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Why is the Jurassic Park theme song coming out of...

Hi everybody, my name is Alisha and today we're going to

be talking about 15 questions

that you should know. So these are 15 questions

that not necessarily um..

you need to know how to

ask them perhaps you know um..

some of the questions already, but you will probably also

hear these questions as well so uh

we'll practice a few different answers for

these questions too. So

let's get started

Do you like American food?

The first question is do you like American food

You will probably be asked

this question to do you like American food?

You can either say, yes or no,

or you can give a specific example. Someone says

do you like american food? Yes, I love philly cheese steaks!

If I would recommend saying yes or a little, or you can just say I don't know

What do you recommend?

Have you been to the United States?

The next question is

Have you been to United States X2

So someone asks you: Have you been to the United States

You should reply with either yes, I have. Or no, I haven't.

Or maybe no, I haven't yet, but I want to.

When you want to ask someone this question

you can say have you been to Japan? Have you

been to Egypt? Have you been to China?

Whatever. You can use your own country when you ask this question.

How are you? When someone asks how are you, don't say

I'm fine thank you, and you?

Sigh. Please don´t say tath please

Say something more natural

How long have you been stuying English? How long have you benn studying English?

Great question to know the answer to, your answer should be

I have been studying English for... blah blah blah years or blah blah blah months

about one weeks, but if that too much for you, can you just

use the time. How long have you been studying English? 6 years. How long have you been studying English?

2 months. So just pick the time if a hole sentence is quite long for you

How old are you? We don't really call around asking people How old they are... I just

The first time you meet them necessarily, specialy if they are older, much older than you

like um, in particular is sometimes consider rude ask, specialy women

"how old they are" just be carefull with this question, but if you about the same age group, um you know maybe you are on an event

or um, a party or something and you just wanna check "how old the other person is" you can use this

phrase, when you reply to this just say um... I'm plus the number

To make a really simple response, so, "How old are you?" I'm 15th, "How old are you?" I'm 42th

Wherever the answer is just take "I'm" in front of it, not "I" but "I'm"

i'am but just the contraction form to sound more natural, i am "number"

if you want to make a full sentence, you can say,"i am number'" "YEARS old. don't forget that "S"

'i ammm

'i am i am a millions years old.


what did you say, if you could not quite hear something that someone else said, you can use this question

to conform sorry what did you say. its a little nicer that just said !!!what !!

what did you say? or what did you just say? Sorry, what did you say? i could not hear you?

what's this? what's this? when you don't know what something is? what's this??

this pronunciation OK, so if i've written axe


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