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meanwhile the courthouse future is very

hard to predict for one of the appalling

and unsettling highest-profile criminal

cases of the 21st century the case of

Jeffrey Epstein the elusive and

well-connected multi-millionaire who was

charged last month by prosecutors in New

York with having run an ongoing

sprawling child sex trafficking ring for

years it feels like a million years ago

but it was actually only one month ago

today when a Trump cabinet official

Trump's Secretary of Labor

Alex Acosta resigned from the federal

government resigned from the cabinet

over his role in the UPS team case when

prosecutors in the Southern District of

New York last month brought criminal

charges against Epstein that put this

very uncomfortable hot spotlight on the

fact that another US Attorney's Office

in Florida more than a decade ago had

looked at much of that same evidence

against Epstein or at least very similar

evidence against Epstein and instead of

charging him in federal court in Florida

that US Attorney's Office decided that

they would enter into a non-prosecution

agreement with Epstein Alex Acosta

Trump's Labor Secretary was the US

attorney in South Florida in 2007 when

that happened it was his office that

entered into a federal non-prosecution

agreement with Epstein in which Epstein

agreed to plead guilty to state

prostitution charges that resulted in

him serving a short jail sentence in the

county lockup in Palm Beach close to his

house where they literally let him out

all day every day and when he came back

to sleep at the jail at night

it appears that maybe he got to keep his

door unlocked in exchange for that

inexplicable fate

Alex Acosta's office signed off on this

promise that Epstein wouldn't face any

federal charges well last month when SD

and Y in fact brought federal charges

against Epstein they proclaimed that

they did not consider themselves to be

bound by that agreement that Epstein got

from the florida US attorney's office

when when Acosta was in charge

well now that Jeffrey Epstein is dead he

was found dead in his jail cell on

Saturday morning now there are a whole

bunch of urgent and interesting


as to what's gonna happen next what's

gonna happen next for his alleged

victims what's gonna happen next to his

potential co-conspirators what's gonna

happen next to this prospect to the

prospect of this whole sexual abuse ring

that he was allegedly running you know

in multiple jurisdictions for years what

are the prospects for it ever being

fully unraveled

some of these things I think are

questions that we may be able to get

some answers to with the right expert

help which we are trying to gonna try to

get tonight but let's start with that

non-prosecution agreement that Jeffrey

Epstein got from Trump's Labor Secretary

Alex Acosta back in Florida 2007 part of

the reason Alex Acosta got in so much

trouble for his role in the epstein case

I mean part of the reason he had to

resign over it even though it's not like

the Trump administration was pressuring

him to is that he didn't just sign off

on the non-prosecution deal with Epstein

he specifically did so without telling

Epstein's alleged victims that he was

giving up steam that kind of a deal and

that is not only shudderingly disgusting

it's also illegal under the Crime

Victims Rights Act there is a statute

that says crime victims need to be

notified about those kinds of decisions

by prosecutors well some of Epstein's

alleged victims brought a lawsuit in

federal court in Florida alleging that

their rights were denied under that

Crime Victims Rights Act because they

weren't notified about the kind of sweet

deal that Epstein was getting from

prosecutors today on the first business

day after Jeffrey Epstein turned up dead

today that same group of Epstein's

alleged victims filed this new motion in

federal court formally notifying the

court of Epstein's death and asking for

one very specific thing as a consequence

of his death that non-prosecution

agreement that Alex Acosta gave to

Epstein in Florida back in 2007 it not

only promised that prosecutors wouldn't

bring any federal charges against

Epstein it also said there would be no

federal charges brought against any of

Epstein's co-conspirators that was also

part of the deal why would you give

somebody that deal

well now that Epstein is dead his

alleged victims say they want the court

to invalidate the provisions in the

non-prosecution agreement that preclude

prosecutions of Epstein's

co-conspirators quote because

Epstein is now dead there will never be

a criminal trial to hold him accountable

either in the Southern District of

Florida the Southern District of New

York or elsewhere accordingly the

victims and the public will never

witness his public trial where the facts

connected to sexual abuse will be fully

aired this means that the informational

remedies the victims have sought

regarding this case

assume enhanced importance and should be

granted by the court it also means the

public hearing should be held promptly

to give the victims at least some kind

of day in court the only objection the

court received to that hearing was from

Epstein and his death moots that

objection so that's one really

interesting tributary of the Epstein

case now that he's dead

Southern District of New York was

already not respecting that

non-prosecution agreement that Alex

Acosta gave Epstein back in 2007 st NY

said they did not feel bound by that

when it came to Epstein well Epstein's

alleged victims want the nonpartisan

nonprofit formally dissolved now that

Epstein has died but specifically they

want it dissolved when it comes to his

co-conspirators as well anything in that

deal that precluded federal charges

against any of Epstein's co-conspirators

they want that invalidated now that he's

dead if the people who helped Epstein

allegedly commit these crimes

participated with him in these crimes

were not being prosecuted because of

that deal that Acosta gave him more than

10 years ago they want that wiped off

the table that has implications not just

in federal court in Florida where this

motion was filed today but also

potentially in New York in response to

the news of Epstein's death this weekend

the US attorney in New York in the

Southern District Jeffery Berman

released a statement that said in part

today's events are disturbing and we are

deeply aware of their potential to

present yet another hurdle to giving

Epstein's many victims their day in

court to those brave young women who

have already come forward and to the

many others who have yet to do so let me

reiterate that we remain committed to

standing for you in our investigation of

the conduct charged in the indictment

which included a conspiracy count

remains ongoing emphasizing and setting

apart which included a conspiracy the US

attorney going out of his way to say hey

one of the things we charge Epstein with

here in sdn why was conspiracy

and of course you can't conspire alone

so who leaked inspire with I mean the

implication of the statement from the US

Attorney's Office is that there are

other people who will be brought to

account in conjunction with Epstein's

alleged crimes I want to know more about

what the US attorney means by that I

mean thus far s D on why hasn't charged

let alone named any potential

co-conspirators who helped Epstein do

what he did even though they did charge

him alone with conspiracy Epstein is

charged an SDN Y with sex trafficking

conspiracy but he is the only defendant

who was charged in this case and because

of that with his death that presumably

ends that case against him I mean if

they don't charge somebody else right I

can't have an indictment against no

living person when prosecutors in st NY

brought their case against Epstein last

month one of the things they included in

the indictment was that they wanted to

seize Epstein's house reportedly the

largest private residence in Manhattan

they gave the court notice that they

intended to force Epstein to forfeit any

property real and personal that was used

or intended to be used to commit or to

facilitate commission of the offense as

outlined in the indictment that means

that Epstein had Epstein gone on trial

and been convicted the government had

already given the court notice that they

intended upon his conviction to seize

his assets to seize his very very very

valuable assets I mean that one home

alone in Manhattan would be worth tens

of millions of dollars right now that

Epstein is dead you can't put him on

trial which means you can't convict him

which means they can't seize his assets

that way so there's a couple of other

things to watch when it comes to SD NY

right there's this looming and dramatic

question as to whether they're going to

charge anybody else whether they're

gonna charged any alleged conspirators

who conspired with Epstein to commit

these crimes right whether there's

anybody else who may be a target of

prosecution besides him now that he's

dead other than otherwise the S tan Y

case goes away but there's these other

really specific things to watch right

about the money in particular

prosecutors can't seize his assets upon

conviction like they were planning they

could get at his assets one other way

they could bring what's called a civil

forfeiture action where the prosecutors

would go to the court

to try to convince the court to seize

his assets and hand them over to the

government even without putting him on

trial and convicting him it's

essentially asking a judge to rule that

under a preponderance of the evidence

the government should be allowed to

rightfully seize those assets from his

estate because they were used in the

commission of a crime those assets

should be liquidated and redistributed

to his victims

prosecutors have the option to ask the

court for that it is rarely used and it

is hard to do it has been done in the

past that's one thing that could happen

in SD NY another thing to watch closely

when it comes to SD NY is that it it has

appeared since Epstein got these

criminal charges last month sex

trafficking and conspiracy related to

sex trafficking it has appeared since

those criminal charges were filed

against him that the SD NY investigation

into him branched out to include his

finances there's been a whole bunch of

reporting since Epstein was charged in

New York that the FBI was getting

documents from banks and financial

institutions about their dealings with

Epstein there's been reporting that some

people who Epstein was known to be

financially linked to have been handing

over documents and information to

prosecutors in the FBI

Epstein's wealth is a source of great

mystery nobody knows quite where his

money came from nobody quite knows the

extent of it nobody quite knows how or

if his enormous fortune relates to his

alleged career of sexual abuse but the

New York Times reports today in

something of an ominous sign that two of

the attorneys who worked for Jeffrey

Epstein attorneys who dealt with

financial matters for him things like

dealing with his trusts and his

charities two of Epstein's own lawyers

have now themselves hired criminal

defense attorneys for themselves when

your lawyers hired defense lawyers so

that's that's all worth watching in

terms of SDN why what's going to happen

to that case what's gonna happen to

other potential co-conspirators and

what's gonna happen in terms of

Epstein's assets beyond Sdn why though

there are a few other things that we

just we just don't know how they're

likely to unroll in the wake of

Epstein's death one of them is the

obvious question of whether or not

Epstein's many alleged victims are all

gonna bring civil lawsuits against his

estate he's not going to be charged on


in Criminal Court now right he's dead

but civil lawsuits against his his

estate by his accusers either as a group

or as multiple groups or one by one

I think that's widely expected given the

attention to this case what appears to

be the magnitude of Epstein's wealth

what appears to be the magnitude of

evidence against him will those civil

cases potentially lay bare for the

public more of what happened here and

who else may have been involved very

hard to say worth watching

also worth watching another sort of wild

card in this case is that Epstein was

accused at various times in all his

legal sagas he was accused at various

times of witness tampering pressuring or

threatening people or paying off people

who might otherwise be able to give

investigators information about his

activities but one of the ways that

Epstein appears to have kept people from

talking to police and investigators is

that Epstein reportedly made everybody

who worked for him sign non-disclosure

agreements well now that I've seen is

dead not only can he not cajole or bribe

or threaten people so they won't speak

to investigators any non-disclosure

agreements that anybody was bound by

during the course of Epstein's life may

have just become considerably less

compelling with Epstein dead and gone if

so if the non-disclosure agreements that

Epstein apparently passed out like

Candida the people who worked for him in

all sorts of different capacities

if those non-disclosure agreements have

just become if not moot then at least

much less powerful with his death well

that's a potential goldmine of

information both for the public and

investigators in terms of tracing what

Epstein did over all these years and

with whom and who may have helped him in

his crimes

and just just one last thing that feels

very much like an open door and you

definitely can't see what's inside there

a last issue to keep an eye on is

whether there there may still be more

public disclosure to come from the

existing cases that are already out

there related to Epstein I mean remember

the timeline here of these last few days

it was Friday morning when nearly 2000

pages of court records were released to

the public from

one of the civil suits that was

previously spawned in the Epstein saga

those two thousand pages of material

came out on Friday morning and it looks

like sometime Friday night is when

Epstein killed himself Miami Herald

investigative reporter Julie K Brown

whose work has been the groundbreaking

journalistic enterprise that broke the

Epstein case back open one of the things

that she has been highlighting in these

couple of days since Epstein's death is

that from that one civil case alone that

gave us those 2,000 pages on Friday

morning we may be getting thousands more

pages unsealed in very short order and

that's just one of the civil cases

around the Epstein saga if Jeffrey

Epstein killed himself in jail after the

first 2,000 pages came out what do we

expect from the next thousands of pages

that are going to come down the pike

reporter Julie K Brown joins us live

here next day with hey there I'm Chris

Hayes from MSNBC thanks for watching

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The Description of Jeffrey Epstein Death May Put Alleged Co-Conspirators In New Legal Peril | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC