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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Slime School Homework FAIL !!! New Toy School

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- Oh, this looks delicious.

Alien slime egg, you look so good.



So delicious.


- I'm so excited for Slime School today.

I know I'm gonna get an A on this homework.

Elli, are you ready?

(whimsical music)

- Huh?

Oh yeah, I'm ready.

What's that you have?

- This?

- Yeah, what is that?

- It's my homework.

- Homework?

- We had to make a sparkly slime for homework.

Don't you remember?

- I don't remember this.

- Oh, don't tell me you don't have your homework.

- No, I don't.

- Uh-oh, you're gonna fail Slime School.

- I want to be a Slime Master.

I don't want to flunk out.

- This slime is part of your final grade.

- Noooooo.

- Elli, are you okay?

- Yeah, I cannot fail Slime School.

Wait, you think we can just split your slime in half?

- Uh, I don't think so.

My slime is too gorgeous, and I worked too hard on it.

(lid pops off)

(beads clink together)

- Oh, your slime's so pretty.

Come on, we have so much we can share.

- No way, Jose.

You have to do your own work for Slime School.

- Oh, I just love it.

Please, please, please?

- Nope.

- But how am I gonna make slime

if I don't have any ingredients?

- You were supposed to get ingredients from Slime School

and take them home.

If you want to get your slime,

you're gonna have to break into Slime School

and sneak some ingredients.

- You mean I have to be a slime fees?

- You mean a slime thief?

- Yes, that's what I said, a slime thief.

- Remember, don't do the crime if you can't do the time.

- Oh boy, will you please help me?

- Um...

Okay, let's go.

(Miss CrayCray vocalizes shrilly)

- Slime School, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh.

(Miss CrayCray exclaims)

(Miss CrayCray shrieks)

(Miss CrayCray barks repeatedly)

- What do you think she's doing?

- I have no idea.

She looks insane.

(Miss CrayCray barks repeatedly)

(Miss CrayCray screams)

Okay, Elli, so when I say go,

you go on and get an ingredient.

And come right back.

- Okay.

(Miss CrayCray moans)

- Go.

(Miss CrayCray vocalizes)

(Miss CrayCray screams shrilly)

(Elli gasps)

- I just made it.

- Okay, good job,

but you still have to get more ingredients.

(Elli gasps)

- Oh, no.

(Miss CrayCray vocalizes)

(MissCrayCray hums)

(Miss CrayCray shrieks)

(Miss CrayCray moans)

(Miss CrayCray vocalizes wildly)

- Oh, there's so much gunk down here.

Oh, better get to cleaning.


Gross slime down here.


I'd better get to cleaning.

This place is a pigsty.

(Miss CrayCray hums)

(Miss CrayCray shrieks)

(Miss CrayCray groans)

- Okay, she's under the table.


(Miss CrayCray hums)

- Yes, I've got this rainbow stars.

- Okay then, por favor sparkle slime,

but now you need activator.

- Activator?

Why didn't you didn't tell me before?

- Listen, I'm helping you.

You should know how to do your own homework.

- Oh, I guess you're right.

(Miss CrayCray shrieks wildly)

- I'm all done.


All this cleaning.

Whew, has me thirsty.

And it's time for a snack.


Oh, this looks delicious.

Alien slime egg, ummm.

Oh, you look so good.



So delicious.


Hey, I need something to wash this down.

- Ew, gross.

Okay, this is your chance.

Go get the activator while she's getting something to drink.


(Elli pants)

Okay, perfect, now you're ready.

- Wait, I don't have a bowl.

- You'd better go get it.


- Oh, now, what balloons do we want to fill

for some balloon-popping slime?

I do like this rainbow.

That will be a good one.

- You got the bowl but no spoon.


- I like these balloons.

These are more suitable for balloon-popping slime.

I think this is a good choice.

- Hurry up, Elli, and make your homework,

or we're gonna be late for class.

Come on, we have to make it to class.

We're already running late.

- Oh, good morning, slime students.

- Good morning, teacher.

- Did you have a good evening?

- Yes.

- Oh, it looks like everyone's brought your homework.


- Um, Miss CrayCray, what is this?

- Ooh, what is what?

Oh. (laughs)

It's just some leftover breakfast.

(girls gag)

Okay, who has brought their sparkle homework

to Slime School?


All right, I'm gonna be checking your homeworks.


(lid pops off)


Oh, let's see.

I'm not seeing too many sparkles.

Let's see if it's in here.


Lots of sparkle beads in here.

Very good slime.

Nice and squishy.


Beautiful slime.

Hmm, let me get out some more.

Oh, you made a lot of this.

Very good homework.

(beads clink together)

Let me give it a poke.

Let's give it a drop test.

Whoa, super droppy.

Oh, and it cleans up nicely.

Perfect bouncing.

Now let's see a bubble.


I love that one.

Okay, you may put your homework away.

Now it's on to yours.

Do you have your homework for today?

- Uh-huh.

- Perfect, let me take a look.

Nice and warm.

This slime seems very, very fresh.


Let's see.

It is sparkly.

There's lots of stars in it.


And it is super stretchy.

Let's see.


Let's give it a drop.

Oooh, it's dropping in sheets.

Cleans up perfectly.


Time for a drop.



Beautiful bounce.

Now let me see a bubble.

Beautiful bubble.


It looks like both of you have passed your homework.

Thank you for turning that in.

Now it is time for today's lesson.

Today we will be learning how to make something

that is super special,

something that only a Slime Master

can make.

Only the best of the best

of the best

can make this type of slime.

Do you know what it is?

- Is it fluffy slime?

- Glitter slime?

- Those are nice slimes, but I have something even more.

We will be making

floam slime.

Many people do not realize

that floam is actually a form of slime.

It just has too much foam in it.

So if we open up this pack here.

Let's take a look.

Now, the prepackaged floam is generally

not the best.

It's very, very crusty.

It pulls apart

and generally just doesn't have the best of texture.

If you take foam beads and make your own slime,

you can make an incredible floam

that's soft, fluffy, pliable,

and you can make shapes with it.

Are you ready?

- Yes.

- The first thing we're going to need is some glue.

I think I'm going to choose white glue for this one.

As you know, this will be part of your grade

of making this slime.

So please do your best.

Naiah, would you like a color in your glue?

- I would like

blue and green.

- Blue.

And green.

Elli, would you like a color?

- Pink and purple.

- Pink.

And purple.

So what we're going to do first is pour our slime.

Pour glue and then add our color.

We normally use no utensils in this class.

I mean, no bowls and no utensils.

But because we're using food color,

we are going to use a mixing utensil

just to get the color worked in

so it doesn't get on your hands initially.

- Yes, ma'am.

- Most people think a spoon is best for mixing slime,

but I say,

nay, nay.

I think forks are the best

because they have like little fingers on them

that can really work the ingredients in.

And sometimes in a spoon, it gets stuck in that curve.

You know what I mean?

You know what I mean.

So we're gonna use forks.

Now that you have your colors all ready,

we're now going to mix in your floam beads.

Elli, what color floam beads would you like?

- Small, little rainbow beads.

- The small rainbow beads.

Naiah, what would you like?

- The big rainbow beads.

- The big rainbow beads.

- Oooh, there's pink beads.

- We're gonna pour in our first batch of beads.

Elli, pour yours in.

The whole thing.

- [Elli] Now mix?

- [Miss CrayCray] Now start to mix it all together.

Naiah? - Yep.

- Mix yours in.

You probably don't need all of them.

Okay, now all we need is some activator.

I'm gonna use Tide.

(girls gasp)

- We forgot to bring it back.

(Miss CrayCray hums)

- Oh, no.


We're missing our activator.

Without activator, we can't make slime.

Slime School will have to close.


I'll lose my job and my business.


I'll lose all my money and go homeless.


Who took my activator?

(weeps loudly)

- I think we need to tell her.

- Yeah, you're right.

I'm pretty sure we should tell her.

- Miss CrayCray?

(Miss CrayCray cries loudly)

- Yes, students?


- We know where your activator is.

- You do?

How do you know where my activator is?

- So

I kind of forgot

to make my slime,

so I snuck some ingredients this morning.

(Miss CrayCray gasps)

- You snuck ingredients out of Slime School

without telling me?

- Yeah, I'm sorry.

I didn't want to get a bad grade.

- Elli, stealing is very serious.

You can't steal from Slime School

just because you forgot something.


But I'm glad you told the truth.


But next time, make sure you tell me before

so we can work together to get your homework done on time.

It's never good to lie.

- We're sorry.

- Now, where's that activator so we can finish this lesson?

- Over there on the table.

- All right, so we have some activator.

Slime School is saved.

Let's pour some in for you and pour some in for you.

Start mixing.

Okay, now it's time to test your floam.


Nice and trypophobic.

Nice and slimy.

Floamy as well.

(floam slime crackles)

This is beautiful floam.

Let's see if I can make a shape with your floam.


I can make a shape with your floam.

Very good job.

Now it's on to yours.

Let's test this floam.


This is big boy's floam.

Nice, big beads.

(floam crackles)

All right, let's see if we can make a shape with your floam.



Slime mixed with foam beads makes foam that is pliable,

and when you're done, it goes right back to stretchy slime.

Now, you leave a comment and let me know.

Whose flaom do you prefer?

Elli's pink mini floam?

Or Naiah's teal giant floam?

That's it for today's school.

Now remember, we might be having a pop quiz

in our next class.

- What's our homework?

- So make sure you study.

Your homework is

to bring into class

a giant pool of fluffy


I'm just kidding.

We're gonna make our next one.

Your homework is to go home and watch Karina Garcia videos

to find out how to make lots of slime.

And you must bring a log back of how many hours you watched.


- Okay. - Okay.

- Class dismissed.

- Thank you, teacher.

- Make sure you subscribe to Naiah vs Elli.

This isn't the Naiah and Ellie Toys Show,

so if you're subscribed to that channel,

you want to subscribe to this one

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of our Slime Schools.

- Bye.

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