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Frans: No fish at all the past couple of hours, now 4 fish at the same time!

This one is the biggest of those 4, 111cm.

Caught on the 40cm Trout from Savage Gear, Seatrout color

Sean: We deserved this fish, so much bad luck this morning with a couple of big fish lost

Sean: Lets see if we can save that lure

Too bad...

Why would those Swedish people put a sunken tree here, 9 meters deep...

Any comments Frans?

Frans: To put it gently...

Not OK...

Yep, over there

You can see those trees based on the long shadows on the sonar

The reason why you shouldn't use a boga-grip.

Jaw has cracked in the middle

Luckily it has healed a bit

Grab those fish with your hands or a big landing net

As you can see a bogs-grip has a terrible effect on the fish its health

Lets put it back quickly

We've been using heavier rods the past couple of years due to the fact that we are using bigger baits

For example the 40cm line-thru Trout

Not just because it is a heavy lure but because it is a big heap of soft plastic

And big softbaits need heavy rods with the right power to set the hook in a proper way

Especially when using big side planers

When there is slack and cushioning in the line towards the side planer

When you get in contact with the fish you want to set the hook as good as you can

A heavy rod comes with a powerful reel and braid

A combination of those that I have been using

A rod from Savage Gear, the Custom Predator range

I use them in combination with larger model of the new Komodo SS

The Komodo SS has quite a big profile and a lot of power

The reel has a high quality clicked function on it

Its build in two sections, 258cm in length and a casting weight up towards 240 gram

As you can see it has a solid backbone but still sensitive in the tip of the rod

The powerful backbone is the most important aspect when it comes to fishing big softbaits

We also used these rods while casting/spinfishing in Sweden

Casting big softbaits from 23 to even 32cm in length

They cast very well with these rods

We just didn't use the Komodo SS, for casting in both the Netherlands and Sweden I prefer to use

The smaller sized Okuma Citrix 365LX, the biggest in the Citrix range

These are a bit more comfortable to use then the big model of the Komodo SS

The Komodo is wider and you can use it for casting

I've got reasonable big hands but after a while it gets uncomfortable

Thats why I use the Citrix for casting

We use 65lb braid and when it comes to leaders we use a variety of materials

In some occasions I use fluorcarbon as leader material

I use a thick version, 1.2mm thick and I think its 140lb test

I normally wouldn't use fluorcarbon when there is a high risk of fish inhaling the lure

I regularly use it as an extra leader in front of the line-thru lures from Savage Gear

Why would I do that?

I often use the Water Wolf cameras

When you want quality footage you need to create extra distance between the lure and the camera

That way you put things in a better perspective

You can see the fish entirely

And because you can see the environment better

It allows you to make a better comparison between the fish and the lure

Sean: Completely covered in small lice, a sign that the pike are not active

Ready to go?

The boat has never been so organized

Frans: Germany...

Sean: Deutschland!!

Frans: Still far from home...

Sean: Nope

But close to the Burger King!

Important stuff... Very important!

Sean: I could use some food, didn't have anything besides that pizza for breakfast

Frans: Such a terrible week

Sean: Yeah, glad that we are going home!

Frans: Final stretch of Germany and we are back home

Sean: So, back home in the Netherlands

Fantastic week with 16 fish over the 100cm mark

6 crossed the 110cm mark

And also 6 fish weighed over 10kg!

Fantastic result

Not those amazing results from last year

But that was really hard to beat with 4 fish over the 120cm mark!

Weather predictions where... Well what can I say

It was totally off!

Heavy rain predicted and eventually a week full of sunshine

Just a few drops on our journey from and towards Sweden, that was it

Out on the water full sunburst

The wind did have a negative effect on fishing as it was much stronger than you would want it to be

And the direction constantly changed

That usually has a negative effect on fish activity

You would prefer the wind steady from one direction

Now it came from all directions during the day, from the East, South, North and eventually West again

Now we can start cleaning and perform maintenance on our gear

Besides that I am sorting my agenda for next year

Jesper and I will compete in the Predatortour, both the Swedish and Dutch edition

I am already planning my work as a fishing guide for Sportfishing Dalsland around those events

If you are interested in taking my up as a guide

Or any of the other quality guides at White Label Fishing

Let us know, send us a message and we will do our best to organize a trip that suits your needs

To wrap it up I would like to thank every one who supported us on behalf of Frans and myself

We are really excited about the positive feedback on these videos

Once again, thank you!

It was super fun to make these videos and share our experiences, not to serious but I think thats a good thing

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