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Well hey there. Nice of you to drop in.

Oh I'm sorry. I didn't do it on purpose.

My name is Marinette Dupain-Cheng.

Pleased to meet you, Marinette.

I'm... Cat Noir. Yeah, Cat Noir. And you?

Ladybug. Call me Ladybug.

Ladybug. Her name is Ladybug.

Adrien Agreste.

Super nice to meet you too, Adrien.

I've never been to school before.

I've never had friends. It's all sort of... new to me.

You okay, Cat Noir?

Are you sure you're okay? - Yeah.

Sounds like you and I both need a bit of cheering up tonight.

You... you've gotten your heart broken too?


Trust me on this, okay?


Come with me.

Wow! Whoever she is beneath that mask, I love that girl.

I love that girl.

I don't need any memory to know that I love that girl.

I swore to myself that I'd tell you as soon as I saw you.

I love you.

You're in love with Ladybug?

Ladybug, I...

For real?

Nice job! Awesome job, Marinette.

She's amazing. You're amazing, Marinette.

She's so awesome!

You were awesome, Cat Noir.

You're so wonderful.

I always carry the lucky charm you gave me wherever I go, and I think it works pretty well.

I figured it was my turn to make one for you.

When you love someone you must never hold back from telling them when you have the chance.

Then let's go back to what's always worked: a duo!

You and me against the world, milady!

Not being in love with her, losing my stick, won't keep me from saving her.

I'll never give up. Never!

I can be very distracting.

I will always be here, to save Marinette!

Thanks, kitty.

Alright, then.

With your permission, milady?

I know how we can prove our feelings.

Not a chance, kitty.

Come one, kitty kitty. Just a peck.

Still not a chance, Cat Noir.

You're more than a partner, Cat Noir.

I feel like we're more than just a superhero team.

You're my friend.

A friend!

Your friendship means everything to me.

Very good friend, huh?

That sounds like a good start to me!

I couldn't hide my identity from the girl I love.

No wonder I fell in love with you.

I'm starting to understand how much you mean to me, Adrien.

We're meant for each other, milady! You're the only one who doesn't see it.

They're made for one another! It's just they don't know it yet.

Those two are made for each other.

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