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hello namaste

salaamwalekum satsriyakaal; welcome back to another session with your VahChef

at Today we're going to learn one of the number one super

chaats Dahi Puri, in fact we made these puris of Golgappa in one of the

sessions you can check this video by watching pani poori. Today i have set up

a chaat counter and here I've got a lot of ingredients you can use most of these

ingredients you

you can also add more ingredients to this and make your favorite chaats. Today

we're going to make Dahi puri, for any kind of chaats you can prepare yogurt

also take a little bit of thick yogurt

add just half a teaspoon of sugar for one cup yogurt whisk it up and this

is ready to use in chaats little bit of sweetness gives a very nice effect on

all the chaats. To make Dahi Puri,

you need the puris of golgappa or gupchup whatever you call; take it make a

small hole on the top so that you can put all the tangy stuff into this going

to make all of them now you can put some sev as a bed on this plate so that

these golgappa don't move

add little bit of chopped coriander also and then arrange your golgappas on

the plate and in this golgappas just add two or three pieces of boiled


you can also add boiled batani that is boiled white peas into these puris just

pour in one teaspoon of sweet curd, add just few drops of sweet chutney into

each of these puri, add green chutney, few drops into each of this puri

now you can add your favorite ingredient if you want to add a little bit of a

chopped onion

you can add you can also add a chopped tomato even chop cucumber, add the

chopped coriander

now you can take lot of this sec and add to it and also the amount of curd

you want you can add a lot of people fill these puris up

it's up to you i like it half filled rather than full filled

now you can add some more yogurt on top and add more of your sweet chutney on


just to make it look colorful, add little bit of red chilli powder

it's optional and a little bit of chaat masala see this adding this red chilli

powder & chaat masala after you add a little bit of yogurt makes it more


you can still top it off of it a little more sev and your Dahi puri is all ready.

and then; hmmm.... these are now these dahi puri are

wow...look at them because we put all these sauces separately on layers when

you eat it you will get all these taste one by one in a one crush you'll get blow

off all these taste. Dear friends that is the reason why lot of people will vouch

that they will skip a meal for these chaats, after all this remember vahrehvah

all about inspiring others to cook and we all will take a part and try to


so remember vahrehvah is all about inspiring others to cook so please post

your recipes and cooking tips at

so others can benefit from your great cooking

thank you

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