Practice English Speaking&Listening with: WeDamnz SLAM! Interview - "Your Edit's are EVERYWHERE!"

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"It's about time to"

"invite someone here in the SLAM! DJ Booth"

"He's standing right in front of me."

"Take the headphone"


"Then we can start talking"

"There is a button beneith the mixer|

"To turn up the volume"

"But you don't have that right now"

"On the right of your hand is a button"

"I don't know if you can here me right now?"

"Normally we have a producer with us"

"Who arranges this"

"But in the meantime he is hearing me now"

No problem, no problem!

"Hey Lennard!"

"The man behind WeDamnz!"

"It's so nice to have you here in the SLAM! Studio."

"But i think it's mutal?"

Yeah it's really nice to be here!

This was secretly one of my dreams.


Amazing, i can't wait to do my set here.

"Yes, nice man! It's funny because"

"maybe that the name WeDamnz you as a listener."

"would'nt ring a bell that quickly."

"But it's a name that's often in the tracklists here."

"Especially on Friday"

"Your edits dude, they are everywhere!"

Yeah and that is what i'm so happy about.

I started a few years ago.

and i'm seeing it on festivals

for example Diplo was playing it in Seattle last week!

La Fuente.. everywhere in the world.

I was in Croatia last week with my friends.

and it was almost everyday..

where there was music, i heard something of myself


Yeah it crazy!

"But how does this work?"

"Because you create something"

"and after it's finished you just put in on SoundCloud?"


"And that's just gonna go across the world?"

"Or are you sending this to a lot of DJ's?"

"How does this work?"

Well actually i have to say

that the fanbase

I started out with mashups

and after a while i got a little bored of creating them

and then..

"For someone who doesn't know mashups"

"A mashup is"

"one song above the other one"

Yes for example an instrumental of a Bruno Mars record

combined with a 90's vocal

And then you got a mashup

that's where i started with

And that went really good

i had 10.000 subscribers and i thought

well.. this might work!


And i continued, continued, continued

and after a while i thought

Ok, i need to show a bit more of my own sound.

So i started out with creating edits

and from that point it got "sky high"

'Memories' was the first edit i ever did

and this edit reached 150.000 streams.

It was insane about how many support it got

"And that's 150.000 streams"

"on SoundCloud as the loose edit"

"But then you also got the counter of them being played in DJ sets "

"and you didn't count all those plays"

No, exactly!

That's what really blows my mind

when i was in Croatia.

That you can see for how many people it's actually played

and that you can see the instant response.

"Yes, crazy!"

"It some sort of a quiet power actually"

"we might not really know"

"how hard we go on the music you create!"


"We are gonna hear a lot of them"

"a lot of those edits!"

"And the fun thing is"

"right before i spoke to you"

"before the DJ set"

"that i was going to play a track of "Antoon"

Yes, defenitely!

"But that's one of you classmates?"

Yes that is a classmate of me!

"What a small world"

I even went to Sweden with him

he didn't really made that music

for what he did back then

but he did let me hear something

that was pretty funny

he asked "what do you think about it?"

and half year later he released "Hyperventilatie"

and the rest is history!

yes this guy is on!

let's hope you will follow him in that rocket speed

but you are internationally

with you edits

on a roll!

you are gonna show us them really soon.

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