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gonna quickly test out our machine here

sorry if I've ever

I mean not sorry faculty but i have a

cold so yeah 3 of that it's gonna kind

of ruin the episode of it but we're just

gonna test out our little farming thing

very there she goes our damn scary then

make it on carrots

ok guess I'm just gonna have to pick him

up then and from in myself and next up

is the wheat farm haven't tried this one

out with actual wheat so it's so pretty

no spider watch out alright does the

exact same 10 creeper

Oh get out of here

you're not gonna ruin this day today

actually just died because i was AF King

and yeah okay spider you can stay there

throwing all of this and this let's see

what we made

that's still going

that's also still going so let's just

grab some seeds and start replanting I

guess it's all looking fine the only

thing I don't like is that doesn't go

into the hoppers but if i wanted to fix

that I wouldn't i would have to make it

one shorter i might do that in the

future with a lot of work for just a

little bit of pleasure though it's just

feeling somebody seeds while we're at it

but today we're going to be making a

automatic AFK fish form so how it works

is you have to like hold the button now

you have to go out of your Minecraft and

then it automatically Farsi you it's

something like that i'm not sure how

exactly it works i have a tutorial on

how to build it on my phone right now so

yeah I don't think we're going to

time-lapse this episode maybe some

cutting if I really can't figure

something out but i don't think we're

gonna do some time lapsing let's get

down there safely but not breaking the

crops there we go okay still fast a

carrot so does not matter

right this is almost filled in

come on we're getting there

there we go all the carrots are done and

ready to plant we have so many carats

i'm actually going to take a stack

because i need that food

alright you have a few stacks of seeds

here that we can plant to some wheat is

already growing which is noise butter +

let's get out of it

you're not gonna break my crops again

there's always a few mobs that break my

crops so i might have to add some

protection to this build

maybe add like a globe around it or

something and dome i'm not too sure

maybe just a simple wall because it's

really annoying that all the mobs keep

like wrecking my crops right there we go

all the wheat is in place now 20 no


I hate creepers why are so many we got

that double hit

there we go he's dead all right that's

all looking very nice now this chest

over here this is pretty much all we're

going to need for the fish farm so yeah

I'm gonna start right now by playing

tutorial and we're going to get right

into it I guess though he's grabbing at

this stuff i'm not really that good at

following tutorials if you guys didn't

know probably saying some important

stuff that are missing it so we need to

chest zombie get out of here only right


get out of here nobody likes you

actually let's play some like

let's place it back like two blocks i

think that would work better because we

might need some extra space here so

we're just going to place it here and

then we need and this I think that's

what he's doing here

I'm not really too sure and what is he

doing he's grabbing hoppers so we're

gonna grab our hoppers real quick and he

puts them lie puts them like this

there we go got our hottest poppers

located all moist and Andy let's see

what he's gonna do next

this is a very slow tutorial to know

it's annoying me

ok we need string I think 50 string so

let's just grab some string this is

probably going to be a very boring

episode but I want to get this fish farm

done and I want to do it on camera so we

also are going to need a cobblestone


so you want to place the cobblestone

wall right here and at peace is not

using the piece of string yet he is

placing blocks right there

alright this is a very annoying tutorial

I mean tutorials are always annoying

all right we're gonna need a redstone

here where does Africa and has to go

right here right there and then a

repeater going into this block with

timer for okay about the slow tutorial I

need to know what you're doing plus now

we're gonna need our glass so let's grab

our glass and we're just gonna put it

right above there and we need our blocks

again we're going out crap we're just

gonna block this off two guys are not

going to believe this

literally I had a recording from

yesterday I am i lagging so much what is


ok I'm not like anyone but yesterday i

recorded like an hour of me mellow

friend of mine and LG playing like speed

UHC i still have that recording on my

computer and then I started recording

this episode so what happened was I ran

out of space in my recording disk and

the recording stopped Midway and I

already finished the whole fudging far

as it is actually is pissing me off

pretty much because there was such a

nice episode we like I can't believe

that happened while i'm testing out the

fishing forum right now because I want

to see if it works pretty much i already

got fish which is pretty good which is

pretty cool so we're gonna see if we can

get anything better than fish don't know

how fast triggers probably will take

about 30 seconds I think

something like that

come on now it's a really cool invention

to be honest the fishing forum like this

you can see all the red stone inside of


I mean you saw like half of the building

didn't really see all of it because of

the stupid thing all we got something

okay we got to fish this farm is

actually proving to be pretty good i'm

actually really liking it this is the

way I designed it it made me feel like a

greek-style thing and I decided that I

wanted to get rid of this guy because

he's kinda in the way of my farming this

trick thing and making here and i kinda

wanted to be like I think i'm going to

look my whole house around with like the

farming thingies warming stations i

think next step might be like a melon

farm or something like that killed a

zombie real quick cause he's a kind of

annoying me though

yeah once in a time-lapse I think

episode 5i time left me placing this

wood and now we're just going to get rid

of it so i think we should make an axe

let's just make one real quick

we're just going to make a stone 1 don't

have an enchanted one yet

alright let's break all of this would

actually let's sleep real quick is a

mirroring a zombie and actually annoys

me so much to you that I lost that

recording so annoying because I was like

I was like ten minutes of me building a

fish farm and now it's all lost but we

might be able to do some other stuff

then in return of that stupid recording

mistake but for now let's just get rid

of all of this stupid would take so long

if you have a stone axe

Oh get out of here would buy one steal

it just for the lulz but I don't know

should we think i'm gonna flinch steel i

know i have one

no just use that where is it though

let them see you totally missing it

whatever there it is there you go

alright alright

oh not burning and we'll see what


oh yeah it's burning ok just burned

oh no number that one

alright this is way more efficient than

just boring all whatever it is whatever

breaking this is more fun and I think it

even goes quicker

maybe not quicker but definitely

enjoying this burning look at it it's

all just gone in a second there is two

more blocks one more block there you go

that's all of it now

just fill it in with their I still don't

know what to do with my house like one

day I just have to go resource grinding

and just do a whole big time lapse on

just making a whole house or I might

take my whole is done down and create a

new one I'm not too sure i think it

looks fine but I just don't know what to

do with it

let's grab that XP up because i need XP

because I died

alpha terrific what you doing dude this

is scary red eyes all got a zombie Lord

he is bored right it's gonna take help

me take out that is stupid zombie let's

go to this creepy 100k almost blew me

there we go now is then I don't know

what to do for the rest of this episode

I don't have any ideas left it was

pretty much my idea to get that fishing

farm done I'm IFK tonight on the fishing

farm not too sure probably well but a

this is going to be the end of this

episode of the everlasting SMP i hope

you enjoyed definitely leave a like down

below and I'll see you next one


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