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$!#!* things!

What a $!#!* things!!

Hello Dutchies to be.

Today I am going to teach you words that most teachers probably never taught you before.

I have a list of swear words for you today.

Immediately a disclaimer.

I am not going to teach you these words today so that you can curse all day long.

No, I'm going to teach you some swear words so you can recognize them later

And maybe start using one or two or three sweet swear words.

And so I also deliberately chose not to use very insulting swear words

or very bad ways of swearing.

A lot of Dutch people swear with serious illnesses - you have probably noticed that - and I will not talk about them today.

Before we go to the Dutch list of swear words

I would like to say that we also use a lot of English swear words in Dutch.

For example "shit", "fuck".

What else?

But we also have Dutch variants on this.

And first we will look at Dutch variations on "fuck" and "shit".

We start with "kut".

And "kut" is officially a kind of negative or pejorative name for the female sex organ: the vagina.

From there it expanded to name a whole woman: "Wat een kut ben je toch."

So a negative name for a woman.

Or to name something to express your frustration: "Wat een kutding is dat zeg!"

And then it also expanded to say "Kut!".

So instead of "Shit!" can you say "Kut!".

We also have "schijt". This is of course much more like "shit".

"Shit" also means "poep (poo)".

The verb "schijten" (to take a shit) is much more vulgar than "poepen" (to poo).

And so if you do something and you are irritated, you can say, "Schijt!"

Well, you can say "kut", you can say "schijt", you can also say "kak!"

"Kak" also means "poep".

And you can also say, for example, "verdomme".

And "verdomme" is from "godverdomme".

But "godverdomme" is of course a lot more intense because it is not respectful for a lot of people to say "godverdomme!"

So a lot of people say "verdomme". (Damn it)

And then there is a nicer variant and that is "potverdikkie", "potjandosie".

So you do something and it does not go well then you can say: "potverdikkie potjandorie potjandosie".

Sometimes we like "fuck" in a sense where it's kind of like "the fuck".

For example if you have the English "What the fuck is this?"

Then you can say "Wat "de fuck" is dit?"

We therefore say "fuk". "Wat de fuk is dit?"

"Who the fuck do you think you are?"

"Wie de fuck denk jij dat jij bent?"

Well, now we turn to the insults to people.

And we have neutral and we also have gender related terms.

And we start with the gender neutral first.

And most of them can be translated into English into, for example, "weirdo" or "idiot".

The first is "gek".

"Wat een gek ben je!" (What a fool/weirdo you are!)

Or: "Wat een mafkees ben je eigenlijk!"

Also "What a weirdo/nut are you!".

Then you can say, "Wat een halvegare ben je!"

"Halvegare" means more of a kind of "imbecile". "Je bent echt een halvegare!"

You can also say, "Je bent een idioot."

Then we also have "lijpo".

And what looks like that is a "dwaas" (fool) or a "malloot" (moron).

Is that what you say?

So also a kind of "idiot".

Well, then we also have that you can say, "Je bent een ezel."

And I'm still sure in the scene in Friends, where Gunther says to Ross, "Je bent een ezel"

that doesn't mean "you're an asshole."

Because we only have "ezel" meaning "you're stupid".

"Zo dom als een ezel." (Stupid as a donkey.)

Not "asshole", because "asshole" is "klootzak".

We will look at that later, at "asshole".

So "ezel" is if you are stupid.

"Loser" is "a loser".

Or "sukkel" is also "you stupid".

"Wat doe je nou, sukkel?" (What are you doing, fool?)

And I think of these words that "sukkel" and especially "sukkeltje" is the least bad, or I don't mind the least.

"Wat een sukkeltje ben je!"

So a little sweet.

And we can put "je" or "tje" behind many of these words.

We will soon see that in several words.

And then it turns into a diminutive and something better.

Specifically for men. Well, I just said "klootzak".

"Wat een klootzak ben je eigenlijk."

Well "kloot" is from "kloten" and your "kloten" are kind of a man's "testicles".

The balls, the scrotum? I believe something like that!

And "een zak": "an ass".

"Zak" is literally "a bag".

but you can say to someone, Je bent echt een zak" (you're an ass).

"Je bent een klootzak" = You're an asshole.

Another word is "hufter" (jerk) and according to this book, it's been in our language since about 1927. That's based on texts they've collected.

Every time I say since when a word is about in our language it's actually from this book.

Well "hufter" also means an asshole (or jerk).

Another is lul" (dick).

Well, lul is a word for the genitals of men, for the penis.

And now it is also used for an unsympathetic man" so for" asshole (or "prick").

"Je bent echt een lul!" (You're a dick).

And the last one is "eikel" (jerk).

And "eikel "in English literally "acorn", something like that.

Those things from the tree.

And it is also a name for a part of the penis, the glans.

So it was once a name for (part of the) "penis" and now it is also used as a word for an "unsympathetic man ".

Well, can you say eikeltje, klootzakje, huftertje?

No, you can't really use this with "tje".

So you really can't make some kind of sweet word of those for a man.

But now we go to the words for women and for some of these words you can make a sweet pet name with "tje".

And the first on our list is "kreng".

Originally the word "kreng" was used for an old horse.

And after that, it was also used for objects that do not function that well

for example, a very old car.

For an old car that doesn't work that well you can say: "Wat een oud kreng is dat!"

And then it expanded even more to "evil women".

"Wat een kreng zeg!"

And with "-etje" you can say: "Wat een krengetje!"

A woman or girl who is a bit cunning.

Little devil.

What is often used is the word "trut".

And "trut" is actually the feminine version of "lul".

So a woman is a "trut" and a man is a "lul".

Well "trut" is also a kind of negative name for the female sex organ, namely the vagina.

And now you can say it to a woman, "Jij bent een trut", instead of "you're a bitch."

Then we have the word "teef".

And "teef" is actually an official name for a female dog.

But since the end of the 17th century it has also been used as a swear word for a woman.

"Wat een teef!"

Well, then we also have "kutwijf".

And "kutwijf" is actually the kind of feminine variety of "klootzak."

A klootzak and a kutwijf.

And so a "kut" is a "cunt" and a "wijf" is a "bitch".

In Dutch, "wijf" is not a "wife" (English).

No, a "wijf" is a negative word for a woman, a "kutwijf".

And then we have "hoer" (whore) and "stoephoer" (sidewalk whore).

Yes, I really don't really like that one, so I want to get through that quickly.

So if you say "Je bent een hoer" = "You're a whore".

Let's forget that.

Same as a "slet" (slut).

But with "slet" it is true that you can say, for example: "Je bent een slettebak".

And what exactly is that? I'm not sure ...

But my grandmother - she's from The Hague so maybe it's something The Hague, I'm not sure.

If you are Dutch and you also know the word "slettebak" and you come from somewhere else, tell me.

"Slettebak" is not only used for "slut".

But my grandmother sometimes says that about me and my niece:

"Wat een slettebakken zijn jullie eigenlijk ."

Then you can say: "Wat een slettebakken die meiden zeg!"

And you can also say, "Wat een krengetje ben je!"

And that still means that you are also a bit bitchy but in a sweet way.

"Je bent een beetje een krengetje he!"

So not "Je bent een kreng!" No: Je bent een krengetje".

"Je bent een trutje. Wat een trutje ben je!"

A "trutje" is a kind of "a goody-goody".

A girl who doesn't really do anything. A bit boring.

So you've got "trut" and that's kind of a "bitch".

And "trutje" is more like a girl who does nothing and is very boring!

These were the words today - the swear words really.

And I have not used all swear words.

I must also have forgotten a lot.

And now I'm curious which of these swear words you found funniest, so put that in the comments.

If you want, I can make a video another time - no more about cursing or swearing

but maybe about sentences that a lot of teachers will not teach you so quickly.

For example, "Rot op!" en "Houd je kop!" ("Fuck off!" and "Shut up!)

If you find that interesting, please post it in the comments!

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