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hello everyone welcome to my life Street

my guys hello everyone how are you

yes nice

it's 11:30 a.m. here hello our nurse ate

in America life in UK with BOTS shiny

man hello yes guys thank you for coming

I'll oh sorry guys good good good

morning here in France and I don't know

what time it is in your country right

now welcome everyone yes I am hello

killer whale banana and a banana nurse

ate in America life in UK with us sorry

guys give me a napkin

hello guys sorry

the no shiny man Ruby spurn family Jenny

give a lira Bloods either way in the loo

are you everyone yeah shiny man Ruby's

foreign family actually went live


Hey yesterday night she went life I

think it was an hour how is everyone yes

guys um teacher is not at work today

because yeah do you know the reason why

everyone when all stories I don't but

more your sweet verse 8 in America

thank you so much what is the research

line amen

you know the reason really the lower

kids per activity and fun welcome to my

live stream how are you

so new et cetera Gil yummy hello how are

you thank you for coming

welcome to my live stream yeah thank you

so much for your thumbs up everyone

Christine tompas hello good afternoon

they're in Philippines right and killer

whale is it

early morning there in America right now

what time is it in America I think nurse

8 in America and killer whale of course

they are from the US and I'm wondering

what time it is because fresh line amen

and life anew care advice I think we

have the same time or we are one hour

ahead of life in UK be buds

yes guys sorry guys I actually I


my livestreaming 4:30 a.m. oh c'mon

killer whale you haven't been sleeping

you haven't gone to bed killer whale you

were life earlier I enjoyed talking with

rock in rock in El Rolla

during your live streaming yeah you

really liked that time and until now

you're still awake you're not sleeping

huh huh you should go to bed get our way

5:30 a.m. oh so you have one hour

difference from killer whale uh-huh I

thought all the places in America at the

same time so yes guys what's the reason

why anyway what's the reason why teacher

didn't go to work today

why is teacher at home do you have any

ideas like Eggman what is the reason

giant human nadh I'm Aiman any idea yes

guys so you know teachers always have to

go to school I mean does the this a fact

but sometimes I wrote it about oh I'm so

sorry shiny man I miss your message I'm

sorry shiny man teacher it's not

yourself today

I'm so sorry

everyone clear wait how are you feeling

aren't you sleepy color wheel students

bad laughing you know any students are

bad well it's normal to have you know

those kinds of students but it's not the

reason why a teacher doesn't go to work

shiny means that you are admits

the other side in men as you can see I

am obviously at home right now shiny men

so I am NOT at mess yes guys so I think

shiny men has given you a clue

you know what maths is or do you know

where maths is everyone do you know

where sorry shine even I missed your

message hello Ana Marie Concha welcome

to my live stream every sworn family how

are you you're back from mess then not

at all shiny men

I didn't even go there I think you're

not be sure you're not feeling well

we've seen why do you think so ha ha

honestly with this a new level 3 wow-p

night every night nurse 8 in America you

are level 3 Wow shiny men deny an owners

8 in America so what a level 3 according

to Buddhism oh that's wonderful shine

amen but showing even hasn't got any

level right what's your level now

according to the DC Moon everyone it

seems that I actually did something that

looks like it's not working

hello John John welcome to my life

stream don't you already do John - John

how are you - welcome back it's been a

long time - John guys by the way that

Korean name over there it's actually he

was actually my Korean student when I

was in Philippines and now he is in is

in he is in Korea and he's having his

own business right - John okay so yours

8 there's eight in America there's eight

in America guys what he got level three

Wow nurse

in America congratulations we're in

fairness of us always oh my gosh

moment guys

I'm so sorry guys just a moment

sorry guys messages sorry guys I miss

your messages little story oh there are

15 people that is amazing

level 3 the nurse 8 in America by net

message muhaha seed I'll be by not to

comment I'm 11

okay guys you always make me laugh

always and what's the message here oh my

god you know I have problem with my

computer actually I'm using my full

right now for live streaming

hello cover maker say that we must then

I did good with this I wouldn't be okay

hello Patrick gee thank you so much

they got guys my eyes are itchy yes that

is why shiny men I didn't go to mess we

believe Simon

no sorry guys

oh my god sure no it's not everyone know

you another on the lockers official

missing t-shirt I love Tyga - spaghetti

guys oh my god really wrote de la Cruz

official this is a bad news gonna make

your channel thank you for coming

Patrick Jane forums and killer whale

guys that's actually the same yeah at

the same person but he has two channels

everyone with different contests hello

Jesse CA welcome to my live streams

happened to my sorry guys I'm not very

my string today it's not very good okay

my god what's that 1.8 caliber and 1.6

aku wow it's not very far wand in a

cruise official but at least you reach

1.6 you know please delete numbers Ron

de la Cruz okay okay your greeting to

each other just to see how are you you

didn't miss anyone's message here yes

guys I'm so sorry guys I'm not in my

brain today yes guys because I already

scheduled the livestream in soo-jung yes

thank you so much verse 8 in America yes

fine amen I'm not in the I'm not Atmos

and I did it go shine amen

so teacher is not work today why well I

am supposedly be at a certain place for

a seminar for teachers yes I am supposed

to attend a seminar for teachers but you

know maybe you can see it severable guys

my I hear it's Walden its Mary

guys can you see it's very painful so

when I woke up when I was when I woke up

this morning actually it started

yesterday yeah I thought it was this

okay I thought it was just okay everyone

because you know it's terrible you see

it swollen here but here it's okay I was

just okay yesterday so I just didn't do

anything and I said okay so I can go to

the seminar tomorrow so the schedule is

what it fixed today I don't have class

on my schedule here no class I mean all

my classes are removed I mean they have

been removed because I am supposed to

attend a seminar today but when I woke

up this morning

oh my god it's very painful and yeah oh

it's very annoying here and I just like

to actually go there and attend the

seminar so I decided not to go shiny man

what do you think it's very painful guys

I don't know if you can see Oh scary

teacher yes carry guys so I did not go

everyone hello you'll be me welcome to

my life's dream good morning I'm okay

but still sleepy oh just two things very

early there in your country now you

should go to bed go to bed go to bed

does DCA thank you so much for coming

Roger liquors official said but thank

you very much for your support and watch

me yes

trunk room fine welcome to my life

strange Uncle Tom how are you it's been

a long time jontron Flom guys structure

and fungi this is actually from bit now

yes he also goes like everyone so

tractor on Pharma how is your watch time

nowadays drum from pump

yeah Charles fun guys is also a creator

okay he is not a student

he's from good now he is not my student

but he has been my friend and white tea

for some time already get it checked sis

yes that's it shine amen and everyone

actually when I scheduled my live

streaming today I actually scheduled it

first time I scheduled it 9:00 a.m. and

then I change it because I had a sudden

meeting with a doctor so I change it to

10 a.m. yes I think and then finally I

changed it to what time did I start

11:30 a.m. yes guys - now I'm here live

in front of you everyone see ya

I have actually been to the doctor

yes so I've been to the doctor I had my

check but I have the region it's Argus I

have my prescription here I know I did

get understand the doctor perfectly but

I had to put something here and yeah

doctor speaks English but it doesn't

speak English to me I have to speak

French very interesting shiny men even

if people can speak English they don't

try to speak English they always speak

French it's interesting what they say oh

hell no what is this Chris and Anna's

your name I'm Arab ah thank you so much

Chris and Anna's journey you are so

great thank you so much fragile fun to

be honest not really great then I buy

friendship because they are friends so

they speak French I don't know maybe we

should ask shy amen

shiny men you can explain right yes I

mean it's a well based on the how can I

say the orientation which I attended

before which is a requirement to live

here in France

attend the orientation and one of those

things I heard from the orientation is

that we need to learn French and yeah

France is a French only country I mean

colonies a french-speaking only country

so yeah we have to speak French everyone

hello Anna Marie yes hello

sorry guys yeah wish you a happy and

happy evening

yes try to inform you - I hope you have

a wonderful wonderful evening there in

Vietnam is it evening in bitna right now


well I it's aliens and family good

morning good morning we hate oh hi

Italia and Jen family while French love

me yes yes yes nurse in America I don't

know but there must be a reason shiny

men said I feel very lucky to speak some

English sad not so many French people do

well well it's true guys though maybe I

don't know it's a shiny man shiny miss

from France

and he said not many people speak French

yes I feel very lucky to speak some

English yeah not many French people

speak English yes it could be true from

shine amen

but shine amen even if people speak


I don't know but they still prefer to

speak French you see the doctor in there

I spoke with him at first I tried to

speak French okay and of course at the

end I spoke English because they it was

hard for me and of course even if I

spoke English with him he continued

speaking French to me so I said where

well is like that no choice I have to

survive Raquel Jake hello welcome to my

life's dream

how are you wreckage eh

yes rec LJ welcome to my life stre

Raquel J where are you from Raquel J if

you don't mind image

Raquel J where are you from all right

gia are you from wreckage a thief you've

been to my life's room I think this is

your third time here at my live

streaming Raquel J right

Oh Raquel J has 300 Blas friends he is

also a creator

yeah Raquel G we have been connected for

quite some time now Michael J but thank

you for visiting me again SHINee my said

they are not comfortable with English

uh-huh boom laughing you can hear if you

have a check up they will ask if you

need is just later that's very good

nurse they can America how about me

laughing out loud I prefer to talk


SHINee men only people dealing with

business science or finance do what do

you mean huh

SHINee men only people dealing with

business science or finance do the

English are you trying to say but yeah I

actually expected him to speak English

with me because he's a doctor but it

didn't happen

hi Texas meat food welcome

I find teacher I'm from Uganda

okay yes now I you know you're from how

do you pronounce it Oh ganda you got an

old teacher you are a teacher but you

don't know how to pronounce yes I don't

know go this refugee it's my fourth time

wow you really have written your

attendance Thank You Rafael day I like

like your ladylike behavior of

conductors thank you so much Michael J

thank you thank you

Texas made fluid how's everybody doing

Texas meat food so this channel must be

about food right and it's been a long

time Dexter I reckon a how are you

Raquel J I mean know what's going on did

you uh did you actually you have a break

from whitey Raquel J Oh Texas meat food

is already I think a big channel already

oh he's uh he's where are you from all

fours I think is from Texas what kind of

question D true Texas made food so it

means he's from Texas yeah Texas meat

food has already but what he has a lot

of friends yeah Texas made food so

everything is about food yeah here we


I'm gonna watch a little bit of your

recipes here those delicious oh my god

it makes me hungry it makes me hungry

Texas made food I want to watch this

chicken-fried steak uh-huh because I

love chicken she can fried steak Texas

made food is from Texas I guess yes

right Texas made food you are from Texas

like a new career but maybe his shy

teacher he probably knows you're an

English teacher and not confident with

his English laughing out loud well I

don't know

yes do speak English sorry I was frozen

why were you frozen shine amen is it

freezing cold out there or as it started

to snow your place I came in because

actually it started to snow in Pinay

tonight French I forgot her channeling

French tonight or you know French Pina I

think yes she uploaded a video it has a

what he started snowing in their place

I'm wondering about your pledge line

amen because here not yet maybe soon

thank you so much nurse eight in America

Corpus Christi Texas

here oh yeah you're from Texas nice to

meet you Texas make fluid blue hi Italia

Jenny family white children and family

what they see more is not a per a true

but testimo is just my employee what

this is my employee

oh hi it's a legend and family everyone

yes guys what this support is not a

great tour ok

SHINee Minh as well it's not a crater so

I have there so far I have two people

who are not craters we have the decimal

shine amen and I know three people and I

could see me uh aqua Niecy I forgot the

name sorry

what's the name again um sorry guys I

need to chop something

aku Sydney yes aqua Sydney with this

symbol and a shiny man they're not

craters everyone okay do be me thank you

so much Joe beam a big shout out to you

Texas me with it yeah I made the chicken

fried steak video when I first started

so the video quality is not all that


the newer videos are a lot better

quality yeah I can see that here Texas

made food I can see that here but it

doesn't really matter it still looks

good I mean he looks good on I mean for

me yeah you're doing it well

yeah well it's a bit shaky the camera is

a bit shaky but you are doing it well

well you are a man but you are good at

cooking whoa oh well anyway no so the

chefs are actually men right correct me

if I'm wrong

yeah most of the chefs are actually men

ok Texas made food I okay I still have

two minutes with your chicken fried

steak breakfast oh my god chicken-fried

steak breakfast how is it possible okay

of course it's probably fried chicken

and he made it stink

Oh I correct chicken

yeah that's this meat food in my correct

life in UK with buzz no problem God

where's creepy amateurs hello welcome to

my life's room guys Gaga's creepy

adventurers is also from America right

covers with the avengers' she's no he

enough she is also from America everyone

and she has started going live every

once if you guys can check her out

please check her out she started going

like this well she's from America

SHINee - no only in south-east of france

this past night not every want not

everywhere for now okay all right thank

you so much for that information


shiny minutes wreckage a teacher I would

like to learn French it's one language I

fantasy Wow wreckage a that's very nice

I think he can easily learn French

because you love to learn French or you

would like to learn French so you have

the interest to learn French so you must

learn it so fast right and yeah if you

want to learn the French Recology you

can now communicate with Shyne Eamon

actually shine amen is from France

Raquel J and he speaks French very well

of course this is native language you

know yeah sorry guys but a 100 why

Italians in America thank you so much

for coming but no self-promotion here in

the chat room okay yeah um thank you so

much for this boring family boot this

and then ratnick okay Anna so far guys

only nurse eight in America has got

level three remember whoever gets the

highest level will get three WH from

English teacher and friends yeah I rap

uh okay very good reptile is doing great

you see you got Raquel Raquel said

you'll be making grass on your marriage

you see it's not obvious guys you want

people to connect with you do it the

right way

good Raquel very good communication

right now

you're doing great very good job Raquel

yeah this is thanks Raquel and that does

meet with yeah that's before I had a

tripod now I use a tripod and I have it

I have an app to edit my videos now wow

that's great

I'm gonna watch more of your videos that

says made food yes for sure thank you so

much for coming

Congress Groot the adventures yes yes

yes the ice is from America everyone

rekkles Ju can we link up an Instagram

or to teach me all shiny men Instagram

I'm not sure if SHINee Minh has

Instagram but I think you can contact

him through his email so but I'm not

sure you can ask um what SHINee miss the

only shiny man can answer that Texas

made food thank you so much oh my god oh

thank you so much life in UK beatbox VT

lucky dying is life in you kid thank you

so much like and you give it buzz come

on go live again like and you give

advice hi it's been a long time we

didn't go live what happened to your

life and you came advice no Instagram

nor FB here yes I know right shiny man

doesn't have Facebook or Instagram guys

he is more comfortable with email you

know he is very formal everyone yeah

he's really like a professor right shiny

MIT shiny man guys is a good I think he

can be a good French teacher yeah but I

haven't started learning French from him


because he hasn't started giving class

with me you know yeah

Texas made food thank you so much nurse

ate in America no problem Congress

creepy adventures I had to take a break

from modding a channel for over five


oh yeah but do you know conker is creepy

adventures you don't really need to

moderate or set people as your

moderators unless you know them very

well for me I don't easily give

moderators I'm in the blue wrenches to

people because I made a mistake once and

I don't want it to happen I hope I

haven't made another mistake yes

Congress creepy adventures you need to

be very careful in giving little

branches because you know they can

control your chat room they can block

people yes they can black they can block

people they can hide people they can um

anyway they can moderate your chat room

so you need to be very careful giving

undersea and America is B G so maybe

your level will be lower later nurse

aide in America okay said Giza sucio

chih-hao welcome yes hey beautiful sorry

I've been taking care of my niece is

sick steel and my family in Mexico Oh

welcome back said kid Suzuki would she

ha good to see you here in good

condition huh in yo level three i level

3 yes level 3 level 3 it's take read it

in Flour oh that's it I would love to

try that so I might check some of your

videos taxes made food because I'm not

very good at cooking yes I've known a

lot of friends who have cooking while

cooking videos are recipes for example

zesty food flavoring food everything's

food Texas made food yes a third and

some of my friends they also show some

of their recipes but not really the main

thing in their channel but for these

channels everything is about food so

I've been checking some of the food that

they prepare but other foods are not


but this one Texas made food sick I

think it's very easy for it's easier

because you know the ingredients are

easily I mean are easy to to get yeah

but for others it's not easy to get the

ingredients but not the right way guys

thank you so much for be sporran family

you would be scoring family

shiny man I can't get even live would

show you my seriously but teasing we did

not oh my God my eyes very painful guys

but they seem I did not say hi to you

that's uh is it serious

so Ruby's got level two now so far

that's right here before teachers

forgets Ruby's good level to level two

oh my god guys it's very painful and

it's very comfortable and now it started

to be each I want to I want to do like


you see and there is a small thing here

inside it's very I'm a level two knuckle

ugly yes Ruby smart family from national

relations nurse eight in America wall

Ruby level to shine even he gave level

for last time though yes guys you know

what would be so much this is a very

amazing but they sing we did not reach

my payment I don't know for some reason

but they seem within that breach line me

men did not give level to shiny men

nothing at all but you know it's like

maybe few seconds before the end of my


he gave shine in the love of war isn't

it interesting

yeah it's really where I know how about

me but this email every other table is

creepy adventure six a.m. on Friday here


I know it's very early power girl script

the adventures because nursey in America

is also from the US and cowgirl script

the adventures I don't know if you saw

Patrick Jane forums and kinder way was

here earlier and I told him hey you

should go to bed

yes they are from America as well we

also Texas made food yeah they're from

America so I know the time you need to

sleep Congress fruit the adventurers

you're awake early right Ruby sporran

family my level one Papa I'm a 10 hour


let's build us you owe taxes let's meet

food your seat in America what's my

regular duty trip please talk about the

levels these days I'm all about leveling

up and learning you think so

that's great well it's very good rectal

Jay I think if you're interested in

learning you know new things of course

you can learn new things at my live

streaming and even at my pre-recorded

videos and of course from our visitors

here in the chat room you can also learn

a lot from them if you ask them you just

need to ask them and they will surely

answer your questions yes this level

lyrical Jay this I think Buddhism is

giving you levels depending on how

active you are at the chat room and

depending on how you communicate in the

chat room and you see because you're

talking about leveling up what teasing

will has given you level one records it

and yes guys whoever gets the highest

level at the end of my life streaming

will get 4 w a new neck for 3 w each

from English teacher friends yes and

shiny men hasn't given me the answer how

he wants his WH because before he

actually got level for guys so

Amon Goeth shiny men and David rosier

and color because cha know they got the

highest level the other live-streaming I

had got worse creepy adventures hey Dad

can okay

great Channel and your food all the

people here especially those in blue are

my amazing amazing friends um was that

Texas made food so anyway if I say they

are amazing they are amazing for me but

you know we are different so it's for

you to know them it takes time to know

what person dies okay so well if you get

connected to people you take some time

watching their videos you know watching

their videos means you don't just watch

for one second and then after you just

leave you leave a comment no when I say

you got to know a person you watch their

videos at least full full watched or if

you can't finish fool like if it's ten

minutes if you can't finish that then

you can watch something shorter and you

will see and you know watching people's

videos guys this can also help you'd

know them yeah

where am I now the I oh my god I think I

lost all some of your messages I missed

it's very hard to look at I will use my

phone here just a second guys it's very

annoying to actually alright here we go

okay where am I now

mm-hmm good people in here yes a lot of

good people here Texas makes food and we

have a lot of friends here who are

minute monetize we have a show beat me

just dcae we also have color makers

channels they are already monetized

everyone monetized friends very good

friends yes haha where we know oh my god

I think I lost many of your messages yes

maybe but disabled can't understand


you know shiny men PhD

so I named a beach day I want to be part

of the challenge yes my felt a you just

need to be active in the chat room nurse

aide in America I love with the single

and sent up to the level rep LJ has said

thank you to put this away I wish to but

this people would answer your welcome to

you rock LJ I am a bit but that ad

hunters ate in America take care god

bless you thanks Thomas oh no it's such

a deal yeah me for dropping by

nurse ad I'm a petty gossip was bossy

one English apiece I am and I'm I'm like

for my friends channel okay that's very

good Congress create Commerce pretty

adventures of course if you really know

them well they are what are your friend

supports that you can bother them you

know you can you can make them your

moderators at your chat room Oh what

this thing was another level

nurse exit is laughing right now I'm


uh come on beat it oh my good guys

everyday when I close my eyes it becomes

painful because yeah oh my gosh yes

connect the right way everyone yes let's

check up Nessie's owner seat in America

I just I've just been to the doctor and

he went to the doctor and I have my my

prescription here from the doctor I

don't even understand what's it what's

written here I'm gonna ask my husband or

the pharmacy well anyway it's always

expected from a doctor to have this

wonderful penmanship right

we're wherever you are Philippines I

also have the same problem it's hard for

me to read doctor's writings yeah so I'm

gonna give this to the pharmacy I'm

gonna buy it later I think its movement

or something because the doctor was

talking to me friends and I said blah

blah blah and who like that so I just

understood maybe I have to put the cream

or something like that yes so yeah I've

been to the doctor thank you so much of

mercy in America while seventeen people

are here thank you so much everyone

where am I now I'm lost oh my god guys

oh my god okay where am I now

um Boise you gave me a lot of messages

huh oh we good what are doing everyone

where we know I'm lost and where I know

is gonna come I know it's a bit red red

or what he here a bit all right I don't

know if you can see clearly but yeah I

don't know it feels like it's getting

worse anyway uh Raquel okay yeah the

messages the stopcock idea maybe need to

see a doctor teacher for your eye yes

I've been to the doctor Joby me thank

you so much try-try been drill then

drill uh-huh I don't know but the doctor

gave me this one I can't even read what

it is I'm not sure if you can read me

who can read that huh can you read if

you can read you are very powerful

because me I can't even reverie now

but we obviously lose your messages huh

my god this is the first time huh I

can't read all your messages

wherever now I'm so sorry guys

okay here hi follow bloggers welcome to

my live stream how are you my dear to

follow bloggers follow bloggers guys is

from Sweden okay yes she's from Sweden

what's the signal what's my level the

undersea follow bloggers and walk over

and creepy adventures yes

honestly I look too sure hello funny

blogs how are you how are you finest

blood - Blood guys is from the Middle


ok this is the daughter of Appaloosa Jen

ok orogenic for Abalos this is the

daughter Sunny's flung I second you Joe

B should be me about an eye doctor

hi doctor oh yeah because actually the

doctor I met is a how can I say general

doctor yeah yeah this doctors general

doctor but for now I don't think I

should see a an eye doctor right away

maybe I should just officer I need to

try this cream and if it gets worse it

doesn't get any better then that's the

time I'm gonna see an eye doctor what do

you think or am I so somewhere where we

know I has the I love again because I

keep talking I'm lost again I'm lost


everyone is talking to pissing when Alma

you're not talking to me anymore let me

know ok then I with a samosa here I

could be Emperor well when you move nice

nurse even America no prevalence is

funnies blog on Sunday while you are

covering right oh yes I was covering my

right eye because of this I did like

that when I took the photo everyone yes

because I have problem with my eye here

on top there's something small in it and

it's very painful and it's a it's

getting swollen over here but I hope

it's gonna get better soon or later

after I put the medicine yeah oh my gosh

who's this Ruby okay going up later for

my check-up she'll be me oh yeah Ruby

Ruby sporran family I hope you will get

well perfectly and very soon we'll be

storing them actually nervous for her

family guys she went back to booing life

yesterday but she wasn't really in

perfect condition yet but she went live

you know to say thank you to people for

their support

shiny miss said I don't want nothing

teacher just hugged me on screen alright

really okay I give you a hug thank you

so much shining net for always being

here Recology okay what's my level now

but to see that just made food thanks

for level one Wow amazing everyone has

got level one I think follow bloggers

got level two now followed bloggers got

level two so I'm just writing the people

who got high level okay level two so

we've got level two and level three

level three sinner say there marker

obese and follows up level two Wow

interesting huh in Texas made food

thanks for level one yep

I hope everyone okay today yes it should

be okay cookie namu hello welcome to my


how are you cooking in a more thank you

so much cooking in a more okay you know

more thank you so much you know we're

happy now mm-hmm my god guys I missed

many messages okay we'll start up

cooking enough okay you know it's still

up cooking Eden

thank you for coming see is cooking in a

more taxes made for the right way guys

yes may Chris always hi teacher hello

may chrysalis you have a wonderful intro

and I really want to know how you did

that because I'm planning to change my

intro everyone what do you think I'm

planning to change my intro I'm an intro

for my pre-recorded videos but I'm

thinking of how I make it better

is there anything something better than

that or yeah anyone who can help me make

my egg true much better than the one I

have right now

yes who can help me just let me know


cooking in a more easier thank you so

much and rectal Jay is saying thanks for

the pumpkin day update nurse ate in

America yes right LJ just get a nice

pumpkin over there bunnies love okay you

are greeting to each other monkey is a

weight hello welcome to my life stream

onions up weights how are you so you are

in weights right you must be queit from

the name you have here okay Rick LJ

teacher sorry about your eye quick

recovery thank you so much yes I'm

pretty sure I will recover very soon

okay me Chris always hello t-shirt here

yellow hahahaha what's yellow what's the

meaning of yellow bunnies like teacher

you're fine so here I have lunch up for

lunch box for him but the vlog I think

fast eyes not here because yeah today's

Friday he must be at work at this time

yeah shall be me so difficult to read

huh yes guys oh my going to be me a lot


just what happened to your eye t-shirt

on his blog well guys my eye actually it

started yesterday not really yesterday

yeah yes no two days ago in the evening

it started to feel uncomfortable I could

feel like something is growing and then

yesterday morning finally started to get

a little bit painful so I thought Oh

anyway I will not touch it it will

become better I'm pretty sure because I

have a schedule to attend a seminar

today and then my god yesterday night it

got worse and worse and very

uncomfortable because it's like covering

my psyche you know you know when it when

something is blocking our sight it's

really uncomfortable and then when I

woke up today oh my god it's very

painful guys and I felt like I couldn't

open my eyes but now I think it's

getting better but you see it's really

swollen here and inside there is

something small okay

I couldn't even I couldn't get even a

letter on the doctors writing so true

records day still true I should read

faster okay where I know Congress I have

another investigation coming up in a

haunted house this great Congress creepy

adventures really creepy channel yeah we

will check it out later okay

Ruby's foreign family fans oh I think

it's busy at work most of the week all

day long yes I told you his work teacher

its political equality I'm not very good

at tagalog funnies luckily T in beside

its we can get I think but we'll get

worse at least in English I think it is

called Thai Thai in English but this

type terrible is very painful and

uncomfortable always welcome city host

yes oh my god that is vlog welcome to my

life's room my dear Kathy my dear son I

got this blog guys is also Kathy you

know Cassie Cassie we have the same

hello good evening sis gasps good

evening to you cat this vlog how are you

records day they should be blessed I

always feel like home with you and your

audience is full of amazing people I

feel like I'm connected to the whole

world very good job Reptil Z I'm pretty

sure that you will never regret coming

to my live stream and meeting these

amazing people that the chat room right

now especially those in blue blue colors

yes guys they are amazing but of course

most of the people even the great ones

they are also very good guys yes

Oh Rama no gg gg romulan gotta hello GG

around I gotta welcome to my live stream

what's up what's up new here yes welcome

Akasha don't scratch it teacher yes I

feel like scratching it guys because

it's actually it's a very itchy guys yes

um GGO Rambla got some you here yeah who

you are very welcome

JJ JJ JJ la rambla guts it's very

difficult huh where are you from jai jai

jai jai Ram lagata where are you from I

reckon to Buddhism I'm teacher how best

can I be part of some members were I

mean I can't understand what they are

saying but I have it don't worry Rick LJ

because I am translating it for you they

have nothing really what a big deal they

are saying they're just greeting to each

other in our language a Filipino

language okay Rick LJ a lot of Filipinos

are here but as much as possible they

are actually speaking English yes so

anyway if you don't understand something

there please let me know and I'll

translate it for you and also they can

also translate it for you if you ask

them what do you mean by this blah blah

blah I'm pretty sure they will be very

happy and glad to actually answer your

question in English for college me okay

leave Lupino lists are very good at

English right right yes your finest blog

never ham CP corner oh thanks


but these blood thank you so much follow

bloggers okay cookie no more okay I

think you are talking to each other but

you guys for those who are you to my

channel guys I don't usually read

messages which are not for me okay if

you're giving a shout-out to people they


you can do it just do it the right way

no spam words in my chat room okay

and I'm not reading all your messages if

they're not addressed to me or to

everyone okay yes so that's how I do it

in my reference so if you wanna get

connected with people the chatroom just

do it yeah but I'm not reading all your

messages I welcome you all here from the

bottom of my heart yes I read your

messages if your messages are for

everyone in the chatroom or for me okay

but if it's for a specific person there

I'm pretty sure the person who are

talking to can read your message and he

or she can answer okay yes I hope you

don't mind that okay these guys putting

up the right way okay please connect the

right way no spamming in my chat room

please this booty Sigma is not working

well huh but they say no I will fire

able to sing I think I'm gonna change

Buddhism in the future I will change hip

to night but I'm not sure okay I'm sorry

guys the moment a moment of silence I'm

so sorry I'm so sorry but I love you

it's not a lie okay here we go uh where

we know French benign hello was new

French bean I welcome to my livestream

how are you my dear French bean I it has

started to snow in your place

right I agree French line amen that in

the southeast of southeast shine even

southeast of France

it has started to snow and I think you

are there French fitna yeah you see I

was talking about French Pinay a while

ago and suddenly she's here it's like

she could hear me calling his/her name

yeah sh-she he look teacher still makes


I've told you he she heard he was it's

so confusing for us Filipinos you know

yes thank you so much everyone

um I'm from Orion pearl okay

GJ ROM lagata is from Orion pearl

good job rien pearl uh-huh Mosca Newton

welcome to my life dream at canoe - Wow

English speaking in this room haha shut

up - oh yes I always speak English in my

life screaming and even at my

pre-recorded videos math canoe - you

must be very good at math right because

your name is math canoe - oh my god I'm

not good at math okay yes I always use

English here because I have a lot of

foreign visitor so anyway English is

international language so we can

understand each other right thank you so

much everyone

your college a teacher I know all the

bloggers who okay name at the moment

thank you so much followed bloggers

follow bloggers that I poop your eyes

will be okay right College a t-shirt I

meant I go to their virtual homes and I

just keep looking and that getting kind

of things so I can't leave a mark

otherwise it might look illegitimate

more like this Pam okay please teacher

don't fire what this thing are really do

you think I shouldn't find with single

deadly but big teacher yes do be make

your ride that's the lip of thing yeah

to let that see on this sure if I

pronounced it correct oh my god my

English skill is getting worse huh

Dileep us say yes yes French band I

heard me say je Ramallah that's Orion

Perl coupies host yes you are from


I know right records a teacher and you

just manifested heard doesn't think

about more or more of your usual players

here and they will turn up if you

believe your manifestation Wow yes yes

guys what if the station trips you have

to want like that sorry guys

yes manifestation probably works

everyone to lip a few manifestation yes

so true thank you so much everyone how

long have I been mine

Oh time is so fast time is very fast

thank you so much for your thumbs up


if there's anyone there who hasn't given

me a thumbs up if you think I deserve

one why not yes guys thank you so much

for visiting here

I really appreciate everybody's presses

guys so I think I still have maybe 20

minutes more yeah 20 minutes more or it

depends yeah 20 minutes or 30 minutes

and then I'm gonna end the show because

we will be having our lunch everyone

yes so it's actually 12:20 here in

France right now I don't know what time

it is now in your place all the people

no problem - love thank you so much and

yeah nice shiny man what's for lunch I

named it Oh the thumbs up has grown you

know the thumbs up I've got my thumbs up

now so it means some people forgot to

give me a thumbs up yeah it's normal cos

sometimes I also forget to give a thumbs

up to someone even if you know someone

really deserves a thumbs up I saw after

that so when the it's really good to be

reminded you know reminder is very

important because everyone forgets I

mean we can forget things we are not

perfect shiny man eagle you have to walk

like that tie-dye t-shirt in my busy

yesterday evenings if you knew that she

was looking very nice I mean she moved

where the slippers on the floor like a

lazy walking lazy walk rep LJ is 2:30

p.m. Uganda Oh 2:30 pee

and so you are two hours ahead from us

here in France right record rate so what

did you have for lunch Raquel tre got

this is like a t-shirt listen inca

nosebleed go listen uncle listen I'm

gonna split the copies blog I said I'm

just listening here teacher

haha shine even guys thank you so much

for being here huh I really appreciate

your presence in yeah of course you're

wonderful and precious time here with me

everyone yeah Raquel J yes man I like

how your group children uh-huh yeah but

you know I don't know if you can see

that through my face how strict I am


I admit I am but I think strict in the

right way well I am a teacher and yeah

of course some teachers are strict some

teachers are not and I can say that I am

a strict one yes and well at some point

being strict is not good but being

strict in the right way it's actually

acceptable isn't it

yes it can be a good one as well because

you know what in my case I really

appreciate all my teachers when I was in

university elementary high school those

trick teachers are still in my memory

until now I mean I haven't forgotten


sorry guys I had to mute because I was

talking to my daughter thank you so much

tapis vlog no problem says no problem


hello people hello congratulations this

guy's by the way

simple gene Canada is also another

friend of ours from Canada she's a

Filipina from Canada and she stole my

old wreck Bay

she's already she's also already gonna

get I don't know what to speak she's

already monetize as well everyone simple

Jean Canada new resolutions and Rock a

shining is a teacher you are lucky to be

angel they didn't photobomb that so she

could have done that shine amen yes if I

hadn't spoken so loud with you she could

have done that record Z yes I can see it

but I think you are respectable thank

you so much for college a well everyone

we can be strict at some point you know

we well it's good to be kind but if

there's a reason to be strict why not

because sometimes guys there are people

or there are students I mean talking as

a teacher there are students who

actually just need someone to be strict

with him or her and this person can

actually do better yeah

do you agree with me there are some

students or there are some people who

are like that thank you so much get this

vlog LJ being strict in the right way

makes one a unique etiquette and subtle

person it commands a sense of respect I

like it thank you so much for today you

make sense all the time that's a

wonderful opinion of yours of course I

really agree with you simple Jean Canada

thank you so

thank you so much but his blood yes

teacher that's right being strict will

really work

yeah simple she Danna da o'the caracals

J okay congratulations give me a hint on

how you did it

Raquel J you should start going live

from now on or maybe if you want if when

they reached 500 friends you can

actually start going live-streaming

Raquel J you know I'm talking as your

co-creator not as a t-shirt um you need

to you need to actually you know what

start going like when you reach 500 me i

started when i reached maybe 800 and i

thought it was too late so i was in a

hurry i was i went live with many times

a day two and three times a day but in

your case everyone guys for those four

acres who are aiming to reach the

magnetization then you should start

going live even if you haven't reached

the 1k 1k twins you should start going

like guys because getting or completing

that what time is hard guys but getting

friends is very easy

yes i think you know what I mean I think

you agree what I don't know you agree

what I'm saying I agree with what I'm

saying right yeah so start going life

everyone yes if you can you know you can

uh when you are below 1k friends you can

actually go live using your laptop but

with a phone you can only use your own

more you might

okay so that's the key everyone know let

me now shiny men of what teacher take

care better call by everyone hello bye

bye bye good bye shiny man of what

everyone a lot of what means goodbye of

wha means avoid sprint which means

goodbye okay goodbye shine amen have a

wonderful day I hope to see you again

shiny man thank you so much for dropping

by early appreciate you shiny man all

the time that this vlog teacher listen

okay you are cooking thank you so much

yeah we got that big toe is not would

cook I love now teacher thank you

so much traffic blog simple G you can

about going live every day to complete

watch hours yes this exactly what I was

saying simple Jean Canada rupees porn

family thank you so much get this love

true my baby like well my friends better

watch our you a month ago yes so true

Raquel do you think your teacher I'm

gonna try that yes to our ecology and I

would love to see you at your live

streaming my culture for sure I will be

there when you start your live streaming

okay yes - vlog by shiny men yes

everyone so I think I still have 14

minutes right now and I'm gonna end this


yeah yes 14 minutes more so yes guys

this release so yeah joking me hello so

yes guys in this chat room right now we

have our monetized press we have Ruby

sporran family

simple gene Canada Joe be mean we have

color makers channel we have junk

Tuesday yes guys these people are

already monetized

thank you so much for a thumbs up

everyone I'm not sure if I actually

mentioned all the people

good evening still not getting cooking

in a moon okay no moon you have very few

videos cooking in me yeah oh you started

going live or less than one minute

Tucker's adventure and Ricky - art

monetization yes Cobras creepy

adventures does great so yeah even if

you have few friends start going live

everyone because that's very useful as

early as possible if you can go live do

it every month because in my case when I

started going live it was a woody can't

wait for me I didn't know that I could

go live before one came using my laptop

so yeah I did my life streaming really

like in a hurry I mean with pressures

what pressure well yes because my

channel that time was about to get was

about to reach one year yes when you're

active so you know there are some here

say about after one year though there

will be changes and stuff like that so I

really did my best to to complete the

requirements and thank you so much

Gafisa blog covers OK ROCK college 83

days for the time here kindly allow me

to say bye duty calls no problem

recognize I think it's almost for

dropping by have a wonderful day nurse

aid in America thank you so much so yes

guys so yeah anyway he sure is gonna

work today and you want to know why yes

so does the reason why the t-shirt is

at work today well I think I can go to

work with this condition but yeah it's

this very uncomfortable guys I shouldn't

touch this because you know yes no

problem simple gene Canada I think is so

much thank you so much for your thumbs

up everyone so we have ten minutes more

sending this more and I'm gonna end the

show all right yes what are you cooking

simples gene Canada is it off the

lunchtime there nurse ate in America

whoa level three rupees level two a

bubble level two nobody has more than

that okay later yup oh yeah thank you so

much Congress for the adventurers thank

you so much for your thumbs up everyone

what's that level I think what this

thing weighs not active anymore how it

works with this evening in Canada I will

be back again thank you so much stalkers

creepy adventures but they see more left

I think what this evil is having a nap

right now you see I shouldn't fire but

this thing what everyone it's not

working out - love BG for ten minutes

with this and will wear it where is my

level aware what where where and level

where's my level now I think this will

be missing yeah now it says typo ever

shiny eight minutes not here anymore

typo error shiny men is the king yes

what is burning something's burning no

sequel sir no should be much list of


so yes guys you know because of the pain

guys in each eNOS I feel that the pain

is going to my hand I don't know maybe

because it's connected you know the what

is that Oh nurse please yes guys say

yeah we only have eight minutes more and

Wiegand and the show everyone so i

really appreciate everybody's presence

today thank you so much into all my

friends out there big shout out to you

bitch shut up to my ages up there nurse

eight in America shout-out to you

janaballah shout out to you shout out to

an American sha1 wonderful travel rubies

for a family like this rich follow the

bloggers shut up - you shut up - Gregor

blogs yes I shut up - Kathy love shut up

- shut up - shut up - simply Jing Canada

everyone shout out to wreck College a

yes everyone shout out to shiny - she'll

be me a whore shut up - Joe be mean yes

shout out to a lot of people I want to

give everyone big shout out to all and

shut up - teeth upper channel like in UK

with buzz


that this vlog thank you so much that

this vlog and I break my shop thank you


Oh Kathy has got level one but I think

only nurse eat in America and Ruby's

foreign family and follow bloggers but

the highest level today everyone said

yes guys still uh yeah I'm not so sure

in a way what they want to do with this

a nurse ate in America

Ruby's porn family and followed lovers

are you going to take your 3w each or

you want to give it to Sullivan let's do


okay sorry guys I muted it because I had

to talk to my daughter give it to Anna

Marie okay Anna Marie

how about obese one family okay Anna

Marie as well Wow who would follow

bloggers thank you so much got this blog

welcome to be me congratulations to

those who got the highest level yes guys

you've got the highest level rubies

follow and nurse it in America but they

are giving it to Anna Marie Concha very

good Anna Marie Concha Angels activities

is going to watch you for six hours okay

and then followers follow bloggers

follow bloggers are you gonna give it to

someone follow bloggers or are you gonna

take it for yourself I think all the

bloggers gonna take it for herself

because she also needs that right all

the bloggers so we've got four minutes

now guys before this show ends so yeah I

hope you guys gonna have a wonderful

breakfast lunch or dinner

yes dinner climate Philippines breakfast

in America lunch in Europe Wow everyone

around the world enjoy your meal yes

guys though I'm also gonna eat after

this show everyone yes I wanted to eat

chicken which one but Diana I think no

more chicken adjoining no more chicken

bitch I'm in the market

today's Friday so usually there is

little on guys

with John chicken roasted chicken every

Friday and I love it but yeah dinner I'm

will at the trivia he got this vlog is

dinner no it's so I think you are just

too out first ahead of me that this vlog

right yeah cut this vlog is oh is it

dinner time

yes guys guys I hope it will get better

so none

guys big genre to live in Yuki he with

boss thank you so much for your

wonderful gift

yes thanks so much you're really

surprised me um yes we can I mean dinner

at my teacher yes guys weekend it's

coming guys so I hope everyone is going

to have a wonderful weekend and I hope I

can see you again on the weekend but I'm

not sure yes because I have class with

my private student I mean I have private

class yes guys so anyway I wish you all

the best for your weekends everyone and

yes I think this really it once again

this is English teacher in France if

you're new to my channel welcome know if

you need to make channel don't forget to

subscribe and click the Bell button

below to get more updates about my

channel and of course you'll get

notified every time I go live everyone

so don't forget to click that Bell


everyone yes thank you so much for your

time and of course thank you for tuning

in everyone so yes this is it punch it

goodbye everyone this is it goodbye


thank you so much bye bye


for 40 seconds I styrene guys is tired

Parimal Allah yes features 7:40 p.m. oh

I see okay bye bye everybody


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