Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Eddsworld Theme Song (Subtitled)

Difficulty: 0


"Sorry, who's world is it?"


With Tom! Blue Hoodie!

Well maybe rude.

Maybe it's the smarts, maybe it's the 'tude.

One thing's for certain, he doesn't make sense.

Half the time is gibberish. The other half's ingoobelyblench!


And Matt! Purple Hoodie!

Also green overcoat!

No one likes him as much as himself.

He's got a formidable chin. Though he doesn't know that word.

'Cause he's got the intelligence of a kitchen shelf.


Edd! Green Hoodie!

Usually the leader.

Probably the first of them all to poke fun.

He's the artist, he loves cola.

And he's always tryin' to make a pun.

"Probably due to his linguistic. . ."

"EDD. . . "


"That's terrible."


Thanks to Andrew over songstowearpantsto

for making this musical diddy.

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Subbed by chompet123

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