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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Literary Theory 6 Post Structuralism & Deconstruction UGC NET/JRF, MA,BA, English Literature

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hello and welcome to miracle I'm

reloading all my literary theories

videos one by one for the sake of the

new subscribers and the people who had

missed them because I posted all of them

in the year thousand sixteen and

seventeen when I started posting my

videos even if you have seen them do

watch them again so that you are

prepared thoroughly for your UGC net

exam and also for various literature

exams because they are important

theories and I have tried to make them

very very simple for you the language

also have made very simple because I

have been requested by the students that

they find it very difficult to

understand these theories so I have

taken up this task to make you

understand through where as examples my

Institute's motto is read literature in

its true spirit so I usually relate all

the same literary items whether they are

dramas or novels theories or any term

figures of speech all to our daily life

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video devoted to and because the

constructions are interrelated sunnies

enough to do there was so much confusion

and shortness the chaotic world he

expressed it in his and therefore was

constructionism use to recognize

fractures no this is wrong there is

something more than that

I structurally get one meaning only the

structure said that there will be many

meanings even contradictory meanings to

the same for the post she has said

meetings are supported away from reality

and different they also said that the

meanings are according to the readers of

the writer the readers different classes

different language systems so they would

interpret different meanings therefore

many meanings are possible from the same

a little text does not depend on a

single existence single meaning a single

purpose it is multi damage everything

depends on the readers

self-consciousness chief self culture

images of the brain what he has already

stored in suppose if I give you an

example there's a sentence which says a

man is another phase of now suppose if

we ask the Western world to interpret

this the meanings of these two sentences

if it will be very simple for them

because it is very common in the culture

that you need to smoke so then there is

just a difference of male and female

smoking but then we ask the eastern

people to comprehend it

they'll have other images coming in

their mind and they would object to this

lemon they will say fine and how does

how come the women asleep smoking so the

meaning changes according to the

there was no intention no such intention

my girl right but still the breeder has

taken him according to his own

self-consciousness according according

to this all inner images of the brain

most fatalism emerged in France in 1960

along with feminism realism

phenomenology and many of the studies

linguistics now further Mindy safar and

renowned bond Jack Delta the onward

structures and found out that they me

the exact meaning of work can be found

by the signified and signifier and later

on they themselves reject this theory to

brilliant or situation but there is much

more than the structure the other

scientists were wrong L path and Michel


come on bonds in his book eight said

that the other is so elements semiology

three seven if said that he gave the

concept of metal and some features and

file which generate meetings after me

other post structuralist like julia

kristeva and job software she would

ruler and many athletes have worked

applause the theory was structuralist

shock to people with the theory of

nations the indicated all the tradition

believes untii ends they said they have

no sense office lists they were useless

nobody should now believe that all the


agree and just for the sake of them both

looking so dedicated confuted quality as

nails from their ISM English Studies and

from the Eisen mr. Silas so these are

the theories which say that automata

suit should be there that doesn't answer

realist say that whatever comes into

mind should be there

it should not be colored by prejudices

by our wrong of false beliefs it denies

the objective ground of truth specially

in the moral beliefs whatever moles we

believe in may not be true according to

the paw structures doesn't know whatever

we are believing is nonsense therefore

you will see in today's world people do

not carry the same tradition same morals

another French critic for structures

Dexter yes three books one was meaning

difference so he along with the other

was refused give complete because he

worked on the studies of head a girl


then michel foucault then Frederick need

minions also signified Ferdinand de

Saussure and then he gave a lecture in

Baltimore Maryland John Hopkins

University on deconstruction he made the

curve Diamond League and he introduced

the concept of deconstruction in the

United States

what is deconstruction construction

building something means destroying

something human clean something

subverting something totally broke

breaking it into pieces he says that

meaning is not obtained by sembly he

says meaning can only be understood by

dismantling of the structure suppose if

you want a pen a pen the structuralist

would just imagine the body but then the

deconstruction construction ellipse what

will he do he will break the pen he will

pick up the lip the river and he would

bring it into pieces and they understand

yes if I ask for Lupe there shall be in

the mind many other things

the other colored pins that way that

they go in the background and the last

one comes in front so this is in

deconstruction the center is not fixed

the author has raised the center and

it's the duty of the reader to find the

center and make his own interpretation

makers and try to complement it with his

own teacher and there are times when we

have not attended any but their

attention was they were bad but still

the listener takes it in negatively that

means the center which has been

understood by the reader or the listener

is the friend in the center which was

originally posed by the rightly so it is

on the reader how he takes it so he he

gives a theory of difference difference

doesn't mean the others no different

means a friend in the first the

intention of the lighter ever de fer in

English way I'd be I FF er PMC

but the French difference di FF II are

AAA and C and E through to the captain

first he also gave the concept of

finally opposites each and everything as

absent speaking and Swift

sweet bitter Emmaus so these two binary

opposites they complement each other

next fill each other if you remove one

the other is in comprehensive and unless

the electricity bill is false we do not

realize the importance of it same way

you need sweet you need again in my

previous lectures I have told you

therefore below ROM if so good and evil

also close side-by-side because they

complement or display each other by the

difference why because they differ they

have different qualities let us suppose

therefore their qualities or their

meanings they come out you keep any

other thing listen to each other

another meaning something different ah

so that I Delta try to say this and he

says that the center can be different

and if you change the point if the

center the circle would be different

this one different meaning

ah he also says that this this leasing

is called arrays this is what we're in

sir in three terms there's other very

literal term - with aporia aquarium

means that suddenly you are in doubt

you're reading something then you are in

doubt and then you try to it is not

explicit it is there but the reader has

to understand through this own

understanding through his own knowledge

through these form structures with own

images at the brain so most requests and

there does deconstruction took the world

on the front living it came lot of food

father for hot people started thinking

in different terms

there is just not much choice to believe

the truth also has different engines I

see this from here I can see this image

so this is my truth somebody sees it

from here

this is history ah this way even the

truth can be challenged so I end up my

discussion of constructivism and the

concert although I can devote anybody

ours and it is never ending but some

basic things I have in the next videos I

would be taking post colonialism

feminism and many such terms which will

let the previous videos from discussion

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The Description of Literary Theory 6 Post Structuralism & Deconstruction UGC NET/JRF, MA,BA, English Literature