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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Let's Play: GTA V - Gavin's Heist

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Let's Play!

Gavin: Ey Heist!


Ryan: Please Gavin, let's have a little gravitas here

Gavin: The last heist we did was shit

Gavin: All the money ended up at the bottom of the ocean

Gavin: We will not have a repeat of that

Geoff: The heist wasn't shit, the team was shit

Gavin: Alright the team fell apart.

Gavin: But you may be wondering-

Ryan: I'd like to say that at the very end there was only one, and that's all that matters

Ray: Yeah

Gavin: Fair play

Gavin: We're not going with any code names on this one

Gavin: We'll have a (Ryan: Ok), we'll just have like secret in front of our names

Gavin: You're secret Ryan

*laughter* Ryan: Secret Ryan. Got it.

Gavin: So i bet you're wondering like why would i lead a heist

Gavin: What skills do i have?

Gavin: And let me tell you (Geoff: Zero)

Gavin: I have confusion and disorientation

Gavin: That's what we're gonna be going for (Ryan: And Slow mo)(Jack: There's medicine for that)

Gavin: Right so (Ray: That's a physic type)

Gavin:The place we're hitting is over here, it's a little gas station

Gavin: I've pre prepared some uh (Ryan: Gas station?) sweet selfies

Micheal: Oh shit

Jack: We're getting that xon money

Ray: Why would you take your own picture (*laughter*)

Micheal: Real way to make sure who it was that robbed them

Ryan: So we have to (Gavin: That might have been a-) burn that and you after this

Gavin: Right, yeah

Gavin: So we're hitting this place here

Gavin: Now (Ryan: *laughing*) the confusion part

Gavin: I want (Ray: We're gonna blow the heist, we don't even have a printer with color)

Ryan: Shut up

Geoff: We're gonna buy one with the heist money!

Gavin: There's no color in this video right? It's sepia tone

Geoff: oh.

Gavin: It's color?!

Gavin: Right so, Geoff, Ryan (Geoff: Secret Geoff), Ray (Ray: Yeah?) and uh secret Gavin

Gavin: We're all gonna dress in yellow right

(Ryan: Yellow?) Gavin: We're then gonna call 911

Gavin: Each of us are gonna get a firetruck

Everyone: Ok?

Gavin: Then, what we're gonna do is we're gonna park the fire trucks

Gavin: Just around here, there's basically a big ramp

Ray: You know there's a back facing camera right?

Micheal: Why didn't you just take the picture? Why did you put yourself in it?

Gavin: I dunno! I mean, look, look how good i look

Ray: Hi mom! Wish you were here!

Gavin: So we're gonna have four fire trucks placed there

Gavin: We're also (Geoff: Why are we wearing yellow?) cause we're pretending to be firemen

Geoff: Oh.

Gavin: There's like a tanker thing in the game. It looks like this. Little wheels..

Ray: That's a penis

Gavin: I've pre procured one of those

Gavin: This is waiting for us in a (Ryan: Such a decent tanker) construction site just down the street

Gavin: That's gonna be our base of operations. That's where we're gonna pool all the firetrucks before we put them in this position

Everyone: Ok

Gavin: Alright?

Ryan: Alright.

Gavin: At that point we all have sticky bombs right?

Gavin: Everyone's got sticky bombs?

Geoff: Yes

Gavin: Five each (Ray: K)

Gavin: We absolutely litter this thing with sticky bombs

Gavin: I want twenty five sticky bombs on this

Ryan: I'm on board, alright

Gavin: thirty? Right thirty, that's.. (Geoff: thirty.) Alright that's good.

Gavin: Uhh Geoff

Geoff: Secret Geoff

Gavin: Secret Geoff sorry

Ryan: You're already letting the code names fall apart come on!

Gavin: Alright uhh so you'll be the front firetruck

Gavin: You're gonna be in charge of detonation (Geoff: Ok)

Gavin: Micheal you're driving this in between the pumps in the gas station

Ryan: Ooo Micheal: Ok

Gavin: At that point you're gonna hop out of the firetruck

Gavin: You're gonna stand on a balcony in front of the street and you're just gonna hang out and wait

Gavin: We'll uh, i'll show all of these in the game when we get in

Gavin: Geoff, you detonate

Gavin: Oh wait i forgot about what Jack's gonna do

Gavin: Jack you're gonna be around there in an alley

Gavin: Uhh just behind the fence, this is behind the gas station

Jack: Ok Gavin: You'll be waiting on a bike

Gavin: The bike needs to look sweet. This is the escape vehicle

Gavin: We have to escape in style, alright

Jack: A bicycle for six people?

Gavin: No just (Ray: Tandem) Micheal's the guy robbing the place

Jack: Ok

Gavin: So you detonate

Jack: From the balcony

Gavin: Secret Geoff detonates (Geoff: I detonate)

Gavin: Chaos. All of us

Geoff: Are we already there in firetrucks?

Gavin: No we're waiting in this ramp here

Ryan: Round the corner

Gavin: Micheal's (Ryan: We're first responders) Micheal will see the detonation

Gavin: He'll give us the go

Gavin: We blast the sirens. All four firetrucks pull up to the gas station

Gavin: We start extinguishing right

Gavin: Micheal you run in, use the confusion as like a "whaaa what's going on??"


Gavin: We extinguish the flames, we extinguish the police

Gavin: Both, alright

Gavin: Spraying everywhere. Nobody goes in

Gavin: Or out

Gavin: Anyone's in there, unlucky for them

Gavin: Micheal you leg it out on foot

Gavin: People don't flee in cars

Micheal: Nobody goes in or out, Micheal you go out (*laughter*)

Gavin: But you come out (Ray: You're the only one) basically you run out of the gas station

Gavin: You do a little u-turn, you'll end up jumping over this fence here

Gavin: Jack will pick you up on the bike

Gavin: We then meet up

Gavin: Right here

Gavin: On the rwby colored jet skis alright

Ray: That's Micheal right? (Everyone: alright)

Gavin: Well that's...

Micheal: In the game (Gavin: Oh)

Gavin: Uhh right at this point everyone except Ryan

Gavin: Because of what happened last time


Gavin: Will go here

Gavin: Bike and the other remaining firetrucks

Gavin: Ryan, you get a cargo bob. Do you have a cargo bob?

Ryan: Yes

Geoff: Looks like there's only four of those though

Gavin: But you can put two people on the back

Geoff: You get the two each?

Gavin: Yeah, Micheal you can go on the back of mine

Geoff: I'm not riding bitch

Micheal: Gavin you can ride on the back of mine (Ray: I'll ride bitch)

Gavin: We then take (Ray: I'll take responsibility) this is the final stage of the heist

Gavin: We take the jet skis out here

Gavin: Ryan you fly over in the cargo bob. Pick us all up

Gavin: We then fly to the maze bank

Gavin: Bevs on the roof

Gavin: Done!

Ryan: i going to pick you up from the middle of the

Geoff: You're going to (Gavin: You hover low and we will climb up)

Ray: Very carefully (Ryan: Ok)

Gavin: So

Ryan: Uhh i have a question (Gavin: Any questions?)

Ryan: Yes i have a question

Ryan: Uh do we get masks?

Micheal: God damn it

Gavin: Sure

Gavin: Sure you can wear a mask

Ray: Only Ryan

Ryan: A firemen mask?

Geoff: How much money do we get here?

Gavin: Like eleven hundred bucks

Geoff: We're gonna split it six ways? (Gavin: Split it six ways)

Ryan: Do you the expenses for the heist come off the top of that?

Ryan: Cause that cargo bob is like two hundred bucks

Gavin: That comes out of your own pocket

Geoff: Alright.. Ryan: That's more then my cut? I think...

Gavin: Ok secret foursome with the firetrucks

Gavin: Go and get the yellow clothes

Gavin: Jack get a bike

Jack: Get a bike!

Gavin: Micheal just uh hang out

Gavin: Maybe just admire the truck or something?

Gavin: Actually let's all take a little (Micheal: Y'know what) visit to the construction site

Micheal: I'm gonna watch TV

Geoff: You need to be more fucking decisive

Jack: Break!

Micheal: You guys have fun

Gavin: Break?


Gavin: Alright Ryan: So we're going to the construction site

Gavin: Yeah i'll walk you guys through the..

Ryan: Alright Micheal we need your uh (Micheal: Hold on) you gotta load up

Ryan: You got the uh the machine

Ray: Heist tradition Jack: The machine!

Ryan: Da machine

Micheal: Gavin said i was gonna hang out

Ryan: Nice top hat Jack! (Jack: Thank you!)

Jack: I'm classy!

Ray: It's now a tradition (Gavin: I don't know why i can't get out..)

Ray: Now a heist tradition

Jack: Why won't it let me to leave your apartment..?

Ryan: What's a heist tradition?

Ryan: The top hat? (Ray: Don't worry about it)

Gavin: I'm trapped like a damn rat

Ryan: Oh alright

Micheal: One at a time please gentlemen

Geoff: Alright

Gavin: Creepy hand..

Ryan: Alright so we need to acquire yellow clothing

Geoff: I thought we were going (Gavin: Yeah) the thing

Gavin: Let's do a little walkthrough

Geoff: A little reconnaissance

Ryan: We gotta wait for Micheal to pull the car around

Geoff: Are we gonna take the AH mobile?

Ryan: Of course! (Micheal: Yes)

Geoff: Ok

Micheal: What the fuck was i driving..?

Micheal: Oh i was driving nothing

Micheal: What is the AH mobile?

Ryan: Is there a floating red dot..? (Geoff: Eeehh)

Gavin: Alright Micheal's not doing anything let's just get a car

Ryan: Alright! Micheal: I'm here!

Michael: I'm calling it right now

Ray: Isn't the Roosevelt the AH car?

Micheal: Oh ok

Micheal: I wasn't sure if that's what he meant

Ryan: Bing!

Jack: *laughing* Ryan..

Ryan: Well it's just a red dot!

Geoff: Alright well Ryan's about to have a wanted level

Micheal: AH cars on it's way

Ryan: Nah i'm putting it away

Ryan: There see!

Geoff: Don't uh don't get in the vehicle with Ryan

Ryan: I'm not i have no wanted level!

Micheal: Yet

Ryan: Let's take optimus prime

Micheal: Yeah cause we can all fit in there..

Ryan: How does he always (Gavin: Oh shit..) show up (Micheal: Holy shit what the fuck) in the beginning of these things

Gavin: Oh god (Micheal: Oh! That guys kicking your ass!)

Gavin: *sad noises*

Micheal: Ok AH cars here

Everyone: Whoa!! (Geoff: OH fuck!)

Ray: That guys dead.

Micheal: Follow me!

Geoff: There's a lot of bullying happening

Jack: Wait we have to get hit by the killer yet (Ray: I'm bullying right now)

OO!! *Impressed noises*

Ryan: Fuck him up!

Jack,Micheal: Jesus Christ.. (Gavin: Thanks Ryan)

Jack: Oh Ryan

Ray: Ow! (Everyone: OOO!!!!!!)


Micheal: Micheal's here!!

Ryan: Uhh Jack: Well!

Ryan: So this is pre heist right?

Jack: Ok!

Micheal: Yeah this is pre heist

Gavin: I'm not for real dead yet

Ryan: *laughing* You're not for real dead yet

Micheal: The car is here

Geoff: Those of us that are still alive let's mount up

Jack: God damn it..

Micheal: Oh i gotta fucking turn my names back on

Ryan: Oh that's right

Micheal: It's throwing me off... (Geoff: I got a wanted level!)

Jack: One star!


Geoff: WHAT DID I SAY (Ryan: *laughing*) DON'T GET IN A CAR WITH RYAN


Geoff: FUCK

Jack: Who's in here with me?


Gavin: I didn't do anything but (Jack: Ray drive!) (Micheal: Just get in!)

Micheal: I'll drive away, it's only a - OH

Micheal: Now it's two stars

Jack: Micheal go! Go! Go!

Gavin: *nonsense guhh noises*

Micheal: Are you in the car Jack?

Jack: Yeah i'm with you

Ray: I'm putting these back on (Micheal: Oh ok)

Gavin: It that a bottle?

Ray: We're gonna have some time..


Gavin: Heh alright

Gavin: Let's do the uh (Jack: We can do this!)

Gavin: OK (Micheal: Just do the walk through)

Geoff: *muttering* fucking hate.... (Ryan: Where did my mask go?)

Geoff: *muttering* all of you...

Micheal: We're gonna lose this in a second Jack

Micheal: There's no way they can keep up with the Roosevelt

Jack: We need to find somewhere to hide this guy

Ryan: See we're safe Geoff

Geoff: Every second that we don't (Ryan: It's fine!) go to this thing and make progress

Geoff: Is a second closer to Lindsey glitching out again

Ryan: *laughing*

Micheal: It's true

Ryan: For those of you just joining us

Ryan: Lindsey glitched out

Micheal: Oh this isn't.. (Jack: Oh look at this, this is perfect)

Ryan: There we go alright

Ryan: Wanted level gone

Jack: Right here

Geoff: Not mine..

Gavin: This is weird..

Ryan: Well you're not as good at it as i am

Jack: Take the stairs..

Geoff: Alright well..

Micheal: If you get out of the car you're gonna drop (Gavin: Good effort boys!) faster

Gavin: You did everything you could (Jack: Really?)

Micheal: Yeah cause they're looking for that car

Jack: I didn't know that

Geoff: Yeah...

Geoff: Alright does anybody that's not Ryan have a vehicle? (Ryan: Here's an ambulance!)

Ryan: Should we take an ambulance?

Gavin: Where's the car?

Ray: The medics are just looking at em'

Micheal: Alright i'm coming back right now

Micheal: I uh was losing the wanted level

Ryan: Yeah Ray

Jack: I'ma see if i can jump on your side

Micheal: Ey you're welcome

Ray: The medics are disgusted

Ryan: Here lemme just put it out for you

Jack: Eyy

Geoff: *muttering* Christ..

Jack: Let's do this!

Micheal: Almost killed you Jack

Jack: Almost lost me

Micheal: ok

Ryan: Whoops

Jack: I look really regal as shit with my top hat on (Ryan: They really are yelling)

Ray: Yeah well i own this ambulance now

Micheal: Yeah you do look cool on the side like that

Gavin: UHhhhh specimen

Micheal: Oh fuck

Micheal: We need to go down there don't we

Jack: Well either way you can enter..

Jack: Ah well

Gavin: Oh my god where's the car?

Ryan: Pretty sure that guy was (Jack: It's coming!) going for a Latin accent and landed with Japanese

Ryan: It's like *in a bad japanese accent* you idiot

Jack: Oh Ryan.. (Micheal: Ryan.)

Jack: Jesus Christ

Ryan: How come they're not helping this guy that i shot a thousand times

Gavin: Oh they gave it a go Ryan

Gavin: You'll see (Ryan: Did they?) on the footage yeah

Micheal: Alright Gavin you can mark the

Ryan: *laughing* I dropped a beer on his dead body (Micheal: The location when you want it)

Gavin: *laughing*

Geoff: Alright i'm in

Gavin: Ok (Ray: Go go go)

Gavin: If you unset a waypoint you can use my waypoint that's already on

Micheal: Yeah (Gavin: It's basically to go to Lindsey)

Micheal: Lemme do that hang on

Gavin: Oh you've already got it never mind

Micheal: Uh well now it's gone

Geoff: Is this everybody?

Everyone: *agrees*

Gavin: Alright!

Gavin: Let's scout the area

Micheal: Start here!

Gavin: And break!


Micheal: Second break

Ryan: Nothing happened

Gavin: Who cares

Micheal: Scouting the first location (Ryan: We need theme music to go with this car)

*car starts playing classical music as a horn*

Micheal: How's that?


Ryan: I like it

Ryan: Goes with Jack's top hat

Jack: Thank you (Micheal: It does)

Gavin: Ok!

Ryan: So which one of yous in the bell A?

Ray: All of us..

Gavin: This is our lovely base of operations

Jack: Base.. (Ryan: I like it!)

Gavin: We're gonna store all the firetrucks here and stuff

Ray: We're gonna start the gang attack too? (Micheal: *making O!!! noises*

Ryan: Do we have to kill the gang too (Micheal: We're out of the gang attack) that currently occupies this area?

Gavin: Thankfully i don't have gang attacks enabled

Micheal: Caleb's online..

Ryan: Oh! Look there's the truck

*laughter* Micheal: What the fuck

Geoff: Someone broke the doors

Micheal: How did that happen?

Gavin: This is the giant bomb we'll be using later

Geoff: Micheal doesn't need to get anything right?

Micheal: No this is it right here

Geoff: So Micheal can stay here with the truck

Gavin: Yeah but i figured he'd want to come out and hang out with us and all that

Gavin: Wouldn't he..?

Geoff: He can stay near the truck (Gain: Uh ok)

Jack: There goes driver

Ryan: Wait no what uh

Ray: So what do we do now?

Ryan: Yeah what's (Micheal: Should we move on or?)

Micheal: Or should.. What are we doing?

Gavin: So now (Ryan: Is she the passenger?)

Micheal: I figured i'd keep driving around (Ryan: Are we blaming this all on her in the end?)

Micheal: Yeah (Ryan: Alright)

Gavin: Her fingerprints are all over the inside

Ryan: That's true (Micheal: She's the patsy)

Gavin: Yeah

Gavin: So uh Secret Ryan, Geoff, Ray and Gavin

Gavin: We'll all go and get yellow clothes now

Everyone: Alright

Gavin: We'll get firetrucks as well

Ray: Dude we have a car

Micheal: So (Gavin: Jack get a bike) should i go with you?

Jack: I will get a bike!

Gavin: Soup it up, make it sweet

Micheal: Alright fuck it i'll just stay here then (Ray: Parkour!)

Ryan: Alright

Gavin: Oh whose bike is this

Ray: Yours now

Jack: I found a bike!


Gavin: So let's go to a store- oh uh see you later

Ryan: Guys guys, you want a ride?

Ryan: Or are you just gonna run?

Ray: Alright yeah a car

Micheal: Hey take care of OW! God damn it Lindsey

Geoff: So.. clothing store

Ryan: I got one already set

Jack: Oh who's that? Who's that on the bike?

Geoff: It's me

Micheal: Oh fuck me (Jack: That's my bike!)

Jack: Why can't i just use this bike?

Micheal: God this is parked like this again

Gavin: *laughing*

Geoff: You wanna get on the bike?

Gavin: Micheal will at some point have to turn that truck around and back it out

Micheal: I suppose i should do it now

Ray: Yeah you've got time to kill

Geoff: Is this your bike?

Jack: No, i mean i could use this one

Geoff: But i mean do you own it?

Jack: No

Ryan: Alright, Binco!

Gavin: Let's get our binc on

Ray: I'm all about it

Gavin: Get some nasty yellow clothes

Ryan: Nasty yellow clothes.. (Ray: Should we match?) alright

Micheal: Yeah uh definitely

Ryan: Nah just come out with do with whatever you feel like (Gavin: Geoff you're not here where are you?)

Geoff: I'm outside

Gavin: Ok

Geoff: If we try to coordinate matching clothes again we'll be here for the rest of our fucking lives

Micheal: It's true

Geoff: We're not capable

Jack: I'm gonna use this bike as my getaway bike

Geoff: That's totally cool with me

Jack: I dunno where you got it from but i'm gonna (Geoff: Totally cool) mod it up

Geoff: I don't care anymore

Jack: Geoff does not care anymore

Micheal: Don't worms it uh (Gavin: Yeah let's not worms)

Jack: OOooOoooOO Yeah!

Ryan: So what does a firemen look like?

Ray: Ah i got a yellow track jacket over here

*snazzy electro music!*

Gavin: Alright who we missing?

Gavin: Geoff?

Geoff: I'm almost done

Ryan: *singing* ~I look incredible~


Gavin: What was that?

Ryan: What just happened over there?

Jack: Mother fucker just ran over my bike

Gavin: *laughing* All i heard was pfffbtbtb AAHHNO

Jack: Fuck you

Jack: I'm get this shit repaired

Ryan: Alright

Jack: I didn't even get a star for that cause she knew she was in the wrong


Ryan: I love how things work in GTA verse

Ryan: You admit fault? Yep alright

Gavin: Oh my god Geoff

Geoff: Hold on..

Ryan: Alright Geoff let's go! Come on!

Jack: Sorry i was gonna take a photo for you guys but i gotta go repair the bike now

Micheal: Do you this ever happens where it's like

Micheal: Hey can you this photo for us

Micheal: And the guys like yeah sure AH god damn it i gotta go fix my bike

Jack: She ran over my bike!

Jack: She parked next to me, she just ran it right through

Ryan: Ray we're like pistons (Ray: Fire fighters!)

Ryan: Firemen!

Gavin: OO that's hideous (Ryan: Oh yeah)

Gavin: Alright

Ryan: Firemen!

Gavin: Jack taking a picture?

Jack: No (Gavin: Alright) i'm preparing the bike

Micheal: He's not there!

Gavin: I'll take a selfie

Micheal: Just one more piece of evidence for them to find us


Gavin: We've already got..

Jack: You guys look like Burnie Mac (?)


Ray: Rest in peace

Micheal: Yeah he's dead

Jack: Alright..

Ryan: Yeah!

Micheal: Can't blame us for that one

Gavin: Alright guys li-uh.. oh you can't see my screen

Ray: You want me to get closer?

Gavin: Uh.. Geoff: Should we move left?

Gavin: *laughing* No that's good


Geoff: Alright (Ray: Alright!) we're fire fighters

Gavin: Ok let's uh (Ryan: Let's move out)

Ryan: Being firemen..

Gavin: let's split up a little bit

Gavin: Everyone falsely dial 911

Gavin: You can get a little fire going if you want but uh-

Gavin: But (Micheal: No..) i don't think you need to

Micheal: 911's way faster (Gavin: Yeah)

Ray: Banana parkour!

Geoff: And there where do we take the

Geoff: We take the firetruck over to the

Gavin: We'll take em to the construction yard

Gavin: And then at that point we'll have a little run through of the..

Ryan: How do i call 911?

Geoff: Just use your phone

Micheal: You gotta open your phone and hit x

Micheal: And then dial 911 and hit x again

Ryan: I hit x?

Micheal: Yeah

Ryan: That's not an option?

Micheal + Geoff: Yeah it is

Gavin: Go to your contact (Jack: X on your controller)

Micheal: Sorry you gotta go to your contacts first, then hit x

Ryan: OOO that makes more sense

Ryan: Emergency services

Micheal: That women sounds like

Ryan *in a high pitched voice*: OH MY GOD IT'S ON FIRE (Micheal: A real bitch)

Ryan *still in a dumb high pitched voice*: OH MY GOD COME QUICK

Micheal: That 911 operator

Micheal: Why did you have to pretend to be a woman?

Ryan: I.. Y'know hot flashes


Ray: Oh there goes my firetruck

Micheal: I'm just wearing the exact same thing i always wear

Geoff: Where's my firetruck? I already called it

Micheal: You gotta wait

Ryan: I hear an alarm.. (Gavin: O! I see mine!)

Micheal: It takes like 30 seconds

Ray: Or maybe that wasn't my firetruck

Gavin: Stop stop stop (Geoff: OOooo)

Micheal: Yeah you gotta be ready (Gavin: STOP STOP STOP STOP)

Micheal: Ready for it they will not stop

Ryan: You'd think they'd recognize one of their own and stop (Gavin: Yeah!)

Gavin: What are you running me over for lads?

Gavin: God see you back at the station then (Ray: Oo..)

Ryan: Oh here comes mine

Ray: Aw dude i'm gonna sneak up on em

Ray: Look they don't even know

Ray: Aw shit

*laughter* (Ray: God damn it!)

Gavin: I think they just open fired on me

Micheal: That was fucking funny

Gavin: Wot happened?

(Ryan: No wait!) Micheal: Ray was being a dick

Ryan: Don't leave!

Ryan: NO!

Micheal *laughing*: Just fucking drove off

Jack: boots.

Micheal: So what do you got? One? One successful?

Ryan: Oh look out!

Ray: Here come another one!

Micheal: Aw dude there's a clusterfuck

Ray: Aw it's Gavin

Gavin: Eyyoo

Micheal: There's just yellow people everywhere!

Geoff: Alright..

Gavin: It's like a big yellow-(Geoff: Wow)


Ryan: One of you guys left so many stranded firemen running around

Jack: Is there firefighter chasing that dude.?

Ray: I need another...

Ray: Firetruck (Jack: I need another helmet.)

Gavin: *car screeching noise imitation?* Eerrrrr

Geoff: Alright

Micheal: Imagine the same guy calling 911 back yet again and being like listen

Micheal: I need another truck

Geoff: How do you use the uh hose

Micheal: Left bumper i think or right bumper

Micheal: Maybe?

Jack: Left bumper fires your gun doesn't it?

Micheal: It might do water on the truck

Ryan *sounding exhausted*: oh my god it's horrible. it's all burning down. you have to come immediately

Micheal: So we got two (Ryan: help) fire trucks

Ryan: Look for the guy in the rasta hat

Micheal: What do we need t-*laughter*

Ryan: He'll help you

Ray: Firetruck where are you...

Micheal: Don't fucking kill people! You guys are gonna get wanted levels

Geoff: Oh right..

Gavin: Oh is that you Geoff?

Geoff: I was just cooling them off

Micheal: Yeah

Geoff: It was hot (Ray: Things to do coming out soon)

Gavin: So Micheal can you keep an eye on all these while i walk everyone through the uh

Micheal: I mean i'll sit here

Gavin: Yeah, you can look on my screen if you want, so you know what you're doin'

Ryan: I don't think they care about us Ray

Ray: No..

*Gavin singing (?) something indecipherable*?

Micheal: Ray just chew chew in the street

Ryan: Response time in this part of the world is just terrible

Geoff: Maybe you guys go a bit further out?

Jack: Ow

Ryan: You think we've (Jack: Ok..) depleted the fire department for this area

Micheal: I mean generally there's not like three per town

Ryan: They only had two trucks so that was it

Ray: Nice fedora asshole

Ryan: Alright, goin' to a new area

Ryan: See if we can get more firetrucks there

Ray: Maybe we can start a fire...

Geoff: Y'know you can move these things up and down Gavin and they just go- (Gavin: Yeah)

Jack: Op aw


Geoff: How do you do that?

Micheal: Don't kill him.. (Jack: Guys don't hurt the bike)

Geoff: How do you go up and down

Gavin: Just look up and down! (Geoff: Oh ok.)

Gavin: UH! You've sprayed some uuhhhpfftt

Geoff: Sorry gents

Ryan: Hey hey hey don't get the construction workers

Geoff: Alright i'll stop

Ryan: You're not gonna escape in that thing

Gavin: Did someone just drive off in the uh (Ray: Fire! Fire!)

Micheal: It's Ryan

Ryan: Yeah

Micheal: This is Ryan's idea of going farther away (Ray: 911 fire!)

Ray: 911...

Micheal: He's like a block away

Ryan: Uh yeah y'know i'm far away from where i was when i called em' before

Micheal: Holy shit! Jack almost fucking crushed Lindsey's head

Micheal: That would have been funny as hell

Jack: Motorcycle parkour!

Jack: Oh no what's it called uh

Jack: What's that uh (Geoff: Gymkhana(?)) gymkhana

Ray: Ow

Ray: Guy this hit me into a tree

Ryan: This lady sounds so bored on the on other end of the line

Micheal: Oh i cammed it Jack

Ryan: "Oh you're on fire? (Gavin: She has a desk job) Well alright.."

Micheal: She's a bitch

Ray: N B D

Gavin: I bet there is a fire station with two in uh

Ryan: Where?

Gavin: Outside..

Gavin: I don't know

Micheal: *laughing* Fucking Geoff said the exact same thing

Ryan: It's uh..

Ryan: You're aware that is not useful information if you don't know where it is right?

Ryan: You just said basically somewhere out there in the world there is a firetruck

*multiple people singing Somewhere Out There By James Horner*

Micheal: I don't wanna call it just because..

Micheal: Oh i hear a firetruck! Or i hear sirens

Ryan: I hear sirens but i still don't (Ray: There's an ambulance coming) don't have a firetruck

Ryan: Oh wait..what's coming

Ray: Can i just get a red vehicle? Will that work?

Micheal: No Ray!

Gavin: Red vehicle and a bucket

Ryan: I feel like i'm driving looking around for reception...


Geoff: *mumbles something about gta 4?*

Ryan: Can you burn me now?

Ryan: Hey

Ryan: I'm still on fire! Why won't you save me?!

Micheal: Do you think that guy that like killed himself

Micheal: The... can you hear me now good guy?

Ryan: Like drowning himself in the money he made from those?

Micheal: I seriously doubt he made that much money

Ryan: He was the face of that commercial for a good while

Geoff: That fucking (Micheal: Yeah i mean..)

Geoff: I read that that bitch in progressive is a millionaire

Micheal: Are you shitting me?!

Geoff: No..

Micheal + Ray: Flow?

Geoff: Yeah

Jack: Would not shock me at all

Micheal: Damn

Micheal: Flow gets around

Ryan: She does other.. i mean they sent her to like other promotional things too i think

Gavin: Do you think other robbers talk about this kind of thing?

Micheal: Yeah probably

Micheal: They gotta talk about something (Ryan: Gotta talk about something)

Jack: Alright we're twenty two minutes into it and we're talking about Flow from progressive

Micheal: Well we're waiting for uh fucking firetrucks, come on

Gavin: Ah well maybe we should just do it with two. What do you think?

Jack: You're the (Micheal: UhHHH) the heist master

Micheal: I say take two more calls and if not then uh yeah

Gavin: I called again and nothing showed up

Ray: I just called

Jack: Did you cool or did you call?

Micheal: God damn it.. (Gavin: *laughing*)

Micheal: Alright well that was.. (Geoff: It wasn't that funny)

Gavin: Sorry

Ray: Whoaaa

Ryan: Alright last ditch effort. I'm gonna blow something up

Jack: Ahh jeez..

Micheal: Isn't that Ryan first ditch effort?

Ryan: Not today!

Micheal: I just meant in general

Geoff: He's not blowing anything up near us right?

Ryan: Nah (Micheal: I dunno)

Geoff: Did somebody clear out the uh...uh...

Micheal: Use your words

Geoff: Gang attack?

Micheal: No just disappeared (Ray: What's up?)

Geoff: Oh it went away (Micheal: Yeah)

Micheal: I said they go away

Ray: OOO

Ray: Well then..

Ryan: Well i hear sirens

Gavin: Oh you do?

Ryan: Yeah, well i imagine they're probably police sirens

Jack: Hey i can (Gavin: Oh.) also call one too, i haven't called one yet. I dunno if that would help

Ryan: Try it

Micheal: You spurting Geoff?

Geoff: No..

Micheal: Oh was it Gavin who was spurting?

Geoff: I don't think so..

Micheal: I just watch the firetruck spurt water..

Gavin: Nah (Micheal: Oh no it's a tire)

*someone makes a buzzing noise??*

Gavin: Technically i can spurt in two directions at once

Micheal: Aww do it!

Micheal: OOO that looks cool!

Micheal: Now if Geoff did it too

Ryan: They'll never expect a Rasta firemen

Micheal: Aw dude it looks like two (*Gavin moaning?*) dicks firing off at the same time

*Gavin continues to make sex noises*

*Micheal laughing*

Jack: Alright there is a gas station here we can light on fire

Ryan: I may have generated some unwanted attention..

Gavin: That is the gas station we're gonna rob Jack, so i wouldn't do that one


Jack: Just scouting it out, no big deal


Micheal: Don't you remember the picture of Gavin and the gas station?

Gavin: Alright, alright let's uh everyone meet up at the thing

Gavin: We'll just do it with two

Micheal: Slight variation

Gavin: We'll be here for the rest of our lives (Micheal: Yeah let's do it)

Ray: True

Jack: Should i go scout out my location (Micheal: Nah) across the streeet?

Gavin: We'll do that altogether

Ryan: Alright just uh flee the police

Ray: Oh not really i can just run over there...

Micheal: *sighs* Please god

Geoff: Move forward a little bit Jack

Jack: No

Micheal: Oohh shit

*Jack laughing*

Micheal: No hose fired

Jack: D'awww (Micheal: Aww shit)


Jack: Don't ruin the getaway bike Geoff!


Gavin: Ryan!

Ryan: Yo

Ryan: Coming!

Gavin: Ray (Ray: Yep) where you at?

Ray: Coming

Jack: I am close to death..

Gavin: So can we.. do you think we can leave these firetrucks while we go and check it out

Geoff + Ryan: No

Gavin: I mean like where Micheal is staying

Ryan: Oh yeah

Micheal: We can try? I make no promises though

Geoff: As long as he's looking at them. You're in the vehicle right (Micheal: Yeah) Ryan

Geoff: I'm just gonna be here facing you

Micheal: Hi Geoff!

Geoff: HI Micheal

Gavin: Alright let's get out of here

Gavin: So we're gonna walk in front of the target?

Gavin: All dressed in yellow?

Geoff: OK?

Micheal: You guys look like fucking idiots

Geoff: That's our pizza

Ryan: Wonder if we can mount up on the back of a firetruck (Geoff: MOUNT)

Ryan: Um..

Ryan: Alright i'm here

*Jack laughing* Ray: Yeah!

Jack: Your crouch is on my back (Ray: Fuck you)

Geoff: Yeah it is

Gavin: Alright! Everyone follow me, we're gonna (Geoff: Wooo)

Micheal: Don't fuck up the getaway bike..

Ryan: Are we gonna walk?

Micheal: (Gavin: Yeah) We're just all taking the achievement hunter car

Gavin: Alright where is (Ray: Alright..)

Geoff: Are we following them? (Micheal: Oh my god..)

Jack: Is this it right here?

Geoff: K..

Ray: Hey i'm here

Gavin: Oh you're already there?

Ryan: Uhh may have a few bullet holes in me

Ryan: Do you think that'll hurt my disguise?

Ray: Fucking.. Jack: Aw shit this guy is going after

Jack: OOh pfft

Ray: Nice scarf, they make it for men

Ray: Ouch

Ray: Yeah he's dead

Ray: I know fashion

Micheal: You killed him with words Ray

Ray: Yeah i did

Micheal: You slayed him

Jack: Oh there's a car wash!

Jack: Geoff do you wanna go through the car wash?

Geoff: Yeah

Gavin: Alright stop messing around over there, this is what we're gonna do

Ryan: You know we'll never be clean after this..

Micheal: This is gonna be it

Micheal: Huh, this one?

Ray: This is it?

Gavin: So Micheal, look at someones screen so you know where we are

Micheal: Ok

Gavin: This is the place where we're gonna rob

Geoff: Yeah, what we're gonna rob

Gavin: What we're gonna rob

Gavin: We'll park, you'll park the tanker right in between two of these

Gavin: Two of these pumps

Geoff: So Micheal's gonna park the tanker (Micheal: Ok)(Gavin: Yeah)

Gavin: You can attach it (Geoff: Then) if you want or just leave the whole thing

Micheal: Oh that's not a bad idea

Gavin: Run in and rob it

Ray: How do you detach is it like left on the d pad or something

Geoff: I'll blow

Gavin: Yeah Geoff

Gavin: We will all be around here. Let me show you

Ryan: I'm gonna take the UMS truck

Geoff: Left on the d pad..

*a bunch of people talk at once over each other?*

Ryan: Yeah Geoff it'll do

Gavin: No, hold on.

Ryan: Whoops

Ray: Alright well then (Ryan: Damn)

Ray: That guy is dead as fuck

Ray: You probably have a wanted level now

Ryan: Little bit

Geoff: What a surprise, Ryan got a wanted level

Ryan: Surprising to me

Jack: Did you run the complete opposite direction away from where you're suppose to go? (Gavin: Yeah)

Gavin: Alright

Gavin: So this ramp here is where all the firetrucks will be

Gavin: This (Ray: Alright) lovely little ramp

Geoff: Oh right

Gavin: You see it? (Geoff: All two)

Gavin: So we're all gonna yeah


Gavin: All two of them will be parked here

Gavin: We'll be at the fire within seconds

Gavin: It's probably gonna be the world record for response time

Geoff: Ok

Ray: Definitely better than us calling them

Geoff: And Jack will be behind..?

Gavin: Yeah Micheal this is what you're gonna do

Micheal: Yeah

Gavin: Watch my screen here

Gavin: You're gonna run out

*Gavin makes panting noises*

Gavin: Run past the car wash

Gavin: And then you make a cheeky little u-turn around the car wash to this little stair case here

Geoff: Alright Micheal: Ok

Gavin: You run up here

*Gavin makes groaning noise?*

Gavin: *sounding strained* you go through here

Gavin: And then you'll hop this here fence

Gavin: And Jack will be (Micheal: Ok) waiting right here

Micheal: Alright

Gavin: Jack (Jack: Alright) this is where you're gonna be

Micheal: I can't to fuck that up

Geoff: Alright so and then they take off to the jet skis

Gavin: And then we all go our separate ways and meet up at the RWBY jet skis

Geoff: Do we take off in our firetrucks?

Gavin: Yeah!

Geoff: Alright

Geoff: And we meet up in the RWBY jet skis

Gavin: Yep!

Ray: Where are the jet skis?

Gavin: They are (Geoff: By the pier) by the pier

Ryan: Yeah right next to, just to the left of the pier

Ray: Well i don't even have a car so i don't know why i'm even asking

Ray: I'm gonna be riding with somebody

Jack: Where am i? am i back here?

Micheal: Alright

Jack: I guess?

Micheal: Um..

Gavin: So is everyone good with that?

Micheal: Yes, just one question Gavin

Gavin: Yeah

Micheal: Or secret Gavin

Gavin: Yeah

Micheal: In regards to the plan

Micheal: Do i have to be in the store robbing it before the explosions

Geoff: Yes

Gavin: Yes you do

Ryan: Damn it Ray: God damn it Ryan

Gavin: What?

Ryan: Seriously?

Ray: Don't kill any of us..

Micheal: I think it means Ryan got a star

Ryan: I just got rid of my wanted level

Micheal: And then you killed again!

Geoff: Alright so i'm gonna (Ryan: He ran in front of me!) get in position

Gavin: Yeah that's uh ok everyone go to (Geoff: Everybody meet back) the construction site

Geoff: Jack yourself included

Jack: I'm sitting getting my bike in position

Geoff: Everybody needs to meet back cause we gotta load up the uh

Gavin: We gotta fill, we gotta riddle the tanker

Ryan: Alright Ray: Alright

Gavin: With C4

Geoff: So everybody can put five pieces on

Gavin: And as soon as we do that the heist has began

Micheal: So i'll park it, go inside (Geoff: One!) execute the robbery

Gavin: Yeah Geoff: Two!

Micheal: As soon as he gives me the money, you guys will detonate (Geoff: Three)

Jack: I'll be up there (Micheal: Right?)

Gavin: Yeah Geoff: Four!

Micheal: I'll run out (Jack: I wanna watch the explosion)

Micheal: I'l wait a second (Ryan: You can just arrest me! You don't have to shoot me!) for the firetrucks

Micheal: I suppose right?

Geoff: Five

Micheal: I mean i'll run out..

Gavin: Alright (Micheal: Join the chaos)

Gavin: This thing is live with uh C4

Gavin: So make sure you don't (Ray: One)

Micheal: Please don't blow me up

Ray: Two

Gavin: Oh my god...

Ray: Three

Ryan: So we have (Micheal: Holy shit) Don't bump anything on the way over there

Ray: Five

Gavin: Alright i'm gonna do the other side. Micheal you wanna bonk some on as well?

Micheal: Uhhh yeah

Jack: Alright so we should have 15 per side right?

Ray: So is Lindsey just gonna stand there and? Ryan: One!

Micheal: Yeah Ryan: Two Gavin: One

Micheal: We don't need her ass

Ryan: Three

Ryan: Four

Gavin: This thing is

*Shocked gasp*

*Excited/fearful loud inhaling*

Micheal: What?

Ryan: Good (Micheal: What?) god

Micheal: What?

*Gavin continues to suck in air*

Ray: Gavin almost shot the out the tanker

Gavin: I only had (Jack: One) two sticky bombs (Jack: Two) and it defaulted to a gun afterwards (Jack: Three)

Jack: Four

Micheal: You suck

Jack: Five

Gavin: Ok..

Jack: Jesus christ

Micheal: Not now Ron!


Gavin: Alright! Load up the firetrucks!

Geoff: Secret firetruck one is in position (Ray: X-Ray and Vav!)

Micheal: Hoy Shit

Gavin: Jack, you know where you're gonna go right?

Jack: I'm moving to position

Jack: Secret Jack please

Gavin: Alright firetrucks are gonna go to position now

Geoff: Already there Ryan: Alright

Gavin: Oh you're already there?

Geoff: Yeah Gavin: Jesus

Jack: Secret Jesus

Ray: Watch the cop!

Micheal: This is like the bomb..

Gavin: Micheal (Micheal: In the dark knight rises) if you could try and look out the window as the thing goes off t get a good angle

Gavin: that'd be top

Micheal: I hope to god it doesn't kill me

Micheal: I'm gonna fuck...


Ryan: Y'know i had to improvise alright (Micheal: I'm ready to go uh)

Ryan: Hey hey hey!

Micheal: I appreciate the dumb ass that left the car (Ryan: Emergency services) right in my fucking path

*laughter* Micheal: So i can't get out of here

Gavin: Alright!

Geoff: You can get out Micheal: Ryan..

Jack: Aw dude i have (Ryan: What?) an amazing view of the explosion (Micheal: You were driving)

Gavin: Oh you're up on the roof? (Jack: Yeah) That's awesome Jack

Ryan: Alright!

Geoff: Good call Jack

Ryan: Are we ready to go?

Geoff: I'm ready!

Ryan: Do we have like a go word? What's our go word?

Gavin: Uhhh

Gavin: Heeguhh (Micheal: Go?)

Geoff: So do i blow it now?

Evetyone else: NO!!


Gavin: Right remember when you hear the explosion or Jack sees it

Gavin: Sirens all the way

*people making sounds to show they agree* Geoff: How do you turn the sirens on?

Gavin: Right uhh (Micheal: Click the left stick)

Geoff: Click on the left stick, got it

Jack: My lord..

Gavin: Alright! Micheal (Micheal: Yeah) advance the tanker! (Jack: This is gonna be incredible)

Micheal: Alright

Jack: Good luck boys!

Micheal: Step number one uh (Ray: I'm excited for all this money)

Gavin: Micheal how safe do you feel driving this right now?

Micheal: I feel fine

Gavin: If you want you can detach it and leave it and drive away

Micheal: I'm gonna try it

Micheal: I'll try that

*Gavin makes a OH noise like he was punched in the guyt, sort of?*

Ryan: Woooo Jack: Oooo kay

Micheal: Ok here we go

Micheal: Beginning the (Gavin: Look at us! Waiting) operation

Micheal: I like that we're doing it at night too (Gavin: Yeah) it's a night heist

Gavin: It makes it even more secret (Micheal: Ok) secret Micheal (Jack: Dusk)

Jack: There's ok i see the truck

Jack: The truck is incoming

Micheal: Just gettin' some gas (Jack: It is glowing with sticky bombs)

Micheal: Oh i'm afraid if i drop it though the bombs might ignite?

Gavin: OOOO

Micheal: Would bombs go off?

Gavin: I don't know

Jack: Ah be gentle with it Micheal

Gavin: Tease it through

Gavin: (Jack: Alright) Maybe just leave it in there?

Jack: Oo there you go Geoff: Do i blow it now? Ryan: Just leave it

Gavin: No no no


Micheal: Alright Jack: Alright

Gavin: Micheal let us know when Geoff should blow

*laughter* Micheal: Ok hang on

Jack: Truck is in position

Jack: And it's like Christmas down there (Ryan: He's going to the store)

Gavin: Micheal you (Ray: Man it is) can rob him with any tool that you please (Micheal: Ok)

Gavin: Make sure you (Jack: Good luck) murder him afterwards (Ray: Broken bottle) as per usual

Micheal: Going in

Jack: We didn't even recon the store! Is there anyone inside?

Micheal: Ok there's nobody inside. (Jack: Ok) There's nobody in the store. Are you ready boys?

Ryan: Wait wait Geoff: Are there sun chips?

Ryan: Did you buy the beer?

Micheal: I didn't get it yet

Gavin: Make sure the buy the be-UHHPP alright


Jack: It's on!

Geoff: Do i blow?

Gavin: No!

Gavin: No! Wait for him to give the money

Micheal: Wait i gotta get the cash first

Jack: Aww there's alarms. I hear alarms.

Ryan: Oh we better, we better do this quickly or he's (Micheal: Hang he's halfway there) gonna be alone

Ryan: The police will be outside

Micheal: That's the point! You guys are gonna fucking wreck the police

Jack: Aww oh god here comes the police

Micheal: Oh why did my gun stop? (Jack: The police are outside!)

Micheal: Wait for it wait for it wait for it wait for it hang on hang on (Ryan: Micheal!)


*various loud yellings of 'OH MY GOD'

Ryan: Go go go!

Micheal: BLOW IT!

Geoff: Blowing it! Gavin: Blow it!

Ray: We're too far away i think!

Gavin: Blow it now!

Micheal: HURRY UP

*Gavin makes loud bird noises*

Geoff: Blow it!

Jack: Solution!

Micheal: You guys suck! Gavin: Why won't it blow?

Ryan: It's not blowing!

*Everyone yelling*


Gavin: It's response team!



Gavin: Fire!


Geoff: I'm coming!

Micheal: WHO IS LEFT?

Jack: Micheal i'm still here!

Micheal: WHO'S LEFT

Geoff: I'm coming! Ryan: Where's secret Gavin?

Jack: Secret Micheal! Micheal i have it!

Micheal: Oh god i'm running

Jack: I got the bike! I'm ready to go! Micheal: I'm running i'm runnning i'm running

Micheal: Secret Jack i'm running!

Ryan: Oh my god

Geoff: Alright i'm here does anybody need a ride?

Micheal: I don't even know if i got the money

Jack: Who did we lose? We lost secret Gavin (Ryan: Did you get the money? Do i need to go back in and get it)

Jack: Micheal come on

Micheal: Hang on. I'm coming. I see you Jack!

Jack: Alright i'm peeling out!

Ryan: I can't get in to get the money

Ryan: It's closed Jack: Let's go!

Jack: Alright ok!

Ryan: Cheese it!

Geoff: Did you get the money Micheal?

Ryan: OH!

Micheal: I'm gonna check

Jack: Aw we lost secret Ryan

Jack: I don't know what happened to him

Geoff: What happened to Ryan?



Micheal: Yeah!

Jack: Oohh shit

Micheal: Who's wait, who's left?

Jack: Ah shit

Geoff: I'm left

Micheal: Oh my god oh crap

Jack: Going to the highway

Geoff: Alright uh (Jack: Oh Shit!)

Jack: Heading to the secret moon. Uh We've got a secret helicopter

Micheal: It's not that secret!

Geoff: Did we lose Ryan?

Micheal: I thought, i think we're all that's left!

Micheal: I think it's me, secret Jack (Jack: Oh shit) and secret Geoff

Geoff: We don't have a fire hyrda! A don't have a cargobob

Micheal: We have nothing!

Geoff: We're gonna have to improvise!

Micheal: What do we do? Where are we going?

Jack: Ok we find Geoff: OK stick with as much of the plan as we can

Jack: We're going to the (Geoff: RWBY)

Jack + Micheal: OH SHIT

Jack: I didn't even see tha- OH GOD

Micheal: GOD NO

Jack: GO

Micheal: SECRET JACK WH- Oh we're fucked



Micheal: AW SHIT

Micheal: Aw god i'm gonna die. I'm gonna die right here this is

Geoff: Just stay alive!

Micheal: This is the end of secret Micheal

Geoff: I'm still alive!

Geoff: Stay alive!

*Micheal makes a blood gurgle noise*

Geoff: You can do this!

*Geoff makes uhhh scared noise*

Geoff: *in a high pitched fearful voice* Get to the thing..

Geoff: Why is it so QUIET?


Geoff: HELLO?

Geoff: Anybody?

Geoff: OW

Geoff: Fuck

Geoff: Ugghhhh

Geoff: What do i do?

Geoff: Everybody's dead but me!

Geoff: Where's the money?

Geoff: *increasingly high pitched and frantic* Which colour of jet ski do i take?

Geoff: I'll take the yellow one..

Geoff: I don't know where to go

Geoff: I'm stuck under a


Geoff: Get in!

*Geoff makes panicked noises*

Geoff: I guess i'll just go out in the water and wait for the cargo bob?

*crying noises*

Geoff: My best friends are all dead and i'm broke!

Geoff: I guess i'll just drive off into the sunset

Geoff: When is it over?


Gavin: God damn it.

Micheal: Gavin!

*Geoff laughs hysterically*

Micheal: You were alive for like eight seconds!

Ray: He drove into (Micheal: What happened?) a gas tank and killed us

Gavin: I drove into

Micheal: I saw you Ray just throw his hands up in the air

Gavin: I drove straight into the gas pump

Jack: So you

Gavin: I came in with the intention of extinguishing it i made an even bigger fire

Jack: You triggered the C4 and nothing happened

Jack: And then just it all just vanished off the truck

Jack: I chucked a C4 from the roof and hit it

Geoff: Oh really?

Jack: It was amazing Geoff: They all vanished?

Jack: Yeah they just all vanished

Jack: They all just disappeared off it

Micheal: God damn it

Geoff: Must have been a proximity thing

Gavin: Well everything about that went wrong

Micheal: Yeah no shit

Ray: Shocking

Jack: We got away on the motorcycle at least for a little while

Micheal: Yeah next time can we not take a motorcycle? (Jack: Yeah a motorcycle not..)

Geoff: I like for now that i lived

Jack: Geoff did live

Gavin: It should just end with slowly fade to black with you in the middle of the ocean (Jack: Just crying)

Ryan: Secret Geoff escapes

Gavin: Wot happens if you kill yourself right there?

Geoff: I'd probably die?

Micheal: He'd be dead!

Gavin: Do you shoot yourself or do you just go ugh?

Ray: You take a pill, cyanide pill

Ryan: Wait stay wherever you are (Micheal: It's different everytime) Geoff

Geoff: Nah i'm gonna do the cyanide thing

Ryan: No no no wait don't

Geoff: Why?

Ryan: Because i sent a mugger after you and apparently it's approaching you



Ryan: That's what i wanna find out!

Geoff: I'd love to see that!

Micheal: Probably should have mugged me before i died with the money

Jack: Micheal you hopped on my motorcylce and there was three stars and i'm like oh fuck

Micheal: Well.. Jack: This is not good

Geoff: Is he still approaching?

Ryan: I don't know it just said approaching. He may *mumbles*

Geoff: I'm out here all by myself

Geoff: Alright i'm gonna pop it

Ryan: Well..


Geoff: You guys gotta be able to use that

Gavin: Utter failure

Micheal: God

Ryan: It was an honor..

Jack: Uh heist number two. Success question mark?

Gavin: Did we further do you think than the last one?

Everyone else: No!

Micheal: Not at all! We definitely got further the first time

*end screen music - some funky bass slapping noises*

The Description of Let's Play: GTA V - Gavin's Heist