Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 31 Days of Learning English - DAY 24 - improve your English - DIRECTION - 24th October - THURSDAY

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I'm out of Tic Tacs

do-do-do-do-do oh there they are the sheep this morning in the field you can

see they are still there welcome here we go again oh my goodness I can't believe

that I'm still here doing this welcome today 24 of 31 days of learning

English in October 2019

hi everybody this is mr. Duncan in England how are you today are you ok I

hope so are you happy I really hope so here we

are again live on YouTube yes I am with you every single day during the month of

October 2019 to celebrate my 13th anniversary

I'm doing it everyday 2 p.m. UK time Monday to Friday Saturday 12 p.m. just

after midday and on Sunday you can catch me live from 2 p.m. UK time as well

something to mention this weekend the clocks will change so we are going back

1 hour this weekend because British summer time will be ending as we enter

autumn and then winter of course so the clocks are changing we are going back

one hour here in the UK so for some of you I know some of you are also going to

change your clocks as well so some people will be and some people won't be

so for some of you it might appear that I'm on at the wrong time but it's still

2 p.m. UK time so instead of British summer time it will be G M T instead to

be honest with you I wish we would just stop all of this can we just have the

clocks the same everywhere in the world well you can't have them the same of

course not exactly the same but you know what I mean anyway all of these changes

all it does is confuse people people don't know where they are they don't

know if they are Arthur or Martha talking of which

it's mr. Duncan that's me by the way teaching English to the world and I've

been doing it for 13 years at the end of this month it will be the anniversary of

my YouTube channel however there will be no

it looks as if there will be no that I'm not saying it I refuse to say this word

anymore so it looks as if this is not happening at the end of October however

my anniversary is happening at the end of October so I will be here for the

rest of October one more week to go and then I'm finished with 31 days of

October and English who I must be honest with you it's been very busy now the

worst part for me was the first week during October so the first week I

really felt as if I was climbing up hill I really felt as if everything was going

to be very difficult however I was able to get through the first week and Here I

am on day 24 can you believe it let's have a look outside because the window

is looking lovely today would you like to see the view outside oh it really

does look quite beautiful out there today very green you will see that some

of the leaves are starting to turn autumn has definitely arrived so there

you can see a view out of the window right now looking across and we also

have our bird camera operating today there it is the bird camera and you can

see there are some birds on the camera right now in front of us all oblivious

to the fact that they are now being seen seen by the entire world can you believe

it they don't even know it you can see some gold finches feeding now earlier on

I actually filmed the birds outside so let's have a look earlier on because

there were quite a few Birds outside earlier so this was earlier before I

came on and you can see look at that there are quite a few

goldfinches on the bird feeder I love gold finches they are they are so

beautiful lovely lovely birds they're so nice they look happy

they looked cheerful and also they sound quite happy as well

I love the birdsong of the Goldfinch aren't they lovely really nice so we

will check in we will check in live with the bird camera during today's live

stream you are probably wondering mr. Duncan what's happened to your hands

have you been doing some surgery in your kitchen have you been sawing mr.

Steve's leg off no I haven't in fact yesterday I was in the kitchen if you

remember and I forgot to show you these these are my rubber gloves so these are

very useful items to have in the kitchen and yesterday I was showing you around

my kitchen at all of the wonderful devices all of the gizmos and gadgets in

my kitchen so yesterday I didn't show you my rubber

gloves these come in very useful when you are doing a job that is dirty and

unpleasant maybe mr. Steve has blocked the toilet

up again so I have to put my hand down there and I have to get rid of the

blockage it's horrible and sometimes I have to go all the way to my elbow

that's how far down I have to go sometimes

so my rubber gloves I didn't show these yesterday for which I apologize but

there they are right now rubber gloves they are very useful if you want to do

something that's messy or dirty maybe you are about to clean maybe something

that is and hygienic maybe you're about to wash mr. Steeves

underwear so perhaps you are going to wash mr. Steeves underwear you will

definitely need a pair of rubber gloves I think so here we go then live English

I will take my gloves off because well for two reasons one they

are very hot and two unfortunately I can't operate my smartphone if I'm

wearing gloves because you can't make the phone work so first of all I will

take off my rubber gloves it feels for me so let's have a look at the live

stream shall we who is on the live chat oh hello there hello Nessie Nessie I

guess what you are first on today's live stream I think I'm losing my voice today

I think my voice is actually starting to fade because I've been talking non-stop

for the past 24 days well 23 days 24 days if you count today

well then nasiha you are first on today's live chat

well then Messier Rahul is here as well Anna Coby Luis Mendez Thank You Luis for

joining me once again from sunny France I assume it's sunny it might not be here

in the UK it's a little bit dull a little bit dismal however it's looking

rather nice outside it really does look like autumn has arrived

hello also to Louie Louie hello Louie Louie oh I've just realised well my

fingers smell disgusting they've been inside those rubber gloves yeah

that's disgusting do I really have to put it with that smell for the rest of

this livestream yeah horrible hello - Sean Anna nasiha a gay zoo zoo seeker is

here as well hello to you all so Theo hello Theo hello to everyone mr. Duncan

hope you are doing well I'm not too bad but I think my voice is starting to fade

away because I've been using it so much during October thank you very much for

showing the Sheep you are welcome hi mr. Duncan says Cesar

nice to see you as well hello also - Canaan or Hannon hello to you from

Algeria amen amen ZT says hello Cristina asks why are you

wearing your gloves well I've told you I've explained that I was going to show

them yesterday but I forgot sweetness I hate changing the clock however in my

country Georgia it won't happen well we have to change

the clocks twice a year so as summer approaches we have to move the clocks

forward as winter approaches we have to turn the

clock back and it's really annoying so that is happening this Sunday so when

you watch me on Sunday you might notice that the deter time will be a little bit

different but it's not my fault I have no control over whether or not we turn

our clocks back I don't have that much power Hanna says why do certain

countries change the time well here apparently it all stems from the time

when the days would get dark early and also during the days when there was

pollution and it was actually all about safety on the roads so it was decided

that you could get an extra hours daylight if you altered the clocks and

apparently they worked out that this would save lives so that is what

happened in this country hello sweetness hello also Alberto hello Alberto Wow 28

days in a row you're amazing mr. Duncan thank you for your thank you for

enlightening us it is difficult to watch you live but always a faithful follower

thank you very much hello Rosa hello also to muna lots of

people here already so let's catch up to date with the live chat hello Ana I'm

allergic to rubber yes some people are they have a sensitivity to latex so yes

if you are allergic to rubber or latex then you can't wear rubber gloves Thank

You mr. Duncan for reminding us about turning our clocks back yes

this weekend the clocks will change one hour back talking of we

we are talking all about direction today now this seems like a small topic an

innocent topic but I really feel as if today I may have bitten off more than I

can chew so I feel as if I might have taken on a very big subject so this

might seem like a very simple subject but in fact it's quite complex maybe

more complicated than I had anticipated to be honest so we are talking about Y

direction yeah direction yeah hmm that's what

we're doing today I've been asked to explain a phrase and apparently this was

used in a song I I can't remember which song but I've been asked to explain this

what does it mean when you take for granted take for granted well if you

take for granted it means you always expect something to

be there you never consider the value of something you have especially if it's

something important or valuable or something that you really need

so because something is always there with you or near you or maybe something

is always available you take for granted you take that thing for granted so you

always expect it to be there for example when you go into your kitchen you will

turn the tap and there will be water you always expect the water to be there you

will take it for granted so when we take for granted

it means we always expect something to be there all the time

so to take for granted means you always expect something to

available or nearby perhaps if you are in a relationship maybe your girlfriend

or boyfriend might accuse you of taking them for granted

you will always expect them to be there with you or to call you or when they

come round at the weekend you never appreciate how much time they actually

give you so we can say that you take something for granted

you always expect it to be there and available

I do enjoy explaining words and phrases so don't worry I'm always interested to

hear from you and by the way if you want to get in touch you can follow me on

Facebook yes I have a Facebook page some people don't realize that but I do I

have an official yes it's official it actually has a blue tick so I've been

I've actually been approved by Facebook so I do have a Facebook page and also

you can email me as well if you want to you can email me and also follow me on

Facebook Christina says you must never take your boyfriend for granted

you must never expect him to always be with you always

give you attention maybe you forget how much time and effort he puts into it

perhaps some people take me for granted especially during October so maybe some

people don't even realize how much work and effort goes into doing this because

it looks so easy a lot of people say mr. Duncan doing a live stream it's easy you

should try doing it sometime you really should hello Oh Rosa hello Rosa it looks

as if you knew I was about to say Rosa says I take the

live stream for granted yes now to take something for granted of course is not a

good thing because when that thing has gone when the thing that you always

expect to be there has vanished you will really miss that thing when it's gone

today I am off because it is the birthday of my city Manaus it is 350

years old that's almost as old is mr. Steve almost

Giorgio ciao mr. Duncan I like your stripes on your t-shirt

thank you very much there is a long story concerning this t-shirt I didn't

buy this new I bought it from a friend of Steve's for five pounds that's not

bad is it and I think this is this is what is it it's Paul Smith apparently as

far as I'm aware that is some sort of designer clothing label I'm not really

sure because I'm not a follower of fashion so I paid five pounds for this

not bad when you think about it hello also to Ramzan or hello to you

thanks for joining us today it's nice to see you here so many people here I was

asked the other day if I could go back to my old position in the studio I think

it was Pedro who asked now for those who have been watching my live streams for a

long time you will know that I started my live streams in 2016 however and this

is a big thing however over those years my live stream has changed a lot so

originally this is what my live stream look

like so there it is that is the original setup of my livestream so that's what it

looked like in March 2017 so I had already been doing my livestream for a

few months so you can see my livestream used to look very different I used to

sit in front of my computer and talk in my chair and that's one of the things

that I found really tiring because sitting down for a long time can be very

tiring and also the other reason why I moved is because I got a new computer

and also some new equipment and that equipment is very noisy so that's the

other reason why I don't sit in front of my computer anymore I used to do it I

used to sit in front of the computer but now I don't and also mr. Steve used to

be a guest way back in 2017 and also 2018 and there he is

there is Steve in the studio who remembers the time when mr. Steve got

his grinder and it was so noisy he'd actually deafened me so there's mr.

Steve doing something rather crazy way back in 2017 so even mr. Steve used to

be a guest on my live stream hello to H Sam hello to you thank you very much for

watching Christina I can't think of a day without your lessons because you

teach well and you're like a familiar person yes a few people have said this

they've said you are now part of my day so when I wake up in the morning the

first thing I do is put on your live stream so for many people I have become

part of their day part of their daily life years ago I saw your video

like an unexpected gift and I still think so

that's very kind of you to say I'm not looking for compliments by the way

sometimes I feel a little bit shy a little bit embarrassed by all of the

attention lack Lakisha says a narita reminds me of an italian name it does

sound italian doesn't it you are right cash trailer asks Pedro do you know for

tonight as I understand it fortnight is a

computer game and before anyone asks no I don't play computer games I really

don't I don't play playstation or xbox or Nintendo or Atari

I don't think Atari exists anymore mr. deckerd you're showing your age hello

also to Murray yeah oh it's nice to see you here thank you very much sweetness

Mitra says how I miss mr. Steve well he might join us after October

comes to an end so because mr. Steve has other things to do in his life he can't

always join us unfortunately quite a few people now leaving comments Belarus er

oh I see some some sad news from Belarus eeeh my mother is in hospital again it's

a hard life can I send my best wishes to you and your mother and all of your

family Greeley oh hello mr. Duncan the

this according to Greeley Oh is the best direction are you sure about that they

would would appear to be a lot of people who would disagree with you

H Sam says I used to play Atari a long time ago yes I don't think they exist

anymore do they but I remember in the 1980s Atari became

a very well-known brand hello mr. Duncan I am listening to you

from Japan a big hello to all those watching in Japan I have quite a few

viewers watching there and it is a country that I've always been fascinated

by hello to Palmyra hello also to Anna thank you Anna

it's nice to see you all here today we are now going to take a look back in

time on this day in 2013 I was doing day 24 of my dunk Tober lessons and now we

are going to take a look at that very lesson which was published on this day

six years ago

oh hello and good morning welcome to day 24 of 31 days of dunk Tober how are you

this morning are you fine and dandy I really really hope so welcome to another

sneak peek at my oh so glamorous life right now I'm bringing my dust bin back

up the driveway after it was emptied early this morning this is my green bin

the green bin is used for putting guard and wasting grass cuttings small twigs

and leaves anything that you cut or prune can be placed in here I have to

dust bins here this green one and a black one the black bin is for household

waste these are really bins they are dust bins on wheels they are nice and

large which is good because each bin is emptied every two weeks their large size

means that they are really good really good wheelie wheelie bins it's a joke

not a very good one

what a load of rubbish it's time to take out the rubbish we use the word rubbish

in England to describe things that have been thrown away while in the USA they

say garbage or trash we can use these words in other ways too if we think that

a person is talking nonsense we can say that they are talking rubbish he is

talking rubbish what he said was a load of garbage we can use the word trash to

mean destroy or smash up the thieves trash to the house the party goers

trashed the flat you can talk trash about someone you trash a person this

means that you say bad things about them you criticize someone quite often behind

their back yeah look more rubbish to check out more garbage to throw away

yeah I'll deal with you later in daily life we all have unpleasant

jobs to do there is always a chore that we would rather not do waiting for us I

hate putting the rubbish out I normally push as much waste into my kitchen bin

as I can until it almost bursts just so I don't have to walk to the dustbin

these sorts of tasks can be described as menial they are basic jobs that must be


that is all of the rubbish thrown out all of the garbage has gone time now to

go back indoors

another task I dislike is housework cleaning the house is such a laborious

job it can also appear to be a waste of time no sooner have you wiped a surface

clean then a layer of dust appears almost straightaway it's quite vexing

really to say the least washing the dishes doing the laundry

vacuuming the carpet all of these jobs I would rather not to do but do them I

must oh there's nothing like a nice rest

after a hard day's work unfortunately there are still some jobs to do so I

guess it's time for me to carry on with my daily tasks that pile of laundry

isn't going to wash itself well technically it does wash itself but I

have to put it in the washing machine and press the button it's all very hard

you know

there it was going back in time six years ago today I was doing my household

chores in the house having to throw the rubbish or the garbage away and also I

had to clean the carpet so I hope you enjoyed that just proving that I do do

the housework so ignore everything that Steve says because quite often Steve

will badmouth he will say bad things about me he will say mr. Duncan he never

never cleans the house he doesn't even know where the vacuum cleaner is it's

not true it's all lies today we are talking about direction that is what we

are doing as we head towards three o'clock and that is the direction we are

going in now thanks for your lovely comments thank you very much to

Christina a sheep in the house and a penguin - very nice yes we have some

very strange things in our house one or two of the things are in the window and

my postman really does think that we might be a little bit crazy because we

do have a sheep and also a snake in our window and that is of course lady

Willington and also Sydney Sydney the snake hello - Pedro mr. Duncan do you

spend your day alone well today I'm alone because mr. Steve

isn't here so I am alone but I not lonely there is a difference to be alone

means to be solo or by yourself however the feeling of loneliness is the

sadness or unhappiness caused by being alone so if you feel unhappy because you

are on your own then you feel alone but I

don't I never feel alone there are lots of things to do to occupy my mind and of

course I can go out to see people and friends but at the moment during October

the most important thing in my life is this doing this hello to everyone who

has joined me today it's nice to see you as we enter day 24 we are talking about

direction today when we talk about direction this subject actually has

quite a big a large expansive description there are many ways of

describing this particular word so when we talk about direction it means the way

you are going however the way you are going can be all sorts of things it can

be physically it can be in your mind it can be the way you plan your life or

maybe your day so where we talk about direction there are many ways of using

this there are many ways of talking about it we often talk about where we

are heading so when we say heading we mean where are you going or the

direction you are heading in so when we talk about heading we mean you are going

in a certain direction you are traveling in a certain way you are heading that

way you are heading that way also headed now this is more commonly used in

American English so quite often you will see headed used in American English and

heading used in British English so there is a difference between these two words

however they basically mean the same thing he's headed west

he's heading west so American English British English I hope that helps where

we talk about direction of course we are talking about lots of things so we talk

about direction we are talking about our course so this again is a word that can

be used in more than one way so when we talk about course it means maybe the way

we are going or the route we are taking of course this can also mean the

direction you take when you are doing something in your life or of course if

you want to educate yourself you will take a course so a number of things that

you have to learn a number of exams that you must take to achieve the thing that

you get at the end so when we talk about course in education it means a group of

things are a number of things you must learn a skill you must attain and of

course exams that you must take at the end so during the course you will learn

things and normally at the end of the course you will be tested route so again

this word normally is used to describe direction so we talked about a person's

route where you are going so in that respect direction and route pretty much

have the same meaning you are talking about the way you are going the

direction you are going in which direction are you going in which route

are you taking when you are driving on the road for example there might be many

directions that you can go in to get from one place to another or you can

take a certain route so when you go on a certain route

it means you in a certain direction you follow some

instructions so the word root can also mean a set of instructions that tell you

where to go so the root might be on the map so you follow the route on the map I

I am here and I need to get to here so I must follow the route I must go in a

certain direction so some good words there some very interesting words some

more words we can use connected to direction we can say way so where you

are going so the way you are traveling the way again this can be used in more

than one way so when we talk about way we might mean the way to a place so the

direction or the route or of course we can talk about the method of doing

something so when we talk about the method of doing something we can also

say way so the way you cook your meal the way you do something the method and

of course the direction you must find your way you go from one place to

another you find your way quite often we use that phrase to mean that we are not

sure where we are going maybe you are not sure which way to go another one

bearing so your sense of direction so quite often when you are outside you

will know where you are so your bearing is your sense of direction you know

which way to go you know which way to turn

you know which direction to go in you know which way you are facing and we

often use this word bearing bearing so your movement in a certain direction and

also knowing the position you are in which way you are facing so you might

lose your bearing you might get lost track is another one and this word also

has lots of uses track can be a pathway that you follow to get from one place to

another you can have a preset lion that something will follow such as a railway

track so track can also mean line that goes in a certain direction a track also

track can mean follow so in that respect we are using it as a verb you track

someone you are following them you know where they are you are following them as

they move around you track that person you know where they are going another

word in fact we have three words here journey now these are words that

describe the trip that you are making so when you go in a certain direction you

are moving to a certain place you are going from somewhere to somewhere you

are going on a journey so the journey is the trip that you make transit transit

means to be moving so you are moving along you are in transit so when we talk

about transit it means travel the movement

transit you are in transit so if we say that a person is in transit it means

they are moving they are on the move they are traveling they might be in

transit by car or plane they are in transit if you are going on a long trip

or a long journey we can say voyage voyage a long trip a long journey is a

voyage we often think of voyage as traveling over sea so if you are sailing

on a cruise if you are on a boat we will often describe that as a voyage because

quite often when you travel by sea the journey will be very long quite often

another word we can use eventually trip I've mentioned this already so generally

speaking we will often use the word trip to mean journey you are going to a

certain place you are going to see a certain city or a certain country you go

on a trip you take a trip of course the word trip can also mean fall so if you

fall over you also trip so this particular word

has more than one use expedition if you go to explore something you want to look

at something closely maybe you go on holiday maybe you go to a certain place

perhaps you go to Egypt to look at the pyramids you will go on an expedition

you will go to look around a certain place sometimes you will investigate the

things that are there you will look closely at them so we say expedition

if you are going somewhere for a short time maybe just one day or maybe for the

afternoon we can say outing you go on an outing so an outing can mean a day trip

you go somewhere for a short period of time so you might go on an outing to the

beach you go to the beach and then later that day you will come back an outing

you have an outing you go on a short trip you take a short journey and you

stay there for a short period of time you just go out to experience something

new or interesting excursion so when we talk about excursion it means an

organized trip an organized journey so you might go with many people on a bus

or a coach you will take a coach to a certain place you will go on an

excursion an excursion so you might go away next week to the beach we can say

that you are going on an excursion day trip day trip so once again day trip

means a short journey or a short stay a day trip you go somewhere and then later

the same day you will return if you want to take a little journey if you want to

go on a journey and have some fun we can say jaunt jaunt you might go away

somewhere to have a bit of fun maybe you go out in your car and drive somewhere

scenic you will take a jaunt I love that word it sounds French doesn't it hello

to Palmyra hello to Shawn ferry voyage is a long journey

yes so if you go on a voyage quite often it is a long journey we often think of

it as going by boat or by ship many people nowadays like to go on a cruise

so they will go on a boat for many days and nights and travel around the world

to different places they will go on a voyage of discovery oh I like that

so when we talk about voyage of discovery it can also mean the things

you learn about yourself or about life so that's the reason why I said that

this is a very big subject so not only is Direction physical it can also mean

the way that you view your life or the things you want to do later in your life

so the direction is not only physical it is also in your mind as well the

direction that you want to go in the way you want your life to go the things you

want to do in the future we can talk about your direction the way you are

going hello to Ramsey Nouah again mr. Duncan all these words are they nouns

most of them are nouns yes so the excursion describes the journey

direction is where you are going if you direct someone that means you are doing

the thing you are telling a person where to go so direct is verb we are using it

verbally you are telling a person where to go I will direct you I will tell you

where to go I will explain the directions to you so in that respect it

is a verb hello Mika I often go for a day trip at the weekend I think a lot of

people do it's very popular especially when the weather

is nice especially when it's nice outside but as you can hear I'm losing

my voice can you believe it I made it all a wait

today 24 and I start losing my voice can you believe that I can't believe it so

when we talk about direction I'm going to show you very quickly how we can

express direction with some of my amazing drawings would you like to see

my lovely drawings oh here we go

so quite often when we give directions we will often use these terms the terms

are up/down so quite often we will say up and down now the way we use this

varies depending on the situation so when we say up it can mean climb so you

might go up a hill or up a mountain you go up a slope you go upwards so we are

talking about not just traveling forwards but also traveling up so up

however in some cases we might also use the word up when we are talking about

direction so quite often we will say up the road you need to go up the road and

quite often and this is very strange I don't know why this happens but quite

often if we are talking about things that are on the right we will say up and

quite often if we talk about things that are on the left we will often say down I

don't know why that happens it's very strange but I've noticed when I do it if

I ever give directions if I'm pointing right I will always say up and if her

point left I will always say down you need to go up there you need to go down

there it's very strange that so quite often we will use up and down to show

direction on a certain route you can go up the road you can go down the road so

if it is going away from you in front its up if it is going away from

you behind you it is down I came from down the road down the road I was down

the road and now I am going up the road I came from down the road and now I am

going up the road so you will see that these two words even though they are

very simple words very basic can have their own special meaning when we are

talking about direction you go up you go down the other thing that it's worth

noting is you are watching me on a screen so when I say right and left it

is not your right and left because you are watching me so as you look at the

screen this is left and this is right however from my point of view this is

right and this is left and that is one of the things that can be confusing when

you are giving directions you have to make sure that the other person knows

that you mean left and right you have to make sure they know that it is their

left or your left so my left and your left are different depending on your

point of view which where you are facing anna says up the road can also be follow

or straight yes you are right yes you can go straight up the road you can also

go straight down the road you can also follow the road so when you follow it

just means you drive along so you follow the road you drive along the road I hope

you enjoyed my little diagram when we are giving directions we will often give

specific instructions for example you might come to a junction and you can see

here this particular Junction is called a crossroads so you can see the

crossroad is two roads that intersect so that road continues and that road

continues across so when we are giving instructions we might tell someone to go

straight on so if you go straight on it means you go across the road of course

you have to stop first of all you have to stop to make sure there is no traffic

coming this way but when we give a person instructions we will say go

straight on go straight on so don't turn go straight on continue ahead however we

might also be telling someone to turn so you might tell someone to turn right you

turn right at the next Junction so at the next Junction you turn right

we might tell them the opposite we might say at the junction

you need to turn left turn left at the next Junction turn right at the next

Junction so when you come to a junction and that's a junction a junction is

where one road meets another but you have a choice of which way to turn you

either turn left or right so there is your choice and this type of Junction is

called a T Junction the reason why we call it T Junction is

because it looks like the letter T we can also talk about direction from a

point of view of a compass so quite often certainly years ago many people

would carry a compass something that they would look at so they would know

which direction or what direction they were going in so quite often we will

give instructions to tell someone to also go in a certain direction so these

are very precise instructions for example we might tell someone to head

north head north you head north so in the

country you are traveling in in the town you are traveling in you head north so

if you look at the direction of your compass you will know that you need to

go north and then of course we have head south when we say head we mean go you go

in that direction you head south so again in the country or city or town you

go in that direction on the map or on your compass

we can head east head east you go in that direction or of course head west

head east head west it is very distracting because from my

point of view this is actually the wrong way around but I know it's right you

head east you head west you go east early you go west early an

easterly direction westerly again it means the same thing

so I hope that's alright we are big how we will not know English I don't know

what that means I don't know what I mean Sayid

if you could explain what you mean that we're very nice hello grace chin

oh hello grace nice to see you here I will be going soon I can't believe how

quickly this lesson has gone today if a person is going the wrong way we can say

that they are heading in the direction that they shouldn't be so we might tell

a person that you are going the wrong way you are heading in the wrong

direction you are going the wrong way you have to turn around you do what you

are going the wrong way

no you are going the wrong way direction and appearance we can also describe

things in certain ways from their appearance the direction of an object

the wrong way up so for example this is the wrong way up it is upside down it is

the wrong way up

now it is the right way up so the wrong way up means something is upside down it

is the wrong way up and just to prove it

this is upside down this is the right way up so upside down is direction it

refers to the position of an object whether it is the right way or the wrong

way something is upside down so direction can also refer to the way

something appears as well what if something is inside out inside out again

we are talking about the appearance of something perhaps you put on your

clothes maybe you put your t-shirt on your body you wear it but then suddenly

you realize that it is inside out so the inside of your t-shirt is on the outside

so you've put your t-shirt on inside out inside out another way of describing

this something is inverted inverted so maybe it is inside-out or maybe it is

the wrong way round as if you are looking in a mirror so when you look in

the mirror you are seeing an inverted image so something that is inverted is

the wrong way round it has been turned around for example your reflection in

the mirror is inverted or we can say reversed so something has been

first it is the wrong way round it's almost time to finish I hope you've

enjoyed today's livestream by the way if you've enjoyed it tell a friend if you

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we are here every day every single day during October so I will be back

tomorrow from 2 p.m. UK time and I will see you tomorrow hopefully if it be a

good day because it's Friday tomorrow so I'm sure everyone will be really happy

thanks to grace I love your lessons very much thank you so much mr. Duncan you

are welcome no problem that's why I'm here

let's have one last look at the birds I wonder what the birds are doing let's

have a look outside well first of all those are the trees we'll see those in a

minute like that you see however what I want to show you are the birds there

they are right now in the garden oh look I can

see in the middle you can see a green Finch so the bird in the middle is a

green Finch and then the one on the Left the one on the left is a goldfinch

so there are quite a few birds now in the garden so that is a live view out of

my window at the moment you can see the birds are

busily feeding it is there their late afternoon lunch and that's it there is

no more it's time to go I can't believe it it's gone so fast thank you iron

Thank You Meeker Thank You sweetness thank you Anna

I will join you again tomorrow from 2 p.m. UK time and of course the weekend

is just around the corner are you excited I hope so

this is mr. Duncan in the birthplace of English saying thanks for watching me I

am going to rest my voice now and I will see you tomorrow

and of course you know what's coming next yes you do until tomorrow

ta ta for now 8-)

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