil. Nice coat you were

wearing this morning, by the way.

Feifei: Thanks! In this programme we

have an expression which describes a

certain kind of shopper who likes to

return items they've bought and

get their money back.

Neil: What's wrong with that?

Feifei: Nothing if there's a problem with

the items, but shops, particularly online

retailers, say they're losing lots of money

because people are regularly returning

itemspossibly even after they're used

them. They're called 'serial returners'.

Neil: And this isn't about breakfast

cornflakes, is it?

Feifei: No, Neil. The 'serial' in this

expression means 'repeat'. You might

have heard the expression a 'TV serial' –

it means there are many episodes.

Neil: And that was a nice new coat you

had on yesterday, by the way, Feifei.

Feifei: Oh, thanks.

Neil: Very different from the one you were

wearing the day before thatand the day

before that.

Feifei: What are you suggesting, Neil?

Neil: Nothing, nothingshall we hear

some examples of our expression

'serial returner'?

Oh no, this customer has sent back an

order for the fifth time this month. If we

don't block these serial returners, we're

going to go out of business!

A: I buy about £400 worth of clothes

every month.

B: No way! You must be rich.

A: Not really. I return about £300 worth.

I'm one of those serial returners.

And in business news, online clothes

shops are introducing new measures

to make it harder for so-called serial

returners to get refunds on their orders.

Feifei: You're listening to The English We

Speak from BBC Learning English. In this

programme, we're looking at the

expression 'serial returner'.

It's used to talk about people who return

lots of items they've boughtusually online.

Neil: So, as I was saying, you've had a nice

new coat on every day for the lastwell,

month. Did you win the lottery?

Feifei: No, there is a perfectly innocent


Neil: Yesyou're a serial returner, aren't you?

Feifei: Absolutely not! I just knew we were

going to make this programme on the

expression 'serial returner' and thought I

needed to do a littleresearch.

Neil: Ha! It's very important to do proper

research, I agree.

Both: Bye!

Neil: Now, which one's your favourite?

Feifei: The pea-green one with the furry collars.

Neil: Are you going to keep it?

Feifei: Nahtoo expensive!

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