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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: "You're Too Old" Car Crash Audition Has Judges In A BAD MOOD! | X Factor Global

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Simon Kelley and Demi have things well underway and with three judges the acts

need two yeses to make it through to the next round obviously your name drama

drama drama drama michelle Dion 22 I am Natalie Anne I'm 21

Madison Hill and I'm 20 I'm Molly gray I am 22 and I'm Jordan price and I'm 24 so

why did you call yourselves drama drama well we're teenage girls so what teenage

girls don't have drama issues now you're in your twenties we're focusing towards

teenage girls because we like to be positive and have fun and lots of energy

and so and we just thought it was fitting okay so if you guys had to

choose a group who you'd like to emulate or whose career you'd like to take who

would it be okay great what are you gonna sing party in the USA by Miley

Cyrus okay good luck I have got the plane and LAX with a dream in my

cardigan welcome to the land of the Fame excess whoa am I gonna fit in jumped in

the cab Here I am for the first time to my right and I see the Hollywood sign

this is all so crazy everybody seems so famous my tummy's turnin and I'm feelin

kinda home sick too much pressure and I'm nervous it's when the taxi man

turned on the radio alright alright alright okay everything about you right

now screams old fashioned and it just

doesn't feel real it's very nice thank you so Simon found

drama drama old fashioned and unfortunately for him they're not the

only ones

you don't wanna do

okay guys guys it's like you've been locked in a room for me 15 years ago

everything about you I just fight unbelievably old-fashioned I'm sorry I'm

gonna have to say no guys it's gonna be enough for me I said guys sorry it was

very contrived at Ashley's very old-fashioned

that was not working so old-fashioned and corny I can't tell you sorry but

nice to meet you thanks for watching excise right now

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