Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Crash en Enfer - part 3

Difficulty: 0

Stay alert people...


Oh my god...

- What could have done this ?

- Another creature ?

What is that thing ?

Yuck ! That's urine !

- Damn ! That creature must have been gigantic to break this tree like this !

Ok, let's move out !

-We have a mission to complete.

Hey look !

Isn't that some plane wreckage ?

- Forget it man ! We already lost our chopper so let's just get the hell out of this island !

Damnit ! That's a lot of raptors ! Launch a grenade !

- With pleasure !

Ok guys, let's split, we're not paid to be eaten !

- We don't stand a chance !

Damnit look in the sky !

- Fire at will !


- This island is haunted...

- We're lost, how are wo gonna get out of here ?

- What is going on here ? Some weird experiments ?

Oh my god !

- Take this ! and this !

Yes ?

A volcanic eruption ? This is impossible !

No ! This island is mine ! I've invested billions in it !

We must be the last survivors...

I ain't going back to jail ! Let's hurry and get outta here !

There's a house there !

He's a maniac !

I'm sorry my dear friend !

I'm sorry my dear friend, I think the end is coming !

I've seen the lights of a helicopter ! I'm gonna try and get out of this island !

I'm the last survivor, what the hell happened to the others ??

No !! No!!! Leave me alone ! Leave me alone !

I created you ! I controlled you !

You must obey me !

The master has been killed by one of his weapons...

Call the helicopter back, the island is gonna be destroyed, we must leave no trace

Let's head to Miami.

- Roger that.

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