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Why I started personal Youtube channel

Hello everyone, Im Dongki

I wanted to talk about why did I start this Youtube channel

You know and my Vietnamese fans who come into this channel may know

Except this channel, I am already running another channel, KhoaTiengViet

Before I started Youtube channel, I liked to watch videos on Youtube

I am a very normal person, like to watch Youtube but suddenly I thought How about if I try start Youtube channel?

So I thought it would be fun if I run a Youtube channel as a Korean who majored in Vietnamese language

So I asked Shin Hye, one of my junior in University, and opened a channel called Khoa Tieng Viet, I've been running on for over a year

I really appreciate so many people like the channel and I think that it is one of the biggest opportunity in my life

I really appreciate it

But the channel is kind of project channel, not my personal channel

So it's hard to do uploading my own personal stories or really small things

Of course, I'm shooting, editing and running the channel, but thats not my personal channel

I want to share my personal stories and vlogs but I couldnt

So I'm starting my personal channel

So the reason I opened this channel is because sometimes I feel bummed while I running KhoaTiengViet

I wanted to record my life and small personal things

And also, when I was working as a Youtuber, I got close with a lot of Youtubers

And I envied when I saw that Youtubers running personal channel and making a single community, like a family

So I'm aiming steadily uploading videos

And I have a lot of purposes to run this channel, but my biggest goal is to record my life

And that's the biggest thing I want to share with you

And after a year or 10, 20 years later I want carry my thought back to the past

Oh I've been there this time, I did those things at that time, I have a desire to make a channel to remember my memories

Because I like to write diary, too. When I look at the diary that I wrote in the old days,

There's something like that memories of those days came flooding back

But the time when I did not record it was not even in my memory, and it was hard for me to remember

So, um, the biggest purpose is to record my life by uploading this video on this YouTube channel

But you know, life is not always happen happiness things and various fun things

So I also like ...

Should I call it a blank? Someday I feel theres no subject to shooting but I have to filming videos

Also I only have time to shoot a video before go to work, after came back home and on the weekend

So I was concerned what can I shoot during that time, then I thought I could filming

Get Ready With Me in the morning, and I could shoot ASMR videos before I went to bed in the evening

And on the weekends, I could shoot a vlog, so maybe I could make my own videos like this

I want to share my life to you and grow old together

But I dont like to say getting old

I just want to say sharing videos with you and grew together with the years

It is my little hope

Thats the purpose of running this channel

I'm sorry. Another person in Share House just opened the door so hung up for a while

When youre watching my videos, you may realize that my voice volume is so low

Because Im living in a Share House then I cannot say louder, I dont want to bother

Thank you for listening to me. It's already 12 am. I'm going to go to bed

I hope you have a good night


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