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Everyday we see that technology evolves very quickly, every part of our environment

is surrounded by technology that make our lives easier.

The city of San Miguel de Allende is an example of this. It will have

the first distributed antenna system multi-carrier and multi-technology, using fiber optics

and state-of-art equipment to provide telecommunications services.


is composed of three main elements:

The first element, a centralized computer located at a telecommunications site that receives

the signal from each carrier and converts it into a digital one.

Second, there is a fiber optic network that helps to improve bandwidth

and have enough space to carry large amount of data.

And the third element is the antennas and remote units placed in different locations

providing the necessary cellular coverage.

A distributed antenna system propagate the signal of all the mobile companies

through the same infrastructure, simultaneously. This means that is not

necessary for each carrier to install its own antennas. The towers are no longer needed

because they are included in the DAS and also because it is necessary to take care of the visual impact in the city.

The DAS that Inprotelecom is going to implement in San Miguel de Allende, is a private investment that does not

represent any expense for the public treasury for the municipality, and that will improve

the mobile service for all the locals and visitors of the city.

The DAS manufacturer that was selected, is Solid, a company of Korean origin

and world leader in DAS technology.

This project consists of 35 discrete antennas that will be located in strategic points

throughout the city. Each one interconnected by underground fiber optics.

The same antenna extends the signal for each carrier

and manages to have a highly effective system

prepared to offer fourth and fifth

generation voice and data services.

With the help of this system, each San Miguel mobile user will have a better

service experience due to greater coverage and increased navigation speed.

This DAS is the first of its kind

it will cover the center of a Latin American city

as emblematic cities like:



Las Vegas

New York

and Sydney

Due to their technology, this type of systems are used in places of great

influx where it is required to use the same infrastructure for all the operators,

guaranteeing an excellent service of voice and data. Examples of places where the DAS is implemented:

Football Stadiums



Underground transport systems


In order to ensure the good operation and availability of the system, inprotelecom will carry out

permanent monitoring from its advanced Network Operation Center,

with the support of qualified engineers.

With all this, the city of San Miguel is placed at the forefront with smart cities in telecommunications

for having a distributed antenna system.

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